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Found 5 results

  1. Alright, I know there are threads about wanting a Camp Forest Green map, but this is a little bit different to that as it is an idea on how to implement it and make it stand out from other maps. I've discussed this with several of my friends on PS4 and everyone thought it was an awesome idea so now I bring it here to all of you guys to get your thoughts. As we've seen with Jarvis House and Pinehurst, the maps have gotten bigger and this is a good thing. It's actually detrimental for the entire concept of my idea. Camp Forest Green can and should be a huge map and here's why. The Camp Itself The reality of it is, the entire map doesn't have to be a campsite, and with how this idea works it definitely shouldn't be. The camp consists of The boys lodge, the girls lodge, the dining hall/kitchen, the main lodge/offices, a few counselor cabins and the lake/dock. This can all be relegated to the southern (or northern) portion of the map and sand the lake, would only be about 1/4 of the land mass for this map. The docks of course complete with 2 boats ... but uh ... one of them is currently occupied and unusable Abandoned Sheriff's Station I'll get to why this is named as it is a little bit later but this area would be in the northeast corner of the map and would be searchable just as other areas. Perhaps a good place to find a shotgun. The RV/Trailer Park Another thing we'll get to in a few minutes but the RV and trailer park are a MUST for a Part 6 map. Also searchable, but there's more to the RV than that and we'll get to that shortly. Karloff's General Store/ Cemetery The general store would be like the "main house" on other maps and would be searchable as well. Would be a decently sized area with lots of hiding places as well as searchable areas. The cemetery would be a bit larger than the ones we get on other maps and of course would be complete with Jason's opened grave. How this map would differ from other maps? Alright well here's the idea as to how it would play and feel differently to any other map we have. No police. Don't freak out, I'll explain here. Jason Lives was the first movie where MULTIPLE police were ON SCENE as Jason was in the middle of his slaughter fest and ... not a single cop survived the onslaught. Hence the "abandoned" sheriff's station I mentioned earlier. So for a part 6 map to feel authentic, we simply remove the option to call the cops as an escape method. But ... but ... then how are we supposed to escape? I mean ... apart from the car or the boat? Good question. Obviously there would need to be an objective that would be the equivalent of calling the cops and we have one! The RV. So hear me out ... instead of finding a phone fuse, you find and repair the severed charge plug for the RV which, can hold all seven counselors. You have a timer of 5 minutes (or less with perks ... and yes My Dad's A Cop perks should work with this as it really is just a replacement for the cops on this map alone) during which the RV power is "charging" and like the cops, once this is successfully initiated, Jason cannot stop it. ie: he can't break the power to stop it from charging etc. Once it's fixed, and "called" it's a done deal just like the cops. How would it work? Well, you have to repair the severed plug to get the RV ready to charge. Once that's done, someone would need to crank the generator up to get it going into "charge mode". The crank time would be the same as the amount of time it takes to call the cops and this is the only point at which Jason can stop you, just like with the cops he can break the plug before you've finished cranking the generator. If that happens you'd have to fix it again just like the phone. After the timer expires, the ready to go RV would spawn on a random side of the map just like the cops and you make your way to it the same way. Now, a cooler idea would be to actually drive the RV and even to where Jason can get on board and you could literally have fights on the way to the exit, but of course people would complain about that so we'll keep it simple and use the same mechanics as the cops, but without having cops. Though I'd definitely love having a rolling RV with fights for my life as we haul ass to the exit lol. Thoughts?
  2. Couldn't find a map specific thread for this map so thought it would be best to start one. I've noticed there is a Camp Forest Green loading screen. Which features different cabin detail to the present maps (corresponding to the film itself), and the roped lighting on the pier. I'm also sure I've seen other graphical assets from that film. I think a Forest Green Map was always going to be a given...but does the loading screen represent a graphical interpretation of work/map/asset building that has already been done? If not, the image shows us how a map would look. I'd like to see the cemetery added. Maybe even the police station...but it's staff have already been murdered.
  3. I'm sure they've already thought about this, but wouldn't it be cool if you could chain Jason on the bottom of the Lake, like in Part 6 and 7? You have to find the chain and then have Tommy in the boat in the lake, exactly like in Jason Lives. This would, of course, only work for the Jason Lives and New Blood Jason.
  4. (Gee I hope that reference wasn't lost on everyone) Call me BB. I hope we can get along!
  5. Have the song alice cooper made for "Friday the 13th part 6 Jason lives" in the game. maybe have it on the radio in a cabin and if turned on, Jason will know...... or if you fix the car up the radio starts and the song plays... loudly!
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