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Found 64 results

  1. Would it possible for you guys to bring back the weapon-drop, where Jason slams his [insert weapon] to the ground on Packanack Lodge Small? Also is there a reason to why it was removed? https://youtu.be/WtIwxrfoxMI @mattshotcha
  2. I’m a gamer my most favorite games are Friday the 13th, UFC 3, Fortnite, and last but not least Detroit become Human Hope to play with you all some day
  3. Well there's not much to know about me besides the fact that I'm a big fan of horror. On Steam, you can usually find me on F13 more than Dead by Daylight or others. Also play Sea of Thieves a lot. People describe me as crazy and strange. And Jarvis House is the best map, I don't care what anyone says. Hahaha. I'm filled with sass as well but I love to use it for jokes. I like to livestream on Twitch from time to time. And cosplaying is something I enjoy doing. In real life, I'm the Harley Quinn of the group, since I can do her voice spot on. Hahaha. Also, to be honest, I suck at these so if you want to know anything, just ask and I'll answer. lol (Picture ain't mine.)
  4. Hey guys I’m new here!! I have played f13 since launch and I have been a massive fan of the movie franchise for a few years now. My Xbox GT is my forum name (IcrazyKid855). Nice to meet you all!
  5. Hi people, LemonadeHead here! I just wanted to say hi since I finally made an account on the forums. I’m not new to the game itself though. I play on the console and I’m not COMPLETE trash but I’m not a pro yet either. Just wanted to announce my presence I guess...
  6. Hello ,fellow F13 fans I am the Gloved One !I am into Horror just as much as you are and im here to share my opinions and ideas here with you folks .I hope to have a great time here on this forum.
  7. So I have been a regular on the steam forums of F13 and I was recommended this forum. I have over 250 hours in the game (not a lot, but I plan to have more) and I'm liking it a lot and I have my own ideas too. I've seen all the Friday The 13th films and my favorite film is Part 3. Part 3 is also my favorite Jason in the films and in the game.
  8. Hey, I'm new to the forum. HUGE F13 fan. Obsessed with the movies and horror in general. Backed the game on Kickstater, and have been playing it (PS4) since release. I think the game is near perfect. Sure there are bugs and warranted gripes, but as far as creating a slasher experience that emulates the tone of the movie, I think it's perfect. Fight me. I also love F13 trivia, tidbits and Easter Eggs. PS4 gamertag: IAmMikeWhite Main counselor: AJ Main Jason: Roy, for now. Usually part 8. Favorite F13 movie: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
  9. Hi babies i'm J.J. a graduate from Lakeview Highschool. I'm an aspiring lead guitarist, I own a sexy pink Flying V guitar (Unfortunately not a Gibson I couldn't afford one -_-) and i'm going on a boat to the Big Apple soon with my bff and music video director Wayne to try and start a glam metal band and rock out Madison Square Gardens. My band's name is Jammin' wit Jason, the vocalist for my band is called Terri Crawford, i'm still seeking a bassist and drummer if anybody's interested hit me up my favorite band is Vixen such a big inspiration for me. Jan Kuehnemund is a Goddess! I can't wait for my trip to New York i'm so excited I see such great things in my future! In a couple of years everybody gonna know the name Jammin' J.J. Jarrett! Glam metal will live forever!
  10. Hello my name is PapaEarl I am huge Friday the 13th the game and movie fan. I play Friday the 13 the game on my PS4 where i am level 73 working up to level 150. My proudest achievement is when i got the gotta kill them all achievement where I killed 666 counselors. So I hope to have fun here.
  11. F13


    Hello! My names F13 and I came on these forums to simply not depend on news from places like youtube or twitter. I've been following the francise for a few years now. Favorite movies are Part 5 and part 8. Least favorite are part 7 and part 9. I play the game on xbox. Username: @TheRealGamer944
  12. Hi everyone. I'm a big fan of horror and I've been playing Friday the 13th on PS4 since early launch days. I've found the forums to be very interesting and informative so far so I decided to join the discussion. Happy Slashing!
  13. Hi! My name is Jesús. I’m from Mexico and I expected the game before the game was announced as a game with the license of Friday the 13th. One of my christmas gifts (to be specific, the second of only two gifts) was this game and, for the 20 mins I’ve played I’m very delight with the game. Of course the game has glitches and I hope there are fixed later. If somebody want to add me, my PSID is alfabrad.
