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Found 43 results

  1. Jasons with +Stalk, should burn significantly less of the stalk time when moving while in stalk. Jasons that can run, should be slightly faster than a counselors jogging speed (Vanessa I’m looking at you) Jason should be able to pick up thrown knives depending on where it landed. If it landed on a hard surface then it should break but if landed on the ground. He should be able to pick it back up but the knife will do 25% less damage. To make +Grip Strength actually useful, Jasons that have that strength should require at least 2 hits before dropping a counselor. Fix combat stance When surrounded by counselors, blocking should reduce even more damage. One of the Jasons should also have a plus defense strength. Where the HP is higher and weapons break faster if they hit Jason with it. A Jason should also have a plus fear strength. Not all of them of course. The plus fear will make fear increase faster for counselors and also take more time to recover stamina for them. (Got the idea from this video
  2. A few ideas i had for the current state of f13 the game that wouldnt break the no new content rule: Rage mode Rage mode is fine, i like the fact that Jason cant be stunned while hes in rage mode, but i feel like he should not have this buff when his mask is off, as in, he cant walk through doors anymore and can still be stunned. HP bar The only thing Jason's hp bar correlates to is the time it takes to get his mask off, thats it. When his hp is low, his abilities should have less of a recharge time, he gets stunned more easily, his grip strength should be significantly decreased, and his overall damage should be reduced. This wouldnt affect the amount of hits it takes to break doors as thats tied to the weapon (or at least maybe it should be?) Bear traps Should be able to be disarmed with ANY ITEM, this includes fire crackers and health spray, as a Jason can just spam them around the car with no avail, the draw back to this would be to make them harder to spot. You cant use the keys or phone fuse on them, obviously. Or if thats too busted you could opt to do it for the weapon youre currently holding but it breaks. (Or make it so it can only be set off with the machete/axe) Counsoler buffs Increase hitspeed, and hit boxes on their attacks. Decrease recovery UNLESS stamina is low. Increase overall stamina recharge rate. Please. Grabbing as Jason Should be done by pressing multiple buttons and not just one. For instance you have the standard A/B/X/Y, press one and it gives you a random 3 button prompt to do the kill. This doesnt apply to environmental kills, these are still one button. This could even correlate to Jasons health: Mid- 4 buttons Low- 5 buttons Mask off- 6 buttons Or you could even make it a buff or nerf on the jason list depending on which one is being played. killing Jason If you knock jason on his knees during the trance when you have the sweater, he shouldnt be able to resist out of that, instead make it a 15 second timer for Tommy to deliver the final blow, or 30 depending on the jason or fairness Tommy Jarvis If a player ESCAPES he should not be able to come back as Tommy Jarvis, leave that to players that have been killed ONLY Or make it a priority thing: If a third of the players have escaped then a Tommy J can spawn. But it should always prioritize death over escapes. Im also thinking that maybe Tommy shouldnt be able to escape unless all of the other counsolers have died or escaped themselves, since your main goal as Tommy J is to protect the counsolers or kill Jason Final notes I hope someone reads this and takes some of these ideas into consideration. I really do enjoy this game and would love to have it live on for a long time despite the content ruling. Thank you!
  3. For some of the strengths Jason has like +Morph +Sense +Grip Strength +Stalk Those are good abilities but, having them as a strength doesn’t really matter that much. I’d rather have those as a neutral strength than a strength. Would you agree that those strengths, if you have a Jason that has one of those strengths should get a slight buff. Here are some ideas I came up with. For one, I don’t think Jason should get sense in the beginning of the match. It makes much more sense for stalk to be the 2nd ability Jason gets. That would make stalk better by default whether your Jason has it as a strength or not. In the F13 movies, Jason was always stealthy in the beginning, then at the end, that’s when he started chasing. For +sense, you should be able to see highlights of the objectives no matter how far you are. For example, you’re on pack large, you turn on sense and you should see a yellow highlight of the car and when it is being repaired you see the highlight turn red. Also, you should be able to like place a sense marker for things you want. Like, I see gas on the ground, I should be able to place a marker for it so whenever I turn on sense I can see it and monitor it. For +Morph, simple the morph spots should be more accurate. For +Grip Strength, the longer you are in Jasons Grip the more damage you take and the less stamina you’ll have if you break free & for stalk, the time you burn when walking with stalk on should be less. I heard you can run only for 20 seconds before stalk is gone. Bump the ish up to 45.
