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Found 391 results

  1. Latest Horror Movie You Watched?

    Whats the latest horror movie you watched? The latest one i watched was... F13 New Blood. Watched it recently because at first glance it didnt seem like a good movie at all.
  2. I deleted my positive review and changed it to negative, with the current state of the game. I felt a certain counter-balance in its rating is needed. It is still over 30 euros, after all. Buyers should not get duped into spending that much money on a game that is in this current state. If any of the rest of you have done something similar, or have had similar thoughts, I'd like to hear it.
  3. I hope you notice my message, i really want make this game better!● Make one or two police officers when you call the cops as a support, like Tommy Jarvis;● Do so that the ability "Sence" can watch through the objects only in the side where looks Jason (Not a player) like a flashlight in "Alan Wake";● Sometimes have problem with throwing knifes, i can't pick it;● Make animation when Jason teleporting or start shifting;● And fix another bugs, mostly execution through the environment (sometimes it doesn't work the first time).
  4. GFX Art for F13

    If you have any Artwork or GFX art for friday the 13th or any other slasher be sure to post them down below!
  5. There is a chance to put the original "Friday the 13th" NES game as a DLC as a new game mode, with trophies or achievements?
  6. So I just recently came back to the game and noticed there are 2 new kills that require very high levels to purchase. My question is, are they needed for PHD??
  7. Anyone else ever come across this? (Short-but-entertaining 2-minute video)
  8. Bots would try to kill you,its just glitched. Many times i have found jenny or fox stuck outside jason's cabin,sometimes chad will be with them. I think this has something to do with the sweater bug from multiplayer .
  9. My favorite part of this game are the kills. I love when they add new brutal ways to slay your teenage foe. However, when you've done each kill hundreds of times they may get a little stale. I'm just hoping to hear some ideas for some sick kills that may or may not make it into the game. I have a couple Ideas. One of them would be a context kill on Pamela's altar. Think about it some loser is trying to kill you by getting the sweater and you manage to sweep in and grab them . Now what? You look at Pamela and press A (or the action button) and the fun begins. You grab the machete used to kill Pamela and are about to ram it into the counselors chest when Jason hears mother call out his name. He looks confused at her. She tells him to bring the counselors to her. Jason then throws the counselors on there knees in front of mother. Forcing them face to face with the severed head. Pamela says in her mocking voice (witch only Jason can really hear i guess sense its in his head) did you really think you could hurt me or my beloved son. Then she yells Jason! Jason looks at her. Kill them, she yells. Then Jason goes nuts. He just swings and stabs maybe ending with a decapitation all the while Pamela laughs and the counselor screams. And don't forget about the music. Some of the music on some kills is so great. I know it would be a incredibly long kill but if you can afford the time it would be so worth it to totally RKO some counselor. Also the Part 6 over the shoulder spear throw, and maybe like a javelin throw. idk What are yall's ideas
  10. Something rather funny happened when I was hunting some bots on Crystal Lake. A Chad Bot hid under a bed, but for some reason, instead of the "Oh please, don't come over here...", the sound balancing went out of wack, Chad shoved the mic into his mouth, and with the force of Jason's fist: I stood around like that because I was dying laughing.
  11. Hey Guys, I am new here, is there a discord where people arrange to play and get into teams etc?. Thanks
  12. I was talking with the family recently, and got to thinking, we could use a map for retro Jason. It could be based on the classic Friday the 13th for the NES. I understand that this would be way down the road, after the more requested content has been developed. I'd like to hear what the fanbase have to say. @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai @wes any input from you would be greatly appreciated.
  13. For true die hard F13 fans, there should be an additional extra gore option adding a much more grotesque look. (Ex. Organs spilling out onto the floor, eyeballs popping out of the skull and onto the floor and they explode into a small gush of blood when stepped on, bloody footprints, bloodier looking wounds). It would be completely optional free DLC that would keep the base game M rated, but AO rated for the DLC. Thus allowing the base game to be played in various countries and keeps the gore DLC out of the countries with stricter gaming boards. I'm sure many fans would appreciate this and think of it as an excellent idea.
  14. So I just accidentally came across a cloning glitch... I have no idea how it ended up happening, but thought I should post so the devs could fix it before it gets abused. (I couldn't find anything when I searched cloning, glitch, or hack, so I assume this is the first time it's being mentioned) I was playing as Deborah and I got the battery and repaired the car. I noticed that Deborah still looked as if she was carrying the battery, but it was invisible. So I grabbed a weapon and it spawned a new battery. I laughed and repaired the other car for fun 'cause I figured it'd be a one time thing. Anyways, I found the gas and the same thing happened. Not sure how or why this happened.
