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Found 19 results

  1. A lot of unknown facts and misinformation often gets thrown around about Friday the 13th: The Game, mainly due to a lack of/inaccurate in-game information and/or outdated publications. As such, this is a topic where everyone can obtain clarification on any speculations they have, share their knowledge on things the game does not correctly divulge and grant the opportunity for members to help each other out by confirming whether or not what they believe is actually fact or fiction. Below is a list of truths and myths that I will continuously update based on feedback. Any contributions that are not unequivocally certain or not backed up with sufficient proof will be listed as unsubstantiated. Contributions can, however, be validated if the overall consensus affirms the category they have been assigned to. Also, suggestions made within this thread are not to be influenced by or related to glitches or exploits.
  2. Last updated: 27th February 2018 Hi everyone. I've seen a lot of people making posts about how Jason should be nerfed, or that they're having difficulty surviving the night. As a beta player and avid F13 game fan, I've been collating all of my knowledge of the game from beta experience and general know how obtained by following dev posts to bring you a post with some helpful advice. These are the best tips I've got, and out of about 10 games I'd say I escape about 6-7. Note: For the in-game 'how to play' guide, please see @bobmussini's post on page 6 of this thread. Table of contents Part 1 - Counselors Part 1.1 - Counselor selection Part 1.2 - Counselor tips Part 1.3 - Counselor stats Part 1.3.1 - Complete counselor perk list Part 1.4 - Weapon stats Part 1.5 - Maps Part 1.6 - Items and their uses Part 1.7 - Knowing when Jason is near you Part 1.8 - Special controls and how to use melee mode Part 1.9 - Win conditions, how to fix objectives, and which ones you should go for Part 1.9.1 - Counselor controls (Xbox One) Part 1.9.2 - Vehicle controls (Xbox One) Part 2 - Jason Part 2.1 - Picking your Jason Part 2.2 - Jason Tips Part 2.3 - Jason variants Part 2.4 - Jason abilities Part 2.5 - Jason controls (Xbox One) To skip to any of these sections, press CTRL + F and type in which part you want to see. E.g.: type 1.4 and hit return a couple of times to find section 1.4 further down the list. Part 1 - Counselors Part 1.1 - Counselor selection One of the most important things to remember when trying to survive as a counselor is you have to play to your character's strengths. Example: Trying to fight as a girl generally doesn't go well as none of them possess high strength or luck (except Fox with 7 strength). Trying to stealth as a guy is generally a lot less effective than playing one of the stealthy girls. Pick your play style at the start of the game and roll with it. If you go for a character like A.J., then use her stealth and composure to your advantage. If you play Adam, use your 8 strength and 6 intelligence to defend yourself and repair things. If Buggsy, get a good weapon and try to keep other counselors alive whilst you find stuff. Here is a short list of each counselor and what they're best for: Jenny Myers - Jenny's composure is very high, meaning that Jason has a difficult time keeping hold of her in grabs and also finding her with sense. Her luck is also quite good, so her weapons break less and she gets minor increases to little things. Her stealth isn't bad, but the main reason you will get killed as Jenny is because of your noise. Use her composure to your advantage. She gets scared a lot less and is a lot harder to find on sense unless she's terrified. Keep to lit areas and use your flashlight to keep your fear level low and Jason will have a hard time finding you. Her high luck will usually cause Jason to get stunned as well so don't be afraid to fight back if you need to. Chad Kensington - Chad has very high luck and speed, meaning that he's actually quite lucky with stuns and gets minor boosts to everything else. I recommend looking into the luck stat to see how it affects the counselor. Chad's stealth isn't bad, but his composure is terrible. He is very easy to detect with sense when scared, but his high speed and mid-level stamina give him a decent chance of outrunning Jason. His stamina doesn't last long, but he can get a short burst of high speed. When playing as Chad, make sure you're good at dodging Jason's attacks because once Jason gets a hold of him, he has an extremely difficult time escaping. Chad's high luck makes him a good counselor to annoy Jason with as he has a high chance of stunning with most weapons that have a decent stun stat. Even a wrench is a decent weapon in Chad's hands. Vanessa Jones - Everyone's favorite beta character. Vanessa has the best speed and stamina out of all of the counselors, but her composure, intelligence and strength aren't good. Vanessa makes an excellent distraction due to her easily noticed noise pings, which Jason can see even without sense. Use Vanessa to distract Jason or for finding important items. Don't try to actually fix anything though, Vanessa is only slightly smarter than a box of rocks and every time you fail a repair, a noise is heard by Jason. He'll come for you, so give your items to a smarter player to use. Kenny Riedell - Kenny has 5/5 on every stat, making him a balanced character with no particular strengths. He can be used for pretty much anything, but he doesn't have any particularly strong stats and consequently isn't excellent at any one task. A.J. Mason - A.J. is a very stealthy character. She has high composure, maximum stealth and pretty good intelligence too. A.J. is an excellent choice for solo players, as she benefits from being alone. A.J. is good at fixing things and remaining hidden most of the match, so make sure she's not scared and she is often one of the last ones to be found. She's terrible at fighting Jason though, and with 1/10 luck she won't get any lucky free stuns on him and she will take the maximum amount of damage from any source. Deborah Kim - Deborah is another stealthy character, like A.J. She has 10/10 intelligence and is the best person to fix objectives without alerting Jason. Her composure is a decent 5, so she's not too easy or hard to find with sense. Her speed and stamina aren't very good so she's not good at running from Jason. She does however have 9 stealth so jogging and keeping her fear low will make her hard to find. She also has 1/10 strength, so don't even try attacking Jason unless it's a last resort. Adam Palomino - Adam is kind of the Yin to A.J's Yang. He isn't as stealthy as A.J. is, but he has 8/10 strength instead. His composure is also 7/10 like A.J's is, so he can be difficult to detect with sense when he's not scared. His intelligence is 6 so he's not bad at fixing things, but again best left to a smarter counselor if they're nearby. His speed and stamina are average, so Adam is pretty decent at repairing things and is better for fighting than hiding, although he can hide effectively too. Brandon 'Buggzy' Wilson - Brandon has the highest strength of any counselor in the game, and is the most effective counselor to use when fighting Jason. He deals a lot of damage to Jason with melee attacks and possesses high speed and stamina. His stealth and intelligence are terrible though, and he has average composure. Brandon is the best character to use as a protector, and he can also be used to run around finding items for other people to use to repair. He isn't as fast as Vanessa, but he can fight a lot better. Use him if you want to get Jason's mask off. Eric "J.R." LaChappa - Eric is similar to Deborah in stats. He has 10/10 intelligence and fairly high stealth too. However, he has rubbish stamina and speed and is no good for running. His composure is slightly under-average, but he has higher strength than Deborah. Eric plays a very similar role to Deborah, as he's good for repairs and stealth. He's easy to catch and kill though, so be tactical when playing him and keep his fear low. Tiffany Cox - Tiffany makes for an excellent stealth gatherer. She has high stealth, fairly good speed and high stamina. However, she has terrible intelligence (1/10) and low composure, meaning she freaks out easily and is easy to detect with sense. She can run fairly fast for a long time and makes few sound pings when running. When playing Tiffany, use her to find items, but don't use her to fight or repair. Mitch Floyd - Mitch has a nice mix of stats that make him a good solo player. He has high repair, high composure and moderate stealth. His speed and stamina are average like most of the other repair characters, except one main difference between Mitch and the others is that his composure is very high; he can be quite difficult to detect as he's quite a tough one to scare. Due to Mitch's low luck and strength, he's not good for fighting Jason but he can escape his grasp quite well. He's a good choice for a player who's playing alone. Fox - Fox is very much like Adam Palomino in terms of stats. She has 1 extra point in luck, stamina and stealth but has 1 point less in composure, speed and strength. If you wanted a female character who's very much like Adam Palomino for stats, then she is the best choice. She's pretty good at repairs and has the highest strength of all the female counselors. She can also use the sweater, so she's quite a good choice for trying to kill Jason. Sheldon 'Shelly' Finkelstein - Shelly plays quite similar to Adam Palomino too, as he has similar stats. He has slightly less on several stats than Adam does, but has 8 stealth. He's average at repairs and average for combating Jason due to his slightly sub-par speed/stamina and over average strength. Tommy Jarvis - Whilst not technically a counselor, Tommy is still a playable character. He has 10/10 on every stat and is the best character for everything. Tommy's role is dependent on how the player wants to play him. He makes a great distraction, gatherer, fighter or repairman. He's a key character when defeating Jason, and if he dies in play then Jason cannot be defeated. He can be called using a CB radio located in a cabin with a radio tower and red light on top, and one player who's escaped or died will return as him. Part 1.2 - Counselor tips There are a few important things to bear in mind when playing counselors, and I'd say your number 1 enemy is fear. The more scared your character is, the easier it is for Jason to find you. Here are some tips and an explanation of stealth, noise and fear: Jason's sense detects fear. He can see sound pings without using sense. If you want to hide from Jason more effectively, manage your fear and avoid sprinting. Your character has several different states of fear. Not scared: Your character doesn't look around nervously, and has no expressions on their face. Hardest to find when using sense and highest stamina recovery rate. Nervous: Your character looks around, but has not got a scared expression on their face. You won't be detected from a long way away, but you will show up easily on sense if Jason is close enough. Lower stamina regeneration rate. Frightened: Your character hunches over slightly and looks around nervously. They have a scared expression on their face. Easy to find with sense and a low stamina regeneration rate. Terrified: Your character shows all of the characteristics of being frightened, but your HUD fades away due to your fear. Easy to find with sense, pretty much anywhere you go he'll be able to find you. Fear can be managed by doing certain actions. Being in lit areas, staying on lit paths rather than venturing into the woods, being inside, being around other players, arming yourself, having high health, hiding (unless Jason is in the room with you) and completing objectives will all lower fear. Seeing bodies, being alone in the dark and looking at Jason are the quickest ways to raise fear. Fear will also rise from having low health/being attacked, being alone for too long and being outside in the dark for too long. Manage your fear levels effectively to survive a lot longer! Fear will affect your stamina regeneration rate. If you find that your stamina is regenerating a lot slower, lower your fear a bit before continuing on and you'll be able to regenerate it fast again. Your flashlight will slightly increase your stamina regeneration rate when it's activated, as well as lower your fear quicker. Crouching will make your stamina regenerate slower than if you were standing. Manage your items effectively. I