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Found 6 results

  1. So this just popped into my head. How will rain work on the Grendel map? Will there be no rain at all? Maybe the rain could be a emergency fire, sprinkler system.
  2. Do you guys think it would be a good idea if they added space outfits for the counselors released on the same day as Jason x and the Grendel Map? Seeing how it is a whole different theme??
  3. Since I completed Virtual Cabin 2.0, I’ve been curious as to how the map will work (Since, y’know, you can’t simply drive an old car into space). I made this post to see if I’ve missed anything, and I’m curious to see others’ theories. At first, I though it would strictly be for Paranoia, but that’s obviously not the case now that it’s been delayed/canceled. I’m pretty certain that it’ll be a entirely different gamemode, because I’ve lost confidence that Friday would redesign everything for a map, especially after seeing Roy. But hey, that’s just my speculation. It’d be great if you told me your speculation!
  4. I was thinking, after I saw the preview of how the Grendel Map may look and after looking at Jason x over and over.. When these come in the game it's obviously going to be big. To add onto it what if they made an outfit for each counselor basing it off of space? Yeah, they didn't do this for any other Jason or Map that was released at the same time. But it's a different theme and I just think that when The Grendel Map and Jason x plus the 'different' space outfits for each counselor are all released on the same date. it'll not only satisfy Jason Players but Jason and people who ONLY play as counselors.
  5. I am curious. With the DLC for Jason X or as many people call him UBER JASON coming out soon. I just want to see some thoughts about this. I for one am excited for the future update, but there are still questions. Such as: what are his strengths and weaknessess, how is the map going to play out, etc... I think the map should include different methods of gameplay. Such as calling the rescue pod crew instead of police, using escape pods as replacements for the cars, possibly having the android or Brodski as the 'heros' instead of Tommy Jarvis. Also they should add the virtual simulation from the movie in game aswell. So the map plays out as normal in a camp, but it is static like and much smaller. What are other thoughts about UBER JASON. I posted my kill ideas for Jason X on my other Lead of NEW KILL IDEAS aswell.
  6. This could probably be moved over to the suggestions section if needed, but this is more of a gauge on the fandom. We know its coming, we don't know when. Some suspect they will do maps for all the remaining entries or combined versions of them Part 6 - Forrest Green Part 7 - Shepperd Residence Part 8 - New York or Lazurus Part 9 - Voorhees House/Maybe Police Station or Diner or Both Part 10 - Grendel Given everything to this point has been woods and iconic locations with this combination of escapes Higgins/Packanack/Crystal Lake 1. Two Cars/Random chance of boat 2. Cops 3. Time limit 4. Kill Jason Small Maps 1. Two Cars 2. Cops 3. Time Limit 4. Kill Jason Pinehurst/Jarvis 1. Either 4 seater or 2 seater/One boat 2. Cops 3. Time limit 4. Kill Jason What should the Grendel be? 1. Smaller map with same amount of escape types? 2. Smaller map with less escape types? 3. Big map with the same amount of escape types 4. Big map with less escape types? 5. Big map with more escape types? Should the manner in which Jason is defeated be more difficult than what it is now? Even post patch, his mask can still be knocked rather easily for one step in that process. For me, there are lot of things to take into consideration. Counselors won't be looping around from cabin to cabin on a ship. Jason's shift in theory should be very good in tight corridors. Grab will be very important. If his melee hit detection goes unchanged, it could be very problematic as he'll hit walls more than the counselors. So would the playerbase really be interested in a smaller map when they won't have cabins to keep Jason at bay anymore? My ideal Grendel 1. Big Map With More Escape Methods Escape 1 - 4 seat shuttle - Requires 3 repair circuits to work Escape 2 - 2 seat shuttle - Requires 2 repair circuits to work Escape 3 - 1 seat shuttle - Requires 1 repair circuit to work Escape 4 - Distress Signal - Equal to the cop escape...another ship arrives and docks at one of the docking bays after 5 minutes Escape 5 - Time Limit Escape 6 - Jason won't be physically killed, but the Android chick is still part of the process...he's launched into outerspace in a cutscene and we see his mask in the lake on Earth 2...make it a quick cutscene though. Nobody is going to want to sit through a 2 minute cut scene after every match on Grendel. 2. End cutscene whether he kills everybody or doesn't is just him staring out a window of the Grendel...simple, creepy and effective I think the Devs really need to make sure Grendel plays a lot different and is almost like a new game in itself compared to the other maps. This will prove controversial with the playerbase though as some love change and others don't. I think it would be a mistake to make Grendel a smaller map. Without ways to give the counselors breathers in cabins from Jason like on the old maps. People won't want this map being small I feel in hindsight. I think many will be hoping this map has levels and layers, which also changes the Morph ability too. Sure the Grendel will have rooms and doors that can likely be locked, but they won't be able to loop Jason anywhere near as well without windows and the small corridors will be ideal for Jason in closed space. I think map design should suite Jason in terms of tight space but big overall, but the trade off is the counselors will have more escape methods and in theory, there should be some gun type weapons with more than one bullet but not so much that it would turn the game into COD. What kind of map should Grendel be?
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