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Found 20 results

  1. So I know that everyone is desperately trying to figure out Gun Media’s next game, I’ve personally just decided to sit back and see what happens. However, I couldn’t help but notice that when Malek Akkad (one of the people in charge of the Halloween franchise) was asked about future Halloween related content that could possibly link to possible video games he does say he is sure we will see something soon. Now, personally, when I read this I saw it as him possibly knowing something is in the works considering he says he is sure we will see something. I mean i’m not jumping to conclusions but it’s fun to speculate I guess.
  2. So I was watching one of Wes’ streams the other day and he was asked a question about securing rights and he mentioned that sometimes the rights holders can get greedy, ultimately ruining a deal. He went on to say this had happened to Gun after they laid out a plan for a game but ultimately the rights holders got greedy. So, I asked if this was before or after F13 and interestingly he said after. This leads me to believe that they may have already attempted to make Halloween but couldn’t secure a deal. Also, it would make sense since in January of 2019 Wes was tweeting Blumhouse, Ryan Turek and Jason Blum so perhaps at that point in time he had reached out but ultimately couldn’t secure the rights. I hope this isn’t the case though because it would be a real shame if Gun couldn’t get Halloween since they would do it real justice.
  3. Have a safe and fun Halloween, however you choose to celebrate it.
  4. A lot of people have strong preferences on movies and their remakes, more specifically the original Halloweens and the remakes. Between Halloween (1978) and Halloween (2007) which one do you prefer? And why? As Halloween is one of my favorite franchises ever, I definitely have an opinion on this. I prefer the original Halloween not because it was made before or anything like that, but because in the remake I feel that they show way too much. In the original they show one scene of Michael as a kid, and in that scene he doesn’t say one word. And that’s how it is the whole movie. It showed him right after he killed his sister and I feel like that was a perfect decision to build suspense. In Zombie’s remake they show too much of Michael’s childhood and I think that kind of takes away some of the scare factor. In the original movie he is shown with a lot of mystery to him and that’s what really makes him scary to a lot of people. I’m not hating on the remake or anything, the remake actually did a good job on the kills in the movie — it was much more gory than the original — but I will always like the original more than any remake. Besides this, I really like the current timeline of Halloween — how it ignores every movie after 1978. I’m glad they decided to bring back the Michael who kills on Halloween for no apparent reason. Though I do like Halloween II and other movies in the original franchise, I think it’s a lot more scary as a character for him to kill on every Halloween night for no apparent reason than kill on Halloween night to eliminate his family due to the curse he has.
  5. I'm going to be Jason From Friday the 13th part 6 for Halloween and so far I got everything but the dart from in the pouch, I don't need the knife part I'm looking to make just the stick and the little string that came off them since that is all that is seen and for the life of me i can figure out how to make them them. I also need help figuring out how to make the fence post that Jason had at the beginning(I was think about not making it as he got rid of it fast what do you think)
  6. With Halloween right around the corner what better way to show some Halloween spirit then to add some new content showing it! (Keep in mind this isn't fully completed and fully fleshed out) Reskins Part 2 Jason: Pumpkin Jason Instead of wearing a sack over his head he should wear a pumpkin on his head (If his "mask" is removed it won't drop a pumpkin but instead the regular sack so the devs don't waste too much time trying to work on the DLC and quickly release it). The pumpkin could have an iconic grinning face or something of that sorts and obviously the pumpkin only has one eye opening. His shirt could be orange and his overalls could be black. Chad: Superman themed skin I'm fairly certain many of you know or have heard the name "Super Chad" and what better way to implement something to acknowledge that. Chad's shirt is blue but has the iconic diamond in the middle of the shirt but instead of a "S" it has a "C". His sweater is red and also has the diamond with a "C" in the middle. His pants are blue and his shoes are red. Jenny: Freddy Krueger themed skin In some of Jenny's clothing she has striped shirts so why not have one that has red and green coloring to it to give a nod to another famous horror icon. She also has dark pants and brownish/black shoes. Adam: Tommy Doyle themed skin (Halloween) (The original) Adam can now wear Tommy Doyle's Halloween costume or at least a reskin of it. Adam's shirt is white and so are his jacket and pants. His jacket's left arm has the American flag on it just like how Tommy's costume had it. His shoes could be a different shade of black. Buggzy: Jock themed skin (Jeepers Creepers 2) Buggzy already wears clothing similar to what the jocks in Jeepers Creepers 2 wore so he should have an exact copy of what was in the movie even the logo on the jacket. His pants could be different shades of blue or maybe torn at the knees and his shoes could be a darker variation of white. Kenny: WIP Deborah: WIP Tiffany: WIP Vanessa: WIP Lachappa: WIP AJ: WIP Reskinned Maps The 3 original maps can be remade but are now filled with Halloween spirit. It is now Autumn in every map so leaves and grass are now orange or brown. Houses or cabins have pumpkins on the outside and some cabins have spider webs in the inside or outside. There could also be spider decorations on top of cabins or skeletons in closets. But so people don't complain of more variations of the same map maybe make it so cars, boat, and phone box spawn in completely different locations that aren't present in the original maps so there is at a difference when you play the maps. If you have any suggestions on what I should add then feel free to let me know as it would greatly help!
  7. -multiple threads have been made on this- How would a Halloween game work?
