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Found 34 results

  1. Latest Horror Movie You Watched?

    Whats the latest horror movie you watched? The latest one i watched was... F13 New Blood. Watched it recently because at first glance it didnt seem like a good movie at all.
  2. So I had a thought about some modes that could be cool to play. I thought of a 4 vs 4 mode that allows each side to have one Jason and they must try to kill the other teams Jason. In this mode each teams Jason can't kill the counselors but, can slow them down by throwing knives and placing traps. This is just a little idea and could be tweaked but I think some sort of 4 vs 4 could be cool with a good idea...?
  3. Hi, I'm Jin!

    Hello Everyone, I'm Jin! I have over 1,700 hours in game! I love this game and the team. I'm also working on a degree in design and media! So hopefully after I graduate soon, I'd LOVE to work for this company! My steam name is the same if you want to add me, I'm very active on the forums there as well. I'd love to see what this forum is like! Also, my main is Jenny Myers! My Youtube Channel is also under the same username!
  4. "Connection timed out"

    At this point I have lost hope for this game. I have been keeping track of how many times my game just ends all of sudden. Mind you that my internet is good, usually its around 100. Today that screen pop up 9 times in a span of 4 hours?! What's the problem? Is it the sservers? Glitch? Idk its just frustrating when you are literally about to escape with a car or by the cops and your game just crashes smh. Has this been happening to y'all? Is there any way to try to fix this or do something to minimize this crashes?
  5. Hello, Everyone!

    Oh, hello! I didn't see you there, and that's probably why I'm dead. I'm a little late getting to the forum here, but I started playing Friday on PS4 around the October Friday the 13th event. I'm always stoked to meet new folks with a passion for horror and cooperative survival. I'm a twenty-three year old writer and fuel station attendant with a Bachelors in English, with emphasis in Creative Writing. Horror has been my favorite genre for as long as memory serves. My favorite horror authors are H.P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe, Michael Wehunt, and Steven King. I grew up playing Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and watching Horror flicks as often as I could. I'm stoked to be a part of this community and hope to see all of you on the campgrounds! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  6. For some reason i always found that things from the past always seem creepier... Weither it's something from the 19th century (1800's) or from the early 20th century (1900 to 1960). Weither it's some kind of creature or a ghost or even aliens...the designs for those look creepier. Those things always come from old tales,folklore,poems,legends and old nursery rhymes,those kind of creatures. Here are a few exemples: Other's exemple: the creature from IT, the Slenderman (even tough that one is a modern creation),old creepy dolls,etc. Heck even old vintage halloween costumes pictures look creepy... https://www.google.ca/search?biw=1280&bih=909&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=XFwnWuWuHKGc_QblnL24CA&q=old+halloween+pictures&oq=old+halloween+pictures&gs_l=psy-ab.3...51.3453.0.3572. It's all about the designs and the eerie atmosphere those gives... What do you guys think ? Do you also find those creepy ?
  7. Spreading some Christmas spirit Voorhees style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z4NCJu3tsY
  8. YouTube Collabs?

    Hey all! My name's Luke, or SickVeins on YouTube. I joined this community hoping to find some more PS4 gamers to collaborate with on Friday The 13th. I have 5K subs and livestream the game roughly 4-5 days a week. For anybody interested, my PS4 tag is Laidbackluke2011. See you there!
  9. Just a few i made i have about 15 or so. I make these for Kodi, Emby and Plex.
  10. Cult of Chucky Thoughts

    Hey guys this is a topic in which I want to hear everyone's thoughts on the recently released Cult of Chucky. I know this is a Friday the 13th forum, but I'd love to hear your thoughts and share some of my own!
  11. From the creator of the 2 Girls 1 Cup Song comes an earnest song/video about his loss of innocence while watching Friday the 13th Part 5 on VHS at a friend's house. Definitely worth a watch. This is a serious side project from Jon Lajoie, the comedian responsible for the late 2000's wave of YouTube parody music. Check it out. As a F13 fan, this definitely resonated with me.
  12. Nice to meet yaz

    Sup yo's nice to make ur accuantance The names K rock long time horror and game fan. Got the game day one been wishing for a game like this for a long time and I'm not disappointed I love horror and have a basement full of memorbilia . Favorite franchises are 1.Friday the 13th 2. Texas chainsaw 3. Halloween 4. Nightmare on elm I'm Canadian and I play on steam 420 Look forward to shootin the shit with y'all
  13. Sup F13 Community!!

