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Found 1 result

  1. So this idea mostly applies to second story windows but could work on any window that doesn't exit immediately to the ground. If you climb through a second story window, not jump that bypasses the prompt, you hang until you press action to drop or hold action to climb back in. You characters hands remain visible on the ledge, giving the Jason player a chance to walk up and preform a new environmental kill, he pulls you back up throwing you on to the floor and then head stomps you or pulls you up then simply grabs your hair and face smashes you on the window sill letting you body drop after. While this isn't a game changer, it will add a level of horror movie cliche that could lead to some really funny interactions. Imagine showing up at Packanack and seeing all the counselors hanging out different windows. Jason can prompt a counselor to fall by hitting them with a throwing knife, while on the ground below them. Should the strength of the counselors play a factor in doing the pull up? How will it show on sense are you still technically in the house/cabin? Just a couple of things to work out, I hope you all like this idea as I see real potential in it. Edit - I've moved a comment from another thread and posted it below, I'd like to talk about how to expand Jason's abilities, since the window topic doesn't seem to interest anyone.
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