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  1. Note: It double posted twice in the forums for some reason idk why lol
  2. Last night I was going for a regular game in the Jarvis House Map. At the beginning of the game I spawned at an isolated cabin, next to another isolated cabin that someone was just entering inside of. After I looted my cabin, I decided to go to the other cabin where I saw someone enter. As I crawled through one of the windows in the cabin, I turned around and saw a very odd and strange Vanessa turn around a corner. She looked very unusual, I thought to myself, "Maybe I'm just hallucinating like aways..." Curious, I decided to investigate what I saw. I regret turning around that corner, because what I saw was horrifying. There was standing Vanessa, but with her clothing ripped up and her skin into a dark ebony color. I was shocked by what I saw. I tried to act normal and jog away from her, but then she turned around the corner and stared through me with her gazing eyes. I started making a run for it, I jumped out the nearest window and tried to run away, but she was too fast. She then caught up to me, then she.... She.... Oh my god... It was just so scary... Lol this was just something I made to entertain you guys a bit, maybe you guys can make a better story using those two pictures. Anyway, This was just showing that I saw a weird looking Vanessa yesterday, that's all I wanted to say. I showed my friends the pictures then they began laughing lmao. Make your own stories with the pictures down below!
  3. I don’t know about you guys but I love these kills, I just think that the gore is bad. There’s gonna be a list of what kills need to be updated. Head squeeze: the skull should be crushed with one of the eyes popping. Not just a bloody face. Head crush: the skull should be crushed. Not just a bloody face. Head stomp: the skull should be crushed against Jason’s boot. Not just a bloody face. Two handed choke: when Jason stomps on the counselors head, the head should be crushed. Not just a bloody face. Rugby player: after every head butt, the counselors face should be more and more caved in. Not just a bloody face. Headbutt ( pickaxe ): when Jason swings his pickaxe into the counselors face, there should be a hole in the counselors face. Not just a bloody face. Crotch chop ( axe ): it doesn’t even look like Jason is swinging his axe into the counselors crotch, splitting it open, it looks like Jason is hitting them in the lower stomach ( maybe it’s the camera angle? ). Stunner ( axe ): after Jason hits the counselor in the head with the end of his axe and swings his axe into the counselors face, the counselors face should be split opened. Not just a bloody face. Up and under ( pig splitter ): the crotch and the face should be split open. Not just a bloody crotch and face. The Jarvis ( pig splitter ): the side of the face should have a huge slash mark. Not a bloody face. Throat slit ( pig splitter ): the throat should actually be slit and opened just a little bit. Not just a bloody neck. Slammed and split ( pig splitter ): I already think that Jason should have cut the counselor completely in half but I guess not. At least have the parts he does cut through be split in half. Not just a bloody body. Your so vein ( garden shears ): the wrists should be cut open. Not just bloody arms. Knock down ( spear ): after Jason stabs the counselor in the face with his spear, there should be a hole in their face. Not just a bloody face. Eviscerate and the fish gutter ( machete ): after Jason cuts the counselor open, their guts should spill out. ( maybe it’s not realistic? ). Candy dispenser ( machete ): the counselors throat should be opened by a lot. Not just a bloody throat. Dismember ( machete ): when Jason swings his machete into the counselors face, the counselors face should be split open. Not just a bloody face. Fireaxe throw ( fireaxe ): when Jason yanks his fireaxe out of the counselors head, there should be a gash where the fireaxe was. Not just a bloody face. How to peel a coconut ( double sided axe): when Jason forces the counselors face into his weapon, their face should have a open cut wound. Not just a bloody face. Pitchfork stab ( pitchfork/trident ): when Jason pulls his pitchfork out of the counselors head, there should be a hole in their head. Not just a bloody face. Wall head crush ( environmental ): the counselors face should be completely crush against the wall. Not just a bloody face. Door slam ( environmental ): after the last door slam, the counselors head should be slightly crushed. Not just a bloody face. Throat slit ( environmental ): the counselors throat should be opened a little bit. Not just a bloody neck. Im not saying I hate these kills, some of these kill are my favorite. I’m just saying that those kills need to be updated and look more brutal. I know it would take time but I think it look a lot better like this.
