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Found 2 results

  1. There should be a rework of how you place traps so that you see where your trap is going to be placed before you actually place it down. For Counselors: With a bear trap in-hand, press 'R2' to display the placement indicator of the bear trap (which would be a bright and clearly visible outline or silhouette of the bear trap) and press 'R2' again to place it in the exact spot the indicator shows. For Jason: Press 'Down D-Pad' to display the placement indicator of the bear trap and press 'Down D-Pad' again to place it in the exact spot the indicator shows. Important Note: The indicator will highlight green if you can place the trap successfully and highlight red if you will NOT be able to place the trap successfully. My Input: It seems like when people are placing traps, they are partially guessing where their trap is going to be placed. Some don't even bother readjusting if it isn't in the spot they've hoped because they're missing out on time that could be spent looting with the rest of the counselors. And Jason has the unfortunate disadvantage of not being able to readjust his misplaced traps. This suggestion I propose will remedy the issue of not really knowing where your bear trap is going to be placed and allows for a more accurate execution of these traps without spending unnecessary time trying to adjust their placement. Thoughts? Edit: I'm on PS4 and obviously the buttons would change according to the gaming system.
  2. As a counselor even if there's many people there are still many disadvantages and a lot of factors that could make a round over before it even begins. I really love how the game is set up. I like the luck stat and how it feels, some games you can find stuff other times you might not find anything. One problem is with key items we need for the slight chance to escape from someone you can grab and kill you in one second. The keys, Gas, Batteries, Fuse and the propeller. Finding any of these is a miracle sometimes but what could shut down a game for the counselors real quick is a troll who takes these key items and hides them or just hangs onto them just to ruin everyone time. I personally feel if you find one of these items and pick them up they should show on the map. There is a slim chance of finding them before Jason finds you so if someone dies with something the game is pretty much over at that point. This will also help players who don't want to have to join a lobby and hear the chat because most of the time its people playing loud music, swearing, saying racial slurs, etc. People who just want to be able to play and can still do things to survive. Jason is allowed to see where his bear traps are laid out on the map, he can even see if they are activated. Another use this will be is catching people griefing and being able to record them and report them. None of use want to play with these people in public matches but without such a feature its impossible to record them doing anything because of Keys and Fuses being in the pocket. Maybe gas and a battery we can record them hanging onto them and just camping or placing them somewhere off but most people split up to cover more ground so it makes even that very hard to deal with. This isn't something I want to give Jason players a hard time, I play Jason too and I like playing Jason more the counselor. But there is very little players can do to grieft Jason and that's where Counselors are handicap.
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