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Found 27 results

  1. Okay so before I start, let me state that I'm new here and this is my first post. I already know that this topic has been mentioned before, (I have read all the posts) but no one has ever found a solution, so I'm here hopping someone knows how to fix this. So yes, I play on PS4, every time the game makes me the host, no one ever joins, it doesn't matter how much time I wait, I can sit there to 5 minutes to an hour and nothing. I have tried to restart the game, re-install the game, erasing cache, I even restarted my console, nothing. So here are my connection details, my download speed is 60 mb and my upload its around 6 mb. My nat type its 2 and for my dns I have used the one my provider gave me and also I have tried others dns, like Google dns. As you can see, it shouldn't be a problem with me being the host, but idk. I also have enabled UPnP, dmz and I have opened the ports. I don't know what else to do, I have read a lot of posts here and another pages (of different games) of ppl having same exact problem, but no one has ever find a solution. Now here its a little detail I notice and idk but it happened to me and a friend that has the same problem as me, we both use to have a internet provider but we decided to change company, we both used to be able to host without a problem, but once we chance our provider, no one joined our sessions. Idk if this its just a coincidence. Now, I know what you guys think, just go back with your old company, well the thing is that I'm from Mexico, and my older company only gives 6 mb/s, as you can see its nothing comparing with the 60 mb the other company is giving, if this problem goes on, maybe I'll go back, but still I'm hopping that maybe some here can finally tell me how to fix this.
  2. •I am not one to ever post on a forum or even create an account based on the problems I’ve been experiencing, but this is special...• *** HOSTING & MATCHMAKING PROBLEMS *** To my dismay, I took a break from the game for a couple months in hopes these kind of problems would be fixed... yet i come back to them being even WORSE. WHY on earth is it nearly impossible to join lobbies? I read constantly about this “salt mine” business and how you’re put in low priority matchmaking for being a quitter which is a great idea, but it’s not being PROPERLY executed in game and leaves not only myself, but hundreds of people disappointed and frustrated. WHY did I play 40$ for if I can’t play the game. Of course it sucks when you join a LOBBY and the host quits mid-game or you get kicked for whatever reason eg(host quit and you got kicked in process, you quit because game glitched, you turned off to console to reboot game etc), but adding to that and not being able to join back to PUBLIC matching for nearly hours and being STUCK trying to form a private lobby in hopes of getting a group together is just wrong... absolutely disappointed. ** The more I read, the more I see problems and no solutions** KICKSTART game or not; problems like this should not persist. It’s absolutely not functionable.. I am a huge fan of the game context and how the game play has been other wise. Just wish I could ACTUALLY play the game. *** IS THERE A POSSIBLE SOLUTION TO THIS? *** Some sort of clarification would be super. Console: XBOX ONE
  3. We need new host after one leaves Iv been in 5 games today so far the host left I know there’s other ways to make xp ? but I like playing online better than any other mode I know the new point system was added in but is not helping to deter people from leaving as frequently also there’s too much team killing going on with the car
  4. Hi! So when I first starting playing Friday the 13th I never had any problems besides the occasional connection lost screen. Lately I can't even host a lobby without dropping everybody at once. People will trickle in and then everybody will leave at once. I play on the ps4 and even tried changing my connection to direct by hooking up the LAN line and it still happens. I also have been getting the connection lost screen a lot more than I used to. This started around March. Does this happen to anyone else? Is this happening because of an issue on my end or the game's?
  5. So I prolonged ever coming to these forums cause lets face it, it was for the best!!! Let me start by saying I'm a hardcore fan born early 80's and a absolute fan of the entire F13 franchise. Now down to business. FIX YOUR GAME!!!!!! Man that felt good. I am 100% aware of how the game was when released and everything up to this point in time. 2 HUGE issues that needed fixed from the word go is the host migration & the spawn preference......everything else I can live with. I can even live with the pathetic trolls in game that try be tough and tea bag a Jason that isn't hunting cause lets face it, HOST MIGRATION NEEDS BE FIXED!!!!!!! In short if you would have delayed the game til Oct 13th instead of releasing in May you would of had the proper time to fix said issue and not of had so many issues in game. Just to show I'm up to date your Roy Jason is the worse crap ever.....it not even out yet and I'm pissed! You hype that it going get more intense but you giving us a Jason who's weaknesses are ( Defense, Grab strength and stun resistance)?!?!?! OOOOOOOOOO, but he can run and we giving 2 extra knives. WHAT A JOKE!!! Now spawn issues. Tired of going into a game and playing as a counselor 50 times before ever getting to be Jason when I only need 2 trophies in the entire game, 500 as Jason and 1000 as Jason.....Oh and I'm 100% done all available badges and have collected all 20 Pam tapes & even 4 Tommy tapes. So let me wrap this up by saying if this wasn't a F13 based game I would have gone Office Space on it back in May. Fix your broken ass game please, you have a great product with a epic name attached and your blowing it!!!!