  4. With the whole thing about Part 7 needing a buff,an idea came to my mind,how about a game mode that focus more on the water aspect of some of the Jasons. Here s the idea,let say the game mode is called - Aquatic Rumble - ,basically you have a map consisting of mostly water with a bunch of small islands with one in the middle and the others scathered around. There will be like 2 or 3 boats that need to be repaired,but the parts are scattered all over the small islands,so you will need to swim from one island to the other if you want to bring those back to the boats. Of course,any Jasons with faster water travel will go very well with this mode. This would be a tense but also fun game mode to play,what do you guys think ?
  5. @GunMedia @GunMedia_Ben @Illfonic_Casey I think I may have helpful info on this issue. I was playing as Jason earlier and I grabbed a counselor. As I was lifting up said counselor, another player shot me with the flare gun. This triggered the Melee Glitch. The players seemed to know that I was glitched before I did, because they didn't run. Two different players; neither one ran afterwards. I morphed out to the lake to no avail. No prompts worked either, like no killing the power as an example. Perhaps if Jason is stunned in a particular way during a grab, it triggers this bug/glitch. I managed to find an AFK player and grabbed him. It was the only function to still work outside of movement and abilities. I couldn't initially perform a grab kill, so I spammed all of the buttons and I got a grab kill to work. All of Jason's functions were restored after the grab kill. I went back to the cabin, where they both still were. I believe that I shocked them when I raged into the cabin (no prompts worked earlier) because they were in such a panicked scramble that I made short work of them.
  6. Hey guys! Me and my friend made a pretty funny compilation video of us both playing Friday the 13th on PS4! Thought it would be great to share to our fellow Friday fanboys and fangirls! thanks so much to anyone who checks it out, it would be greatly appreciated. We intend to make much more in the future
  7. Friday the 13th: The Game Parody

    This one has been around for a while on YouTube, but I thought it was kind of funny.
  8. So i just saw this,seem that back in the summer of 2014,some peoples put an actual statue of Jason underwater in one of Minnesota popular dive sites,not sure wich Lake tough, if someone can confirm wich one it is,it would be much appreciated. This video was posted the 7 of June 2014 This one was posted the 11th of October 2017. edit:Just noticed in the 2nd video that the strap for the mask as broken,the more flexible strap cant stay underwater too long without eventually broking,thats why Part 6,7 and 8 Jason have all a more hard leather strap.
  9. I want them to give us an option to purchase the Savini Jason and the extra clothing pack for those who missed out on it. I understand that some of you may think it's not fair but some people didn't really start getting the game until it came out on disk 10/13/17. To us that was the real release date.
  10. I'm a Ps4 player, and usually play with Tiffany. On the website I've noticed that she has different clothing on PC I think, that are labeled "DLC" example: Her Zebra pants. The Ps4 don't have that I was wondering if we were ever going to get the "Yellow" DLC clothes?
  11. Devs, Can you bring back the Server Selection. Since the Auto Detection, I play with the same lobby everytime. not to mention the lobby in asia cant even fill 8 players.. So Please bring back the Region Server Selection on the PC. This ruined the game for us. And Im not having problem when playing with US Servers since my ping are just 120-150 tops. So please do something about this Devs. Thanks.
  12. Devs, can you remove the Auto Region Detection on PC? I'm from Asia and for your info, there's like only 2 lobbies every hour, and the problem here is that such lobby can't even reach 8 players at a time.. The worst part is, if there is only 1 lobby in asia and such lobby has only 3-4 players, its the only lobby i could join.. Since Im using a Fiber Optic Net, Joining to US servers has no problem and im only having 130-150 ping tops.. So Please remove this Auto Region Detection Region on PC.. It just ruined the game for us Asian Players.