always keep 1 first aid spray and a knife on me, with space for an objective item or a spare third slot. Try to be inside for as long as possible if you haven't got a knife, because being caught out in the open with nowhere to run is an easy way to die. Don't attempt to fight Jason unless you have a decent strategy. Using melee mode is effective, but get used to it before attempting to fight properly. Each time you fail any repair or objective, an audio clip is played for the Jason player. For the phonebox, it's a 'beep beep' sound. For gas, it's a splash sound. For batteries and generators, it makes the sound of two live electrical cables connecting to each other (BZZT sound). If you're not a smart character, then pick a good time to attempt a repair or Jason will be on you. Be wary of traps around objectives, and be wary of traps you place! I've seen dozens of players die from their own traps because they forgot about them. Jason's traps are covered with leaves, so be careful around objectives. You can also disarm a trap by crouching near it and using a pocket knife. The knife will be gone afterwards, but it will not alert Jason that the trap has been disarmed. He won't receive an audio cue. Barricade doors, and loot as quickly as possible. Set traps up behind doors too, as the cabin you're in may need to be revisited if Jason starts chasing you. TALK TO PEOPLE USING YOUR HEADSET. Get a walkie-talkie in-game so other walkie users can hear you, but talk to people! It makes a huge difference. It doesn't matter if you're a quiet person, or you hate the sound of your own voice. I don't talk a lot and I hate hearing my own voice, but in F13 if you don't talk to people, you're not playing as effectively as you could be. AVOID SHIFT! Watch your mini-map. Jason will pop up on it from time to time when people mark him with flares or you see him. You can also tell when he uses shift as the little red icon on the mini-map will persist long enough for you to see he's shifting in a given direction. If he shifts, find an object to put between you and him like a rock, tree, car or cabin. Make him bump into stuff whilst he shifts. You can also put down firecrackers as soon as he shifts for a momentary safe place (unless he throws knives at you). Pick perks that compliment your character's stats. They can make you even stronger in those areas, or can make up for short-comings. Sell back useless perks in the perk menu to roll for better ones. Try to get out quickly. Once Jason gets rage about 10 minutes in, things get a lot harder. Barricading cabins will become pointless because when Jason gets rage, he simply presses the interact button on a door or breakable wall and ploughs straight through it. All of his abilities cool down faster as well. After escaping, any items you had on you will wash up on the shore for other players to get! They appear anywhere where the water meets the land and could be strewn out across the map. Part 1.3 - Counselor stats Composure - Composure reduces the rate at which your counselor gains fear and also makes it harder for Jason to keep hold of you in grabs. Luck - Luck has many different minor bonuses. Here are the currently known ones. Increases weapon durability and gives minor increases to many other stats. Also increases chance to stun Jason. Decreases the amount of Stamina consumed when performing a dodge while in Combat Stance. Slightly increases the amount of Stamina you receive after landing an attack on Jason. Slightly increases the amount of Stamina you receive after breaking free from Jason's grab. Slightly reduces the amount of stamina you lose when blocking one of Jason's attacks. Slightly reduces the amount that you stumble when fear is high Slightly reduces the amount of noise you make. More swings before weapon breaks. (weapon durability) Chance to not take damage while climbing out broken window. Intelligence (now renamed to 'repair') - Increases the speed at which you repair, and also decreases amount of skill checks required to complete a repair. Speed - Self explanatory; counselors with higher speed move faster. Stamina - Increases the amount of stamina your character has available. Actions like attacking, sprinting and running decrease stamina. Stealth - Decreases the amount of noise your character makes. Strength - Increases your damage to Jason and increases your chances of stunning him by depleting his HP. Jenny Myers Chad Kensington Vanessa Jones Kenny Riedell A.J. Mason Deborah Kim Adam Palomino Brandon 'Buggzy' Wilson Eric "J.R." LaChappa Tiffany Cox Mitch Floyd Fox Shelly Part 1.3.1 - Complete counselor perk list Credit to @Brigadius for providing me with this list, and credit to the original author 'Hype_Man' on Reddit for compiling this list. PERK DESCRIPTION + - Adrenaline Rush Increase Stamina Boost Received after breaking free from Jason's grab. Stamina Boost Increase Stamina Regen Decrease Aquanaut Swimming speed increased and less stamina consumed while swimming. Swim Speed Increase Sprint Speed Decreased Controlled Breathing Fear decreases faster while inside a hiding spot. Fear Decreases While Hiding Overall Stamina Decreased Easy Listening Being within proximity of a radio playing music boosts stamina recharge rate. Stamina Recharge Rate Increased Noise Generating Penalty Escape Artist Break free from Jason's grab easier. Grab Breaking Speed Increased Breaking Free Stamina Boost Decreased Evasion Increased dodge speed while in combat stance. Dodge Speed Increased More Damage Taken Firecracker Start with a firecracker and increase their stun radius. Stun Radius Increase Noise Generating Penalty Friendship Melee attack damage increased for each other counselor nearby. Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Grease Monkey Car Starting and restarting times decreased. Car Start Time Decreased Boat Starting Time Penalty Grinder Increase the amount of XP gained while equipped. Xp Increased Melee Damage Decreased Heavy Hitter Increase Melee Stun time on Jason with the Baseball Bat. Stun Time Increased Stamina Recharge Rate Decreased Heavy Mover Speeds up the amount of thime it takes to barricade doors. Faster Barricading Speed Noise Generating Penalty Heavy Sleeper While inside a sleeping bag, you have a chance to avoid Jason’s Sense ability each time he used it. Sense Avoidance Chance Increased Fear Rate Penalty Home Body Less chance of being detected by Jason's Sense ability while indoors. Sense Avoidance Chance Increased Overall Stamina Decreased Hypochondriac Start with Medical spray. Medical Spray healing increased. Medical Spray Healing Increased More Damage Taken Ice Cold You experience less Fear when seeing the dead body of a teammate Dead Body Fear Resistance Sprint Speed Decreased Lead Foot Increase the top speed of cars while you are in the driver's seat. Car Speed Increased Boat Speed Decreased Level Headed Chance to avoid detection completely during Jason's Sense ability. Sense Avoidance Chance Noise Generating Penalty Light Foot Generate less noise when sprinting. Noise Reduction Fear Rate Penalty Lone Wolf Reduces your fear while you are alone and separated from teammates. Fear Resistance Bonus Melee Attack Strength Decreased Low Profile Faster movement while crouched, and chance to avoid Jason's Sense ability. Sense Avoidance Chance Sprint Speed Decreased Man At Arms Increases weapon durability for all weapons, allowing you to attack more before they break. Weapon Durability Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Marathon Increases your total stamina, allowing you to sprint for longer durations. Overall Stamina Increased Stamina Regen Decreased Medic Get two uses from each medical spray. Also increases healing when using a medical spray. Medical Spray Healing Increased More Damage Taken Motorboating Increased boat speed when you are at the helm. Boat Speed Increased Car Speed Decreased My Dad's a Cop Cops arrive quicker if you are the one who calls them. Faster Police Arrival Speed Vehicle Speed Decreased Nerves of Steel Loss of mini-map with high Fear does not occur. Overall Fear is also reduced. Fear Resistance Bonus Sprint Speed Decreased Night owl Reduced fear penalties from darkness. Darkness Fear Resistance Bonus Noise Generating Penalty Potent Ranger Deal more damage when playing as Tommy Jarvis. Attack Damage Increased As Tommy Attack Damage Decreased As Other Counselors Preparedness Start with a large map. Also provides some resistance to fear effects. Fear Resistance Increased Overall Sprint Speed Decreased Psychic Start with a walkie talkie and increase the range of your voice. Voice Broadcasting Radius Noise Generating Penalty Pyro The Jason spotting effects of the Flare Gun last longer. Flare Gun Spotting Effect Increased Fear Resistance Penalty Quiet Swimmer Water noise reduced, and chances of being detected by Jason’s Sense ability while in water reduced. Sense Avoidance Chance Fear Resistance Penalty Restful Stamina recharge rate increased, allowing stamina to be recharged quicker while standing still or crouching. Stamina Recharge Rate Increased Overall Sprint Speed Decreased Scout Escape from Jason’s traps and counselor placed bear traps more easier. Trap Escape Bonus More Damage Taken Slugger Melee damage is increased and start the match with a baseball bat in hand. Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Sneaky Move faster while going through windows and getting in or out of hiding spots. Windows And Hiding Spot Speed Increased Damage Received Increased Spatial Awareness Your chance of stumbling while running is reduced. Stumble Avoidance Increased Noise Generating Penalty Speed Demon Increase vehicle speed when escaping alone. Increase Vehicle Speed Decrease Repair Speed Sucker Punch Increase chance of stunning Jason with melee attacks. Melee Stun Chance Increase Sprint Speed Decreased Swift Attacker Increase your Melee Attack speed with all weapons. Attack Speed Increased Attack Damage Decreased Teamwork Fear reduces quicker for every teammate who is nearby. Fear Reduction Bonus Per Teammate Attack Strength Decreased Thick Skinned Take less damage from all incoming attacks. Attack Damage Resistance Increased Stumble Chance Penalty Thrasher Increases melee attack damage while using an Axe. Axe Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Tinker Repair all items faster. This includes car, boat, phone box, and electrical box repairs. Repair Speed Increase Overall Stamina Decreased Part 1.4 - Weapon stats Part 1.5 - Maps One thing to bear in mind when playing the game is that the maps change every time. You won't often find an item in the same place twice. Various different things change around between maps, including cabin type and placement, objectives and their locations, items and Jason's shack. You can find a map in the game in drawers or at a map stand on a path. Maps you find in-game will always show the location of escape vehicles and counselors, and can also be used to find Jason's shack. Jason's shack appears in multiple locations, and you can narrow down it's location based on if there's a campfire at one of it's usual places. Campfires replace his shack when it's moved to a different part of the map. Below are the general layouts for each map: Higgins Haven Higgins Haven (small) Packanack Lodge Packanack Lodge (small) Crystal Lake Crystal Lake (small) Jarvis House Part 1.6 - Items and their uses When playing as counselors, you can find an assortment of different items in drawers to assist you with survival. Here are the items you can find and their uses: Walkie talkie - Can be used to talk to other people who have walkie talkies, regardless of where on the map they are. Without one, you will only be heard in proximity chat if you use voice chat. Pocket knife - The pocket knife can be used to stab Jason with when he gets hold of you, essentially preventing a free grab kill. Phone box fuse - Used to repair the phone box so the police can be called. Firecrackers - Firecrackers can be used as a loud noise distraction, and they can also stun Jason if he walks into their range whilst they're crackling. First aid spray - Can be used to heal your character. Car keys - After installing a battery and pouring gas into one of the cars, the car keys are required to actually start it. The car won't move without keys. Map - When you start the game, you don't spawn with a map unless you have a perk that lets you. Finding a map will allow you to view the world map and locate other counselors, locations and objectives. There are also map stands on each map where you can always obtain one, and they're usually in