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Found 4 results

  1. Guys , can you have medium bloody Skins on PC? Because I know one asshole , who has a bloody Savini Skin , on PC and is like Level 30 or lower and only 50 Hours of playtime. He is a total fucking asshole and I Need a convincing Point to prove my Friends that he is a hacker. He even called me a treacherous bastard because I wanted to Play a short round as Jason in quick Play without him…. I only know @JPops has a physical copy on PC.
  2. I've reported the player on Steam already for using infinite 'pocket knives', however I want to provide video evidence to make sure. Steam profile of the hacker: https://steamcommunity.com/id/cigaretteplay video evidence: https://youtu.be/UnzYdySf_Bo
  3. I'll start off by saying that I wasn't sure where to post this and I know this is something that's bound to happen anyways but just know that there's a few out there who already have managed to hack into it. Here's the screenshots from my Steam. It's just a heads up before it actually comes out. (By the way, the guy did admit that he hacked it.) [Content removed by moderator] He used a Part 5 kill on me, a Part 4(?) kill on someone else, Part 8 on a third person and then a Savini kill on a fourth person.
  4. Hi, im Zaicko (Wolf Overback on Steam), i want to ask for some advice of this situation. Today (12/15/17, friday) a Guy who im going to call "SCAM" is accusing me of hacking and reporting me to Gun Media. ¿Why this guy is doing this? Im going to tell you right now. The match was going to finish and i was near this guy and Tommy Jarvis, i was going to leave, so, for being "generous" i leaved my stuff: 2 Pocket Knifes and 1 Spray with 2 Charges. After that, Tommy grabbed one of the Pockets and he leaved is Spray. So, SAM was thinking i dropped 2 Pockets and 2 Sprays. He called me for that and i say what i did, then, he was like "na its not truth, you dropped 2 pockets and 2 sprays", i tried to tell him in my Steam Account, but he still insist that im going to be reported and banned. ¿What i can do? My Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Wolf_Overback/ PS: Unfortunately, i dont have any screenshots or a video to show this, but, please, trust me, im telling the truth. PS2: Sorry for the bad english, english is not my first language.
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