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Found 5 results

  1. First of all before I begin my quick idea... I have to tell you folks at Gun Media, as well as the entire Friday the 13th movie team. I have been a huge fan of this series since I was 6 years old. The various Friday movies used to come on T.N.T. and USA channels (censored/edited) of course.. but it was these moments that Jason first scared the shit out of me and gave me nightmares... I was a kid who lived in a small suburban neighborhood, looking out his window, expecting to see tall lumbering Jason walking down my dimly lid road in the evenings.. imagining that if I did see him walking down the road, he would keep going and not turn in my direction.. that if he DID turn in my direction, I had the excuse of being a kid defending me... he doesn't hurt kids.. that was a RULE that was stapled in my head, my protection. Later on, the NES game came, fast forward to high school. IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS. I wanted to see Jason in a game. I wrote to companies. I wrote a long letter to CAPCOM, I will never forget that. I actually mailed it to them with ideas. The game never came and everyone just accepted there would be no game. Fast forward to now. It's almost surreal, but just an accepted fact because of today's technology that i can sit here and talk to you guys and that this game is actually being made, AND.. that so far all of you are absolutely NAILING the feel of this game from what I've seen. I appreciate it.. it was a long wait. ANYWAY.. JASON TAKES MANHATTAN... We all know the movie didn't get the chance to film in New York like they wanted to.. the whole thing was shot on a boat. BUT NOW... (if the game does successful). This could all be remedied in the game. A "Jason Takes Manhattan" map pack could feature places like, 1. THE LAZARUS (the ship) 2. THE CITY 3. ALLEYS 4. THE SEWER SYSTEM The only major difference being A.I. NPC characters that would be doing their thing in the city. It would be interesting to see if you guys could capture that same feeling where even tho they were in the city, and even tho a lot of people were around, there was still that sense of dread and tension. No matter how many people are around the player, they'd feel alone or shunned away. The only problem would be A.I. in that if the player being Jason decides to try to goof with the A.I. he wouldn't be able to kill them. Or the A.I. responding to Jason, etc.. it would be quite the task. Maybe it could be a case to where Jason isn't allowed to walk out among the public for too long or cops will get called, .. it could act as a temporary safe zone for players while Jason works out a way to walk out there and get them. The sewer system is a given. Creepy Underground tunnels. So uncomfortable being down there knowing Jason could teleport around the next corner, it would be a very dangerous map for counselors because Jason could literally be there around a wall, or as you turn corners trying to make your way out. There's just so many things you guys could do with maps in terms of balancing out the characters WITH the maps, and making adjustments towards what players are able to do depending on the map itself. There are so many variables that can be made out here. I don't even begin to understand how people say this game will have no replay value. I mean.. You guys could even make a "Suburban Neighborhood" map where Jason is killing teenagers in their own neighborhood (playing out that childhood nightmare), you can run from house to house at night with 'your teenage friends' trying to figure a way out of the situation. (Just pretend all the parents are asleep) XD...
  2. A lot of people have mentioned making a Manhattan map, which (in my opinion), would require a map that's either insanely huge, or one that only covers a condensed area. One idea I had that I thought would be cool (that may also require a new game mode) would be a map that takes place in a Manhattan subway station. Instead of cabins, counselors can barricade themselves in bathrooms and station booths, and instead of fixing boats or cars, counselors can attempt to board a subway train that comes through the map twice, once five minutes into the map and then another time during the last five minutes of the map. By boarding the subway train, counselors can attempt to escape Jason by exiting the train at certain stopping points. However, the catch is that Jason can come after you and board the train, which adds to the whole chase aspect of the concept. What do you guys think?
  3. Part VIII Jason was revealed last night at PAX- thoughts? Photos are from a video during the panel, originally posted on reddit by 'Rainskull'
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