    Sup Dudes!! Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Don't let the PSN name scare ya I'm not as bad as it sounds lol the account is old af and was given to me. SO! Basically I started playing F13th I think a month after it was first released and I'm glad I kinda took a while to buy it considering all the glitching and exploiting that was going on, lots of idiots still making the good honest community feel a little more S*it. Well, I'm glad the new updates and fixes rolled out fixing most the major problems however many small probs are still effecting the game in a harsh way. Im Level: 70 almost now and I haven't been playing nearly as much as I used to. To many people are teamkilling and just simply being straight up dicks and it's making the game no longer fun it feels stupid and repetitive. I always keep the faith because I'll always be a fan who loves this game but seriously Rhonda, things need to change. LOL feel free to add me or or follow me or whatever the hell it is we do to keep a social bond within this forum lol I'm the new guy here and it's a pleasure to finally be in the forums and to meet all of you fans.
  14. New Trailer For Stephen King's IT 2017

    So who's ready to float? ??
  15. Halloween

    I just finished watching OG Halloween 2 and I'm wondering what one I should watch next. A reviewer I used to watch gave two options 1. Watch I, II, and end with IV. He didn't like Season of The Witch and he HATED 5 and 6. 2. Watch I, II, and end with H20. He hated Resurrection. Or I could watch them all chronologically.
  16. Horror Clips

    Since we are all horror fans and are dorks in our own respective ways, here is a thread of fun to post horror clips. The clips should be something from a horror film you love. Does not matter if you love it for how awesome, stupid, weird, or generally awkward it is. If you love it, share it. Obviously nothing with nudity, this should stay alive with the joy of fictionalized murder and mayhem. Look at that stuff on your own time alone. If you hate something a person posts, do not go on a long rant about it. This is a safe space for horror fans of all kinds. To kick off the silliness, here is a clip that contains a song that has been named by Rolling Stone to be the best song in a film ever. (not going to embed to avoid a giant picture and retain surprise) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jkgWJgEFPIA
  17. Hello from Tennessee!

    Hello from Tennessee! I'm the Belligerent Bear and just joined the forums and felt like saying hello!
  18. My intro - Donomi

    Hey everyone, big time Friday fan and avid gamer here. I've been loving this game since it was released (despite only playing Jason once so far). I'm a 30yr old who grew up with the movies so to have this game in 2017 is just awesome. I'm just getting into streaming so f13 will be for sure becoming a staple on the stream too. You'll find me here if you're interested in watching. I'm also looking for people to add to my friends list and play with on a regular basis as most people I currently know either don't own it or don't have the right level of appreciation for it. If anyone is interested either hit me up on my twitch or send me a message via PSN. I'm online quite often in the EST zone.
  19. Hey Guys, I wanted to introduce a new Fan page up on Facebook for all PS4 Friday the 13th gamers out there.. who are looking for friendly people to match up with and game on too! this group has over 1,000 members and is growing and we want you to be Apart of the experience come join us! our page is at : Friday the 13th PS4 Fan page! In this group you will meet many different people who love to test thier skills again the immortal Jason, or even take a chance at being Jason and trying to massacure the lot of them in any event this group is very active and would welcome any new members who wanted to join so come on down and meet a new sense of players a game changing experience you have to be apart of to believe thanks for your time Derrick
  20. horror fan/gamer

    Hey my name Is Paulina, I'm new to the game but having so much fun playing it! My Xbox gamer tag is Iamterribadd (well technically its my fiances but he doesnt play much) Anyone interested in meeting in game? Coming up with a strategy to kill jason or survive? Hit me up!
  21. I have been playing F13 since they fixed the servers on PS but 1 thing I would like to see to make the maps feel different every time would be to add random weather to each map like rain or a tunder storm to give the maps that horror feel and make the game more scary please make this happen ?
  22. Hello Its DOMO

    My name is Domo, I run a rust server [US WEST] RUSTY EMPIRE, Create youtube videos (very small channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCznUAL5kX1uxNC9YrgsvQHw, and I play a lot of video games. I will be posting my Ideas for the game and hopefully be a welcome part of the F13 group.
  23. Hello Jason fans!

