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Found 530 results

  1. So I’m wondering what are the best weapons to be swapped for Jason. Because I Hear that the spear is good for range but is bad at smashing windows and breaking doors slowly ( even you should combat stance to break doors ). And someone thing like machete has little range but can break windows better and doors faster. So I was wondering if anyone had any opions on what they like to use?
  2. hello, My name is ConnectTheKings and I run a discord with quite a few Friday players and fans. I host a "hardcore mode" lobby every weekend from 7:00PM to 10:00PM EST. We are a PC platform based community. We take hardcore seriously and try and immerse ourselves as best as possible. If you are interested in playing, just go ahead and click the discord link below! https://discord.gg/T2jnNqM Here are the basic rules and regulations: (for more information see our special tab in the discord) Rules: Gamma is 1.75 or as close as you can get to it. Music is to be TURNED COMPLETELY OFF! If you want you can cover the minimap for extra immersion. Tommy and jenny are the only people who can guard for repairs. only one pocket knife per counselor MAX. You may use any perks on any counselor. If you fail to follow the rules and regulations you will be subject to a review and subsequent vote to ban/kick. COUNSELOR REPAIRS: Phone Box: Lachappa & Deborah Power: La Chappa & Deborah Kenny & Adam Cars battery: Tommy & Adam & Fox & Mitchell Cars Gas: Anyone JASON HUNT MECHANICS: hero girls: Jenny, AJ, Victoria. (one person per game) The person playing as the hero girl and tommy must first get together and then convince EVERY COUNSELOR alive to fight jason with them. If a single counselor decides it's too dangerous, the hunt is a no go, period. Jason's mask MUST be in the hero girls hands to start the hunt. JUKES & COUNSELOR GAMEPLAY: Counselors may only communicate using in game walkies and in game audio. Counselors may only call in tommy jarvis if they have encountered jason. Sprint and jukes: you may sprint for up to one quarter of your stamina bar. If you are Buggzy or Vanessa you may sprint for up to half of your stamina bar. But afterwards you must FULLY RECOVER before sprinting again. No epic juking (no daisy chain stuns or "VCR" Jukes) {Proper Juking guideline can be found in the discord } once you decide to enter OR leave a cabin it is a permanent choice. (no window looping) Furniture loops are allowed a max of two times. Act as Humanly as possible, obviously this is not RP so don't overdue the shit. JASON GAMEPLAY: Gameplay should be way more relaxed, be creative with kills. USE STALK OFTEN. jump scare as much as possible. set your own match clock so you can keep track of the time. gamma can be as high as you need. Traps may only be placed on phone box and on power boxes. cars are to remain untouched. you may trap the driver side door if the car battery is repaired but the counselors have failed to leave yet. See you in the discord, and I can't wait to meet the real hardcore fans out there!
  3. Nothing annoys me more when playing this game when it’s obvious people are teaming up with Jason and telling him where you are at, or making him chase you around the full map just aiming for you. As soon as I see someone teaming with Jason I leave. I really can’t be assed with it. Sorry for the rant it’s jusy annoying, any ideas how to deal with it??