fixed positions near paths. Flare gun - Used as a weapon, the flare gun is a single shot utility item which can be used to stun Jason or mark him on your map. When firing the flare gun in his vicinity, he will appear on the map for all players to see. Shooting him with the flare gun will instantly stun him if you land a hit. Bear trap - Pretty self explanatory. You can use traps to temporarily get Jason off you. Press the fire button to place it, and hold the action button to arm/disarm it. Shotgun - The shotgun only has 1 shot, but will stun Jason for a long time. Only 1 or 2 shotguns appear each game; Tommy Jarvis also has one. Part 1.7 - Knowing when Jason is near you Jason can be on counselors in mere seconds thanks to his shift and morph abilities. Sometimes you'll never see him coming, other times you'll be able to spot certain cues that signal his presence in the vicinity. Visual cues - Whenever Jason uses his morph, stalk or shift abilities near you, a video effect will occur on your screen. This effect looks like an interruption to an old VHS video; it's easy to spot. This happens when Jason uses morph, and once for when he activates shift and once for when he deactivates it. It will also trigger when he uses stalk to trick the player into thinking he's left. When Jason uses shift, the camera will also zoom in closer to your character if you're outside (edit: not 100% sure if this is the case anymore). If you're having trouble dodging him, make sure to keep an eye out for the visual cues! Audio cues - This one can sometimes be a bit deceptive. Each Jason has their own chase music which will trigger when he's near you. This music will continue to play to signal Jason is near, and will eventually go quiet if you move far enough away from him or he uses stalk and you can't see him. Sometimes during gameplay, the music might intensify with a crescendo before going back to normal. It's important to know that it's Jason's chase music you should pay the most attention to. It will interrupt any other BGM (background music) currently playing. Part 1.8 - Special controls and how to use melee mode There are a few special controls to bear in mind when playing F13. Some of these may not be clear from the get-go, so I thought I'd quickly mention a few. Double tapping the action button in front of objects whilst not moving will usually make your counselor interact with them faster, sometimes at the expense of more noise. Sprinting at a window and pressing interact will allow you to quickly dive through it. You will take quite a substantial amount of damage if you dive through an unbroken, closed window, but you can dive through an open unbroken window and not get hurt. You can use melee mode for better control of your melee combat. On Xbox One, you click the right thumb stick in to activate it. Not sure of the PC or PS4 controls. It can be quite effective when used correctly. You can dodge left, right or backwards in melee mode. It drains some of your stamina, but if timed right it can be used to avoid swings and sometimes grabs. You can use it immediately after landing an attack on Jason too, allowing for a quick side or backstep. Using melee mode locks on to your nearest target - even counselors. It's very useful when trying to fight Jason as it makes your swings more accurate. You can block Jason's melee attacks. I've found that this is particularly effective against 'chopper' Jasons; the ones who like to swing their weapons and not do any grabs. You can also block knives at the expense of some of your health. Jason also has melee mode and can do everything the counselors can except dodge. Melee mode will not prevent Jason from grabbing you. He has to be closer to you for a grab so melee mode can keep him back a bit, but his weapons have longer range. Grabs cannot be blocked. Your only defense will be a pocket knife, another counselor or your button mashing skills. Holding the attack button whilst in combat mode will perform a heavy attack. Particularly useful with an axe! Part 1.9 - Win conditions, how to fix objectives, and which ones you should go for On each map, there are 5 possible win conditions each game. Some of these are harder than others and your survival depends on a few factors, including which objectives you plan to go for. Generally, you should prioritise your objectives based on what you find. If you find a phone fuse early in the game, then your #1 priority after finding a pocket knife should be finding the phone box. If you find a battery, then prioritise getting it into a car - or at least running it to the car so someone else can. I strongly suggest that you leave repairs to a character with a good repair stat. Each time you fail a skill check on ANY objective, a noise can be heard by Jason. To repair objectives, simply bring the correct part to the correct objective. Here is a list of objectives and my personal strategies: Win by car escape. There are two different cars that spawn in-game. One only has two seats (orange coloured one), and one has 4 seats (blue one). The cars both require the same 3 items to get them functional and those items are gasoline, a car battery and a set of car keys. Depending on how many cars spawn, that's how many sets of car keys there will be in the map. The maximum is 2 and the minimum is one; there will always be at least one car. Prioritise fixing a car if you and your team find at least 2 pieces of it. Win by boat escape. Sometimes, the boat will spawn in place of the two seater car. It never spawns in place of the four seater (unless you're on Pinehurst or Jarvis house, but I'm not sure this is intended). Unlike the cars, the boat requires less parts and no keys. To win with the boat, you require a propeller and gasoline. However, it can be quite easy for Jason to rock the boat as you try to escape. Even the ones that aren't fast in water can morph near enough and swim quick enough to intercept you. I've used Savini Jason to catch boats before, and his water speed is actually a weakness. If you're up against one of the ones who has water speed as a strength, they can actually move faster underwater than the boat can. Be careful! Prioritise fixing the boat if you find the propeller, and if you're up against a Jason who doesn't have water speed as a strength. Win by surviving the night. To survive the night, simply survive 20 minutes without dying. A timer will appear in the final 2 minutes and some intense music will begin to play, so there will be no chase music cues during this period if Jason comes near. Trying to survive the night should be a last resort. If there are no cars, hardly any counselors left alive and no means of imminent escape, then this is your best option. Hide well, because Jason is at his most powerful from the 10 minute mark onwards. Win by police escape. This one is one of the best options for escape. If you manage to find a phone fuse, you can install it in the phone box. The phone fuse box can be located on the OUTSIDE of cabins (and outside the barn on the Higgins Haven small map), usually attached to an outside wall somewhere. Repair it using the phone fuse, and the phone will always be located inside the cabin that the phone fuse box is attached to. After repairing the fuse box and calling the police (bear in mind it takes about 10 uninterrupted seconds to call the police), a timer will begin. After the time has elapsed, the police will arrive and you can then check your main map to identify where they are. The police arrive at one of the exits to the camp, and will always be at the end one of the main roads. If you find the phone fuse early, make fixing the fuse box and calling the police your highest priority. Everyone can escape with the police! Win by defeating Jason. Jason can never die, but he can be put down. There is a method in this game for doing it, but I'm trying to keep this a generally spoiler free guide. If you want to know how to defeat Jason, have a Google of it and see what you find. I wouldn't recommend attempting this method unless you manage to meet all of the prerequisite conditions; it's very difficult to pull off in a public game. If you're against a good Jason, this tactic will hardly ever work. Part 1.9.1 - Counselor controls (Xbox One) *Credit to @Zombie79 for providing control screenshots Part 1.9.2 - Vehicle controls (Xbox One) *Credit to @Zombie79 for providing control screenshots Part 2 - Jason Part 2.1 - Picking your Jason So, there's a bunch of different Jasons. As with the counselors, I'll write a brief explanation of what each Jason is good at. Part 2 Jason - Part 2 Jason has a lot of traps and an excellent morph ability. He plays best as a trapper. Place traps at key locations, and use his morph strength to quickly get to a trap when someone sets it. Control the objectives when using part 2! Part 2 can usually kill slower counselors easier with his jog, but his shift speed isn't very good so he's not too good for chases. Part 3 Jason - Part 3 Jason possesses the best strengths for fighting counselors in close combat. He has weapon strength, grip strength and he can run. He can kill counselors quickly with grabs and his weapon, but his sense isn't very good and he can be stunned easy. As part 3, place traps at a few key locations and use Part 3's speed and damage to pressure counselors to high fear levels. Part 4 Jason - Part 4 possesses strengths best suited for running counselors down. He suffers from only 3 traps and a slow shift, but he makes up for it with destruction and weapon damage. He's one of the few Jasons who is also capable of running too, so he can be very useful for pressuring counselors in the early game. When playing part 4, it's best to pop 1 trap per objective and then go hunting. Use his destruction, weapon strength and run speed to run counselors stamina down to nothing, then they're an easy kill. Part 5 Jason (aka Roy Burns) - Roy plays a little bit like part 6 Jason. He's got more knives and weaker defense, but he can run and has enhanced stalk. He's not ideal for full on assault like parts 4, 8 and Savini Jason are but his enhanced stalk and pacey movement speed is good for catching people off guard. Use stalk frequently to run up and grab people who are unaware. Part 6 Jason - Part 6 Jason possesses a lot of throwing knives, a fast shift speed/recharge and strong sense. He does suffer from less defense and morph speed though. As part 6 Jason, place traps at a few key locations and use knives to build high fear, which your sense can lock on to. Use shift for chases and morph for trap response. Part 7 Jason - Part 7 Jason can be quite difficult to hide from. He possesses stronger sense and usually doesn't have a lot of issues finding counselors. However, he can't run and has very few traps. Part 7 Jason is excellent for preventing boat escapes as he can catch the boat even whilst it's moving. As Part 7, use knives to build fear. Place your few traps at the most important objectives early in the match, and use your sense and grip strength to pressure and kill counselors. Part 8 Jason - Part 8 Jason possesses some excellent stats. He possesses water speed, destruction and stalk. He does however have weak grip strength and sense, so finding counselors can be hard. When playing as part 8 Jason, place traps early in the match at key locations, then use destruction to smash down cabin doors very fast. It only takes 3 hits for part 8 to break a barricaded door, so use him to pressure people and build fear. Use water speed to prevent boat escapes and stalk for sneaky kills. He can hide in houses very well if you can anticipate a counselor will enter the one you choose to hide in. Can also use stalk-shift for a very quiet, immediate shift attack. Part 9 Jason - Part 9 Jason also possesses some great stats. He has shift, stun resistance and stalk as his strengths, and his primary weakness is less traps. He has a HP weakness, but HP is not a measure of how much damage he can take before he dies. HP is the amount of punishment he takes before his mask comes off I believe. As part 9, place your few traps at the most important objectives early in the match, and use shift and stalk for chases and stealth kills. As part 9, you won't be able to effectively control all the objectives with traps, so be extra perceptive and check your map often to prevent escapes. He is hard to stun in combat as well, so you can use melee mode to battle counselors down to weak HP for a grab kill finish. Savini Jason - Exclusively designed for those of us who backed the game and purchased him, Savini Jason is (in my opinion) one