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Found 34 results

  1. i love this game, dont get me wrong, but theres something not right in it. Jason its not scary because theres no hiding factor in the game at the moment and fight back its the only option. in a game like this, fight back should be the hardest option not the easiest. So i would really appreciate if sense gets completly reworked in a way that jason can no longer pinpoint where you are but just gets a tip of where you could be. i think jason its not a threat if hes chasing you, but only when hes shifting, so i would love to see a jason that can actually outrun counselors without needing teleports, replace shift with a sprint rush instead. and if you think that this will make chasing a car impossible i mean the car its supposed to be impossible to chase :\ you should focus on objective control instead. as a counselor i think that too much bullying and fighting back ruins the experience, from the jason prospective you just find someone with sense and try to grab him with your extremly embarrassing grab hitbox before he hits you and you get stunned for 20 seconds, is it fun? no. i tried in a private match to toggle off the music and jason couldnt use sense, that was intense and funny as fuck! :D and also the fear system its cancer, if you are being chased by jason you cant enjoy it because your screen colors start becoming purple its not funny its annoying, try to watch being chased by jason at 0 fear and then try to being chased at 100 fear, you cant even see a color, how am i supposed to feel scary if i cant see colors? its not enjoyable. jason should be a chaser, not a teleporting snail, Gun rework your chasing, sense and fear system because its trash, comment your ideas below if you like!
  2. Look at the video of this youtuber at the minute 14:27 and no, it is not the lag
  3. Make cooldown for Jason's grab as in other skills (10-12 sec); And make cooldown for grab after using shift and teleport (3-5 sec.); I think it's make game for counselors and Jason more diverse.
  4. So I've been playing Friday long enough to feel like I have a solid view point on what needs to change to make the game FEEL more enjoyable for both sides of the coin (Counselors/Jason) but like the title says it's just an idea so don't eat me alive if you disagree Jason is in a very weird spot right now, if you're a counselor main and get stuck playing Jason it sometimes feels impossible to kill more than one or two people where as if you are a Jason main it feels like all you do now is shift, grab, asphyxiate and its an easy 8/8. It feels like a droll competitive game with multiple strategies to kill people but one obviously easy one and that is boring. So hear me out I don't think they should necessarily buff or nerf Jason I think he needs to be reworked and here are some of my thoughts. Change weapon damage to do 25%hp of counselor hp that way you don't have people like Bugzy and Tommy tanking 7 hits from Jason before they are "injured" but not letting people like AJ and Tiffany die in 3 hits. Change the way grabbing works to give it a completely different objective. Remove the ability to perform a grab kill on a healthy counselor unless you carry the counselor to an environmental kill NOW HEAR ME OUT I KNOW THAT SOUNDS UNFAIR TOWARDS JASON BUT HEAR ME OUT. Increase the time it takes to wiggle out of jasons grasp and increase the amounts of hits it takes to free someone from his grasp (Ideally the objective of this change is to promote using more than 2 mechanics of the game, this way jason needs to hit you a certain number of times before being able to perform a grab kill on you or of course he could just kill you with his weapon and it gives more screen time to the several amazing environmental kills available in each map) This change would also give more screen time to counselors that aren't played as often like Jenny because her composure is so high its easier for her to escape the grab. i hope you liked my ideas please don't kill me
  5. I've seen some force grabs recently and... Is the new grab as long as before?
  6. What do you guys think of a game mechanic whereby if a counselor is idling near a downed Jason's upper half, he could reach out and grab their leg, breaking it in the process and knocking them over. At this point he would rise to his feet (like a fast recovery), and the unfortunate counselor would be in limping mode. I think this would make trolling counselors pay dearly for teabagging / dancing over a stunned Jason. All opinions appreciated!
  7. I think there is still something off with Jason's grab. I'll have times where Jason clearly grabs people outside of his reach, but other times people will literally be touching Jason, and he doesn't grab them. Also, I'm not sure if people are cheating somehow, but I'll pick up a character like bugzy or Vanessa, and they'll break free of my grasp before I take my third step. Just curious if anyone else seems to experience this.
  8. I made this suggestion before during the beta, but I'd like to voice it again. Jason's grab is a contentious topic in the community, but I feel the bulk of the salt is for the wrong reasons, namely players complaining about Shift+Grab. Shift grabbing, in my opinion, is easily jukeable on PC. I can't speak for console players with controllers that have less precision, but on PC, it's not difficult to jerk left, right and make your movement random enough that it's very difficult for Jason to grab you. In my opinion the biggest issue with grab is its ability to cheese counselors out of combat mode. Yes, counselors can dodge and I think that's a great and useful mechanic, but often Jason will grab them mid-swing or while blocking. This is what I think needs fixed. A counselor that's blocking in combat mode is already stationary, making them vulnerable to regular slashes. Jason being able to grab through a swinging weapon generates a ton of salt for every counselor it happens to. I'd really like to see a change made where blocking prevents being grabbed and Jason can no longer grab someone if they started their attack animation first. Jason's combat mode is far less useful since he has no dodge, poorer maneuverability and he can attack faster without it. If these changes were made, most Jasons wouldn't bother with combat mode and would simply learn how to avoid a counselor's first swing. It would make the combat feel more "honourable" for everyone involved, in my opinion, which could reduce salt levels to tolerable limits.