  13. jason specific deaths- i tried to think of these without new maps in mind, so some maps may need a scene added here and there. but continuity isnt out strong suit lol jason 2: players call the cops and npc deputy winslow shows up defending 1 player w gun that stuns jason. he then calls backup and all players may escape random exit like a normal cop call. but if jason kills the cop, then 2 players: one male w machete and one female w sweater barracaded in jasons cabin can kill him via cutscene. jason 3: npc ali needs a health spray in the barn, alert to jason. if they can hang him from the second floor (move that dayum haystack) a player w a machete can kill him. jason 4: find npc rob campin in the woods, he makes a b line for the big house and is bright on jasons radar and is good for xp. a male player must use kid jarvis makeup table to become kid jason. a female player must get attacked in the front room then the made up kid jason can trigger killing cutscene. jason 5: female player gotta find npc reggie, several tractor parts (like the car) and run him over to trigger cutscene kill. (cause that woulda killed that dipshit lol) jason 6: tommys gotta find the chain and loudly, painstakingly roll a rock to that boat whe jason attacks him out there make some kinda qte in tommys favor for cutscene kill. jason 7: find a tent stake to trigger cutscene doctor jerkwad to piss off npc tina (carrie) who becomes the only thing jason can sense until he kills her. a player must then find an escort her to the lake dock before they both die. a couple psychic environmental defenses can be employed such as power lines in puddles. but if all 3 are in the lake at the same time tinas dad comes up from the dead an takes jason w him. jason 8: theres a toxic waste barrel in a shed you knock him over into er somethin? i dunno that one sucked. jason 9: the call summons bounty hunter creighton duke who quietly runs around the map lookin for the magic knife, if he finds it a male can distract jason by getting grabbed a female can kill him if she got it from duke.
  14. Just saw this pop up in my recomended youtube videos,lol that is kinda funny. Made by AlphaGamer,its an intro wich he made for his streams.
  15. Weapon Swaping is Confirmed! I can’t wait to use a Pig Splitter as Savini Jason
  16. Not sure if this is an issue or not I just hit 150 and have all my Bloody Jason Skins set up on my guys but whenever I get into a game with my Jason set to Random they never have the bloody skins on. So if I set it to random Jason is it only going to select the normal Skins? Is this a bug or what's supposed to happen? or am I just unlucky when it selects my Jason that I have only gotten the normal skins?
  17. Michael VS Jason

    I personally think Michael would win, or it would be a tie, Jason is a big guy, and much easier to notice, he also just charges in and is brutal. Michael, on the other hand, is fast, and quiet, I feel like he could get the drop in on Jason and kill him. If it was a tie, I imagine that maybe Freddy comes back and they work together to kill him, or they both end up killing each other somehow.
  18. Has this glitch/ bug ever happened to you? Plus have you ever wondered how the counselors look like when under a bed?
  19. Every once in awhile you see a play made that is so bad it is astounding. That play that you just shake you head and stare dumbfounded at the screen... Last night I was playing some matches with friends. We were partied up and playing in QP (::cringe::), but one of our folks was the host so at least we knew there'd be no rage quitting. One player in particular outside our group played about 3 matches with us. This player was sub-level 15 and very new. Each match the player would spend the entire match hiding in various hiding spots ( blissfully unaware that Jason will see your location light up post-Rage). In one match, Jason found this person last because he had to wait until Rage to get a bead on the hider. Spectating the hider: 1. You hear Jason's music. 2. Hider comes out and runs in a couple circles trying to come up with a plan. 3. Jason starts smashing the door - hider hides in a wardrobe (the only hiding spot in the little cabin). 4. Jason is almost through the door and the hider exits - aiming the flare gun. 5. Jason breaks the door and is shot for a stun. 6. Hider goes back into the wardrobe (bot style). 7. Jason kills the hider after briefly using the Sense to verify nobody was running away outside. The bots are setting a bad example for our noobs methinks...
  20. I am interested to see where does the community stand right now in regard to the clothing DLCs. As you've probably seen around; I am a fan of customization and have purchased every single DLC that has been released just to have more options, but as time goes by, I begin to grow more and more concearned about the DLCs and the effect they have on the game, particularly after the Halloween DLC (Yes, I'm looking at you, Bunny Deb.) So, what is your opinion? And keep in mind you can vote for multiple options!