of the best Jasons. He possesses excellent stats and his weaknesses aren't bad. He has shift, weapon strength and destruction as strengths, whilst having less water speed, weaker grip strength and the inability to run as weaknesses. As Savini Jason, use the early part of the match to trap important objectives. Use his fast shift speed and recharge coupled with weapon strength to stab counselors down to low HP. If you want grab or environmental kills, make sure the counselor is very damaged before attempting it, as counselors with high composure have no problem escaping his grip. Use destruction to pile on pressure and keep counselors running, it only takes 3 hits to break down a barricaded door. Part 2.2 - Jason tips As with the counselors, there are also a few important things to bear in mind when playing Jason. Here are some of the tips I've found to be most effective: Generating fear is the best way to find counselors. Early game, try and trap the most important objectives and then break some generators whilst your shift charges. After shift is ready for use, you can begin chasing counselors. Throwing knives can be found around the map. They're highlighted with a little circle icon in your field of vision. Use your throwing knives! It's also a good idea to get a good stock of about 5-6, as characters with high speed and stamina like Vanessa, Tiffany and Buggzy can be very hard to catch if you're a Jason who can't run. Hit them with knives until they can't run anymore. Your traps are the most effective way of controlling objectives. You can't be everywhere at once (unless you're part 2, who morphs very fast) so you need to rely on keeping counselors away from objectives. It's not about how fast you can kill them! There's 20 minutes to win a game and once Jason gets rage, he becomes incredibly difficult to deal with. Keep everyone in the map as long as you can, and kill them at a steady pace and you'll be able to get the full 7/7. Be wary of counselors playing as Tommy Jarvis and counselors who have Pamela's sweater. I won't post spoilers, but these two are an important part of defeating Jason. Jason gets more XP for killing counselors with environmental context kills. 2.3 - Jason variants Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (aka Roy Burns) Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Savini Jason *For more information on Jason stats, please see here. Part 2.4 - Jason abilities Most of these abilities are described in-game, but I'll list them here along with a couple of tips. Morph. This is the first ability Jason gets, and it allows him to teleport to anywhere on the map. Simply activate the ability, pick where you want to go and press the interact button. It's not pinpoint specific, so you might appear a little bit away from the exact area you wanted to go. Sense. This is the second ability Jason gets. At first, it will not have much use as sense is what Jason uses to detect fear. Counselors don't start the game scared. Raise counselor fear levels (see Jason tips section for how) to make sense more effective. Shift. This is the third ability Jason gets. It is essentially a chase teleport. Upon using it, Jason will continuously move forwards and can be steered left or right. Pressing grab, attack or the use ability button will cause the ability to stop. A popular tactic used with shift is the shift-grab or shift-stab. Simply get close whilst in shift and use grab/stab when you're right next to the counselor to pop out of shift and perform the action. Stalk. This is the fourth ability Jason gets. Activating stalk will deactivate Jason's chase music (unless counselors can actually see you), trigger a video interrupt effect for counselors and amplify any sounds made by counselors. This includes microphones, actions like opening doors/drawers, barricading, setting traps, character speech, hiding, footsteps and window interaction. Stalk can be very useful when combined with morph and shift, and one popular combination is the stalk-shift-grab/stab. Simply pop stalk, then shift then grab/stab. Counselors have a harder time dodging this one as there's little indication that Jason is coming. There are a bunch of creative ways to use stalk, including waiting inside a cabin a counselor is going to. The part 4 update also changed stalk so now your footsteps are silent too! Rage. Rage is the final ability Jason gets, and it will automatically activate about mid-way into the match. This ability is not triggered, and you can monitor it's progress by looking at the white mask icon on the top left of Jason's screen. When it's full, rage activates. Rage allows Jason to walk through doors and breakable walls, immediately smashing them. It also decreases the cooldown on all of his abilities. If you get rage, counselors are going to have a very tough time. Part 2.5 - Jason controls (Xbox One) *Credit to @Zombie79 for providing control screenshots So, hopefully this guide will help out some people who are having problems early on I'll add more if I can think of more, and if anyone has any corrections then be sure to let me know.
  3. Right out of the gate... SPOILER WARNING!!! I wanted to create a walkthrough, from beginning to end, for the new Virtual Cabin 2.0. This decision came through because, through streaming, I found people didn't know where to go or what to do, so I thought I would explain it. I hope this helps! You load into the Virtual Cabin 1.0 beta. In here you can look around at a large majority of the props and just explore. Your main goal is to solve the Word Guess Puzzles, on the back of all the news papers, and magazines. You can find 4 news papers and 2 magazines: Newspaper - Downstairs, next to the couch, on end stand Newspaper - Downstairs, on the kitchen counter Newspaper - Upstairs, on the end stand by the couch/TV Newspaper - Upstairs, in the "weapons room" on Tommy Jarvis desk Magazine - Downstairs, next to the computer Magazine - Downstairs, on the coffee table by the fire place. Word Guess Puzzle Solution: Word Guess: Week 1 "Furry friend with a purple bow" My Guess: MUFFIN Highlighted Letter: "M" Reasoning: Muffin is the dog from part 2 Word Guess: Week 2 "Cured meat and famous counselor" My Guess: BACON Highlighted Letter: "O" Reasoning: Kevin Bacon was in the first movie. Word Guess: Week 3 "Movies featuring T.J." My Guess: THREE Highlighted Letter: "T" Reasoning: Tommy Jarvis appears in 3 movies - parts 4, 5, & 6. Word Guess: Week 4 "Original Mask Owner" My Guess: SHELLY Highlighted Letter: "H" Reasoning: Sheldon “Shelly” Finkelstein had the hockey mask in part 3 before Jason killed him and took it. Word Guess: Week 5 "Most films in mask" My Guess: FIVE (Second Guess: Kane) Highlighted Letter: "E" Reasoning: He didn’t dawn the mask until part III, and Jason wasn’t officially in part V. So he had the mask for 3, 4, 6, 7, 8. We stop counting with Jason X and on. (Second Reasoning: Kane Hodder played Jason more times than any other actor. He spent the most time in the mask.) Word Guess: Week 6 "Doomed Ocean Liner My Guess: LAZARUS Highlighted Letter: "R" Reasoning: This is the ship that took out students of Lakeview High School, bound of New York, in Part VIII Final Word: MOTHER Put this into the computer by the door, in any code section, to unlock more features. After you put this in, you unlock Virtual Cabin 1.1, with update features and options. You now have access to the basement, the "Red Door Room", Collectibles, an inventory, crouching, and restored telephone functionality. With this newly gained power, we need to start collecting thing to unlock badges, to put into the frame, on the kitchen wall. First, I recommend looking around at the newly accessed rooms, and make sure you have your barrings. When you're done dicking around there are 4 badges, there for four puzzles. There is the Pedestal Puzzle, the Mask Puzzle, the Diorama Puzzle, and the Blue Phone Number Puzzle. Pedestal Puzzle Solution: The pedestals are numbered (to the 12 days of Christmas song) from 1 to 4. Each item is a prop from films 1 to 4. 1. Pedestal One - Green Pear: Red Bandanna Location of Item: Downstairs, last room on the right (Bathroom). On the back of the toilet. Location of pedestal: Downstairs, first room on the right (Red door room). To the left of the red door. 2. Two Blue Birds: Police Badge Location of Item: Downstairs, first room on the right (Red door room). On the table, to the right of the red door. Location of pedestal: Upstairs, last room on the left (Kids room) 3. Three Chicks: Blue Yo-yo Location of Item: Upstairs, last room on the left. (Kids room) Open the wardrobe, it in the box on the shelf. Location of pedestal: Upstairs, first room on the right (Weapons room). 4. Four Birds Chirping: Blue Hat Location of Item: Downstairs, on the hat rack (Living room). Next to the front door. Location of pedestal: Downstairs, very back room (Exit room). Behind the door. Just place the items on the pedestal and the badge should pop out of a drawer, on the last placed items, pedestal. Mask Puzzle Solution: You need to find a few masks: Downstairs, first door on the right (Red Door). Behind, and to the right of, the door is a few boxes and one is open. (Mask 1) Downstairs, to the right of where you spawn in (Living room). Inside the fireplace. (Mask 7) Upstairs, last door on the left (Kids Room). Crouch inside the tent and the mask is in a wooden box. (Mask 5) Put them in order from part 3 to part 9 (7 masks all together). After you have them all in order, remove the part 5. Order is as follows: ***Damage is explained as if you’re wearing the mask*** 1. Clean mask, with the red markings still intact. (part III) 2. Has a busted left side (top) and the blood still fresh on the mask. (Part IV) 3. Clean mask, with blue markings. (Part V) 4. Dirty mask with chop taken out of the left side (top). (Part VI) 5. Waterlogged mask with the red marking now brownish black. Chop taken out of left side (top), and a missing lower section on the left. (Part VII) 6. Slightly cleaner mask, with red markings, that make it look closer to the first mask. It’s more dingy, and has a small chop taken out of the top left. (Part VIII) 7. Most destroyed mask, with a chop taken out of the left (top), a missing lower section (left), and a chop taken out of the right opening the right eye. Make sure, after you place them all, you remove the 3rd mask in, the one with blue markings, to activate the drawer to the right. It will grant you the second badge, for the plaque in the kitchen. ***My theory here is, you remove this mask because in part 5, Jason wasn’t really the killer. The killer was Roy Burns, who was trying to get revenge for his son who was killed with an axe. Diorama puzzle Solution: This puzzle is by far the easiest. First, you’ll have to find the missing diorama figure. The Chris figure is in the bathroom (with Jenny), in a box next to the toilet. I recommend just going to the diorama's and picking up all the figures, so you can quickly place things. Also, these figures are place from left to right. Voorhees House diorama (Living Room) Jessica, Jason (without machete), Steven. Higgins Haven Barn Diorama (Red Door Room, Downstairs) Ali, Jason (with machete), Chris Blue Phone Number Puzzle Solution: Items with numbers (in order): 1. Script Location: Downstairs, first room on the right (Red door room). To the left of the red door, on the desk. The number is located on the bottom right of the script located closes to the edge of the desk Number: 1 2. Potato Sack Location: In the kitchen, in a cabinet, under the microwave Number 5 3. 