  6. Can somethng be added to pass along host status to another player in the lobby? Maybe I'm only one of a few here, but getting my time wasted in a match is very annoying. I get people don't want to sit through a whole match spectating or rage quit when murdered within the first minute or two. If the host is Jason, match ends and everyone gets some experience. If the host is a counselor, nothing. Now, the problem if that changed is people can start abusing it to get quick XP without finishing a match most likely. I'm not trying to be ignorant of the complexities of such an implementation as it's probably a big deal to accomplish. There's some nitpicks I have with the game but this one in particular causes me to stop playing due to aggravation.
  7. I know that decidicated servers are coming soon, but just want to put this out there for possible changes or just an idea. I love Friday The 13th The Game, but there is just one major issue, the quitters. I hate it when you are in a match and are picked as Jason, but never get points. Just when you are about to win, the host just leaves, or maybe you grab somebody, and just to be a jerk, they quit before you can even kill them. This bothers me because I can hardly ever get a 7/7 kill count since people always quit. I have ideas to fix this. 1) Temporary Ban) If there was a temporary ban system it would keep people from leaving every other match. Such as a 1-5 min ban at first, but for repeat offenders an hourly ban may need to happen. 2)Reputation) For those who still feel the need to quit, a reputation system may need to be implimented. For every quit early match that occurs, that person's reputation would go down. Depending on your rep, you are suited with games with other players of that reputation. E.g) Player doesn't leave any matches = 100% rep and are matched with 80-100% rep players, players with moderate quit early matches =50-70% quit early players, constant offenders = 0% rep players. This will be sure to prevent people from leaving in-gmae matches since they don't like the taste of their own medicine. (Rep will go back up in intervals of 10 after a ceratain time period) 3) In-Game Xp) If all else fails, why not collect Xp during the match. For whatever Xp you earn, it immediately counts towards your level progression, and at the end of the match, it tallys up your Xp just to tell you what you have earned in the match. Sort of like an overview of what happened with the match Xp. Like I mentioned, Dedicated Servers are coming, which is great. However, i'm not sure if it is going to cover those in-game not going to get a kill from me players. . .(also I didn't account for people who disconnect on accident)
  8. I'm sure this has already been a topic of discussion or a suggestion. First off I'd like to state that the game is awesome. I play it more often than anything else. One issue that I find really annoying is playing through a match and accomplishing things as a counselor or Jason that gain cp and xp only to get booted from the match before it has officially ended. Therefore all the progress that I've made during the match completely goes out the window as I do not receive any points. At the very least, It would be cool to immediately receive points if you escape or survive a match as a counselor before the match has officially ended. As for Jason, it would be cool to immediately give him points for kills and his progression through the match as well. When the host leaves the match it kills it for everyone. Please do something about this. There are days where i commitedly play for several hours at a time and every other match the host disrupts the game. Even on double xp days I'm stuck on the same level because I'm not able to accrue any xp from matches that were ended mid game. Please find a way to control this issue. Thanks
  9. I just played Friday the 13th a bit ago, wanted to test out a little more part 4 Jason, and I was lucky to be Jason and picked up the first knive in the shack, then boom. Host quit. I know the new blue dots are hinting fox. Focus on dedicated servers. People aren't going to able to be Fox because hosts are going to keep quitting. This is the first time I want to scream, "Fix your game"
  10. Hello everyone, I'm Brazilian and I face many problems when trying to play this game, I only find servers hosted by other Brazilians and the quality is horrible! Before it was not like that, when I bought the game in the pre-sale I fell into dedicated and non-hosted servers, after some updates I have only fallen on hosted servers that almost always give black screen and does not start the game! Can someone tell me a way to fall into gringo server? GRATEFUL!!!!
  11. I have a question about being a Host in Quickplay. Me and my friends are playing on PS4. There are 5 of us (me and 3 others from Poland and 1 from Germany). We are always playing quickplay to get full room of people. Here's the question. Everytime I get host, there are no players that join my game. I can set there for 20 minutes and nothing. Same for my other friends in my country, but that one from Germany got full room in one minute! We can't play with random hosts becouse they are leaving mid games and it's frustrating, so we have to rely on that German friend to host game and get those 3 other random people... Is this Hosting thing is based on IP address/country or what? Why 4 of us can't host a game? Any magic tricks?
  12. There needs to be a host migration if the original host loses connection/leaves the lobby. For the love of god please fix this.