  21. I finally got around to making this list of kills and their labels as they appear in the player list at the end of the round. Whenever I play Jason, I've always wanted to ensure everyone gets a unique death scene. This, unfortunately, doesn't always mean that the player list at the end of the round also consists of 8 different kills. There are several labels, which are shared by multiple kills. I find the problem too common and very annoying, so I made a checklist list of all the overlapping kills for everyone else with the same problem. The list is at the end of this post. I've also included a full list of kills and their respective labels for anyone who's interested in them. Every kill and their label have been verified in-game before they were added to the list. (I don't have Savini, so his kills aren't included. If you wish to help, feel free to post the names of the kills exactly as they appear on his character screen, as well as the labels from the in-game player list.) List of all kills: (Labels in italic, every non-unique label bolded) Slashing, traps and knives Murdered Grab Kills Non-Weapon Back Breaker Shattered Bear Hug Hugged to Death Body Slam Crunched Head Rip Snapped Choke Asphyxiated Eye Gouge Gouged Head Crush Crushed Head Punch Decapitated Head Squeeze Squeezed Head Stomp Stomped Heart Punch Brutalized Jaw Rip Jaw Ripped Knee Snap Snapped Neck Twist Cracked Two Handed Choke Asphyxiated Free Kick Kicked Disarm Unarmed Rugby Player Bashed Part 2 Canopener Decapitated Throat Hack Hacked Headbutt Hacked Part 3 Crotch Chop Neutered Head Chop Chopped Stunner Chopped Part 4 Chop Suey Split The Jarvis Hacked Up and Under Chopped Throat Slit Throat Slit Knee Capper Taken Down Slammed and Split Split Part 5 Hedge Trimmer Trimmed Last Breath Skewered You're so Vein Slit Part 6 Knock Down Speared Spear Impale Impaled Shishkebab Shishkebabed Part 7 Eviscerate Eviscerated Dismember Dismembered Matchete Stab Stabbed The Fish Gutter Gutted Candy Dispenser Opened The Pamela Decapitated Part 8 Doubletap Hacked Chin Strike Jaw Ripped Fireaxe Throw Backstabbed Part 9 How to Peel A Coconut Split Open Chest Stab Head Chop Chopped Decapitate Decapitated Context Kills Bench Folded Birdbath Bird Brained Campfire Cooked Door Smashed Drowned Drowned Graveyard Fence Impaled Fireplace Cooked Hang: Clothes Rack Hung Hang: Tree Branch Hung Head Slam* Slammed Hiding Spot: Bed Seek and Destroyed Hiding Spot: Closet Seek and Destroyed Hiding Spot: Tent Sleeping Bagged Knife: Stabbed Ventilated Knife: Throat Slit Cut Open Radio Death By Stereo Screwdriver Screwed Stove Boiled Toilet Swirled Tree Stump Crunched Tree Disarm Pruned Wall: Back Breaker Cracked Wall: Head Punch Brutalized Wall: Head Squeeze Smashed Wall: Head Slam** Smashed Well Pump Pumped Window Tossed *(Furniture, rocks, gravestones and other edges) **(Jason slams the counselor's head in the wall 3 times) Checklist for labels that can recur in the same match: (white for non-weapon grab kills, blue for Jason specific kills and green for context kills) Asphyxiated Choke, Two Handed Choke Brutalized Heart Punch, Wall: Head Punch Chopped Head Chop, Stunner (Part 3) Cooked Campfire, Fireplace Cracked Neck Twist, Wall: Back Breaker Crunched Body Slam, Tree Stump Decapitated Canopener, Decapitate, Head Punch, The Pamela (Parts 2, 7, 9) Hacked Headbutt, Throat Hack (Part 2) Hung Clothes Rack, Tree Branch Impaled Graveyard Fence, Spear Impale (Part 6) Jaw Ripped Chin Strike, Jaw Rip (Part 8) Seek and Destroyed Bed, Closet Smashed Door, Wall: Head Squeeze, Wall: Head Slam Snapped Head Rip, Knee Snap Split Chop Suey, Slammed and Split (Part 4) And finally, this topic isn't about PhD for Murder. The achievement can be discussed here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10137-kill-list-updated/
  22. Anybody else want Counselor uniforms ? Like that would have either tshirts or polo shirts saying camp counselor on the back.
  23. For Pc gamers they get to have their camera's zoomed out when playing Jason. Why don't you add Camera view in the setting, so players can get to play at whatever view they want to.
