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Found 1 result

  1. I had a pretty hectic and slightly unnerving Monday yesterday, in actual fact it was turning out to be a very good Monday actually! I'd just finished my 10 hour shift and got back home at about 6.15pm to see my mum ask if I could come along to the hospital. About an hour before my dad took a bath and when my mum came to tell him something he just couldn't grasp what she was saying, he suddenly didn't remember getting in the bath and got very confused. He had suffered total memory loss of the whole day and was a train wreck. We got him in the car and went to go to the local hospital, along the way he kept asking the same questions again and again. 'Where are we going? Why are we going? The hospital? Who are we seeing?'. We'd keep telling him and 2 minutes later he'd say the same thing again and again. 7pm at hospital we waited about an hour to be seen and although he improved he still kept asking the same questions with little to no recollection of the days events. My dad had his heart checked, blood checked, pressure checked and we then moved into the next waiting area, time now around 9pm. At about 11pm he had the full brain scan and we waited for the doctor to give us the result which came at 12pm. Luckily in the meantime he had improved dramatically and began to remember parts of the day. Even luckier he got the all clear from the scan, but they weren't sure what the cause was as he didn't show signs of a stroke. We left to be told he would be fine and that a hot bath might have triggered it. After 5 hours waiting at the hospital we were all very tired and I had a sandwich before bed as id not eaten since lunch, my dad being stubborn went to bed only to get up 3 hours later to go to work. Luckily he has been fine if very tired today. After doing some research I think he could have suffered from something called Transient Global Amnesia which reflects his age and suffering with occasional migraines, and how his recovery turned out. Deep down I really thought it could have been something a lot worse. Its unlikely, but I'd thought I'd share what happened yesterday with everyone just in case you have witnessed something similar with memory loss with friends or relatives.
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