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Found 3 results

  1. In your opinion, how do you think Uber Jason and the Grendel map is gonna be like? Share your ideas and opinions in the comment section below
  2. We only have a few Jasons left to make the cut from the promised final 2. Here's my feedback on what I'd like to see: Uber JASON X - While nothing has been confirmed yet, it's safe to bet that this will be one of the last two if not the final one at the end of their progression map. I'm not too thrilled about this Jason for I wasn't a fan of that film nor that version of him but I'm sure game play wise he could be pretty sick especially if they create a new map of the spaceship. JASON X - This Jason had a weird looking mask, aside from part 9's, but it was the last we saw Kane Hodder playing Jason in a film so it might be cool if they buff him up. Part 5 JASON (Roy Burns) - seems to be heavily rumored with the whole upcoming Paranoia game mode but what if the game play for that is unique and we don't actually control Jason? Not sure I care to have a playable Part 5 Jason considering he was an impostor. Freddy vs JASON - In the film he just didn't come off very intimidating...just another average Jason IMO so I don't see what would be the point....unless the plan is to create a MAP from this film. Friday the 13th REBOOT JASON - This version of Jason is strong, can run, and seemed pretty smart with the traps in the film so he'd be pretty good assuming they'd give him good skills. But then again he would resemble a lot of Part 2 and 3 so again, highly doubt he'll make the cut. As for the Maps. Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan - I'd love to play a small version of 80s Times Square New York with access to the Subway, Rooftops and Alleys. Another map could be the ship which 90% of the film took place in but I think we'd all prefer a New York map to breathe new life into the game. Jason X - As much as I dislike this film, a map of the space ship facility in the future would be really cool with lots of environmental kills such as that girl who's face Jason froze then smashed. Freddy vs Jason - If they do create the Jason from this film then I think it would be sick to have a dream version of Elm Street or Crystal Lake where Jason crashes Freddy's plans. I'd love to get lost in those corn fields and have Jason set them ablaze as an environmental kill or something. Either way, I can't to see what's to come in 2018.
  3. So, I was watching Jason X recently and was thinking that they could definitely use the spaceship as a map variant at one point. You could escape by using the shuttle pod (by gassing up the shuttle and initiating the launch protocols), or blowing the bridges (by finding at least 3 charges to blow the bridge) to separate the part of the ship that Jason is on. Instead of calling the police you would call for a rescue using a distress beacon. Instead of a walkie you would get an earpiece. Instead of a pocket knife you would get a military knife. Instead of Tommy Jarvis you would call on the android. You would still be able to kill Jason but the killing blow would come from the android. As the android you would have to go to the armory on the ship with another shipmate to upgrade the android’s weaponry. You have to still knock off Jason’s mask in order to try to kill Jason. Someone with a military knife will then have to get behind Jason and stab him in the neck with the knife. This will stun Jason so that the android can initiate the action button to kill him. This is a really rough idea but I thought it would be pretty cool.
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