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Found 5 results

  1. an Idea about other things besides knives like Jason's harpoon gun.. basically it would have a shot fire.. and you'd have to find other harpoons on the map but can only carry one at a time. Other Ideas, are arrows and such, as he used these things in part 3, part 8, and etc.
  2. https://gl-comics.deviantart.com/art/Jason-Final-Concept-MAYBE-711417388 Story Idea: lets say the real Jason is "dead" this teenage kid goes to his grave.. without knowing.. something happened maybe he was bullied or maybe he had an abusive mother, no father.. and one day he ran to the grave yard that was once known as crystal lake.. and he says "I wish to kill them all.. " little did he know it was jason's grave.. lightning ends up hitting the boy and he ends up in the hospital but when hes found there is a black jason mask.. on him.. when he puts on the mask he basically becomes a seriel killer that part im still working on. its a Jason Vs Jason story. What do you guys think so far?i
  3. I think that if Jason gets shot point blank in the face it should remove his mask instantly, increasing the chances to kill him by atleast 10 percent! I think it would be a great buffer and something that wouldn't change the difficulty of the game by much, thanks u guys, absolutely love the game, keep up the great work!!
  4. Just thought I'd poke in here and say a quick hello before everyone's attention is focused away from forums and onto the gameplay action. My name is Bob and I hail from British Columbia, Canada. Very excited for this game toe see the light! 8bitbobby is my handle on most social media so if you wanna hit me up on there feel free. Hope to see you in-game (and surviving). Cheers everyone!
  5. Hey guys! Check out our new Friday The 13th Facebook fan page! https://www.facebook.com/FridayThe13thFans - Danny
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