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Found 1 result

  1. It's obvious that different people have different mindsets as to how this game (and any game) should be balanced. The truth is that there are also wide ranges of player skill, comittment, experience, and capability. And those factors also can skew the thoughts and beliefs about game balance. As always, it is a tricky thing for game developers and designers to achieve a healthy and fun balance, and possibly never more-so than in this particular game. I hope to put aside all angst and opposition between different thought-processes and share my personal thoughts on this game's balance, playstyle, and enjoyment (and, yes, my personal thoughts are 100% correct, and anyone else's are complete bunk, so shut it!! LOL... kidding!! ...mostly!!). I do think that playing as Jason should be EASY to score an average of more than 4 kills per match. Yes, I said EASY. The dreaded word that a skilled player must not ever admit. As Gun stated from the very first days, this game is different, Jason is OP, you will die. And concepts like that are what drew me to this game, immediately. Like moths to the flame, legions of F13 fans swarmed in to perish by the powers of Jason, hehe... and to, more often, experience the thrill of trying not to die to him. Approximately 7/8th of the time, you/we are playing as a counselor. So, we're all in this together... dying and killing, merily for hours on end! Why do I think it should be EASY? The skill, experience, ability of players is all across the board. Randomly, a player is picked to be Jason. By law of averages, you're going to get a lower skilled player (no offense, at all!) somewhere around half the time (shush, I know, that is sloppy math... but, let's face it, among online video game communities, 'average' is lowly!). Those players should be able to wipe out the counselors with fun and ease. Obviously, the more skilled the counselor player is, the more chance THEY will change the overall outcome. The skill side of the balance should mostly, if not entirely, come from the counselor's side. This is not simply for the benefit of the Jason player. Nearly half of the time, the player chosen to be Jason is not going to be as skilled/experienced, and the resulting match is going to be less thrilling for all. I believe that an easy-ride train-of-death Jason, in the hands of the least skilled, makes this game more enjoyable for all. But what about the Skilled Jasons?? It will be impossible to survive and/or those players will be bored! Obviously, there needs to be balance to take this into account. However, it's never going to be impossible to survive and escape. We've all escaped from the greatest of players. It happens to the best, and worst, of us. The skill side will still be on the Counselor's end, and strategy is always key, especially so when outmatched against a monster killing machine. Skilled players as Jason should also be seeking more advanced techniques to entertain themselves - and the other players. Jason was a creative killer. The better players should find their challenge in the artisty of their kills. I know some of us already attempt to do this. I think there should be slightly less pressure to adhere to the meta (trap the objectives, cut the power, stop the counselors) and more freedom, through the joyful ease of being Jason, to approach things in various ways, to surprise and through off the other players trying to escape and survive. If it's EASY to get killed, no one will want to play. I don't think that is true at all. I could list several reasons why, but I'll just mentioned that Battle Royales have become hugely popular, and only 1 out of 100 wins. I am pretty sure large amounts of players can enjoy getting killed by Jason Voorhees. Jason won't kill this game. Counselors could kill it though. Now, all that being said, it is possible that the current balance is all in line with what I have said, and what I think the right balance should be. From my experiences in playing, discusing, watching, and listening... I'm finding more people that do not like being selected as Jason. Of course there are excellent pro Jason players, and we could already say getting 6-8 kills is easy enough. However, most likely, no matter the balance, players with that ability can get those results with almost ANY balance. That's the nature of games and humans. You need to remain concerned with the skill, ability, and results with the lower side of skill (and comfortability). I am seeing way too many people that aren't enjoying being chosen as Jason. They feel "too much pressure", it's "too difficult", they don't "have fun", and the rest of the players "aren't having fun either, because Jason 'sucked' this match". I don't think it is a bad thing for skilled players to be in favor of something being EASY. I'm willing to say it. Jason should be EASY. Not just for me. Not just for top tier players. Not just for good players. Also for below-average players. Just my opinion!! (which, by clcking on this thread, you have legally bound yourself to be in complete agreement with) Seriously though, what do you think?
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