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Found 1 result

  1. She's the mother of the legendary killer Jason. The creators added Roy Burns/ the copycat of Jason which is a human like Pamela. She did have Jason's techniques in the movie like grabbing the counselor and tossing them through the windows. Plus if it weren't for Pamela Voorhees, Friday the 13th the movie series probably wouldn't have been a thing. She gave birth to him, worked at Camp Crystal Lake, she avenged/ killed for Jason like Jason was doing for her in the 10 other films. Jason was telling Pamela "Kill her mommy, kill her!" and when Jason was killing for her his saying was "ki ki ki ma ma ma!" I also gave her the right stats that looked like to be in the fight scene with Alice Hardy and the 2 Bowie Knife kills that were in the movie besides the stop thinking one I made up. In the beginning of a game match she would just be at the camp entrance with a jeep next to her and with her morph ready to go. At the end of a game match you would just see her getting in the jeep then driving away. Part 1/ Pamela Voorhees: Weapon: Bowie Knife Strengths: Grip Strength Stalk Can run Weaknesses: Less hit points Stun resistance Shift Weapon kills 1. Stomach Stab, Pamela Jams her Bowie Knife into the counselor's stomach 2. Throat Slit, Pamela Slits the counselor's neck with her Bowie Knife 3. Stop thinking, Pamela stabs the counselor's forehead with her Bowie Knife This was the closest look I found to her as a killer in the game, but just with a different facial expression and with a Bowie Knife in her hand would fit perfect
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