  15. When playing F13 I noticed my game lagged due to a terrible pc and internet, While lagging, I try to play and when I do that it runs behind so the camera is stuck in a position looking at the trees. I am still able to run around but not see where I am going, Please contact me with a fix IF you can.
  16. I searched but didn't see. Please add a "Random" button to the map selection screen for Offline Bots mode.
  17. It used to be fun to play Jason but now it's no fun so many people play counselors so much that it's to the point you can't get many if any kills unless there are a majority of newbies playing. Here are some of the major issues with being Jason and if it don't get fixed soon i feel interest in even playing Jason by the majority will dwindle and without Jason there is no game to be played. So please fix and consider the following below and please all if you agree rate this posting and leave a comment if enough people speak up maybe we will be herd. 1.) It's so unfair that counselors can see gas, battery and keys on the map i think this should at the very least be reduced to the small map not the large map. 2.) Counselors can block and strike when playing Jason now you can block but not strike if you try it takes forever to do so Jason should be able to block and strike at the same rate a counselor can to make this fair. 3.) Counselors have been invisible a lot here lately i think this is a bug that seriously needs fixed can't kill what we can't see. 4.) Jason 4 used to be able to knock down a bolted up door with just two strikes i feel this should be re enabled again. 5.) You all really need to add at the very least a 3rd step to calling the cops the fuse is still very close to the phone if not in the same house further it's to easy to fix the box make a call and boom game is pretty much over b4 it begins so many Jason players quit once they hear the cops as they just started the game i also feel the cop perk to shorten time should be taken away and the police response time should be increased to 8 minutes. 6.) Jason's grab range needs increased it's way to easy for the counselors to get away just a wiggle when they hear the shift and boom gotta wait for recharge by then counselor is in a house. 7.) Jason part 7 as iv stated many times is way to under powered i want to play him more but he only has 3 traps and is very slow he needs more traps at the very least 5. 8.) The game provides way to many knives not only did each game have four pocket knives before the Tommy upgrade but now there are five including him. 9.) Jason's kills don't always show up proper when you grab someone sometimes usually most the time you have to use a crappy kill due to it being the only one that lights up red or risk losing your catch. 10.) All Jason's need to be a little faster even the Jason's who run are slower then all counselors light jog not even their run their light jog making it very frustrating when playing Jason and your slow as a snail. 11.) Counselors can hit Jason through the door and windows while he's trying to break or knock them down a bat or wrench or machete should not be able to go threw a door while it's still up or a window that's not broken. 12.) It's way to easy for counselors to stun Jason even Jason himself with powerful weapons such as part 3 and 4 Jason have to hit a counselor even those without the thick skin perk more then once to cripple them yet counselors only have to hit Jason once and he get's stunned forever. I feel counselors should have to hit Jason at minimum twice esp when Jason has a counselor grabbed before he gets stunned. 13.) Counselors get perks but Jason don't please provide Jason with perks such as sight sense last longer, stun time shorter, faster pace, stronger weapon, stronger grab, more knives at start, more traps at start, ability to see Jarvis house so Jason can kill power to it early, map shift loads faster, traps turn blue on map when set off this way if multiple traps are set at dif locations players won't go to the wrong place by mistake, throwing knives stun counselors, bigger target graphic when throwing a knife making it easier to hit target, throwing knives that will follow and hit a counselor like a tracking missiles etc..... One possible solution I have thought of to keep all happy is offering all there changes and provide say online game difficulty options such as "play against fearless Jason" This mode would be a match for advanced players in this online mode all changes mentioned above are implemented and for those who want an easy game as a counselor they play an online game as it is now calling it easy online mode this way counselors who want more of a challenge can have it as well as those who want a better, faster, and stronger Jason can enjoy also. Or just say hard online mode and easy online mode. Lastly I preferred playing the game much more before the developers wrecked Jason all to hell and gave all the counselor players all they wanted and then some on a silver plate it's to easy to escape Jason in most games even by the experience Thanks this is all i can think of right now if anyone wants to add to this or give their opinion please do so but please if your not one who even plays Jason and haven't or don't plan on it then don't complain about this posting for you have no idea. Sincerely, Chris
  18. Just finished this match about half hour ago. Tiffany was last on the agenda. I had already crippled her and she accepted her end. Well sort of.. Hopefully it made you smile. Surprised she cheated death twice but inevitably she may rest knowing no one will have to look at her disfigured face.