3D Glasses Location: In a drawer, in the kitchen, right next to the garbage can. Number: 0005 (5) 4. Forest County Sign Location: Upstairs, on the wall, opposite the TV, behind a lamp Number: 4 5. Starlacon: A New Beginning Book Location: On the bookstand, next to the couch (Living room). Number: 3rd Edition (3) 6. Moonshine Location: Under the sink, in the kitchen Number: “Bottled March 7th” (7) 7. Matches Location: Drawer, in the kitchen, next to the cabinet with moonshine in it. Number: There are two matches. (2) 8. New York Picture Location: Upstairs, at the end of the hallway, on the right. Number: #009 (9) 9. Inferno Lake Book Location: Downstairs, on the bookshelf, to the left of the fireplace. Number: This one was the hardest. It pertained to the part 9 movie I chose Chapter 2. (2) This was as far as we got before someone in the F13 forum community cracked the code. The theory could be that you move the Moonshine number (7) to the end, because of the X on the bottle (referring to Jason X) and then double it. I’m not sure where the other 5 comes in or why 3 and 4 got swapped. I’ll try to update as more information comes out. Fantastic job to the hard working minds here on the f13 forums! <3 When it’s all put together you get: 1 (555) 342-9277 Each digit corresponds to a movie item in the cabin. I found the movie items and the unique number placed on each. The phone number is the movies in chronological order. (I hope to update as an actual solution is found) Once you get the phone number, I highly suggest before putting it in, testing out a few other numbers.. Numbers to call: You'll have to call most of these several times, to hear Jason at play 911 Crystal Lake Police Department: 1 (555) 555- 0618 SS Lazarus (Free Cruise): 1 (555) SEA-2NYC Pinehurst Diner: 1 (555) 689-2344 Unger Institute of Mental Health: 1 (555) 713-1979 Tapes: These don't really do anything, to my knowledge. I thought they could correspond to the final phone number to get the last badge but I couldn't prove it. I will update if we have further information. ***Update*** The time in the tapes, match an actual scene in the real films. In those films, you'll see Jimbo's hat, a cops badge, a yo-yo, and a bandanna, if you pause it at the corresponding time. Times posted below for those that are curious. 1. Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp (00:15:51) Location: Upstairs, first door on the right (Weapon Room). On the pedestal, next to Tommy Jarvis’s Desk. 2. A Long Night at Camp Blood: Part II (00:24:19) Location: Upstairs, on the coffee table, in front of the couch. 3. Star Mummy III: Dead Heir (00:34:44) Location: Downstairs, to the right of the fireplace (Living room). You have to open the drawer, to the desk with the vase on it. 4. Roy’s Revenge: Part IV The Return of Reckless Reggie (00:45:18) Location: Upstairs, under the TV, on the TV stand. Radio Locations: You can listen to all of these, at this point, except the last one, as it's out on the dock. More on that soon. Behind the couch (Living room). Sitting on the desk behind the couch. On the left (Red door room). Sitting on a chair, on the left, as you enter the room. Back room (Exit Room). On the desk, next to the exit door (the door that’s still locked). On the left, at the bottom of the stairs (Basement). On a desk, with a bloody newspaper, as you get down the stairs. (access after you get to the basement) On the dock (Outside). Sitting on a box, with a lantern. (access once you get outside) Finally, once you put in the number, from the puzzle - 1 (555) 342-9277 - (...and you're done playing around), you'll get a creepy message from Pamela, and then the final patch. Make you're way to the kitchen to insert the four badges into the plaque, across form the model of Deborah Kim. This will unlock a hidden door, and give you access to the basement. In here you can view all the Jason character models, in the game. But two of the display cases have sheets over them, you ask? Don't fret, we'll get to that. There should be a phone ringing, in the back left corner of the room. Once you're done gazing at the models and reading the information, Answer the phone. This will give you another creepy message form Pamela, and will bring you to the end of the first major section of the Virtual Cabin! "You still with me?" With the completion of the Virtual Cabin, you'll be returned to the main screen. Just click on Offline again, and head back in. This will load you into Virtual Cabin 1.3 - New Game Plus. You're welcome to explore but the key area you want to go is the basement. Upon going to the basement, nothing has changed. No sheets removed, nothing unlocked, nothing. After some community work, and several of us chatting about what to do, we ended up back at the Computer, by the front door. We figured out that if we changed the date, you can get some interesting results. I encourage you to change the dates, to see what happens for yourself, before inputting the date June 13th, 1979. That is the date of the first events of the first film. This will cause a phone to ring. The phone in the basement. Muster your courage, and make your way to the phone. Upon answering it, you get a creepy message from Pamela. You hear glass shatter behind you, and the light cutout. when you regain control, inspect the power box to the right of the phone. You'll discover an axe has been gingerly slammed through the connecting wires, cutting the power. JASON IS ALIVE, and on the move! You'll hear footsteps moving up the stairs, so follow them! (He will leave a collection of bodies behind him, so you can check them as you go, or save them for after you have access to the outside area.) Here you'll be playing follow the leader. As you head upstairs and progress back towards the front door, you see Jason walk by. It looks like he's going up stairs! Follow him upstairs, and say hello to Chad (He's a dick/dead). There should be some commotion downstairs, somehow, so go check it out. It should be coming from the room that housed Tiffany and Kenny's "snuggle" session. You'll find that Tiffany didn't quite make it, but where is Kenny? If you enter the room, and close the door, you'll find him pinned to the back of it. He also has a key around his neck. You should have also heard the front door being broken down, as Jason makes his exit. With the key in hand, follow the hulking monster. Crouch through the doorway, to freedom. Before going too far, let's use that key. As you exit, turn right and head to the shed up the path. Use the key on the padlock, and grab the shovel from inside. This item will help you get two of the three badges needed to escape Camp Crystal Lake. This is a good time to explore. Go check out all the new character models by the fire, by the tent, and down by the dock. also, you can check out the graveyard, and Jason's cabin. I recommend staying away from the woods - it's marked with a red warning sign - as you will die, if you stray. You should notice a glass case, housing a gas can, down by the beach/dock. You should also notice that there is another plaque with three badge slots. After you're done, regroup by the fire, right outside the cabin. There are 3 badges, therefor three puzzles. You have the Radio/Mother's Return Puzzle, the Resurrection Puzzle, and the Woods Puzzle. Radio/Mother's Return Puzzle (Outside): The radio holds the key to unlocking one of the three badges outside, if you know where to look. If you leave the cabin and go right, you’ll see a radio on top of a pile of dirt. You can manipulate the dial to access different radio stations. If you head down the path further, you’ll find a graveyard on the right, and see Jason’s cabin, up the path in the distance. Just past the graveyard, there is a light shining on a downed sign. The sign is pointing to the clue. There are ten rocks, offset, with a sick between the 8th and 9th rock (closer to the 8th rock). Translate this to the radio, and you’ll find there is a code being “beeped” out for you. Morse code: 5312 Use the code from the Radio Puzzle on the fridge lock. The fridge is located in front of the car, outside the cabin. Turn left, after exiting the cabin, and left again at the car to find the fridge. Up against the house. You’ll find Jason’s mom, Pamela’s, severed head in the fridge. Not a big deal! Put that shit in your pocket and make your way up the path to Jason’s cabin. It’s passed the woods and graveyard. Once you’re in, drop it on the table, and pick up that sweet badge! Graveyard Puzzle (Outside): This one is easy. Make your way into the graveyard, with the shovel in hand, and locate Jason's grave. Use the shovel to dig up Jason, then look to the right side of the grave (it was behind me, in my play), and you’ll find a piece of a fence. Open the casket and impale Jason with this to uncover the second badge! Woods Puzzle (Outside): This is a puzzle of precision. First off, you’ll need the shovel. With the shovel and head to the woods area, just up the path, on the left, before Jason’s cabin. When you enter, keep in mind to stay on track and be quick. When you enter, you should see a machete on the ground, with a healthy amount of blood. Naturally, we will follow the blood trail in the direction the machete is pointing. Next you should find a heart, with a few initials carved in it, in a tree. Follow the arrow, going through the heart, to the next spot. The arrow should lead you to an actual arrow stuck in a tree. Who shot this arrow? To find out, head in the direction the arrow came from. This will lead you to a trio of ducks. Where are they going? Lead the pack, and swiftly move in the direction they point. This will lead you to a pile of dirt at the base of a tree. Use that shovel to dig up the final badge for the outside area! Now that you have all the badges, you can head back to the dock! On the way, make sure to check out all the character models, as everyone has died and has updated information. Once you're done checking it all out, put the badges in the plaque. Grab the gas, fill up the boat, and enjoy your ride to "freedom". You should be met with a "Completed the Virtual Cabin, Again" screen, prompting you to return to the main menu. Click on Offline and head back into the Virtual Cabin. This will load you into the Virtual Cabin 1.6 - New Game Plus Plus. It also informs us that it's launching the VirtualCabinDebug.exe program. When you load in, I encourage you to look around. The basement has uncovered a new character model, Young Jason! When you're done exploring, head back out to the docks. Remember that radio sitting on that box out there? Give it another listen? The dev describes a situation with the games development that doesn't seem to go quite right. He adds that they access an override menu by using a code all gamers know. Everyone know that's the Konami code. It might take you a few times to input it properly, as you have to be quick and precise, but enter: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, circle (B), X (A) This will unlock the “debug interface”. Here you can check out the frames per second, reload the level, mess with map collision, and show map collision. Nothing else matters here other than swapping the Map Collision to “unknownError” and toggling Show Collision to “ON”. This will highlight every edge of all the basic structures and unlock a door. Make your way to The Red Door room. It's downstairs in the cabin, first door on the right. You should notice some weirdness going on with the door. Popping in and out of being textured. Head on in and you’ll find yourself in an untextured room. Once in, you’ll notice a lot of blood, and a table that holds a radio. Interact with the radio and listen. When the dialogue is done, turn around and grab the floating bugged badge. Then turn another 180 to find another floating icon. Walk into it, and experience the glitch of a lifetime. The game will bug out and start loading again. It’ll drop you into Virtual Cabin 1.7, warning you it’s an unstable build. It starts you upstairs. Just follow the badges through the house, and don’t worry about Chuck, until you get to the basement. Here you have to find three more camp patches. Good thing all the “prop” Jason models have had their glass cases broken around them and have their hand extended. Just walk up and snag the final three badges. One of the Jason’s will choke you out, but don’t worry; nothing in the cabin is real. When you regain control, you’ll see more badges. Follow them back upstairs to the “Coming Soon” door. A small scene should play out and you should be able to view an item on the floor, of where you spawn, and a computer, in a connecting room. Access a switch to open the final door and enjoy the show. After you get the final scene, you can load back into the Virtual Cabin 2.0, where you have the ability to check out the character model for the Uber Jason, and you can walk straight through the "Coming Soon" door. Feel free to explore, as you now have everything unlock, but i still recommend staying away from the woods... I hope this helped you experience everything that the Virtual Cabin 2.0 had to offer. I'm also going to drop my lets play here so you can see this, step by step, yourself. the_real_Nightswarm on Twitch If you like this and want to keep up with me on the daily you can check me out on twitch.tvthe_real_Nightswarm! Don't forget to hit that follow button! Also, check out our news page (facebook.com/mammothgamesinc), follow us on Twitter (@mammothgamesinc), and check out our podcast (on iTunes, Google Play and podbean.com. Just search up Mammoth Games Inc.)! Until next time!
