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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I think a lot of people consider this game dead and in my opinion it would help to put Jason X (Uber Jason) in the game, I know there were some disputes and so on, but I believe this would attract players again because they were waiting Even if you had to bribe the developer of the movie Jason X and put Jason X as a DLC in the game it would be worth it because I think everyone would appreciate it with Jason X in the game! Im so sorry for my English but I do not master it perfectly so this is a written lres google translator Thanks for your attention, ItsKekzig.
  2. Savini, Counselour clothing packs, are all KICKSTARTER BENEFITS, meaning you weren’t here in 2015-2016 and you didn’t donate enough money on kickstarts et to get the game going, then you don’t have these, and you won’t get these. That is final. Xbox and PS4 physical copy Clothing, again this was just for the physical copy releases of the game on Console, so unless you own such, you won’t have them. That is final. Jason X, he was never released fully, and he has been cancelled I definetly due to legal restraints, so you won’t have him ever, and nobody currently does. This is final. So everyone please stop spamming in all caps with 8 exclamation points about why you want these things to be released, because they are (atleast most) released, you just don’t own them for specific reasons. And I’m sorry to say it but spamming the forums and twitter accounts won’t get them.these things will not become public release and they haven’t for years. So please stop being a child, and grow out of your savini phase, your kickstarter late phase or your “I want my promised content” phase and please grow up and enjoy the game. Because your behavior like this is toxic for the community. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
  3. @Mawlock and I have been in contact over some legal discussions and have made a rather firm discovery: As you may know, some years ago, there was a GTA: San Andreas scandal referred to as the "Hot Coffee" involving content that, while completely inaccessible through any normal means and only through hacking, stirred up a fair amount of controversy. Rockstar was forced to discontinue production of the current game, recall all existing unsold copies, and reissue the game with the "hidden" content removed. What does this have to do with Uber Jason, you ask? Well, due to the precedent set by the "Hot Coffee" scandal, anything found within the game's code/ files/whatever, regardless of whether it is accessible or not, as long as it is in fact actually there, legally counts as content. You see, Uber Jason, like the offending gta content, is in the game, but hidden away. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=DfIf894Ls7A Again, like GTA, you can hack the game's files and not only find him, but fully play as a nearly finished version of him (only missing sound/music) as well. As such, he indeed counts as content. And not just content, but content that was made and delivered before the official cut off date, having not only come with the engine update, but passing the patch Certification as well. What this means is that gun media has already given us Uber Jason as far as the law is concerned. And by their own admission, they can legally modify any and all content made and given before the June cut-off date, qualifying Uber Jason, who technically but certainly was. This means that Gun media could, in fact, actually legally unlock him if they really wanted to. Well, I as a fan, want them to Unlock Uber Jason. Not Just because he was promised to us, and not just because of the cool design, but because he is the last bit of f13th we can ever get in what may very well be the last F13th game we ever get for a long, long time. Maybe ever. So please, if you too are a loyal and loving Friday the 13th fan, help us spread the word and maybe together we can all share in one last hooray.
  4. I read they had no intentions to add the pre-Uber Jason, but why not just make pre-Uber a skin for Uber? Looking at the leaked version it's just called Part X anyways so why not just be able to use him as a an alt skin? I've seen a lot of people asking about him. Would kind of be like nes Jason for part 3
  5. Jason X comes into play Friday and the release date of the new update is 22.2.2020 .... ---->Fake news (: <----
  6. In the movie Jason X ,There are two main important areas ,The facility and The Grendel .But towards the end of the movie Jason crashes down towards Earth-2's version of crystal lake which is briefly seen .I believe Gun should create a map based of of futuristic settings of camps in the future .Instead of Wheels, the cars can hover instead with Jason still being able to crash them.Their could be new weapons Such as Km's Shotgun alongside a new way to kill Jason(Why would there be a shack with Pamela in a place where Jason doesn't even Recognize?, I know about Roy but still ) .This type of map would come out way down the road of course.
  7. Do you guys think it would be a good idea if they added space outfits for the counselors released on the same day as Jason x and the Grendel Map? Seeing how it is a whole different theme??
  8. I was thinking, after I saw the preview of how the Grendel Map may look and after looking at Jason x over and over.. When these come in the game it's obviously going to be big. To add onto it what if they made an outfit for each counselor basing it off of space? Yeah, they didn't do this for any other Jason or Map that was released at the same time. But it's a different theme and I just think that when The Grendel Map and Jason x plus the 'different' space outfits for each counselor are all released on the same date. it'll not only satisfy Jason Players but Jason and people who ONLY play as counselors.
  9. Привет, дорогие разработчики, когда вы добавите Джейсона Х?
  10. So I know we are getting Uber Jason in the future, but what about Pre-Uber Jason (the Jason at the beginning of Jason X)? I've seen a while back another thread discussing this with the devs apparently saying that Pre-Uber would not be added to the game. Many were hoping for a reason to be given but the thread was closed down and there wasn't really a proper explanation as to why Pre-Uber Jason wouldn't be added to the game. It seem implied that he would never be added to the game?! It would be kl to see Pre-Uber Jason added to the game at a later date, hell even if he was just a re-skin available for Uber Jason that wld at least be something. Ideally at the very least could we see him added later to the Virtual Cabin, so at least we would then have all the official movie Jasons (barring the Remake/FvJ) in the Jason room, the Virtual Cabin Jason Room will just feel incomplete without Pre-Uber Jason! Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated @ShiftySamurai - thanks in advance
  11. So I saw a video on YouTube that showed Jason x unmasked was this a completely made up look created by GUN to just show what they think he would of looked like under the mask? The movie does not show it and neither does any special content that I know of
  12. I got to thinking what would be better with Friday the 13th and I would be if they made a Jason X Skin that you could unlock in the game and make a Jason X level. Be looking forward to it if they did.
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