  4. I feel it would be a fun idea to interact with the community and the Devs to share our ideas and personal thoughts on what we would like to see for the game, this doesn't mean were asking for all of these, but as a way to keep our imaginations in mind as we wait for more Fixes and ideas! Please share your thoughts below for what could be some cool additions to the game! ❤️
  5. Ok....so Adam Green is involved with GunMedia for his Tommy Tapes and so they got his contact so why not get a gaming license from him? I mean Hatchet is a "Cult" Horror hit with fans and it involves Kane Hodder who now has experience with Motion Cap so why not? I mean it's basically a redesign of the F13 Game with a different system such as 1 Killer (His appearance never changes), New Victims (not Counselors), Settings (Swamp) and well Heroes because with this we can have a new style of kills! We can all see Victor Crowley is different from Jason in terms of movement and mobility so this would be a fast paced of who lives and who dies faster. I mean if the rumors are true about GunMedia pushing to make a Halloween Video Game why not also a Hatchet Video game?
  6. Open map in Manhattan city. Open world map (online function). Search to increase arsenal walking to hospital get the surgery tools for easy cutting your victims, taking nail pistol from toolhouse. Getting a nail bat from street thugs Making a "what if" story mode and killing everyone and how the storyline changes. Give a gautlet mode challenge where Jason must kill non stop before they call the cops if cops are in the area kill them behind and take their Batton. Taser to throw to the water and electrify the swimmers. If used against Jason his delay will last short or longer depending. If Jason has rubber gloves it can grab the taser the victim has to deal with Jason and forcely making taser herself to death. Jason learning to make more traps by watching bullies. Making killing themselves and act as an accident. If the chase starts there's will be a time limit for Jason to hide or back to his base. In a open world map they will be a timer of how long survived and the actions they do during that time and how slow down Jason. After being rescue the players hide inside a reinforced cop car and all available players inside the card become the cops. If Jason manages to kill and only one cop remaing Jason must kill quickly before he calls for back up. The difficult increase from 1-2 remained cops 2-3 for reinforced police 3-4 and last the swat team. For each team arrival the main avatar will move automatically to the next reinforced car. If he manage to kill all cops there will be a delay for back up timer and the players back to the main avatar must get out from the cop car by force and if somehow manage to go to front seat by force they can drive hacking the motor. Now they must drive around while the others manage to open the door locks by force or window. Jason must hit the windows more times to get throught and the better car are the harder to get in. Then make a game mode about Freddy vs Jason. Two killers 25 survivors two comes one goes. No need to explain further about this. If you like my suggestion give me a reply as thanks. And the custom skin option if how creative the players do with Jason clothes putting dripping blood; a blooded handprint in hockey mask; make the meele weapons and long range weapons different like different types of knifes in the map (military, customer, knifetaser, cooking knife, bone saw, etc.) A whole new skin can be Jason having mud and plants around his body, one like a real zombie with worms and bugs all over his body and make Jason use gasoline to make a firewall and cut their escape or blowing their car. Thank you for reading this message and suggestion. PS. I wish to get some $ for accepting my suggestion since I need of money but idk how copyright works in these days. So I let you decide if you want to reward me, give me credit and how much to your staff. Thank you for listening again. Anthony V.
  7. Ok to make it short these were my original movie inspired methods to kill Jason but with a twist! and mostly these are with the help of Tommy Jarvis only. Chaining Jason Voorhees to the Bottom of Camp Crystal Lake: This inspiration is from Part 6 but with a twist which would be needing a huge team effort of someone fixing the boat, calling Tommy, and having Tommy being the only one capable of finding the chains and tieing them to a rock near the boat which will have a cinematic moment of the counselors pushing it on the boat BUT here is the twist! the female counselors would need the sweater to quickly stun Jason which would allow tommy to place the chain around Jason neck in which a mini-game will be needed and if the counselors screw up they would die instantly from failing and Yes the mask must be removed as well because it would be to easy if his mask was on. Jason X Kill: Having either Tommy or Brodski being the hero at the end will be fine since one would need to locate the suit and have everything repaired from fixing power boxes and with a last-ditch effort having Pamela's Sweater/Mask Off while he is near a certain airlock should it trigger a sequence that will either kill both or just kill Jason in a cinematic effort and with this Jason and the hero would compete to finish the mini-game to see who lives and who dies.