  13. I know it's been said a hundred times but please do something about host migration. I beg you. I been kicked outta 4 games in a row. I been trying to play for more than a hour and I still couldn't finish ONE game. I'm sick of it ! Please do some quickly.
  14. So, I've been playing F13 for a few months now and this is starting to annoy me. It takes me around 30 seconds to get into a lobby but then I get an error message saying 'Connection to host lost!'. It really annoys me as I was just playing as Jason, I got disconnected when I was about to kill the final person. It's been going on for a while but I thought it would stop and it really bugs me. I'm playing this on a PS4 just to let you know. Have you experienced this bug as well?
  15. Hey Guys. My game is crashing after im hosting. Everything is fine in the party but after starting the quick match it crashes. It happens also when im creating a private match. 100mbps downl/100mbps upl Is it something that nees to be fixed ingame or does it have another reason? Greets^^
  16. Hey Guys. My game is crashing after im hosting. Everything is fine in the party but after starting the quick match it crashes. It happens also when im creating a private match. 100mbps downl/100mbps upl Is it something that nees to be fixed ingame or does it have another reason? Greets^^
  17. So I've noticed that despite this games faults the biggest thing that ruins the game is trolls and cheaters. I apreciate all the work that has been put into this game and honest even with the goofy glitchest this game is original and awesome.....atleast until people come and ruin it....but I have a solution....Vote kick and or public rooms. Now i realize that this is mainly a console issue as im sure pc has this already via steam. This really doesn't take much explanation if you added a vote kick we could systematic remove these people ruining the game. Also I don't know why games all of a sudden rely on match making...what ever happen to public hosting? Then you could just give the host the power to kick and it's done. This is the most simple and easy way to eliminate these issues with exploiting and people who just want to troll people or team up. Thank you for your hard work.
  18. For a week now, every time I get to be the host of the game no players are added to the lobby, just my own user profile. I wait a long time and nothing happens, if i quit and start quick play again i can join another users game. This happens every time now.. bit of a drag when you get kicked playing jason and never get to host a game. I am in europe and not sure if other players are experiencing this. Please help Illfonic.
  19. I think that XB1, or I guess any platform, needs host migration. It happens too often where a host rage quits and no one gets XP because the game suddenly ends. It would be great to either have host migration or to have the XP already earned so far be rewarded upon match ending.
  20. I think that XB1, or I guess any platform, needs host migration. It happens too often where a host rage quits and no one gets XP because the game suddenly ends. It would be great to either have host migration or to have the XP already earned so far be rewarded upon match ending.
  21. Hello. I adore this game, but the thing that bothers me most is what just happened. I escaped, excellently I might add by getting to the police, then I went into Spectate Mode. While watching, I saw Jason find and kill another Counselor. This Counselor, however, was the Host and promptly quit in frustration. This caused everyone in the match to lose their progress and XP. This is extremely frustrating and I was wondering if this can be fixed? Thank You.
  22. Rage quitting as host should be met with a match making ban of at least 15 mins. This game asks people to stay through matches after dying. No problem with that but if a host gets impatient the entire room shouldn't lose all their xp. Sorry but having a great run and dying then waiting 10 mins for the game to end only to lose my xp because a host rudely leaves is extremely frustrating.
  23. So these are the two main issues I experience with the game on Xbox One. Just to make sure it wasn't the download, I deleted the game from my hard drive and reinstalled it. Same issues occur constantly and I notice it happens at certain times. GAME RESET - Happens after 3rd game I play. I could be playing online when all of a sudden, the splash screen for FT13 comes on. Usually after 20-25 minutes it happens. Really annoying! CONNECTIVY LOST TO HOST - I don't know if it has to do with the Packanack map but it always seems to happen on this map. This really makes the game unplayable. Sucks just to know your XP points wont get added to your profile. I really hope your dev team can fix these issues.
  24. Adding the option to host a public server instantly. I don't understand why I have to wait 20 to 30 minutes to get into a game where I am just the host of the lobby. I know I'm not the only one searching for matches out there. I'm sure your system works internally and the patch isn't opened to ps4 yet, but I feel if there was another option other then quick match. (For people that want a quick match.) and private ( friends / party ) Host option would get the ball rolling much faster for the majority. The delema is a lot of people choose that and there are many empty lobbys. Maybe that problem can get solved by merging empty lobbies. A message prompt asking if u want to merge. I'm sure this is a difficult task, but it's an idea.
  25. Can we please get some sort of host migration? I can't say how many times I was about to kill the last person or get the last part and, "Error, host has left". It's stupid and ridiculous and it needs a fix. Please and thank you.
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