  4. Hey everyone! I recently posted over on reddit about an application I had been working on for the game. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fridaythe13ththegame.guide I have just updated the app to include a perks section (which should be live soon - old version still available). I would love if some people checked it out and let me know what they thought! I know some people may not like the app but I thought it could be good to help you learn locations, sort perks and weapons. I've only started software development and only started with the game too so hopefully people like it! If you do please rate it too! Thanks!
  5. (This is meant for newer players) If you love to run and fight, Brandon would be the perfect match for you. Brandon Wilson gets unlocked at level 8 which is pretty early to get him. Think as him as a stronger Vanessa, you can bolt out or rush in for the rescue as his main role is being a bodyguard. Stats: Composure: 4 Luck: 2 Repair: 1 Speed: 8 Stamina: 8 Strength: 10 Stealth: 2 In Depth Stats: Composure: It is slightly below average so be wary of darkness or Jason sighting as he may start being spooked in seconds. He’s not very likely to get away from being grabbed. Perks and the flashlight help cope with his lack of courage. Luck: Weapons do not last long with Brandon (Probably because he hits Jason so hard with them). So make sure you remember what kind of weapons are around your area cause as Brandon your gonna end up using all of them. Repair: Yuck, along with Tiffiany he takes forever to repair and the skill checks are quite difficult because it’s a small success zone. If you’re actually a “god” at repairs you should do it. Other than that let the smart counselors do it. Speed and Stamina: Both are 8, combined they’re a deadly skillset. Brandon makes use of both, he can run for a while and run almost as quick as Vanessa. Same rules apply he does take a while to get stamina back so don’t use all of your stamina. He can safely jog at a safe distance unless Jason shifts. Stealth: Not very good at hiding, but unlike Vanessa crouching doesn’t make noise (looking into it). But the point of Wilson is not to hide. If you wanna be a team player then get away from objective areas if Jason is targeting you. Strength: The mighty Jock! The highest strength in the game! He can demolish Jason’s mask using blades like Machetes and Axes. The best way to utilize his damage is going behind Jason to do damage or rescue grabbed survivors, if you got balls then go toe to toe with Jason and try to land a hit on Jason’s face. Avoid blunt weapons if your trying to inflict damage. 2-3 axe swings to the face can knock off the mask. Also another tip, while doing combat stance you can actually look up to swing higher. Much better angle at hitting his mask. Perk Recommendations: Thick Skin: (Uncommon-Epic) Your going in hot, Buggzy is not effective if he’s injured. Swift Attacker and/or Sucker Punch: (Uncommon-Epic) He needs to land as many hits as possible while sucker punch increases stun chance so you are able to get away if things get hairy. Swift attacker reduces your chance of being grabbed before you do a full swing. Thrasher or Heavy Hitter: (Rare-Epic) Both perks allow massive amounts of damage but Heavy Hitter provides a bat so you can try to protect yourself if your the one that gets spotted first. Man Of War: (Epic) If you’re hoping to fight Jason without the fear of the weapon breaking too early then this perk solves the problem.
  6. Tiffany Cox, also known as the flirty girl and in my opinion, key phrase, MY OPINION, the best part transporter in the game. This guide is intended for beginner-intermediate players. Let's take a look at her stats. Composure: 3/10 Luck: 4/10 Strength: 2/10 Repair: 1/10 Speed: 6/10 Stamina: 9/10 Stealth: 10/10 Let's take a look at these stats in depth to see what the flirty girl of Camp Crystal Lake has to offer starting from worst to best. Repair: Right off the bat you need to understand that you should not even be trying to repair anything in a match. You are tied with Brandon for having the worst repair, 1/10. Do yourself and others a favor by simply bringing parts to the objectives and let the repairers do your job. However, there will, keyword, WILL be instances where you will be the only one left in the area to repair the objective, if this is the case simply spam the mini game by pressing the action button and then letting go until you get a mini game that has 6 skill checks. Only do this if Jason isn't nearby, and you are the only one left in the area. Be ready to run when you mess up at all times. There is a high chance you will mess up so be very cautious doing so. Other than that know your role. Strength: Don't expect her to try and deal damage to Jason, it's not going to end well, save that for fighters such as Brandon and Adam as well as Fox. Composure: When you are playing as the flirty girl you need to understand that she is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to how much fear she can resist from getting. While she isn't Chad bad, let's be honest that 1/10 is annoying, she is still vulnerable in this department to how much fear she produces, you can counter this by building up fear resistance perks such as night owl, and ice cold as well by staying lighted areas and in cabins. Also have your flashlight on. On the bright side, her fear will go down faster than most counselors because as we all are aware, composure is double edged sword. I repeat, HAVE YOUR FLASHLIGHT ON. Moving on Luck: While her luck isn't terrible, it is most certainly not the best in the game, however it's workable. She can get 2-3 hits on average with any weapon. She has some resistance to how much damage she takes from going through broken windows. Overall the stat is workable and can be improved with perks such as thick skinned. Speed: Here is where we get to her strengths, her speed is above average meaning she can outrun Jason and most counselors in the game, this helps because this ties in as to what her role really is in the game, the part transporter. Stamina: Her nearly perfect stamina means you will be able to run quite the distance and help bring parts to objectives without having to worry about running out of stamina. This can further be buffed by adding in the perks marathon and restful, especially marathon. A rare or epic marathon would actually bring her stamina halfway above a perfect 10 (Even as much as 10.75). This doesn't mean you should go around sprinting all over the place, understand the concept of stamina management. When Jason isn't around you, jog to your destinations. Even if Jason is near you, the only time you should be sprinting is if Jason is close behind you or he is shifting. When he shifts, use triangle formations to throw off his shift. Use actions such as climbing through windows, hiding in places when Jason is not nearby, and aiming the shotgun at Jason to help build stamina, as well as stunning Jason. Stealth: Her perfect stealth allows her to jog without making any noise and run with very little noise. She won't have to worry about Jason tracking her down for the first half of the game. Utilize it where it really shines. This is where her role shines a lot. Be cautious thought that if she has reached maximum fear, she will give off more pings so make sure to maintain that fear. Her role: As we all know there are three runners in the game, Brandon, Vanessa, and Tiffany. Brandon is a runner that can fight whereas Vanessa is a runner that is able to distract Jason for a long time. Tiffany is a runner that can bring parts SAFELY, to objectives, without exposing the repairers since they don't have that great of stamina and speed. This is why you see a lot of Tiffany players working with Deborah, AJ, Mitch, and Lachappa. Stealth + Stealth = A good time. Her speed and stamina shines a lot during late game match so this shows her versatility in both halfs of the game. Her luck while it isn't the best, allows her to defend herself if needed. The ultimate goal is to help repairers and to stay away from Jason as long as possible, imagine Jason is Chlamydia, stay away from the Chlamydia because if you don't you will get it and die. Early Game VS Late Game: From my personal experience ever since I've started playing the game and viewing the forums here, I've seen a lot of people emphasize how important it is to have stats that help you survive late game as opposed to having stats that will help you in Early Game. In my opinion, once again key phrase, my opinion, both phases of the game are important, in fact I believe early game is slightly more important. Repairers flourish in early game, it is a common understanding that most repairers have high stealth. Stealth shines a lot in the first half of the game. If the counselors are effectively communicating with each other and teamwork is obviously in place, most objectives will be done within the first 5-8 minutes of the game, possibly even sooner. Repairers typically shine in the first half of the game whereas fighters/runners typically thrive in the second half of the game. Tiffany can thrive in both halves of the game if the conditions are right, meaning communication is in place and teamwork is evident. Her stealth allows her to have an advantage in the early game and her speed and stamina allows her to have an advantage in late game. Remember, this is not guaranteed to occur, only if the conditions are right, which most of the time let's be honest, they aren't. Perks Recommended: Marathon: Uncommon to Epic Restful: Uncommon to Epic Medic: Uncommon to Epic Thick Skinned: Rare to Epic Hypochondriac: Rare to Epic Lightfoot: Epic Nightowl: Rare to Epic Ice Cold: Rare to Epic Nerves of Steel: Uncommon to Epic Preparedness: Uncommon to Epic Perks are meant to give you a little extra edge in the game so don't expect them to do wonders. Think of them as like a piece of the puzzle to a large picture. Some other tips you need to consider: 1. No matter which counselor you play you have to remember that communication is a very important aspect so try to find that walkie talkie so you can let other counselors know what you are doing, if you are carrying any parts, and where you are going. 2. It is important to push objectives early on in the game. You see that battery laying next to the hay in the barn? Drop that bat and grab it so you can take it to the car. 3. Understand that you are not always going to be working with a coordinated team, sometimes you will be playing with other people that do not know how to play this game, if so prepare for the worst and plan on trying to stay alive for the whole 20 minutes. This is all simply my opinion on how Tiffany should be played so remember, grains of salt.
