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Found 6 results

  1. Well, I suppose it's about time! We've been discussing this forevermore, we might as well make it an official petition. Before the game was released, I just couldn't wait to see Jenny; her trope and her concept art intrigued me the most of all the other counselors. She was the girl next door, she looked sweet and adorable. Then, her ingame rendition left me completely dissapointed. Differences: 1. The bulkiness. Why are her arms bigger and more muscular than any other female? She's got 1 point in strength. Meanwhile, Vanessa is a noodle. Complexions should be switched there. 2. The hair. The hair has been the object of endless jokes and criticism. 3. Her voice and lines. So much for the sweet final girl; of all the women, she's the one cursing like a sailor. This I've gotten used to, however, since her voice is so different from the rest of the females I've learned to love it. I've made my peace with it. My best attempt at recreating how she should look: Discuss, and vote!
  2. Hair styles would be a nice addition to the game and maybe even accessories. It could even be something you can only do on certain costumes. Like having Deborah with no glasses on and her hair in a bun for her bunny outfit or having Vanessa’s hair down in her Spring Break outfit. Just a bit of extra customisation would be nice, especially for outfits when they have 3 variations to choose from.
  3. Should they offer an option to change hair styles, and to have different skin tones such as tan, tan with tan lines, dark pale, black, bronze, and should we get thong bikini's for the ladies.
  4. So I was wondering if all the counselors would have like a hair update and have a bunch of different hairstyles. Like a braid for Deborah, or like longer hair for Tiffany. I think it would be a nice addition to the game and I was wondering if you guys were doing that, and if you're not please do!
  5. I have the game on Xbox one, and i have noticed a couple things I would like addressed or at least made public on these here forums. Lets start. Dynamic hair is missing. I don't know if this will come in a patch (i hope). Flames and fire eyes are missing from Savini Jason. His eyes kinda look ridiculous without fire spewing from them. Looks like someone slapped a JPG of lava eyes on there. Also, the shoulder and body fire that should come with him is missing as well. Missing Dynamic music for Saivni Jason. Again i hope this comes with the patch, but currently it plays part 3 music when Savini is in game. Some stuff i've noticed while playing yesterday. @GunMedia_Ben I know you guys are busy, but any word on this in particular?
  6. You did a great improvement on hair and character movement, thank you very much. See you in multiplayer.
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