  14. Hi to all! I'm a big fan of the Friday the 13th game and I really like the direction in which it is headed. I will also post some suggestions in the suggestions section of the forum. This is just a post to introduce myself. P
  15. Oh, hello! I didn't see you there, and that's probably why I'm dead. I'm a little late getting to the forum here, but I started playing Friday on PS4 around the October Friday the 13th event. I'm always stoked to meet new folks with a passion for horror and cooperative survival. I'm a twenty-three year old writer and fuel station attendant with a Bachelors in English, with emphasis in Creative Writing. Horror has been my favorite genre for as long as memory serves. My favorite horror authors are H.P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe, Michael Wehunt, and Steven King. I grew up playing Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and watching Horror flicks as often as I could. I'm stoked to be a part of this community and hope to see all of you on the campgrounds! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  16. Hello, everyone. I'm an irrelevent user. Go on with your day, if you must. But, just know that I like being on the internet and playing games with myself. That's all. "k bai"
  17. Hello counselors and killers, perk rollers and survival artists! My name is Christopher. I´am 27 years old and live in Hamburg/Germany. I stumbled upon this forum some days ago and because of the interaction between members and developers of the game, i decided to join this group of loonies. I´am a Friday the 13th fan for over 16 years now and i still love the franchise and everything about it, that is also the reason why i bought the game. I work as a media designer. My profession helped me by starting a little thread in the feedback section where i posted a little suggestion for a map that i created myself and i´am really interested in your opinions (Trent´s House - my map idea). I play F13 on the Playstation 4 so if anyone is interested in playing a couple of round with me, we will see each other in the gamertag thread.
  18. Hello my gamertag is twelvebravo96, I really enjoy playing f13. And would definitely like to make some friends to play with, I play on PS4, and also use a mic when playing.
  19. I finally made an account here lol. My name is Ryan. I’m addicted to this game.
  20. my name is Ashley! & I've been a fan of F13 since I was 16 (now 26) my brother got me the movies for Christmas. So Jason is hands down my favorite. I'm so happy about this game and I'm level 89! I wish I would have joined the forums sooner!!
  21. I don't think it's safe for you kids to go up to that camp...but I'll say hi and introduce myself! Longtime horror fan, had been following the F13 Game for a while; love the F13 series, think crushing on Tina in Part V kickstarted my puberty . Got to know one of the F13 producers (Part 9, Jason X, FreddyvJason, series) through a mutual friend, got to hear some fun war stories. I used to work on X-Play/AotS and was excited that Adam Sessler was involved with the game. Missed the digital launch of the game, but picked it up on XBoxOne a few months ago ( NavinRJohnson08 ). The game is awesome in a lot of ways, captures the spirit of the movies well, is the most twisted and addicting version of Hide-and-Seek and Scavenger Hunt ever. Also can be frustrating when it doesn't work, but I appreciate that the developers are open about the problems, fix as fast as they can, and admit when things need to be fixed because they seem to care about the community. I stopped buying Call of Duty because EA's answer to frequent problems was, "We have your $60, so we really don't have to fix anything." It's also great that we can play serious, for pride and XP, yet can also choose to goof around and make it a funny, social game. If you haven't watched The Best of Chad & The Best of Chad 2 on YouTube yet, I HIGHLY recommend it, nearly passed out from laughing so hard. It's fun to create a character around our chosen Counselor & Skin. I usually find myself opting to be a stealth player, sometimes like to be Chad and screw around...sometimes like to play Tiffany and just watch that ass run around Camp. Hope to see you on there! If you do, shout out you saw me in the forums! Happy Hunting and, oh yeah... YOU'RE DOOMED! YOU'RE ALL DOOMED!!!
  22. Hey everyone i m new here. Just wanted everyone to know more about me so here's EVERYTHING about me. I'm dead inside K bye ?
  23. So I’ve been playing not since day one but through most of the calamities that have plagued this game but have had the time of my gamer life with it all the while. My favorite take away is that this is a game full of tense moments and players that can truly set up a jump scare that brings the game to life
  24. hello. My name is awkotaco12 but my real name is Adam. I love friday the 13th game and excited to be a member of the community that loves this game as well. I've been playing ever since July 2017
  25. Hi, new to the forum. Figured I'd introduce myself real quick since it seems like the standard procedure with this kind of thing. Anyways, good luck in-game \.
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