  8. Do you all think if we we're able to create our own counselors, it would create more immersion in the game? I think it is a great idea! Here's a post on Reddit with facts of how this could work:
  9. Hey guys, so I'm about to make a channel similar to that of Corpse Husband, where I choose various CreepyPastas and read them because my voice is pretty well suited for it. I've just stumbled across one major roadblock. I NEED A NAME!!! I want it to be something creative and unique and memorable. Like Corpse Husband or Lazy Masquerade. I don't want something like "CreepsMcPasta" or "Creepypasta Jr." (No offense to them, I love their channels, but I feel like the variation of Creepypasta is now so overused as a name) The only thing I've come up with so far has been something like "Sleepless Nights" or "Sleepless Silence", but idk if either of those are too cheesy or anything so I Figured I would ask the opinion of others and see what you guys thought and if you had any better names!
  10. I really like the idea and basis for F13's gameplay. I love the mocapped kills, I love the thematic behind it, and I love the basic function of how the game is supposed to be played. When the game was announced "dead", I was mostly sad at the lack of anymore of this kind of game... Or is it the end? Imagine the gameplay idea of F13: One "monster" vs 7 victims. The goal is for them to escape or last the whole round. The monster can be stunned but it cannot be killed. As the monster, you can slink around carefully or you can be bold and blaring and you can knock the door down. Better yet, you could go with not only any number of slasher monster types, but by using different "skins" on the settings, you could do different settings, such as a future themed map where you have to escape an alien or robot, you could do something modern/contemporary in the woods (like F13), you could do urban in some desolate small town (silent hill-ish), or you could go to the past in the sword and sorcery ages (army of darkness). Just using a creature/killer that would work for each area and the survivors required to work together for the most part and you have a very good formula. F13 made use of it with environment kills, so where you got caught would determine what the killer could do to you and I think that is a good idea to follow. Include 4 on-hand grab kills, and a selectable weapon to change up kills, and of course, singleplayer as the monster vs AI, and I'd buy it But keep the monster vaguely humanoid shaped, that way the mocapped kills could be somewhat interchanged between them. I think the abilities Jason has work well; a map teleport, a sense ability, an evil-dead type dash for shorter range porting, and a stalk function to mute music and sounds to your prey. I know werewolves, vampires, and even Frankenstein's monster (Adam) are able to be used as they are public domain, but I'd want to go with something more exotic and more along the lines of something you couldn't "reason" with in a normal context. Off the top of my head, here are some killer ideas:: Robotic/android: I think of something that looks more like General Grievous would work though it'd be hilarious to make it a knock off of one of the FNAF bots and watch it chase you down before it crushes your head. (a degree of levity can be enjoyed, so long as the threat is consistent). Unknown horror: Some random hell beast that has some aspects of human mixed with something else. Perhaps tapping into the idea of some of the original angelic depictions combined with a humanoid shape (pic is Godzilla + the Buddhist idea of the perfected soul) >Skeleton You could design it up a bit, but honestly a simple Skeleton with a sword and shield would be horrifying enough to imagine you have to escape it. Obviously you'd probably get xylophone sounds somewhere in the music. Combine any of the above with better bug fixes, a single player, and the monster being able to strike the fear of god into the group of people, and I'd happily get it. But on the topic of "Monsters that can't have a copyright thrown on them thus the game gets canned", what other creatures pique your interest, folks?
  11. So, I have been playing Friday The 13th for a bit now and I like the core gameplay and the concept of it. However, I believe what would keep players coming back without dividing up the playerbase too much would be to add maybe like a single special gamemode or an event or something at the end of every month. Or hell, you could use them interchangeably My ideas for what that event/gamemode could be are as follows. • Betrayal You tend to see people's true colors come out when shit hits the fan. People betray one another for their own survival. Remember how Counselors used to be able to damage and kill other counselors with normal weapons? I think it was a great decision to take that out because of all the constant griefing and increase the XP penalty for players that run others over with the car. With that being said, I think it would be an interest spin to have a gamemode basically where other players get 100XP for killing other players per kill the same way Jason does. So it would be like a Free For All and you wouldn't be able to trust anyone all the while there is a juggernaut serial killer coming to push your shit in. • Moshpit 7 Counselors and 1 Jason is fun and all, but what if we doubled it up? 14 Counselors and 2 Jasons on Large Maps only with the same methods of escape. Jasons would have the ability to speak to each other over long distances like Counselors can when they equip radios. I feel like this gamemode would be absolutely insane because it could go both ways. The two Jasons could be really good and slaughter everyone or the Counselors could wise up and organize against their predators. • Possession In the movie "Jason Goes To Hell" he possesses a bunch of different people in order to perform his kills. He could instead of spawning as Jason, he could spawn as his preferred Counselor and the twist they know they are Jason but keep it a secret to the other Counselors while he murders the others in secret as they try to figure out who he is or escape. They would also need to have Pamela's sweater to kill him, but Tommy wouldn't be necessary. The Counselors can kill him if they figure out which Counselor he is possessing by killing that Counselor. Once Jason kills a Counselor, he has the option of taking the form of that Counselor, which to other players, he will appear with that