  8. I’ve seen a lot of suggestions for this in other threads but it doesn’t have its own thread so I thought I would make one. Once this game is up and running smoothly, Gun Media could slowly start to develop a Halloween game while still adding content to Friday the 13th. I think a Halloween game would be amazing and a dream come true for me. For maps there could be sooooo many possible maps: a huge Haddonfield neighbourhood ( with Doyle house and Wallace house as well as other residents houses ), Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, The tower farm, Myers House, Caruthers house, The school etc etc. There could also be original survivors made by devs and movie survivors and also movie victims ( I would love to see Tina from part 5 ) also you would obviously have to add Laurie Strode and maybe Jamie Lloyd, Tommy Doyle, John Tate etc. I would love this game to be made even if it was similar to F13game as Halloween is my all time fave. What do you guys think?
  9. I am interested to see where does the community stand right now in regard to the clothing DLCs. As you've probably seen around; I am a fan of customization and have purchased every single DLC that has been released just to have more options, but as time goes by, I begin to grow more and more concearned about the DLCs and the effect they have on the game, particularly after the Halloween DLC (Yes, I'm looking at you, Bunny Deb.) So, what is your opinion? And keep in mind you can vote for multiple options!
  10. Hey everyone. The last two Friday The 13th comics I checked out were fun but not amazing. THIS on the other hand is amazing. Check it out and recommend the next comic featuring a 80s horror icon I should check out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eikFgcCiOqg&feature=youtu.be
  11. With Halloween just around the corner, I'm curious to hear what games people enjoy playing around the holiday! Mine is a favorite in general and I make sure to play it and its sequel every year! It's called MediEvil. It's a PS1 action adventure hack n' slash game and a great horror game for all ages. MediEvil 1 and 2 instantly put me in a good mood for the holiday! Here's some gameplay if you'd like to check it out:
  12. I don't think anyone knows the release date but I hope they release it before Halloween. Here's why. As many know, the Spring Break 1984 pack took a week for EU to get it. And this new emote pack took a day or two for me to get it after it was released. So of you guys release the costumes ON Halloween, I don't think everyone will get it on Halloween, thus creating complaints.
  13. When will be available this Halloween costume pack in EU PS Store? There is available only two add-ons on the PS Store https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-cz/games/friday-the-13th-the-game/cid=EP2165-CUSA06846_00-F13GAMEXXXXXXXXX?emcid=pa-st-111284 US PS Store released this costume pack yesterday: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/games/addons/costume-party-counselor-clothing-pack/cid=UP2165-CUSA07878_00-F13GAMECLTHING02 Thanks.
  14. Hey guys halloween is in 10 days , do you think we'll get stuff or an udapte or just nothing but later next month i really hope for something i'd like your thought
  15. Halloween is quickly approaching and it looks like we may be getting a clothing pack. What costumes would you guys love to see in the game? Go wild, this isn’t a suggestion thread, just fun brainstorming. I’d love to see a cute cat Deborah or a bunny Tiffany.
  16. http://halloweenmovies.com/jamie-lee-curtis-returns-to-halloween/ I fully expect they will retcon everything after Halloween II (1981) out of the story. This, for all intents and purposes, is the third and final film in a proper John Carpenter trilogy, as he is attached as executive producer and creative consultant.
  17. They are making a new Halloween movie. This would be good news if not for the fact they plan on making Michael less "michael" and more weak and "realistic" This new Michael will be somewhat like the rob zombie michael and he will be grunting and screaming in pain etc. Not a shape anymore, just your typical normal boring killer. ?
  18. With Friday the 13th coming in October. Should the devs make some Halloween costumes for the counselors?
  19. Sneaking around the Myers house, Smith's Grove, or Haddonfields Memorial hospital would be terrifying. Especially when you don't know if Myers is around the corner, or maybe you'll hear him walking in the distance... Seems like a much more fitting game style for Michael Myers. And of course, players could play as Myers too. This would be a story driven game, however.
  20. so uh, i just Wanted to Introduce myself to the Friday 13th Community. (I'm sorry in advance, i always had a problem to determine when i use large or lower case letters) i don't even know how to begin, I'm 20 years old, i'm From Germany, and i can't really call myself a horror fan since i suffer from Nyctophobia (Fear of darkness) and i'm a bit ashamed to admit I've never even saw one of the Friday movies, that doesn't stop me from Liking the franchise and buying the game, i went as Jason last Halloween, and boy i got quite the story to tell. am i One of the Backers? sadly no, i'd wish i was however, i neither have a credit card or a Paypal account, so i can't pay, if i could however, i would, that's for sure. in the meantime, i get myself in the Jason mood by dressing my videogame characters up to look like Jason. now to my Halloween story, not that fancy, i dressed up as Jason, a simple white Hockey-mask, a plastic machete, dark shoes, pants, and shirt, and a pale-brown leather jacket. and off i went to the streets of my village, and walked straight to my local park, Which can be quite spooky at night, after i was (ironically enough) at the Parks Lake, i came across a group of teenagers, some walked a lot faster after they saw me, other said some crap like "Yeah, i also have a knife" i didn't care and walked straight at them, and Boy did they run and scream. i followed them a little bit before i walked straight into the woods when nobody looked, i bet they asked themselves where i went, some time later i wanted to go home, i came across another group of teenagers and they turned around the moment they saw and walked over the nearest bridge, the thing was, i also wanted to take that bridge, so i followed them too. when they saw me walking across it someone yelled "He's Coming!" and i believe they entered the next Bus they could catch to get away from me. (just in case, that bridge connected to a local bus station, so there were more than enough buses to take) once i was almost home, i came across a group of little kids going trick or treating, when, yet again, they saw me, one of the kids yelled "It's a Bad man!" and they all Ran away, one even lost her Phone. i was walking down the (from my perspective) left sidewalk, they all tried to sneak past me the right sidewalk, i slowly turned my head to their direction, and they Ran again. Guess i managed to Proof that Jason is Still Scary. and i didn't even need to scream or Jumpscare people, i simply kept quiet and walked up to people my holding my machete menacingly.
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