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Found 1 result

  1. - Jason should be able to destroy couches and table. Jason should be able to flip the table over to stun the teen and for the couch I was thinking Jason should be able to destroy the couch with his weapon. - Jason's grab animation should be faster so if the teen tries to juke by running towards you then Jason quick or wider animation might grab them. - Jason's stun resistance, some times it works and some times it works. I say they need to make it so Jasons with stun resistance can get out of stuns fast and lower chance to get stunned (like Chad will have a harder time stunning Jason with stun resistance). Jasons with weak stun resistance would able to get stun by weak strengths characters. - Jason's Defense, his speed to enter/out combat stance is either faster/slower and same with attack/blocking. - Car gas tank would be open if gas isn't in the car. Not much but it will help low trap Jasons to either trap the gas or the hood. -All Jasons in Rage should get destruction so you don't have to walk through doors and get stunned. - Jasons can pick up his thrown knives on dead bodies and on walls. - Jasons in rage can counter pocket knifes with quick time events, Jason would grab the knife and jim the knife into their throat. Tell me what you think?
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