  4. How To Make Jason Scary In F13 The Game Friday The 13th The Game is one of the most fun yet least scary "Horror" games I've ever played. The main reason why it isn't scary is the way counselors treat Jason. The most recent update was a very good start to making Jason scary. Taking away a lot of pocket knives and removing a lot of weapons was a very smart choice. And the slight speed increase does make Jason more fearful. But this fear won't last long. Soon I'll start seeing players team up beat the crap out of Jason and tea bag him which really ruins the experience. I'm gonna go over many reason on how to make Jason scary. And I'm gonna go over one major idea that'll really make Jason so much scarier. Note that I'm gonna be giving a lot of buffs to Jason but I will be giving buffs to the counselors at the end to balance it out. Fixing Tea bagging: Okay so the first thing that you wanna do is get rid of tea bagging. Every time I see Jason get knocked out I don't wanna see a counselor go over his face and start tea bagging him. It's really not scary anymore after you see that. Grabbing counselors while on the ground would be great but pretty hard to animate IMO. The idea I came up with is make Crouching an ability for counselors. Similar to Jason, in one of the corners in the screen there will be a diamond shaped icon with a crouch logo in it. Every time you get up from a crouch you can't crouch again for 5 to 8 seconds. (I would choose 8 seconds). This will make it so that counselors won't be able to tea bag which will definitely improve the scariness of the game. Fixing Combat: To fix groups of people beating Jason's ass, I got you covered. Make it so that once your are in Fear Mode you can't attack anymore. This makes sense and would make counselors much more worried about fear because no one really cares about it. So when counselors are in groups attacking Jason most of the won't be able to because they'll probably be in Fear Mode. It would also make counselors like Jenny more useful since she doesn't get Fear easy. Buffing Rage: When Jason is in Rage Mode every counselor should shit their pants... but they don't. I've got a few ideas to make Rage much more fearful. Note that some of this stuff may sound OP but remember, I'm gonna give counselors a few buffs at the end of this. When Jason is in Rage mode he must feel unstoppable. First, make it so that Jason ignores pocket knives while in Rage Mode. So when Jason grabs counselors while in Rage Mode they wont be able to use their pocket knives. Second, make it so that Jason is EVEN harder to stun while in Rage Mode. While in Rage Mode he should be 25% harder to knockout. Third, when the cops arrive make it so that Jason goes into Rage Mode instantly. This would fix the problem where counselors like to mess with Jason at the exit before escaping. If Jason ignores pocket knives and is 40% harder to knockout while in Rage Mode then counselors wont hesitate escaping. Adding Back Jason's Beta Animations: One of the MANY things that needs to be added back from the Beta is Jason's animations that were left out of the Final Release. (Counselors Beta animations need to be added back too). Right now in the game Jason looks like a robot. there's no startup animation to anything! You need to bring these back! These animations made Jason look and feel so much more real and menacing. Especially the running Jasons. I have some examples down below. Music: In my opinion, this is the biggest reason why people aren't afraid of Jason in your game. (This is the Major idea I was talking about earlier). When your playing as Jason you can't Jump Scare people because counselors constantly know if your around or not because Jason's music will play. The only way to Jump Scare people is to use Stalk... but Stalk straight up lasts 15 seconds m8. So... make it so that counselors CANNOT hear Jason's music even while he's around them unless you or some other counselor nearby sees him. (If you wan't to make it a little more fair, make it so that counselors can also hear Jason's music if he is within 10 feet near them). This is game changing I know but it would make the game SO much scarier. Counselors would constantly be watching their back and Jason could play much stealthier like he is in the movies. You would have to make Jason's footsteps much louder to make it so that counselors could react fast enough. And make it so that Stalk makes Jason music and footsteps not heard at all even when seen or within 10 feet of counselors. This is probably the biggest thing that will make Jason scary in Friday The 13th The Game. Balancing It All Out: Alright time to balance every thing out so Jason isn't insanely OP. I'm gonna go over Nerfs for Jason and Buffs for counselors. Make it so that every Jason has less Traps. With all these things I gave Jason in his favor he shouldn't have to rely on Traps to kill everyone. Normal Amount of Traps = 3 - Amount of Traps = 2 + Amount of of Traps = 4 Make it a bit easier for counselors to break out of Jason's grab. When Jason is stunned make it so that he is stunned for much longer. Make it so that Jason's Mask gets knocked off much easier so killing Jason becomes more of a Escape Option instead of a Rare Occurrence. (As a matter of fact, you should make Killing Jason show up in the Escape Menu showing you how to do it). Make Throwing Knives do a bit less damage. Make going through Broken Windows do a bit less damage. Make going through Windows a bit faster. