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Found 4 results

  1. Favourite DC hero?

    As the title states, who is your favorite DC Hero? Mine? Obviously BATMAN!!! RIP Adam west(19th September 1928 - 9th June 2017). He's getting rid of bombs in heaven now...
  2. I feel this game should have alternate options for when you call on the CB Radio. One of the things I feel is Tina Shepard should have a chance of showing up. Now, unlike Tommy, she isn't all 10's, instead she can be all 7's. Second, she doesn't show up with a Shotgun like Tommy. Instead, she shows up with Psychic powers! Her powers would work like Jason's powers do. She would start with 1 basic power, and as the match goes on she would get access to more & more powers. Her powers would have a cool down like Jason's does. So she couldn't spam powers at Jason. Her powers could be: Stun - it hits Jason with a ranged stun attack that dazes him for a moment. Push - it pushes Jason back a considerable distance. Interact - she can open doors (even locked), windows, etc... from a distance, this one would have a fast recharge. Telekinesis - she can bring the closest object in her field of view within a certain distance right to her. So for example if a bat is a room over and Jason is on her heels, she can use this to bring the bat to her hands. Maelstrom - she can cause things (weapons, items, random debris they make for the animation) to fly around like a cyclone. This does damage to Jason but doesn't stun him, it also slows him down, and prevents him from using his powers while in the cyclone. Special Tina to Jason Kill: If you have Tina on the docks with Jason and his mask is off, she can do a Stun/Push combo with her powers to knock him in the lake. Once she does that her dad comes up with chains and wraps them around Jason, killing him. Let me know what you think, folks!
  3. me and the guys in the f13 discussion chat want to run an idea about another possible hero character.. or character in general based on tina from part 7. As a hero we thought she could be similar to Tommy in stats, but have one different aspect to her character.. instead of a gun.. she would have telekinetic powers.. one ability in fact.. this ability would be pressing and holding the l2 button for her to aim... the animation would be her basically putting her left hand on her temple and any 1 weapon close to her line of sight at least close to the little circle used to aim.. would glow and then float.. by pressing R2.. the Item would fly straight to Jason.. instantly breaking.. but hitting Jason with a stun... The Item as I mention would break instantly.. and the ability would have a cool down.. similar to Jason's abilities.. so people aren't spamming it.. so they use it and have to wait a while before being able to use it again.. Now her as a counselor.. stats would be based on luck.. as a reference to her telekinetic powers.. she will have no powers.. as a counselor.. Luck: 10/10 Speed: 5/10 Strength: 2/10 Repair: 1/10 Stamina: 4/10
  4. I've had the chance to play as Tommy Jarvis a few times as well as seen others as him many times in matches. Before I mention anything- it's pretty cool having Thom Matthews reprise the role. As a "Hero", Tommy is ineffective and I don't see any incentive for the Tommy player to help counselors. I have seen a few people try but like I said, they were ineffective. I think the folowing things would improve him and make it feel like he's actually a hero: Spawns with Firecrackers, a Med Spray and a Pocketknife everytime Fear should spike less in the presence of dead counselors XP bonus for saving counselors from Jason's grasp (if there isn't already) Maybe more than one bullet? Maybe not if he starts with the items suggested above Maybe an ability to mark items on the map for counselors with a map to see The joke I hear most often is: "Hey, I'm Tommy Jarvis and I've come to save you all with one bullet!" Tommy Jarvis lived through Parts 4, 5 & 6 and, while death is something I'm sure few people get used to, the dead counselors shouldn't affect his fear so much. In his current state in-game, he plays like a boosted counselor and not a hero.