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Found 3 results

  1. Its very annoying to play a match and a wild talking Jason appears, they believe they are very funny, talking jokes, etc. They just ruin immersion, the talk ability is in the game only for counselors to help them to work together as a team, but why the hell Jason can talk if in the movies he never talked. Also by removing the talk feature to Jason players that would impact the Jason helpers and the stupid little group of friends that are always laughing with Jason and let them alive only for gain experience and because they are friends. I have read the devs saying that they want to make Jason more scarier, that would help a lot, why would I be scared of a f****** clown chasing me?
  2. Give me the option to mute her voice in the Settings menu. Obviously the end match cutscene would not be affected by this. Don't you find it repetitive to hear her voice sometimes? And let's face it, any semblance of "immersion" the game might have had has since been extinguished, so yeah, Pamela voice is ancillary.
  3. Hey everyone, So this is a shortlist of what I've been reading from various posts on the forum gesturing towards some kind of "hard mode". Disclaimer -- not all of these ideas are mine. If you recognize an idea that you pitched elsewhere then please don't hesitate to say it! Long story short, I think these tweaks would definitely bring back the immersion of survival horror to the game and would give experienced counselors a challenge too. Without further ado . . . - No perks for counselors - No combat stance for counselors - Vision drain / stamina drain very pronounced when near Jason - Jason can pick up and carry around severed limbs / heads (cosmetic) - No shift for Jason (morph is permitted) - Jason does not appear on mini-map - Jason can grab counselors through windows - Match time - 45 minutes max - Jason can toss furniture aside (whereupon it becomes a moveable asset for all) - Red underwater shadow only visible to person playing Jason - Jason much less likely to be stunned by counselor - Jason has increased stalk duration - Jason can unlock doors from inside - No DLC costumes / emotes for counselors - A downed Jason can press E if a counselor is idling over them, grabbing their leg to crush it and wound them - Fewer pocket knives on map - Max 2 shotguns (1 on smaller maps) but shotguns have 4 rounds to use - Shotguns can "break" (i.e., get jammed and become inoperable) needing to be manually dropped by counselor If you have any other suggestions in the same vein then post them.
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