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Found 12 results

  1. Play with friend issue

    Hi,when I play with my friends,once in three I get kicked out,everyone enters in the lobby normally and I get kicked in the menu. how can I solve this issue? for me is really hard play with them with this issue. Thank you for helping.
  2. I'm sure this has already been a topic of discussion or a suggestion. First off I'd like to state that the game is awesome. I play it more often than anything else. One issue that I find really annoying is playing through a match and accomplishing things as a counselor or Jason that gain cp and xp only to get booted from the match before it has officially ended. Therefore all the progress that I've made during the match completely goes out the window as I do not receive any points. At the very least, It would be cool to immediately receive points if you escape or survive a match as a counselor before the match has officially ended. As for Jason, it would be cool to immediately give him points for kills and his progression through the match as well. When the host leaves the match it kills it for everyone. Please do something about this. There are days where i commitedly play for several hours at a time and every other match the host disrupts the game. Even on double xp days I'm stuck on the same level because I'm not able to accrue any xp from matches that were ended mid game. Please find a way to control this issue. Thanks
  3. Hello. Game still very unstable. 1.Just right now I finished my third match and get game crash/dashboarded on xbox one. 2. Russian version very poor quality of translation (i can translate for u for free if u need!) 3. Jason on small maps and bigs still someplaces can pick up knives. 4. Unready button in lobby not works. 5. People still can during match invite people for spectators to get advantage for jason/councelours. Oh yes almost forget....alll badges progress gone after patch, ALL!:)
  4. Thx for the patch....but all badges progress gone, all! Hope u can fix this for xbox one.
  5. This topic only for Xbox Gamers. Did one of you find any pamela tapes on XBOX ONE version (not pc, not ps4). I never find any in publick match, and no one who I talk in lobbys the same situation. Looks like developers just "forget" add this content to xbox version. If someone find on XBOX ONE version can u post u dashboard pictures with pamela u find, coz maybe me just unlucky person. Thank you.
  6. Hello, After play for a while this is my lists of suggestions and bugs what i see. BUGS: 1. Only on "crystal lake" i dont see glitch on the roofs where some cheaters hide from Jason, and he cant do anything against them. Fix roofs glitches/exploits hidespots. 2. Game crash so often its so annoying. 3. Empty lobbys: quick match, then u alone in lobby. 4. One time our match even everybody killed and/or escaped cant over. Match over when all time reach 0 minutes. 5. Sometimes Jason even sound of killing someone done, je still keep walking with person in he's hand Thisis what i think most annoying what I personally see/find. SUGGESTIONS: 1. Please remove double lobby! Quick match, then we waiting people, then we see another lobby? Shy whats the point? Again whaiting? Match must start immediately after first main lobby after everybody ready, so we dont wasting time. 2. We need host migration option 3. We need penalty for betrayed maybe 10k or something serious, so people start really think if they planning to kill u. Also I think if people out map location or use some exploits also must receive huge penalty 4. From all Jasons what we have only two can run, only two (part 2 & 3), please in future dlc add Jason with who can RUN. 5. More BLONDS hairs counselors like in MOVIES! 6. For every dlc add achievements. For new maps, for single player, for play every new counselors, new Jason etc. 7. In my xbox live security online options I block sound, messages from everybody who not my friends. So i must dont hear anyone except my friends and dont SEE descriptions on the screen during gameplay coz they must MUTE automatically because my xbox system security. Friday 13th game only game so far I play not work properly with security of my xbox security settings. And last one maybe most important for me: Version for XBOX ONE X please in native 4k! Thats for now. Hope more quick xbox one receive updates in future;) THANK YOU FOR GREAT GAME:)
  7. Deleted by creator
  8. hi i am having major issues with the game i backed on xbox one it says i dont own the game?? I have had this issue for like 8 days now, I played the game for like 3 matches then I went off for food came back and it now says I i dont own it, I spoke to MS support and they say it just a small issue. They even tried to say its was all Gun Medias fault. Has anyone else has this issue?
  9. Sometimes when a person dies or leaves the parts or healthy sprays and weapons merge into the cabin or ground it’s really annoying cause u can’t pick them up in you’re stuck sometime
  10. This has been brought up separately in other threads but this needs to be its own thread for visibility and simplicity's sake. For whatever reason, whether it's I-frame based or how grab is coded, grab is literally grabbing people mid swing or at the moment Jason would be taking damage normally. Unfortunately, this issue is not only breaking immersion and basically creating some very very glitchy/wonky situations, it's also dumbing down the melee system artificially. As Jason, I have no reason to use the block system. If I can time a grab right I can just ignore their attempts at swinging at me. This seems to fly in the face of Jason even having a combat system as why bother using it and blocking when you can simply time a grab for when they'd "hit" you and avoid damage + get a grab at the same time? Overall whatever is causing it also seems to be causing cursory issues like 180 degree grabs. What I assume is happening is that there is a simple check created in an area the moment Jason presses the button. If someone is in that area, they are grabbed. This would explain the 180 degree grabs (when Jason makes a grab attempt but turns immediately, yet still grabs the person despite them being almost totally behind Jason by the time the animation for the grab is performed) and the "grab through melee" if its the case.
  11. Hey, I don't know if this is an known bug or an issue that someone could give me some help with. I'm on PC. When I got the game and played it day one there were no issues with the mic or push to talk, it showed that I had a device hooked up and people were able to hear me in-game. After the last patch (not sure exactly which one, I know that I had two steam updates for the game though), it doesn't show that i have a device hooked up in game and push to talk doesn't work neither does straight up audio broadcasting. I've tried a few different things trying to make sure that the device is I'm using is working properly - I've played with the settings in windows and on steam to ensure that it is set as my default device, which it is. Hopefully someone here is able to help, because being able to talk to other players is such an essential thing for this game.
  12. One of my biggest issues thus far has been the cabin doors closing from the wrong side while in a real hurry. This definitely needs to be addressed for the final game. When you try and run into a house and close the door quickly, sometimes you'll close it from the wrong side (like if you're trying to run in, if you don't go in far enough and you hit the button to close the door, instead of closing the door from the inside like you want, you'll close the door from the outside, effectively fucking yourself). This needs to be fixed, where perhaps simply tapping the "close door" button automatically closes it from inside of the house no matter what, and holding the "close door" button closes it from the outside no matter what. No person would ever make that mistake in real life. We shouldn't be punished in the game (closing the door from the wrong side) because of wonky controls. As it is now, it's not something that adds to the gameplay at all in any positive way. It's merely infuriating and highly irritating.