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Found 10 results

  1. I know some people might not like the idea but if Twitch did allow their logo to go on some shirts or something in game for the counselors would you want a shirt or even a Jason wearing a Twitch shirt? I mean NES Jason is already purple, you could put the Twitch logo right on his back lol I honestly would like to know what you all think.
  2. I was watching a stream yesterday and the guy who was playing as Jason got stunned with a pocket knife 5 or 6 times! Don't you guys think this is an overkill? In my opinion, we should limit them to 3 per match (especially after the trap stacking nerf).
  3. I have seen people discuss this in regards to the fuse but something i was thinking about to make the game a little more challenging would be if all items/collectibles and weapons spawned randomly all over the map. Rather than having the collectible tapes being solely found in drawers it would be cool to find one just laying on the dock or on a bench by a tent. Same with the repair items/health spray/weapons, i think it would create for a more fun and difficult match if you never know wether you will find an item in a cabin or along the path in the woods or near the dock.I personally think that with the current way that items spawn it becomes more often than not predictable for players to know where they need to look for items to escape just minutes into the match. I hope this is something that devs consider for a future update
  4. I posted this in the wrong place so here it is. I was chatting with some players over the past few days and we came up with some ideas for additions to the game. First, it would be awesome to have a map set on the property of Pinehurst Halfway House. The map could focus on the main structure, but also have a car to escape and perhaps a moped. This would be a great departure from the usual gameplay and much artistic license could be used to construct a larger compound area for the entire grounds of Pinehurst. I also think there could be a "Forest Green" map that would basically just have slight adjustments from the Camp Crystal Lake map but more late 80s and renovated with a few new buildings. Some of the buildings could be inaccessible or boarded up and only have one way in. A total of 6 maps would be amazing to choose from. 7 would be spectacular. Then there wouldn't be a need for any new maps. Next, it would be awesome if another character to come back with once we die. That is, if conditions are met. We came up with one doable idea and another more far fetched one. first, If someone calls the police, a dead player should spawn as Sheriff Garris. This is a fair compromise for getting a second chance like when Tommy is called. I think it would be interesting if a person who dies comes back as a Sheriff Garris once the police are called. That would be very interesting. I also think Jason should get a bonus for killing him. Secondly, another character that could show up would be Tina equipped with unique telekinetic powers. She can stun Jason with her own cool down power. I always thought Tina was such an interesting character. These bonus characters would help with rage quitters who die unfortunately within the first few minutes and leave. If they stay, they could be chosen as either Tommy, Garris, or Tina to come back and help the campers in different ways. Dead players could have 3 chances to return if someone calls them so there's no excuse for rage quitting also, expert Jason's would have another chance to get 3 extra kills and bonus xp for killing the special characters I think it would be great to have 4 more counselors to choose from. Next, it would be great to be able to customize a 30, 20, or 15 minute game. Also, it would be nice to customize your favourite counselor with 3 trait points. Like the perks, those trait points can be removed or added to another counselor As well, I think adding another way to escape would be nice. A moped. You have to find the wheel and the keys and it can seat two people. Lastly, finding a way to prevent the same items from spawning in the same cabins would be a huge help. For example, two maps in the same cabin. I believe all these ideas would help to continue elevating the game, thanks for listening!
  5. So maybe this is nit picky but does anyone else think it's weird that you have to hold the button to grab something out of the drawer instead of tapping it? You would think it would be 2 taps seeing as that's how the window works. Just a thought.
  6. I've heard items that were taken by escaping survivors can wash up on shore later in the game. Does anyone know where on each map they spawn? I've looked and looked with no luck...
  7. Many items, when dropped by players who have been killed, drop below the "floor" of the map, and cannot be retrieved by player still playing. I have visual documentation of all listed experiences upon request, either in a video or screenshot. I have seen a fuse, turned on end (vertical), with just the end protruding from the floor of a deck. I have seen fireworks just barely visible from above a pathway. I have seen a propeller, again, turned vertical, with just one blade sticking up from a cabin floor. I've never seen keys, but it's not difficult to image this happening to that item and not being visible, given the nature of it's small size. Nevertheless, obviously, any one of these items becoming lost or unobtainable, breaks the game. The fuse it an escape, the keys are part of an escape, the propeller is part of an escape.....lose any one of these options, and the game changes completely.....and not to the advantage of most players (counselors). This is NOT an issue of a player leaving with an important item that washes up on the beach. It's not even the same as looking for the player that died with said item. This is finding that dead player with that item....and not being able to recover the item needed for escape. THIS is why it's game breaking.
  8. Hello, As the title suggests just recently when I've been playing as a counselor I haven't been able to find items as often as I used too. Instead of having to search one or two houses to get a map, radio and one key item I'm searching four houses and sometimes only getting a map and one key item like a pocket knife or firecrackers. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with this but I also primarily play as a counselor as I personally don't really care for playing as Jason because I find it more exciting escaping. I understand that its not meant to be easy to get them but like I said they used to be more common before. Now that I'm not getting these safety items I'm finding it very far to escape at all. (As a little side note, within my first house now in around 80% of the games i play I've been getting car keys. Its almost like the game wants me to escape using the car which i have nothing wrong with but before i used to feel like it was impossible to find them. I used to love finding car keys cause that was always the hardest part but now I'm just like i want to get rid of them almost and escape using the police or something) I understand that it's meant to be really hard to escape since Jason is meant to be really strong but I feel like everyone in the lobby should be given an equal fighting chance. I'm not sure if the amount of items on the map has changed or lobbies being full changes the amount of items but something needs to change to help more people escape or at least given a chance to fend off Jason. I don't know if its just me so post a reply if you're feeling the same or have noticed a change in the loot you have been getting from draws.
  9. Hello, I've not found a way to drop items. Has anyone else? For example, I played a game yesterday and had accumulated 3 First Aid sprays. I wanted to drop one for a nearby counselor but I couldn't find a way to. If this isn't a feature yet, is it possible to add it in the future? Regards, Hillian
  10. ive been experiancing this crash for 2 days now and its really annoying now. Basically, i can not play the game properly as everytime i do something (first aid spray, dying, fixing, calling in etc.) it crashes on me. only way i can play is by doing nothing and let people around me do all the heavy lifting and hope the player that is jason melee kills me instead of grabbing me first. Its breaking my heart that this is happening, i love this game and i dont want a good game with potential like this one be ruined. please help me out!