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Found 4 results

  1. Let me start off by saying I love this game. It’s a fun game. But there’s a lot of BS that goes on with the game and a lot of stuff that’s broken that makes the entire experience frustrating and honestly makes me want to just delete it a lot of the time. But if the devs can put a little more work into fixing what’s broken this could be a very successful and long lived game. Firstly I’m glad to hear the recent news that the devs are fixing Jason. It’s much needed. One night myself and a couple of buddies killed Jason 11 times. That’s right 11. So Jason getting the TLC he needs is a great move. Next thing the devs need to do is add host migration. This needs to be done for a number of reasons. I can’t count the amount of times the host in a quick play match has threatened to quit if Jason kills him. It’s a pretty chickenshit move that happens way too often. Adding host migration would put a stop to that kind of player behavior. It would also help in the cases where the host legitimately loses their connection or game crashes. Speaking of, fix the game crash problem. It happens to either myself or the people I play with a couple of times every day. Fix matchmaking. It takes way too long to be able to find a lobby. There’s gotta be a solution for this problem. Also it wouldn’t hurt to add an option to kick a player. There’s too many times where I’ve played with people that do stuff to intentionally screw over the other counselors like place counselor traps below an open window inside a cabin. Or intentionally hold onto the fuse or keys to prevent other counselors from escaping. Or the worst offense in my eyes, work with Jason and rat out other players. We should have the option to kick these guys and remove them from a lobby. Another thing to maybe look at is the amount of pocket knives that spawn. In my opinion there are way too many. Upping the amount of pocket knives needed to happen but I think they overdid it. It’s caused a lot of Jason’s to pretty much just slash now.
  2. My experience tonight was awful, not a single round went unblemished: In no particular order Packaknack roof exploiters Host quitting Host quitting because I killed them as Jason More Packaknack roof exploiters Children 12 and under teamkilling, working with Jason Rinse/repeat I think I'm done until this all gets patched/fixed. It only takes one person to hijack your game. Whether it being exploits, team killing or simply quitting as host- you're at the mercy of someone else and the PS4 community at large has shown they're more interested in playing hostage with you than playing the intended game. There's a surprising amount of kids in-game also and their priority seems to be using the glitches and exploits. The gameplay has grown a little stale and I can live with that but the game as a whole is fundamentally flawed and flat-out broken in many respects. At the very least, host migration should be the #1 priority after fixing all of the exploits. With the wrong group of people (and it happens a lot), the game is unplayable.
  3. So on console at least the Quick Matches are Peer to Peer and not the Dedicated Servers we eventually hope to be using. I understand this is to facilitate gameplay but it comes with the unfortunate side effect of hosts intentionally quitting early (in some cases probably completely ignorant they're bringing the entire game down for everyone else). A possible solution is Host Migration and Make Jason Host. While you're always going to get the odd salty Jason throwing his axe out the pram because a few counselors escaped for the most part... Jasons stay until they've either got everyone or they've escaped. If you can get Host Migration then making Jason "Host" should lead to more games and happier gamers.
  4. I absolutely love friday the 13th and enjoy playing as the counselors and Jason, but there's one problem, the hosts. When I'm playing as a counselor and fight Jason, call the cops, and call tommy Jarvis, I don't want the host to rage quit before I get my xp. I would have done all of that for nothing. That's why I think we need host migration so the host doesn't ruin the game for the rest of the players just because Jason killed him. Thank you for reading this, I really hope you guys add this into our game. Goodbye.
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