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Found 1 result

  1. Members 4 6 posts I really hate to keep harping on the same old crap... but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!... Give us dedicated servers already! I read a forum post some time ago (not sure if it was here or one of the other forums) saying that dedicated servers WERE in the works and they were awaiting approval from microsoft and sony. THAT was several months ago... and still we're hearing nothing. They keep making these patches... that in all honesty, while its nice to get a new counselor here or there and kill packs and such, basically do NOTHING for the overall playability of the game. ENOUGH.... This game... one of the greatest of the last 10 years... is suffering because the people at GUN and ILLFONIC are mishandling it at EPIC levels. Come on folks... I know you're a small company (Gun Media) but you can do better than this... the last couple of patches have basically been band-aids over cancer. This games losing players in DROVES.... (particularly on consoles)... and it's pathetic. This game has SO MUCH potential... and you guys are letting it die on the vine. Before you start throwing a whole bunch more crap at it... why don't you fix whats already there. Thus far, every patch has done nothing but make things worse in my opinion. We get a new patch... and a bunch of new bugs to go with it. Granted, a FEW minor things were fixed with the last one... but I saw far more new glitches than old ones that were fixed. FIX WHAT WE HAVE.... ITS GREAT. THEN we can worry about NEW stuff.... dowloadable content and what not. THE BIGGEST thing you can do to help this game is dedicated servers.... NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT IS or HOW GOOD IT PLAYS, NONE of it matters if 7 out of every 10 games never makes it to completion because of host drops. And believe me.... I know PLENTY of HARD CORE players who LOVE this game who have just given up on it already because they just can't deal with the idiocy of the host drops and ridiculousness of a lot of the trolling and such that goes on. The answer to that is not to put 100 more pocket knives on the map, a new Jason, more counselors, a new map, or even a new game mode. The ANSWER is DEDICATED SERVERS and a troll/glitch reporting process IN GAME that makes it easy to contact the developers about problems they're having. It's a video game folks... Not rocket science.
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