dead player's gamertag as well. This means that player will not show up dead either in the menu so they will be forced to keep guessing. I thought that it would be interesting to also implement a feature where Jason could actively try and possess a living Counselor, which would be a spam fight of who can press A the fastest. If he can take that player over, they are "dead" while he uses their body to continue to trick the other counselors. Also, if Jason finds the Necronomicon, then he can arise from Hell. I feel it would be best to also have very limited escape methods and have a Hell Jason be much more OP that the regular. Like faster movement, quicker regen on his powers, etc. But to counteract that, a survivor can get the book before he does(it spawns in a random drawer) and they can burn it in a campfire to prevent him from becoming fully Jason. • Jason Vs Jason Similarly to the Moshpit mode, there is a higher player count by not by much. There is 8 counselors and 2 Jasons, but what makes this different is the Jasons can kill each other and that is their primary objective. The Counselors can work together to assist one of the Jasons in killing his twin, try escaping, or try and kill both of them(which would count as a win for them). Pamela's sweater now has 2 uses, one per each Jason and Tommy is not needed to kill them.You'd have limited escape methods because escape is not the point of the gamemode. These are just some ideas I came up with while playing. Let me know your thoughts and opinions about these 4 and if you have any of your own you'd like to share!
  12. Hey guys, so if you couldn’t tell I’m pretty new on this forum, but I’ve been doing some lurking recently and have decided to make an official post. Although I am aware that Gun/Illfonic have announced no more new content, I still love this game and want to share my ideas with you all. (Even if they’ll never have a chance to be implemented into the game). I know there have been a few topics about counselor suggestions and I love seeing people create new counselors and seeing what they chose for stats, outfits, how they look, etc. So, without any more rambling, I wanted to show you guys a few counselors I had whipped up long ago but never posted. - Carly Jefferson Composure: 6/10 Luck: 5/10 Repair: 3/10 Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 9/10 Strength: 2/10 Carly Jefferson is a redhead who has more to her than most perceive. She has always been humble, and has never had many true friends but knows how to socialize/get along with others just fine. Similar looking to Karen Gillan, and wears a simple outfit consisting of a short sleeved v-neck shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers with wavy red hair just past her shoulders and green eyes. Although she may be a little OP, I think she’d be a pretty unique counselor in comparison to the others. There really isn’t another counselor too much like her. Which moves me onto my second counselor... Jonathon “Jonny” Hill Composure: 8/10 Luck: 7/10 Repair: 4/10 Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 5/10 Stealth: 2/10 Strength: 5/10 Jonathon Hill, otherwise known as “Jonny,” is essentially your boy next door. He is handsome, approachable, and isn’t your typical a—hole just looking for a quick piece of booty. I guess you could call him the male version of Jenny, only an o instead of an e. Jonathon looks similar to Brandon Larracuente, and wears a long sleeve polo shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Black, styled hair that helps define his face with blue eyes. And my final counselor... Samantha Miller Composure: 2/10 Luck: 10/10 Repair: 1/10 Speed: 9/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 5/10 Strength: 2/10 It’s safe to say that Samantha Miller is a weird hybrid between Chad, Victoria, and Tiffany. She loves to flirt, and doesn’t mind showing a little skin. Samantha gets what she wants, when she wants, and loves to flaunt her wealth. Samantha doesn’t have to go after boys, because they all go after her. Samantha resembles Bree from the 2009 Friday the 13th, wearing a camisole with jean shorts (similar to Tiffany’s shorts) and wedges. Long wavy blonde hair with blue eyes. Samantha is essentially the only counselor from this list that is somewhat based off of a character from the F13 films. At least appearance wise. Anyways, I hope you guys like these counselor ideas. Personally Carly is my favorite due to her being the most unique, but what do you guys think? Also I’d love to see what you guys came up with for counselor ideas, so post them if you have them!! Another note, sorry if I’m doing something wrong or I’m not allowed to post similar topics to others, like said I’m new so I’m hoping if I did something wrong you guys will take it easy on me lol
  13. Hello, I am writing this message to you to know if you could take into account some ideas in case the game returns to take content, I have not lost the hope that the game will revive! I clarify that they are just some ideas that I believe in the personal, it would give more realism to the game. 1 * I'd like Jason to be able to grab the counselors through the windows of the cabins, the same way he takes a counselor out of the car, since there are players who cause damage to Jason when he tries to break them. 2 * Include a new map with the abandoned cabins and the house of one of the characters as in the movie of Friday the 13th of 2009, including the Jason of that movie. 3 * That the characters of the game have small dialogues when they are inside a cabin or in the forest, even when they are escaping. 4 * New ways to escape from the camp, such as in an inflatable boat or canoe, also in new cars or trucks. 5 * That Jason causes additional damage such as being able to grab a counselor and throwing him against something, or other counselors, since there are players surrounding Jason and this one can not against everyone. 6 * New deaths either with the original weapons of the game or with in the environment. An example is when Jason throws a counselor out the window, in some cases the window is open and death in the same way that when it is closed, Jason could put the monitor in the window and close it tightly to achieve a decapitation or something for the style. These are some ideas that I think would help the game a lot in case you go back to get content, A big hello to the developers from Buenos Aires Argentina I do not lose hope that the game will return!?