  19. Everyone seems to agree we need Melissa or "the bitch" added. After adding her or a generic version of her, I think they should stop adding unique counselors. There are only so many variations of the point totals that can be achieved and there's already people saying there are useless counselors. Instead of adding counselors with unique stats I suggest adding new character skins for existing counselors. This would do two things: 1. Yay, technically more variety for counselors. 2. Meaningful cosmetic DLC as opposed to crap like the Halloween pack. Examples would be as such: Jenny: Alice Hardy skin, or generic version of Alice Hardy similar to how Jenny is basically no-name Chris A.J.: Rocker girl J.J.-type skin. A.J. is currently more Violet from Part 5 but would work as J.J./Rocker Chick And so on... If the new counselors were no-name versions, the same voice lines could be used.
  20. On the xbox one or the xbox one x, it's not possible to have all the DLC installed for the game. I have all the DLC, bloody skins, Savini Jason, everything. But it's not possible to have it all installed at the same time, I always have to have one in "ready to install" and the number of DLCs I won't be able to use will increase as more are released. I don't know why this is happening, can you please look into this? It seems pretty unfair since I paid for something I can't use.
  21. I don´t know if i missed somnething. But i´ve waited since the 18th for the new killpack to release on PSN. Now i see that it´s available on other regions, but not the EU/Swedish region. Why is that, and when will it be available on PSN for the rest of us?
  22. "Connection timed out"

    At this point I have lost hope for this game. I have been keeping track of how many times my game just ends all of sudden. Mind you that my internet is good, usually its around 100. Today that screen pop up 9 times in a span of 4 hours?! What's the problem? Is it the sservers? Glitch? Idk its just frustrating when you are literally about to escape with a car or by the cops and your game just crashes smh. Has this been happening to y'all? Is there any way to try to fix this or do something to minimize this crashes?
  23. Edit - Trope/Role - "The Daredevil" It's time for the iconic "Reckless" to get his shine in the video game. He's a bad ass, and he'd be a popular and marketable choice as a counsler because of his well rounded character type. We also need a male character with good composure + luck, we have none at the moment. Age will be a problem, so you CAN age him to 18 if it isn't possible to add him in as the 14 year old boy. It will bring in a little creative development, as long as his skinny build & red jogging suit (as a clothing option) stays for the sake of being instantly recognizable. Pics of Reggie older @wes@GunMedia_Ben @Gertz@ShiftySamurai @[IllFonic]Courier Edit - Stats for him based solely on movie and his character + background. This was thoroughly examined. Luck - 7 (He survived the movie, stunned Roy with a tractor, and nearly killed him in the barn.) Composure - 8 (He's courageous in the film and he says, "where I come from, it's best to learn not to be scared of nothing."😃Generally good fear management. Reggie represents his hood.) Stealth - 3(He didn't really play stealthy in the movie well, he made too much noise hiding in the barn. Instead of being quiet, he gave up his position cheering for Pam to hurt Roy with the chainsaw. A Black counsler should at least have "okay" stealth(5) in this game👀, but for balancing, you'll likely switch it to 4, and add a point to his 1 strength. Further balancing to take another point to add to composure.) Speed - 7 (He's notably fast in the final chase scene of the movie) Stamina - 7 (He left Pam behind in the dust paired with high speed.) Repair - 2 (We already have enough repair counslers currently and Reggie's trope isn't repair. Although he was able to start the tractor, meaning he's not clueless.) Strength - 1(He's skinny + we don't have a another counsler other than Jenny with 1 strength. 2 can work as well.) Clothing style ideas -
  24. So you can't play offline on pc, because each time I try playing against bots without internet connection the game gives me a fatal error, in any configuration, and, in any map... I tried restarting the game and playing it with Steam set to offline mode, same error, I tried unplugging my ethernet cable, same error. The only way I could play against bots truly OFFLINE was by starting an offline bot game mode with internet, and then unplugging the ethernet cable.
  25. we recently got the Jarvis in the part 4 patch and now with the new part 7 pack a new kill called the pamela will we get more of these iconic kills and which do you think which weapons could work with these kills