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  5. I thought it might be cool to have all the players who strictly play as Jason (mainly the ones who kill all counselors/very experienced), to tell THEIR story --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I play as PART 5 Jason only (wearing bloody clothes) I use sheers and use these 4 killing styles 1. Rip off their arms 2. Rip off their head 3. Stab them from underneath their jaw then stab them in the side of the head 4. And my favorite...CLIP OFF THEIR ARMS AND HEAD...like scissors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My tactics start with setting a trap at the phone fuse house, then ripping off the doors there, then grabbing any throwing knives there, then destroying the nearest light fuse box Then I set traps at the 4 seater car then 2 seater car/or boat (5 traps total) Next I search for throwing knives, break off doors near cars, and destroy all light fuse boxes I usually don't kill anyone for the first 3-5 minutes (unless they jump in front of me) Also I'm learning to act like Jason a lil when it comes to using STALK and waiting patiently behind bushes or walls then ambushing them to hear that scream I have found new love for this game by being Jason 100% of the time...There's always room to improve and get better...to be a perfect Jason is hard, maybe even impossible to kill everyone 100% of the time...but it's sure fun to try NOTE TO JASONS: There are groups in private chats all working together to kill you...they sometimes even use all the same counselors... i.e. Chad or A.J. specifically - my advice for dealing with them is to kill the girls who head for the sweater 1st...then use stalk and wait for them to break up into smaller groups...collect at least 15 throwing knives...then ambush them from afar with stalk...DON'T GET CLOSE
  6. Ok to make it short these were my original movie inspired methods to kill Jason but with a twist! and mostly these are with the help of Tommy Jarvis only. Chaining Jason Voorhees to the Bottom of Camp Crystal Lake: This inspiration is from Part 6 but with a twist which would be needing a huge team effort of someone fixing the boat, calling Tommy, and having Tommy being the only one capable of finding the chains and tieing them to a rock near the boat which will have a cinematic moment of the counselors pushing it on the boat BUT here is the twist! the female counselors would need the sweater to quickly stun Jason which would allow tommy to place the chain around Jason neck in which a mini-game will be needed and if the counselors screw up they would die instantly from failing and Yes the mask must be removed as well because it would be to easy if his mask was on. Jason X Kill: Having either Tommy or Brodski being the hero at the end will be fine since one would need to locate the suit and have everything repaired from fixing power boxes and with a last-ditch effort having Pamela's Sweater/Mask Off while he is near a certain airlock should it trigger a sequence that will either kill both or just kill Jason in a cinematic effort and with this Jason and the hero would compete to finish the mini-game to see who lives and who dies.
  7. Do you all think if we we're able to create our own counselors, it would create more immersion in the game? I think it is a great idea! Here's a post on Reddit with facts of how this could work:
  8. Hello, I started to played again after a very long break with this game, I had a few ideas while I was playing as Jason and as counselor. My idea is: Jason slashing with his weapon would not kill the counselor but he would make him crawling on the ground, screaming, and being able to move slowly, he can be executed , if Jason is close to him then he has the option to press the interaction key ("E" on pc). That would trigger a nice animation of Jason executing the counselor on the ground, but if for some reason the counselor is left alive crawling there is the option of another counselor close to him to "revive him" that would remove the state of CRAWLING to WOUNDED, that would not be instantly, it would take the time that takes a counselor starting the car with the keys, you know, holding the interaction key and waiting for a circle to complete, after that he could be healed with an spray.
  9. My in game mic hasn't been working since about a month after a purchased the game. It sucks because whenever I go into a private match they boot me because they can't hear me. It shows that I'm talking but nobody can hear. Mic works in party's and in other games, this is the only game that gives me this issue. PLEASE HELP!!
  10. He has a weird hunchback and his pantaloons are beige, they are supposed to be grey. Please change this little thing.