  14. The Tough Guy (Vic from Friday the 13th Part 5 as an example for a tough guy) Movie Trope: The Tough Guy Counselor Stats: Composure: 8/10 (Blood and a Dead body did not affect him but Jason does affect him.) Luck: 2/10 (Doesn't have the best of luck in the world.) Repair: 3/10 (Not a total genius with repairing.) Speed: 5/10 (Equal to Kenny in speed.) Stamina: 5/10 (Can hold his own in a run.) Stealth: 2/10 (Isn't the sneaky type of character.) Strength: 10/10 (Hit's the gym and knows how to fight.) (All 35 points used up.) Pros: +Strength and Composure him a monster in keeping Jason at bay since one hit could leave Jason on the floor. +Stamina and Speed make him a danger because he would be circling Jason easily but not that fast like Brandon or Chad. +The Tough Guy character is good for protecting other Counselors similar to that of Tommy or Adam. Cons: -Stealth leaves him open for Jason to easily find him. -Luck forces players to use weapons with high durability. -Repair makes him not the most reliable at fixing anything. Overall: This trope counselor is meant to be the "fight me bro" of the F13 gaming community, He is the protector or a potential anti-protector depending on the player of course but with the stats, it takes skills and time to use such a character rather than trying to troll or bully Jason since the luck would surely not help with weapons.
  15. I really hope with the weapon swap we get additional weapons along the way and are not limited to what is already available. How cool would it be to play homage to part 7 by shredding down doors, windows, and counselor faces with a Weed whacker! Or smashing a guitar into the head of a Chad like in part 8. Other ideas like a syringe, chainsaw, and flaming machete (Freddy vs Jason homage) have came across my mind as well. There may have been another thread about this already that I couldn't find, so if that's the case I apologize. What do you guys think? Think about your favorite kills and let's hear some of your weapon/kill ideas!
  16. Corpse Grabbing would be a unique mechanic in the game itself! why? it would feel like the hitman/splinter cell games where hiding corpses mean no evidence or even to jumpscare and increase the fear for counselors since Jason did in fact do these things in the movies as well so it would be realistic to his character as well.