    Good Morning Jason fans, I am a Friday the 13th fan and wanted to join the forums to chat with others regarding the game. I am a big horror fan and wanted to introduce myself. Thanks
  24. Hey Everybody My names Bawkbasoup and I can't flippin wait for this game to come out. I've been reading the fourms a lot recently and there's so many cool passionate people here. I haven't been this excited for a game in a long long time!! I hope to see some of you in the game on Friday and beyond. I'll be playing/streaming it for all hours of the day on release. Hope to get grouped with some of you on day 1
  25. That whole release date thread from Wes is starting to get a little heated, so I figured I'd toss up a few horror games to play while waiting for Friday the 13th to come out. Keep in mind these are just a few I've played and enjoyed. Opinions may vary, but by all means, add a few of your own. I'm always looking for a good horror game with a decent story. To save some space on the obvious, I am excluding Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, I think that's a given at this point. 5. Dead Space: Say what you will about EA, but Dead Space was a solid horror games. If you haven't played it yet I do highly recommend this one as well as part 2. Part 3, not so much unless you just want some coop play. The first 2 are great survivor horror games with pretty decent stories and atmospheric tension (something hard to do in a coop atmosphere, which is why the 3 bits). But part 1 keeps things spooky with a number of different necromorph creatures and many painful ways to die in the cold of space. That and they managed to make the song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star creepy as hell. 4. Alan Wake: This one as well as a sort of small DLC/Standalone called Alan Wake: American Nightmare is a kind of episodic horror story, and a pretty good one for those in the market. One of my favorite little bits is the collectibles which are manuscript pages to a story, which incidentally, often contain vague events that end up happening. So when you round that corner and see the lights to that diner the page mentioned, it's a bit chilling. Well worth a play and you can probably get it cheap by now. 3. Alien Isolation: This one was an Aliens game done right and one that helped wash away some of the stench left by that whole Aliens Colonial Marines fiasco. It's atmospheric and has xenomorphs. What more needs to be said? 2. State of Decay: Originally released as an XBox 360 exclusive, State of Decay made its way to PC several months after its release. Since then a Year One Edition with all of the DLC has been released for both PC and Xbox One, so pick your platform. This one is a pretty good zombie base building game and with the DLC that can become increasingly difficult waves or in the case of Lifeline, play with all your resources and slowly lose them as the zombie outbreak spreads and you fight to repel constant assaults on your small outpost while also collecting key survivors to combat the zombie virus. Great game in my opinion and pretty solid for something that was pretty limited by the 2GB limit on Xbox Live Arcade game at that time. Sequel in the works as well. 1. Until Dawn: Last but not least is Until Dawn on the PS4. I just finally had a chance to play and finish this one recently and it was loads of fun. It meshed a few of my favorite horror movie types into one and made a pretty damn good story with some great scares. If I had to describe it, I would say it was a mesh of several movies. All the inspirations that this game draws from meshed together really has no real reason it should be anything but a jumbled mess, but the game, and story was way better than you might expect or that it even should have been. I do recommend this one highly if you have a PS4. There are a few cons here. If you hate QTEs or dislike games that have a straight play through and out of your control checkpoint saves, you might get a little frustrated. However, if you just give the game a fair playthrough and not worry about how you fair the first time through, you will have a blast. Edit: Just adding this, if you intend to play Until Dawn, careful looking up anything for research. It's really easy to just have spoiler laced titles to come popping up in the search browser, and this one is worth playing spoiler-free. So that's 5. Feel free to suggest a few yourself. I can always use a good horror game story.