  7. (Intended to experienced and pro players). Nicknamed The Nerd Generalization: Eric is fast at repairing and stealthy allowing him to repairs objectives without making too much noise . However he lacks speed and stamina it's best to not move alone at a long distance. He's unlocked at level 10 he is a characters that encourages teamworks along Mitch Floyd. Stats. Composure: 4 Luck: 5 Repairs: 10 Speed: 3 Stamina: 2 Stealth: 8 Strength : 3 In-Depths Stats Composure: Seems to be easily scared when fighting Jason but does resist to darkness better and seems to not be scared easily when with another counselors. Luck: He can give 3-4 hits it's a strong stat for Lachappa he can defend himself with a bat and wrench plus reduce damage from broken windows and start/restart the car faster. Speed: Here is one of his weakness he run at the same pace of Mitch Floyd He has to run from time to time when jogging from Jason. Stamina: Here is his worst weakness with speed you can't run over big distance most specificaly when Jason is chasing you this is the reason teammate should bring objectives for you to repairs. Stealth: You are very sneaky you don't make much of a noise when jogging good to pick up objectives when they are not too far. Repair: it's his strength here he got 10 which make the best repair with Deborah bring him objectives and he will repair it like a flash. Strength: Stronger than chad , Deborah , tiffany , jenny ,AJ and equal as Mitch Floyd but he may defend himself by surprise attack mostly due to his luck but avoiding front combat and dodge due to his low strength and stamina. Perks Recommendations - Survival Build - - Marathon ( Epic ) - Swift Attacker ( Rare - Epic ) - Restful ( Rare - Epic ) - Low Profile or any sense related ( Uncommon - Epic ) - Battle Nerd - - Thick Skinned ( Rare - Epic ) - Medic ( Rare - Epic ) - Swift Attacker ( Uncommon - Epic )
  8. She’s there for a second and after that she’s gone! Generalization: She’s the fastest character in the game, catching Vanessa is a pain but a player who knows Vanessa will leave people surprised. Luckily she’s one of the first Characters you can play, her number one role is distraction while the second is delivery. Stats: Composure: 3 Luck: 6 Repair: 2 Speed: 10 Stamina: 9 Stealth: 1 Strength: 4 In Depth Stats: Composure: Same as Tiffany she gets spooked at the sight of Jason. Also since it’s below average be wary of how slow she regens stamina and how much she trips. Also don’t expect to get out alive when he grabs you. Luck: Slightly higher than average she can use weapons a little more but the bat stays the same. Also since it’s a 6 minor bonuses are added to her. Repair: Similar to Chad she may take 5-7 skill checks to repair, better leave it to the smart ones. Speed: The fastest jogging and sprinting ingame. She can peacefully jog knowing Jason cannot catch up unless he shifts. If he does get close you can bolt out easily. Stamina: Other than Tiffany she’s a long distance runner hence the athletic trope. She doesn’t get tired as easily but when she does oh boy it’s gonna take a while to get all that stamina back. Also if she gets exhausted (Used all of your stamina) it takes a long time to recover from it. The number one thing to learn is how to properly conserve stamina. Stealth: She’s a walking firecracker, she quite literally makes noise of everything she does even walk crouching! That’s where the distraction role comes in. Beware Jason is most likely going to surprise you by shifting. Strength: She’s not super strong like Brandon Wilson but she can still hurt Jason with the machete if she needs to. Same strength as Eric J.R Lachappa. Perk Recommendations: Marathon (Rare-Epic) Just to run or jog even longer! The downside is recovering from exhaustion takes even longer! Restful: (Uncommon-Rare) This is your holy chalice, without it you’ll have troubles taking a rest while being chased. 5 seconds of standing still with the perk you can get 2-10th of your stamina back. Spatial Awareness: (Rare-Epic) To combat her “oopsie I tripped” clique this perk will allow her to not trip as often. Nerves of Steel: (Uncommon-Epic) She can both benefit from fear resistance and the ability to she your minimap regardless how scared you are.
  9. (Intended for new players) If anything Chad’s a mommas boy, other than that he’s actually real slippery! Generalization: Chad is real fast and is able to regain almost all of his stamina back by hitting or escaping. However he lacks courage and repair which means you gotta act differently than the others. He’s one of the starting characters that encourages hit and run tactics along with Shelly. Stats: Composure: 1 Luck: 10 Speed: 9 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 6 Repair: 2 Strength: 3 In Depth Stats: Composure: Oh boy it’s his poster boy stat. He’s always scared and darkness really raises his fear quick, hell have him jog in the forest and he’s already spooked. He freaks out easy which allows Jason to detect him with sense farther. The plus side is he calms down just as quickly as he gets scared. Luck: He’s also known as BattleChad because his luck allows weapons to be used so much more than usual and he can regain 4/6th of his stamina everytime he successfully escapes or hits Jason. Also those minor bonuses boosts his chances of survival like jumping through windows does less damage. Speed: He’s so... damn... quick! His jogging actually outpaces speed walking Jason and running Jason. You can just jog and he will keep Jason in the dust unless Jason uses shift. Chad can sprint away quick if needed. Stamina: His stamina pool is under average, he’s known to be a short distance sprinter so you gotta be careful because Chad’s fear decreases stamina regeneration. Once your out you better hope there’s a cabin nearby or weapon in hand. Stealth: Ah yes the glorious 6 stat, he makes zero noise when jogging and slightly less consistent noise when sprinting. He can jog away silently like an ninja, unless Jason uses sense... then he’s a scared mommas boy. Repair: Yeah... he’s bad at fixing things, only attempt repair if you’re the only capable character to do so. Let the smarter ones fix, if you find a part either pick up then drop to show where it is or deliver it to the objective. Fixing as Chad is slow and features 5-7 skillchecks. Strength: Chad is not strong as the other guys. But a good Chad can land multiple hits and chip away at Jason’s invisible health bar. Perk Recommendations: -Marathon (Rare-Epic) he can have Kenny’s stamina pool if you have the perk. -Swift Attacker (Uncommon-Epic) Faster swings equals the greater chance of a surprise attack. -Nerves of Steel (Common-Epic) this perk not only provides fear resistance it also provides the ability to not lose your minimap when fully terrified. -Lone Wolf (Rare-Epic) your most likely to be alone so it’s good to have some fear resistance while your at it.
  10. (Attended for new players) Ah yes the Jack of all trades himself. So very underrated but yet he can adapt to multiple situations. He’s one of the few starting characters, other than Shelly he’s capable of repairs compared to others. Generalization: Kenny is somewhat okay with everything he does but he’s indefinitely not the best at everything. If you’re starting off playing or just love flexible characters the Riedellinator is your guy. Stats: Composure: 5 Luck: 5 Speed: 5 Stamina: 5 Stealth: 5 Repair: 5 Strength: 5 In Depth Stats: Composure: He can usually keep calm when inside buildings or well lit areas but expose him to walking in a dark forest he slowly begins to feel paranoid. Flashlight and perks help combat his average fear management. He also stumbles quite often once he reaches max fear however not as much as Chad. Luck: Unlike Chad it’s actually very unpredictable when using melee weapons, some times it breaks in one hit or has normal durability. Luck also effects how much stamina comes back when hitting or escaping a grab. To Riedell he regains at most half of his stamina doing so. Speed: While jogging he can slightly outpace speed walking Jasons, running Jasons can slowly catch up. He’s capable of keeping distance with proper stamina management. Stamina: Just like Jenny Myres he has average stamina, medium distance sprinting can be a life saver but also since it’s a stat of 5 it regains stamina faster than characters with a stat of ten because the stamina regen depends on fear levels and stamina size. Imagine using the garden hose, would it be faster to fill up a mug or a swimming pool? Stealth: Sadly since it’s not a stat of 6 he makes noise while jogging but he can still walk and crouch without making noise. Comparing to Vanessa sprinting noise blips doesn’t appear as consistently which means you can pull around corners to trick Jason. Repair: Expect average repair speed and 4-5 skill checks when repairing, it isn’t too difficult. Don’t be afraid to try repairing. Strength: If your using a machete you might take Jason’s mask off in 7-9 hits possibly. Better leave it to the stronger counselors to do that part. Perk Recommendations: -Marathon (Rare-Epic) Boosts his stamina stat up to 6 or even a 7! -Thick Skin (Uncommon-Epic) Gives him the additional edge for survival. -Any Fear Resistance Perk. To make sure that fear isn’t interupting your stamina regen. -Restful (Uncommon-Rare) Stop and take a break in the building so you can regain most of your stamina back.
  11. I've searched and I didn't find anything, in case somebody reads that as a "new-player", before joining a lobby with no idea. I do see a lot of people who saving their own life as Tommy Jarvis or Slayin around with Jason or even open every cabin and leave them open. of course, everybody could do whatever he wants but maybe somebody reads that it be useful for him/her. Counselor: If you play as a Counselor, first make sure to AIM yourself. Whenever you go into a Cabin/House just LOCK up the doors and OPEN the windows . If you do not lock up the doors, it's a pleasure for Jason to join your Cabin. Also if you being chased, you can jump into the Windows and Jason cannot! If you found a part: Battery, Fuel, Fuse let others know where it is, that somebody with a high Repair-State can take it. Or take it to the Car/Phone and drop it there, if you can't fix it, cause of low repair. Communication is very useful, sometimes. Protect other Counselors while somebody is fixing the Car/Phone! If you have fixed the Car and got the Keys, make sure to pick up some other Counselors, in case you can. Do not run them over or leave them alone, if you have the chance to pick them up. Tommy Jarvis: If you're chosen to be Tommy Jarvis, make sure HELP all other Counselors! You're not suppose to leave the camp until all other Counselors are save! You're the last guy to leave the camp! Don't be a Tommy Jarvis everybody hates, cause saving your own life or running like a pro anywhere in the map, while others being killed. Jason Voorhees: So you gonna be Jason Voorhees. Make sure to NOT slashing around like a pro. It makes no fun if you slashing around. Use your Skills and grab people! Anyhow, thanks for the attention. In case you want to add something, feel free to write whatever your mind is up to. About the Sweater/Mask: If you got Pamela's Sweater, make sure to stay alive and do not use it on him just for fun, if Tommy is in the Game as well and do have a Machete, get with other Counselors together and prepare for killing him. Whenever it is time, use the Sweater and the Mask while Tommy killing Jason. Stay Together. Additonal: VOICE CHAT while Jason is around you You may not talk about where you go, where somebody is something doing right now, while Jason is around you. He can hear you and may destroy your plan. If you want to joke him, you can of course talk something's which is not true. I heard somebody today: He is in the house now, get out. So I didn't even got in the cabin and expected him at the window, where he died.