  17. I was thinking that we should be able to change our counselor hair to different hairstyles like I get tired of the same ole hairstyles . So I feel like we should have a little collection of hairstyles to choose from and I also got some 80s/70s hairstyle ideas we should have
  18. So I'm new to this website but I've been a fan of the series for a long time and I love the game very much and I have an idea for a Pamela game mode and I would like to share it with you guys, maybe it could traction and maybe the devs will see it and like it! I'm not expecting anything and there's probably a few grammatically errors but here it goes! Pamela is a vengeful mother out for blood however she is human unlike our hockey masked zombie friend, Jason. Instead of brute force and supernatural powes Pamela will rely completely on stealth and instant kills on suspecting counselors however she can be killed in 1 hit as well. To compensate for all of this there is only a few weapons on the map, 3 baseball bat to stun and 1 machete to kill Pamela and the machete is hidden with Pamela's car. So now let's get into the specifics on how Pamela works. Before the match starts, in the customization menu you can select 1 of 3 weapons to start with, Hunting Knife, Machete or Axe. When the match starts Pamela in a random cabin in a closet. When in hiding places such as closets or under beds, Pamela can Morph to any hiding spot on the map, meaning she can get into cabins without being seen. When you exit your hiding place you have the Stalk effect on in other words means there isn't any music playing to warn counselors your near until you are spotted. Now let's say you're in a cabin with another counselor, when unseen a button prompt will appear over a counselor, when close enough you can press the button and Pamela with preform a stealth kill. Well now your probably thinking now, what's the counselors objectives, how do they escape? Well the counselors are aware they're in danger, the match starts with a cut scene of Chad finding a dead body in a closet before doing the famous Chad face before the camera pans to outside of the cabin of Pamela hiding then boom match starts. So the counselors are aware of Pamela's presence, now they need to repair they need to call the police by following these steps: - Find gas - Fill up main generator with gas - Find the 2 fuses - Repair the phone box - Call police - Counselor revives as officer - Wait for back up - Reach the exit ----------------------------------------------------- Pamela Weapons: - Hunting Knife - Axe - Machete Strengths: - Run - Climb through windows - Hide - Stealth Morph - Weapon Strength - Stealth kill - Always in stalk until spotted Weaknesses: - Can't Shift - Low HP - Low stun resistance - Can't Grab
  19. All the kills in the game are so far great, aswell as brutal. However, I feel like there should be more. I have tons upon tons of ideas for kills, but can only list so many at once. Here's a list of some that I have thought up that If feel would be a good contribution for the game as possible dlc weapon kills. (With fun names I also came up with) Pt 3) 1. (Timber) Jason has a wood chopping axe right? So it would seem reasonable that he will chop the counselor down like a tree. Three fatal blows to the conselor's side with the axe, only to have it getting stuck in the abdomen. Jason pulls the axe backwards only to have the conselor slowly fall forward or backward like a chopped tree 2. (When Push Comes To Shove) Jason pushes the conselor back and slams the axe onto the ground [axe head up] and gut punches the conselor having them fall forward. The conselor uses their arms to prevent falling neck first into the axe, but Jason uses his boot to shove the conselor, neck first, into the axe head-decapitating them. Pt 2) 1. (Head Pull) Jason swings the pick upwards into the conselor's neck [ similar to part 8's chin strike- except it goes to the neck]. The conselor falls to their knees, and jason walks up behind them, grabs the pick [whom's handle is upward] , and slowly tries to pull the axe back with one hand, whilist the other is holding the conselor down, overall decapitation once jason gets the pick out by pulling it. Pt 6) 1. (Throw over) Jason quickly impales the conselor in the chest and lifts them up above his head. Jason gives a quick jolt up and down with the spear, causing the conselor to slide down. After a second or two, Jason moves the spear back to throw the conselor over his shoulder, just as he glances over to make sure the deed is done. 2.(Neck Snap) Jason smacks the conselor across their face using the blunt end of the spear, causing them to stumble back and spins them backwards. Jason goes behind them and puts the spear horizontal in front of their neck and pulls back towards himself. Pinned against Jason, the conselor struggles as they are choked by the long rod. After a while, Jason quickly moves the spear clockwise, snapping the conselor's neck to the side. It would be cool if some of these ideas would be implemented into the game. I will post more kills later on. . .
