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Found 1 result

  1. The biggest issue with this game? Not hacks, not glitches, but open use of an immersive breaking exploit. The game is meant to be played like this : Jason kills counselors, counselors flee and kill other counselors if they are desperate enough. Thats how the developers designed it , yet half the time we experience something totally different like this (beware of my rage induced salt) : In this video you can clearly see that the girl (debby was the unspeakable ones name) and her friend (the killer, A.K.A Romeo) are working together , they werent partied up but they quickly became infatuated with eachother in the lobby ( the killer even changed his name to match hers - real cute) and decided to help eachother. The girl counselor didnt do much but walk to us and reveal our positions but it became clear that after we all had died that we had to suffer through 12 minutes or so of a killer and a survivor walking hand in hand, completely breaking the essence of the game and ruining immersion. She wins in the end not because of stealth, not because of skill or luck, but because this dude had a hard on for the girls voice. Developers please take note of this, it is not fair to make us sit through the end for our experience points if you have half the matches end up like this due to not having any fail safe mechanics in place to prevent teaming. Either add a report function for jason/counselor teamers that can lead to temporary / permanent bans or allow us to leave after we have died, those that want to stay WILL STAY but forcing me to watch 12 + minutes of a jason and a counselor flirting really makes me want to get my money back. This game has a great idea but poor execution will destroy it, small developer team or not i believe this should be addressed sooner rather than later!
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