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Found 2 results

  1. The game is already well built. But setting aside the suggestions of "Brand new"; start from fresh ideas. Many of the mechanics/graphics are the problems, and can be fixed. Graphics: - I noticed watching a original Beta video, the amount of fog throughout the camp was very dense. Could we possibly add more of that while keeping the moonlight making for a great jump scare; Jason standing in the fog. - The atmosphere. The science...We could use more realistic water features such as condensation on windows and glass panels on doors. Just to real things up a bit. - The tree growth. We have need more trees! (Not a tree hugger ) but i do suggest adding more underbrush such as bushes & shrubs. - Noises, I as many people feel Jason should always be under the influence of Stalk (Drugs). The amount of russling should be increased along with more fear than there already is. Birds would be nice to...suggesting crows, not seagulls. - Music, Jason's music should only appear when your being chased or when your fear accedes a certain point or when your limping. - There are many more, but that's what forum members are for...what are your ideas? Mechanics: - Traps, i feel they should go back to their original state. - Counselor traps, the amount of times I couldn't place a trap in a doorway is disturbing! - Door and window mechanisms glitching out. Or not locking til your third try. - Animations for Jason, waste of time; should be shorter in time or stun. - I couldn't think of many for mechanics... But thanks to some people around the forums for suggesting ideas to start a new thread.
  2. i was just wondering what the graphics are gonna be like? Like, will they be as good as what they are telling us about? will jason and the councelors be cartoony or realistic? in a fantasy Utopia, the graphics in the game would be like Until Dawn, but, one can only imagine ( i think )..