  20. I know that decidicated servers are coming soon, but just want to put this out there for possible changes or just an idea. I love Friday The 13th The Game, but there is just one major issue, the quitters. I hate it when you are in a match and are picked as Jason, but never get points. Just when you are about to win, the host just leaves, or maybe you grab somebody, and just to be a jerk, they quit before you can even kill them. This bothers me because I can hardly ever get a 7/7 kill count since people always quit. I have ideas to fix this. 1) Temporary Ban) If there was a temporary ban system it would keep people from leaving every other match. Such as a 1-5 min ban at first, but for repeat offenders an hourly ban may need to happen. 2)Reputation) For those who still feel the need to quit, a reputation system may need to be implimented. For every quit early match that occurs, that person's reputation would go down. Depending on your rep, you are suited with games with other players of that reputation. E.g) Player doesn't leave any matches = 100% rep and are matched with 80-100% rep players, players with moderate quit early matches =50-70% quit early players, constant offenders = 0% rep players. This will be sure to prevent people from leaving in-gmae matches since they don't like the taste of their own medicine. (Rep will go back up in intervals of 10 after a ceratain time period) 3) In-Game Xp) If all else fails, why not collect Xp during the match. For whatever Xp you earn, it immediately counts towards your level progression, and at the end of the match, it tallys up your Xp just to tell you what you have earned in the match. Sort of like an overview of what happened with the match Xp. Like I mentioned, Dedicated Servers are coming, which is great. However, i'm not sure if it is going to cover those in-game not going to get a kill from me players. . .(also I didn't account for people who disconnect on accident)
  21. I just have some ideas for a new Friday the 13th game from which I'd like to share: • The first game is so great that it inspired me to think of how it can continue to grow following the next plot of survival, the 2009 installment of the franchise. • Camp Crystal Lake from the 2009 movie as well as the survivors which include: Trent, Jenna, Bree, Chewie, Lawrence, Nolan, Chelsea and Clay Miller. • So this is my plot... the survivors can either find a way to kill Jason and that will end the game closing it with the rescue of Whitney Miller, be brave and search for and rescue Whitney at their own risk in order to unlock a trap place for Jason which will hopefully work in their favor to make it easier to kill Jason depending on how damaged he already is and if it actually works as well as how many players comply with the trap, bait themselves with the trap or fool around 'til Jason kills them. However, Whitney is required to be with you in order to be in the trap place. The trap place would be Donnie's barn. One player can be bait or not while another manages to bury a bear trap into Jason's shoulder. As he is busy with that a player can wrap one end of the chain around his neck while another shoves the other end into the woodchipper, he will slowly get choked. If he brakes free from the rafter that the chain is swung over he will still need to free himself from the chain, but before he does the machete is required to make the final move. Survivors can also use Trent's van only not to escape, but Trent has the keys( if he leaves or isn't there before the game starts both map and car keys will be in a drawer, though in the game mode with time all other players can find a map and car keys / applies only to the game mode with no time.) Players can use Tent's van to escape in the game mode with time though. • As a survivor you can take part in some of your person's roles from the movie, wield weapons available around the map to use against Jason, set traps, and search for Whitney. When fighting with Jason, if close to a weapon you can grab to defend yourself in the situation, you can use it at your own risk. For this option there is a test of strength, for example if the weapon is a screwdriver the player to successfully plunge it far enough to stun or kill the other wins the test. Some of these weapons might cause more damage than all others, but they can only be activated by a survivor while Jason is holding onto you. Also, they are not weapons you can carry, but be wary of Jason's brute strength. When rescuing Whitney she follows the player who removed the cuffs so if you strand too far or die she will stop following, then you or another player can get her to follow again. The last thing that you must know about her is that as long as she is not back in the cuffs she won't appear on your map or radar, but you will see a blue arrow on your radar displaying her location as long as she is not within your circle. Another perk that comes with being a survivor is Officer Bracke, one of the dead players will be chosen. To call Bracke there must be at least one dead player and the live players must call the cops or else he can't summoned. • As for Jason you have two jobs kill everyone and if Whitney escapes you can try to take her back at your own risk. You will be warned when people enter your underground tunnel where you keep Whitney. You can equip the bow and arrow too. It would only be fair that Jason can't morph and shift in the game mode without time although that makes it a fun challenge when there is. Also, his rage activates for about 30-40 seconds but only after he is injured, and it only activates when his mask is hobbled thus slightly healing him( applies only to the game mode with no time.) With that said his rage buff is not available otherwise in the game mode with no time. • The first four minutes of the game should be daytime and the rest should be nighttime. The last thing is that all of the survivors start at the lake house( applies only to the game mode with no time.) Roles: Note: The roles make the game a lot harder to survive alone for the survivors because the new game mode is meant to make players more likely to work together by combining each other's abilities and roles / ( ) no parenthesis means the entire bullet applies to all modes, ( applies only to the game mode with time ) means bullet=time, ( applies only to the game mode with no time ) means bullet=no time, and ( applies only to the game mode with time. / no time.) means it applies only to sentence / if it doesn't say that a player can see another player on the