  11. I am level 80 in Friday the 13th and I am having troubles with offline bots. I have unlocked all the Jasons when I'm connected to the internet, however i don't have any internet and it puts me at level 0 plus all the jasons I've unlocked are locked. I can't even level up to unlock them again which was hard when i had internet. Is there away i can have all the jasons unlocked and my level back on offline mode
  12. I had a request to share this info, so without further adieu... I spent Friday the 13th, October 2017 at a convention (flyer here) and was able to learn a lot of information about the Part 7 costume. The night started with a photo-op with Kane Hodder in full Part 7 makeup, so I was literally face to terrifying face with it (he lifted me up by my chin just as the photographer took the picture). During the rest of the weekend I spoke to John Carl Buechler (Director & Make-up designer for Part 7) about his process for both the makeup and the mask. John started by reviewing the previous films to keep continuity with all the injuries and damage that Jason had taken. With that as a starting point, he degraded him further to show the rot that had occured from being in the lake for so long. Over time the leather gloves and utility belt would completely rot off, the clothes would wear and tear, flesh would bloat and be fed upon. A rib cage, spine, shoulder bones, forearms, knees, guts, etc., were sculpted, molded, and then cast in a poly foam. Each were given appropriate paint jobs and in some cases made to look wet (like the guts) and then had liquid latex applied over them to mimic rotted dripping flesh. The head was twelve seperate pieces cast in silicone (IIRC), painted up, and then applied to Kane one at a time. Kane mentioned that it took several hours to apply the makeup and there was no getting out of it until the day's shoot was done. The full makeup was worn during the entire filming. This was a different process than most of the Jasons had to go through, as the others only had a full face makeup when his face was revealed, the rest of the time they just wore an open faced cowl so they weren't so trapped in the costume. From there they weathered the clothes by randomly cutting them up, but in some cases specifically to reveal the makeup work below. The chain was actually plastic painted to look like rusted metal. For the mask he was given the previous film's mask as a starting point. I, unfortunately, didn't think to ask if he meant that he received the mold from the Part 6 or a pull to recast (I'm assuming a pull). It was vaccuformed in black ABS plastic and then intentionally made smaller, by removing much of the perimiter of the mask, to reveal more of the underlying makeup and simulate some extra wear from being under water. Then it was cut to remove the propeller damaged area and given many deep cuts/scratches to simulate cracks at the point of impact from the propeller. More weathering like the bubbly "road rash" like texture over and around the right eye (which was done with a torch), slight warping at some points (most notably on the right cheek), and other random wear and scratches were added. The shape of the mask, propeller damage, and warping were also done very deliberately (explained further down). There were several copies made at the time of filming, but only the one was actually used during filming, because, in John's words, the others "walked off the set". It was then painted and weathered in acryllics in a lighter tone than the Part 6. The mask is definitely, and very intentionally, lighter than the Part 6 mask. While I always just assumed that this was due to much of the blood and grime washing off while under water, there is actually another reason that John lightened the color palette and made the other creative decisions that he did with the shape and size of the mask, he was very deliberately trying to give it the look of a skull. He told me that he wanted his "meat terminator" Jason to look like death in the shadows. Finally, Kane confirmed that the black scratches were a natural occurance from filming because only the one mask was used during the shoot. He remembers one set of scratches coming from his fall into the puddle of water on the gravel road and another coming from his face dive down the stairs of the porch after the roof was dropped on him.
  13. Hello all, I am trying the get the PH.D/Murder, I thought it worked with offline mode? I've gone thru all the different Jasons' I have first used me favorite and did his weapon kills, and all the general kills, Then went thru each other specific Jason and did their Weapon kills. The achievement didn't unlock, Am I missing something or does this method NOT work? Thanks, Erik
  14. It's been stated that every version of Jason can use only one weapon. So who gets the pitchfork? Parts 2, 3, 6, and 7 will likely have the weapons seen in the Cabin, and Savini's is going to have a brand new weapon, so that leaves 8 and 9. The issue I'm having is, Part 8 never used a pitchfork to my knowledge, and I'm pretty sure Part 9 ONLY used a machete when he was in Jason form. So what do we think?
