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Found 3 results

  1. The music score when Jason is nearby an counselor is awesome in each model. (When I play as counselor) But why does the JGTH model have the same music as Part 3? Shouldn't Part 9 have an unique theme?
  2. I talked briefly on this before, but I want to know what everyone else thinks as well, because I think it would really help out the character integrity of Jason in general and the overall atmosphere variety for the player counselors. When things are calm, and there's no chase music, I think Map Music could change depending on the map being played, so we don't have to hear the same music over and over provided the map chosen... but what about Jason's music? What if Jason's (alert) music, while the counselors are being chased, changes depending on the Jason that is picked? So, in essence, Jason 2 would have his own chase music (themed to the movie he was in). Jason 6, and so on through the years as the synths and 'sounds' change, you would get that reflection in the game by having a variety of music. This not only helps provide variety to our ears, but also boosts the character integrity of the Jason being played. No longer is it the same chase music slamming your ears over and over, but now it would have a foundation around the Jason that is coming for you. Just to give a few examples of each Jason having their own sound. Jason (Part 2) & (Part 3) | (these two sound similar, but I still think they should both have their OWN sound musically to separate them in-game) (Part 3 should maybe keep the track that was in beta, while part 2 gets a whole new track) Jason (Part 6) | (timestamp 8:25 similar music like that) | Jason (Part 9) | Jason Goes to Hell (below) It's hard to place examples because in movies the sound track is broken up to flow with what's on screen, while in a video game when you are being chased, everything is typically 100% adrenaline at all times with maybe a few seconds of hiding here and there, and so Harry's music will have to flow with the game, which is the big challenge, but definitely can be done. I'd just love to see more musical variety with the TASTE from each film, while counselors are being chased.
  3. One thing I'd really love to talk about, and see some behind the scenes of personally, (me being a big audio artist, and editor), is how Harry Manfredini's work will be implemented into the game. We've all heard Harry's music in all the films, all fantastic! They create the perfect character in atmosphere for all of these films. and we've heard some of the tracks in the Virtual Cabin, but we all know there's going to be more than just THOSE tracks. There are item cues, FEAR cues, event stingers, chase sequence (could be more than one chase song so you don't just get bored of the same chase music over and over again), there's Jason's hunting music. In any event, music on Jason's side may sound completely different from what the music on the counselor side is hearing in that same moment. Will music change dynamically during cinematic moments? For example, Music kicks into gear when you catch sight of Jason, what was the music doing BEFORE that moment? How will the music interact and transition when the player enters a cabin in the middle of said chase? Will it dynamically transition into a moment of tension and decision making, rather than the full blown chase music? Will the music be like Dead by Daylight where it's used as an alarm for the survivor? Or will it be used more cinematic, and only chime in if it suits the scene? (giving Jason the stealth he needs to creep up on a counselor). There are so many questions I have about the audio of this game and how it will meld all these experiences together to create a believable atmosphere. We. Must. Know. Harry. We must know...
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