map, it means that they can only see the player(s) that they can see but nobody else • Trent - Trent is an impulsive kind of guy who has a hard time residing with most other people mostly because of it. His special ability is hiding his fear for a short amount of time as well as any other manner of detection that Jason can use against him, but it cannot function when Jason's rage is active. His role is to escape, and since he is the only one familiar with the area he is the only survivor with a map although nobody can escape the game mode with no time. The only maps that any survivor will have access to are Trent's and Bracke's( applies only to the game mode with no time.) If you trust Trent follow him. • Jenna - Jenna has a strange way of changing her personality but it might just have something to do with how she's always in the middle of the conflict. Jenna doesn't have a special ability. Her role is to hinder with Trent and run off with Clay to help him so she is the only survivor who can see Clay on her radar and map( applies only to the game mode with no time.) If you trust Jenna and need to find Clay, follow her. • Bree - Bree likes to have fun with the guys, but when it comes to Jason the fun can get a little murderous. Bree can be used to lure Jason. She can make herself visible to Jason on his radar and map. Her role is to is to stick with Trent although she can't see him on her radar and map( applies only to the game mode with no time.) With that said maybe Trent isn't the one she should follow. • Chewie - Chewie likes to drink and play hockey both of which I doubt Jason likes. His special ability is repairing. This can be used to immediately repair the van when it is damaged as well as the police car. His role is to stick with his best bud Lawrence. Chewie is the only survivor who can see Lawrence in his radar and map( applies only to the game mode with no time.) So if you trust the back seat give him the wheel. • Lawrence - Lawrence is the kind of guy you want around in this kind of situation to give you the signal of when to run and never look back. His special ability is 'sprint'. He has a sprint bar that has to fill up before he can use 'sprint'. His role is to stick with Chewie, therefore Lawrence is the only survivor who can see him on the radar and map( applies only to the game mode with no time.) • Nolan - "AAOOWWWWOOOHHHH!" Nolan can swim as fast as Jason in water. His role is to have fun with Chelsea and he is the only survivor who can see her on his radar and map( applies only to the game mode with no time.) He can use the boat as well as the other survivors, only not to escape. Jason can climb on the boat to attack any survivors on it. Jason will be notified of survivors using the boat. • Chelsea - Chelsea + Nolan= Jason. She can also swim as fast as Jason in water. Her role is to have fun with Nolan and she is the only survivor to who he is visible in her radar and map( applies only to the game mode with no time.) She can water-ski as well as the other survivors. Survivors can fall off if they have a high amount of fear. Jason can pull under and drown survivors while water-skiing. • Clay Miller - Clay is a good big brother who desperately wants to find his sister Whitney. Clay is the strongest of the survivors but even he isn't as strong as Jason. He can come in handy even without a weapon. His strength allows him to do many things of which getting loose from Jason's clutch with much more ease is one. His role is to find Whitney and stick by Jenna so he is the only survivor who can see Jenna in his radar and map( applies only to the game mode with no time.) • Officer Bracke - Officer Bracke is a brave cop. He equips a handgun, taser, and a nightstick. He also has a map. His role is to rescue the survivors, therefore he is able to see all of them in his radar and map. Bracke has the keys to his police car, him and the survivors can use his car only not to escape( applies only to the game mode with no time.) Bracke and the survivors can use the police car to escape in the game mode with time though. I know that I might have gotten a little carried away with this but it shows how much interest I have in this game. Anyway its just my idea.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz6e-64mj2Q Provided the link above.. I believe that the game play should change a bit camera wise.. if you look at the alpha camera.. for both Jason and the counselor you can see that it's 10 times better than what we were given in the final product.. I would like to see this come back.. as I feel it would give Jason a more menacing look and feel as well as better feel to the game play itself.. I believe that the devs should release some sort of beta.. test with the game.. with these types of camera to see which game play feels far better..
  23. After reading these threads: http://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/162172617956866431/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1621726179571067292/ I had an idea for something extra to get the sweater to work: How about a news article that must be found with an interview of Ginny from Friday The 13th Part 2? As I wrote in the second thread it would seem to fill in a blank of what happened to her and would add a method of the female councilors in the game knowing how to use the sweater instead of just putting it on suddenly and Jason bows down to be killed by Tommy Jarvis. It makes Jason harder to kill and adds another thing that must be found. Thoughts on this idea?
  24. Tanya Cox "Tiffany's twin Sister" we decided she would be based on the first twin that was killed that while had to keep up with tiffany, she was a little smarter than her sister. She would wear the same start up clothing as tiffany of course, but then you could give her, her own colors or the same up to you guys. Maybe a future costume could be a pajama outfit she wore in the movie. She would also have a different hair style, they are twins but they need a hair style that picks them apart. Composure 6 (but can be fixed to your liking as she is shy) Luck 2 (because she gets turned down by a guy in the movie) Repair 4 or 5 (because she is a tad smarter than tiff is) Speed 5 or 6 Stamina 6 or 7 (because in the movie she had to keep up with her sister) Stealth 4 (because she gets killed first off) Strength 1 (because shes weaker but smarter) In other words a weaker, but slightly smarter twin sister for Tiffany. I've only edited the hair since she's a twin
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