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Found 6 results

  1. So, there's a new community manager from Gun. Anyone have any idea when he starts? Anyone want to ask him on Twitter? Also wondering if the plan is to continue neglecting the forum?
  2. an Idea about other things besides knives like Jason's harpoon gun.. basically it would have a shot fire.. and you'd have to find other harpoons on the map but can only carry one at a time. Other Ideas, are arrows and such, as he used these things in part 3, part 8, and etc.
  3. The stun Time for Jason has been dramatically lessened. It is causing Jason to be nigh unstoppable. Which is cool, but come on. Fix the damned stun times.
  4. I'm bothered by the narrative of the panel Gun had at PAX West. Isn't a Kickstarter successful once you've fulfilled all of your promised rewards? I'm bothered that Gun considers it a success since the game was funded and has been financially successful. No one has a physical copy, soundtrack, single player... some people still haven't had their name included in the credits. Hey @PowellCampsNAKED, have they started those virtual team member Skype sessions yet? There's likely other stuff too. The game is successful. The Kickstarter was successfully backed but the Kickstarter is not a complete success yet because they haven't delivered on everything promised. Yea, they intend to deliver but as yet haven't. They're jumping the gun- pun intended. This feels to me like "People gave us money and we made even more money!". What about all those promises? Now that they made their money do they even care or intend to fulfill them?
  5. Will there ever be a patch where the counselors will able to carry two weapons?
  6. Hey, I just want to let the DEVs know that you can fire Tommy Jarvis' gun in the intro scene of himself so you will spawn without a weapon. Greetings
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