  12. So I created this guide based on my own experiences. This guide will be divided in two threads: How to be a smart counselour and how to be a smart Jason (this is for not create a bible in one thread) How be a smart counselour: 1- If you have gas, battery or the fuse and Jason put a trap in the places and you have a pocket knife try to use the pocket knife in the trap so you will not get hurt and you will not alert Jason. 2- NEVER try to fight Jason unless it is an emergency case or you have pocket knifes, why? Because the animation of hit is very long so Jason can grab you very easy. 3- NEVER leave doors open cause, who knows if you will need that cabin or someone will need that cabin in the future? 4- If you are using a character with low stealth, never try to crouch and hide to avoid Jason sense because he will found you. 5- NEVER try to repair the boat, I know is more easy and that but Jason is very fast in water and if for some reason you are escaping in the boat and Jason wanna morph, you are dead 6- If Jason is shifting and he's chasing you DON'T make A or C or whaterver, just run straight because if you move running you lose time moving and is more easy to Jason grab you 7- If you are screwed up and you need recharge stamina go to a cabin, close the doors, lock yourself in a room, open windows and hide so he will think you leave when he was breaking the door 8- When you are driving ALWAYS pick up people so if you crash and Jason comes they can help you. 9- Don't run unless Jason is that close to hit you or grab you 10- If you are with a mic and Jason is close and you have car keys or fuse (something that Jason cannot see) NEVER say something like "guys I have car keys" or "guys I have the fuse where is the fuse box?" because Jason will not leave you alone until you are dead.
  13. This is the last thread of "how to be a smart" here will be see how to be a smart Jason. 1- If you have traps put them in cars or fuse box so you will be alert if someone wanna put something 2- Never put traps on the boat because they are useless, unless you are in Crystal Lake and boat is not in a wooden port 3- ALWAYS collect knifes, they can be useful when someone don't stop running or when someone try to escape by the cops 4- When someone start the car and they are going backward and you are gonna shift to stop the car, DON'T try to stop the car from the front because it will not work 5- If you try to stop people try to kill you NEVER put traps on your shack because is not necessary because Pamela will alert you 6- When you are chasing somebody and you have a power box close, break it, you will scare the counselours and their stamina will recharge slower and their HUD will dissapear 7- If you are doing the step 1 and you see somebody, DON'T start chasing him because you will lose time. 8- When you killed everyone and just 1 person left to die but he's hiding, don't lose time searching him, start to broke doors and windows so you will have rage sooner. 9- When someone is doing the animation of cross the window, don't matter if he is inside of the cabin, broke the window when he is making the animation because you will hurt him. 10- If you are broking a door and a conselour put a trap on the entrance do shift and grab him if he still inside
  14. Foreword: This topic is designed for the people among you that want to improve. Improvement does cost time and there is no shortcut. Aquire knowledge and then apply it and you will see results. You can turn from a scared AJ to a raging battle Vanessa that pushes Jason over while clearing half the objectives by herself and get a ton of teamates out. I havent checked all the guides on the internet so if you think there is something that fits in here feel free to post it and I will hammer it down. All the advanced stuff I have seen so far is either done by Rydog or me, but we welcome anyone throwing stuff onto the pile of knowledge. Map Knowledge: Rydogs work Maps and their subtypes. That means with a brief glance at the map you know where the phonebox is and can rush down the sector to get the fuse. Excellent for group play. You are looking to learn and navigate the maps without an actual map from wherever you are you need to be able to find e.g. Blair's cove or the various lodges. Your minimap is sufficient for that. Just work with what north is on it and take it from there. Some like the minimap not rotating, some like it rotating. Use whatever works best for you. Additionally you want to learn the car and boat spawns so you instantly have a clue as to where the closest Objective is so you can bring your respective part there. Bring it to the closest. Shift Defense (Marked for recreation): How to defend best against shiftgrab attempts and push the successchance of it against you to below 10%? Guide will be remade to be more in line with the rest in a couple of days. Should you be eager to learn it ASAP: Combat The guide is both a video 1:20 and for those that prefer text a whole lot of bulletin points covering the whole guide provided by geek. It contains 6 techniques and all the explanations surrounding combat stance, dodge etc. For the steamguide variant with bulletin points: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1085830539 Contesting Objectives: This will provide you the means of repairing under pressure, when Jason is there. It includes where the parts are and stuff surrounding objectives. [Omitted by Kodiak - Features use of exploits] Killing Jason - AKA The easiest WIN condition: Although not intended it turns out that killing Jason is actually the easiest way to get everyone out as long as you sit down and learn at least a bit of combat. Here is how: Morphtraps (WIP): This section will contain all the spots to trap so the moment Jason morphs to an objective or alike he will land in a trap instantly. Jason Combat Techniques (WIP): How to defend against battletested counselors Open doors vs Closed doors (WIP): Ties in closely with speedlooting, but more about the defensive aspect of it. Speedlooting (WIP): Slow & Stead or fast & furious? Counselor Stats: What does STEALTH really do and all other stats? Look no further it is all laid down here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938559619 Who is deadliest? Jason Tierlist: Contains information about shift CDs, distance covered and so on. Spoiler: Part 2 (AKA MINUS) is not Top Tier. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=960265710 And the data this is based on: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=959294962 Feel free to post any questions you have and they will be answered. No question is too dumb. Should you not have a forum account but still have questions post the questions in the steamguides or the youtube videos etc.
  15. To improve the new player experience the forum should be improved the following ways: A guide/tips & tricks section so people have a space to post useful posts for both Jason and Councellors. About Friday the 13th: The Game --> rename into announcements Friday the 13th: The Game General Discussion --> rename into General Discussion Friday the 13th: The Game -- Suggestions/Feedback --> rename Suggestions & Feedback Friday The 13th: The Game Bug Reporting --> rename Bug & Technical Difficulties reporting Community events should be merged into the general section of the forum and rules and regulations/introductions & news removed. News are in announcements, rules a stickied post in general and introductions deleted and forgotten or put near the off-topic section. This will make it easier for new players to navigate straight into what they need. Some users might come in raging in defeat, others might look to improve or report a bug. A clear structure and short names help with that. The Moderation team should be proper support staff with an introduction into what they are supposed to do and I strongly advice to re-checking the forum rules. There are rules in there you can't possibly enforce (introduction is meme level) You only hurt yourself in the long run if you let these things be community run too much. It just never works out - fans can assist but should never make the final call on anything. You do. That means the forum/discord/twitter/facebook & devstreams are in your hand and only assisted by fans. Only reddit is acceptable outside of dev hands. Just watch how the countless other games do it and in this case they do it a lot better. Dont be lazy about this either it takes less than 30 minutes for one person to change this for the better.
  16. My name is Caleb and I post all my Jason gameplays on YouTube and I'm also a new youtuber only 4 subs lol but my vids include party chat and are quite funny at times since they are all unedited and uncut if you choose to watch hope you guys enjoy. Channel is Thaa zeus
  17. Everybody always wants to complain about shift grabbing when stalk is easily his most powerful ability.. Jason is not a track star he is not supposed to chase buggzy or tommy or Vanessa for 2 miles then catch them cuz of stamina restraints on the mentioned counselors. He is a appear-out-of-no-where-kill-you-and-leave type guy once the game develops a little bit more players will become better counselors and ppl will cry for Jason buffs I promise.. With 2 or 3 ppl working in tandem and not being openly stupid its very easy to escape Jason even with shift grabbing the way it is.. My YouTube channel is Thaa Zeus I have a 3 hour live stream on there where I escape almost every time and I have full party chat on the vid I also have a video explaining how stalk is the most powerful thing in the game.. If you watch thank you for watching but this current trend of crying nerf needs to not happen the meta for this game hasn't even been FULLY developed yet.. If you play as Vanessa or buggzy and are sprinting in the woods then yes you deserve to die very quickly or learn to run and dive through open windows and constantly bounce from house to house. If a loud counselor runs from Jason for 7 minutes then all you did was HELP YOUR ENTIRE TEAM ESCAPE EASIER good job but don't complain that he killed you too early when your the only one making noise. Morph is better then shift as well idk just my thoughts I have yet to have 1 counselor escape from me and I think its because everybody wants to help themselves and not the team.. If you find a car or boat part please put it in the vehicle and move on don't leave it and certainly don't drop it but regardless the counselor meta needs to develop more.. Thanks for reading this book I apologize for making it sooo long
  18. Everybody always wants to complain about shift grabbing when stalk is easily his most powerful ability.. Jason is not a track star he is not supposed to chase buggzy or tommy or Vanessa for 2 miles then catch them cuz of stamina restraints on the mentioned counselors. He is a appear-out-of-no-where-kill-you-and-leave type guy once the game develops a little bit more players will become better counselors and ppl will cry for Jason buffs I promise.. With 2 or 3 ppl working in tandem and not being openly stupid its very easy to escape Jason even with shift grabbing the way it is.. My YouTube channel is Thaa Zeus I have a 3 hour live stream on there where I escape almost every time and I have full party chat on the vid I also have a video explaining how stalk is the most powerful thing in the game.. If you watch thank you for watching but this current trend of crying nerf needs to not happen the meta for this game hasn't even been FULLY developed yet.. If you play as Vanessa or buggzy and are sprinting in the woods then yes you deserve to die very quickly or learn to run and dive through open windows and constantly bounce from house to house. If a loud counselor runs from Jason for 7 minutes then all you did was HELP YOUR ENTIRE TEAM ESCAPE EASIER good job but don't complain that he killed you too early when your the only one making noise. Morph is better then shift as well idk just my thoughts I have yet to have 1 counselor escape from me and I think its because everybody wants to help themselves and not the team.. If you find a car or boat part please put it in the vehicle and move on don't leave it and certainly don't drop it but regardless the counselor meta needs to develop more.. Thanks for reading this book I apologize for making it sooo long
  19. Hello everyone I come here you present my first video dedicated to Friday the 13th, I hope you like it is a first draft and I plan to try to cover all future content on Friday. One link => https://youtu.be/qpzA-Z-DtEo All videos will be translated into English as a subtitle two hours after publication.
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