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Found 3 results

  1. What is your immediate reaction when you kill the host player in a non dedicated server game? Playing Jason, this as happened occasionally. Do you laugh it off, move on or message them saying they cant take a L, you trash?
  2. Simply Bringing this up again as I'm sure its been mentioned before. However the game realy does need dedicated servers. The game is still a mess with hosts quitting because they were killed buy the player playing Jason. Its extremely Detrimental to the players when the host just up and rage quits cause they were killed buy Jason. I will also add in that the peer to peer servers the game uses. Is simply put just outdated. Most games rarely use peer to peer connections anymore. Most have Dedicated servers with Dedicated matchmaking. Thus making Games easier and quicker to find and join. Dedicated Servers also would prevent players being dropped from connection timeouts. Or simply loosing connection the match All together.
  3. So on console at least the Quick Matches are Peer to Peer and not the Dedicated Servers we eventually hope to be using. I understand this is to facilitate gameplay but it comes with the unfortunate side effect of hosts intentionally quitting early (in some cases probably completely ignorant they're bringing the entire game down for everyone else). A possible solution is Host Migration and Make Jason Host. While you're always going to get the odd salty Jason throwing his axe out the pram because a few counselors escaped for the most part... Jasons stay until they've either got everyone or they've escaped. If you can get Host Migration then making Jason "Host" should lead to more games and happier gamers.
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