  24. Counselor Combat is the title of an all-new, original game mode that may possibly be added to the Friday The 13th Game. In this risky, fast-paced game mode, the basic gameplay elements are all exactly as they were in the old mode with a single exception: there will be no Jason. Instead, the seven counselors will fight amongst each other in a battle royale similar to the Hunger Games. Spawning as a randomly selected counselor at a randomly selected location, the seven counselors must battle it out until only one counselor is left standing. Either using the melee weapons (axe, bat, machete, pipe, wood, or wrench), the firearms (shotgun or flare gun), a physical item (pocket knives), or even an escape route (car, boat, or police) to kill the other counselors, the seven must fight against each other until only one remains. Some other notes include that the CB Radio and Tommy Jarvis will still be in the game, with a player once again coming back if called. The cars will still be there to run over counselors (though they couldn’t escape with them), the boat would be there to kill counselors in the water, and the police would still show up, only to drop off guns at the exit they spawn to. The weapons will still be able to break, the medical sprays will still be littered around the map, and the pocket knives can now be used to stab someone and cut their health in half. A final note to list is that the hiding spots would still be available to hide in, however, the other counselors could kill you by walking up to them with a weapon and pressing the same button as Jason. So as you can see, Counselor Combat would be an inexpensive, fantastic, and truly amazing addition to the wonderful game we already have before us. So, if the devs could take a look at this, as well as the F13 Game community, I would be extremely thankful for any comments, ideas, or criticisms. And if the creators could actually make this game mode a reality, I think it would add diversity, sales, and pure fun to this incredible game that has given me hours of entertainment. Thank you for your time and please give me a response, Illfonic!
  25. Things are beginning to reveal itself since the new UPDATE I NO LONGER AM HAVING ANY ISSUES WITH THE GAME. I AM GIVING THE UPDATE A CHANCE AND NOW GETTING USE TO IT. THIS TOPIC IS GETTING OLDER BY THE HOUR. ALSO IN MY EYE'S THIS TOPIC IS FINISHED. FOR THOSE THAT WANTS TO JUST CLICK ON TO THIS THREAD AND DISRESPECT PEOPLE OPINIONS AND JUST WANT TO ARGUE, GO KICK ROCKS! WELL... I THINK I'M DONE HERE, ENJOY FRIDAY THE 13TH AND THE NEW MAP AND KILLS EVERYONE! This is my 3rd day playing Friday the 13th on it's new update. I taking notice how more people are even RAGE QUITTING or SUICIDE. I also took huge notice that most of my friends aren't playing Friday the 13th now and starting to go back to GTA 5, Monster Hunters, [Dissidia Final Fantasy] (NEW GAME) and other games that they played before they played Friday the 13th. It's very sad that they are leaving Friday now. It hurts me the most because now when I look at it, Friday was the game that brought us all together. Friday the 13th was the game that pulled me out of GTA 5 because it was SO addicting. Now it's just me and a very few friends are playing now. I have so many friends for what now? How and where did I make so many friends from? Friday the 13th. But now, that's basically finished... Not everyone have the same games to play with each other on. In the first thread that I made, I post/commented that I was going to just give the update a chance, but what's happening now is BULL. I also stopped making comments on the first thread to read most of everyone's comments before the Staff locked it do to arguing and rudeness. Also coming to find out the staff had to locked it twice because of the same issue. WHERE'S THE RESPECT for other people opinions? Also telling others to get use to the UPDATE or get the F off the game and play another game like OverWatch or so... That is very disrespectful and wrong. Also now your wish is becoming true. Players that loves to play as Counselors are beginning to leave and stop playing Friday the 13th. How do I know? Because most of my friends are leaving, which really makes it a good example. This is becoming a mess and a problem. Right now the game is favoring Jason, which there are those that's not liking it. [Which you guys are calling NEWBIES that just signed up to state that they are not liking the update] In my own opinion, the game is suppose to be fun by playing as Jason and Counselors. It's suppose to go both ways. Now it's one sided and you all know it. We are about to have ONLY Jason players around and sadly for Jason players not everyone can be Jason at the same time. This is WAY OUTTA CONTROL! Can we all come to an understanding that this game isn't balanced at all between Counselors & Jason? Can we all just respect each other and work together to have this game be FUN by playing as Jason & Counselors...? I'm hurting right now because I don't want us to fight and I don't want to lose all my friends because of a stupid UPDATE. This is ridiculous! Please just be honest with each other. You guys don't like this game favoring Counselors and also don't like this game favoring Jason. Can we all get together and make this game fun for everyone then?