  15. Please modify the offline mode so you can be any Jason, besides the special ones that people paid for, with any unlockables. Especially since the new news came out saying content is stoping. Its sad to say but this will be the start of the player population decline. Without new content people will be moving on and not coming back as often. I want to be able to come back to this game and destroy with any Jason I want. The bots may not be that challenging but I love that they are there. This game will always be able to be played and I don’t want to lose my account one day and only be able to be part 3 Jason forever. Please please devs this is a simple change and makes sense. The online will be the same and you unlock them but there’s no reason people shouldn’t be able to have fun offline and expirement.
  16. Since i bough the game almost all the time when im Jason, 4 or the entire counselors start to chasing me, is very annoying in how Jason is a Joke in this game, and with the new grab is worse than ever, and if i hit a counselor he or she inmediatly hit me back, i get stunned and he use the spray, and that forever, being Jason really sucks, now i just play as counselor, and is the same story for almost every Jason i ve Seen in my matches
  17. It would be great to see mkx's Jason as a skin for Part VII and he has the Machete too
  18. Don't get me wrong, i use knives all the time and they are a great weapon, but, how about if the Knives intead of hurting the counselor, make them more slow to run or jog? (Till they use a spray) knife make counselors 3% or maybe 5% more slow, that way the knives could be a lot more useful
  19. I was having some thoughts in regards to the general profiles of various Jasons in the game. With the current imbalance between Jason stats, we do have quite a specific meta established (which I think needs to be addressed) in regards to what abilities are prime and which ones are throwaway. Assuming Gun/Illfonic won't be adjusting Jason's stats and what they do anytime soon, lets look at some profiles for Jason that could be used without resorting to the +Destruction, +Shift, no -Traps concept. IDEA #1 (Undead Objective Controller): This Jason would be able to teleport often, interdict well in the water, and ambush his prey effectively. Taking no penalty to traps and Shift (while not handing out Shift+) would make for a very good guard dog and ambush killer without resorting to Destruction buffs, Traps, and Shift to make him effective. Stunning slightly longer, not being able to run, and having a few less hit points blunt the profile without making it ineffective in an objective controller role. STRENGTHS: +Morph +Water Speed + Stalk WEAKNESSES: - Can Run - Stun Resistance - Hit Points IDEA #2 (Utilitarian): More traps and more knives. A hop in his step for evening jogs and no penalty to swim. Nothing too offensive and nothing too defensive. STRENGTHS: +Traps +Throwing Knives +Can Run WEAKNESSES: - Sense - Defense - Grip Strength Do you guys have any ideas for Jason profiles that don't fall into the typical meta wish list?
  20. I Think that Jason Should have perks, like running/power walking speed (5% or 10%) stunt resistance, weapon damage, grab, etc, what do you think.
  21. Friday the 13th is awesome with the hud and stuff but i think that the title menu it too little detailed. I think there should be a certain thing's like i'll show different jason's or show the counselors (with your customization on them if you can) in the back round, and add new stuff to it.
  22. Just as the title says can you be put in the salt mines via private match? If the host/jason/counseler quits in a private match do they get affected or is it just a public match? Please clarify!
  23. What if, Kane Hodder himself was modeled as a playable Jason character in the game? Make it happen @GunMedia_Ben, @ShiftySamurai! If that happened, these would be my guesses for his stats: Strengths +Grip Strength +Shift +Stun Resistance Weaknesses -Stalk -Can't Run -Traps And your guesses? What would they be?
  24. There is an overwhelming consensus that the savini skin should be available for purchase. There is a petition online with over two thousand people signed already. Even if you charged 25 dollars you guys could make an overwhelming amount of money if this content was available.