  9. Has anyone else been getting this? When I'm getting chased by Jason and he starts to Shift towards me, I do not get the camera zoom in effect for some reason unlike before when it did show the effect as he closes in on you.
  10. You all ruined Jason take him back to b4 the patch he sucks atm and it's a really no fun to play him atm.
  11. Discord info that I think many of you may like.
  12. I sure love Jason related topics! Back to the topic, I was thinking... How about we make Jason's Grab having a property in Combat Stance? My suggestion is: Jason's Grab should be able to be blocked by counselors in Combat Stance. Wait! Before you complain at me, the Grab still needs one more change! Everytime a Grab is blocked, not only the block will be always unsuccessful (the weapon drops), but the weapon will break as well. Why I want this change? Because not only it'll make counselors with high strength and damage-based weapons more valuable, but it will encourage them to use the Combat Stance more often and play more strategically (I can sacrifice a wrench because it does low damage, I will sacrifice this "generic" weapon so I can go to a cabin and pick a better one, etc).
  13. Has anyone else found it varies immensely in when you can catch/can be caught distances? Does it vary from Jason to Jason? Not complaining, just curious.
  14. Supposedly according to ine of the deva its a technique in whicb if tge Jaaon player grabs a counselor at the same time as he goes into shift he'll transport thw counselor with him....never seen it done has anyone else??
  15. I would really love if we were able to run Jason over with the car, it would make it for some extremely exciting moments, like instead of when you hit Jason he automatically does the smash animation it should be, the only way he smashes the car is if he hits the button comand at the right time and when hes coming out of shift. And I also would LOVE if they gave Jason more ways to attack besides just grabbing for a kill animation and/or slashing, what if Jason could grab counselors and throw them across the room, that would be great, or back hand them the way he did Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs Jason. It would certainly help when a group of counselors surround Jason and jump him lol
  16. I would really love if we were able to run Jason over with the car, it would make it for some extremely exciting moments, like instead of when you hit Jason he automatically does the smash animation it should be, the only way he smashes the car is if he hits the button comand at the right time and when hes coming out of shift. And I also would LOVE if they gave Jason more ways to attack besides just grabbing for a kill animation and/or slashing, what if Jason could grab counselors and throw them across the room, that would be great, or back hand them the way he did Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs Jason. It would certainly help when a group of counselors surround Jason and jump him lol
  17. I love Friday the 13th, It's a fantastic game. The gameplay is amazing! The patches are great! New content is phenomenal! There's only one thing that ruins it for me and the rest of the F13 community....And that is "Shift Grabbing". I can't stand getting shift grabbed, there's no way getting out of it, unless you have a pocket knife. It would be really cool if Jason could get a cooldown for grabs coming right out of the shift. Jason has a cooldown for throwing knives, so how about a cooldown for grabbing after a shift. I think it would be a great solution for shift grabbing. I think it's ridiculous that Jason can appear out of nowhere like a wizard and BOOM! You're dead. I get it Jason is OP, but shift grabbing makes him more OP than he is. Especially, when there's no counter-play to a shift grab. Nobody likes dying randomly off a shift grab. Neither do they like having no way to counter it, besides pocket knife. Here are some great links for everybody to check out. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/6da722/concern_instant_grabkill_after_shift_will_annoy/ http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/2720-jason-shift-insta-grab-problem-how-to-fix/ That's enough ranting from me ? Everyone have a good night and enjoy killing counselors/escaping Jason.
  18. Ok this isn't a usual OMG Jason grabbed me from across the road stuff (though him grabbing around a doorway while he's stood outside or a couch away from me is a big problem still) its the new Jason grab, when he's holding someone I try to free that person by hitting him yet 3-4 hits later he either: A. Doesn't drop them, kills them B. Does drop them but isn't stunned (even with baseball bat) grabs them immediately again, refer to point A or C C. Grabs me right away, then kills me or D. It very rarely does actually stun him like it used to, like 1 out of 6 times Also there's the fact that weapons seem to be passing through Jason a LOT more than they used to he raged through a door I was waiting to the side, swung my bat it went through him, 3 times this has happened and my friend who was Jason at the time even agreed with me that it did happen. I do like it now that you can't be hit hit entering a window nor can Jason be hit through a door nice changes, but the above complaint, is this a bug or is that just how its meant to be now?
  19. To be clear now, this subject is a little beyond just balance for me personally. Currently Jason's grab is a little too strong and something I don't like personally is that it doesn't feel scary whatsoever. When the game launched (I played the original beta) people didn't spam grab but now its begun to become a trend, simply grabbing. Whenever I play as a counsellor I use look over shoulder to see behind me and each time I do it I see a Jason spamming grab without being close enough to me and honestly, its anti climatic. Jason players have began spamming this animation and now when in a chase it tends to look extremely stupid and its really somewhat taken the magic out of the grab kills (mostly because now its used for instant kills and its just spammed even when Jason isn't close enough to try and confirm a kill). The grab has removed a lot of tension from the game as before players entered a grab frenzy you would find the occasional injured player running around the map for their life covered in blood, this is from my experience a rare occurrence and has taken lots of atmosphere from the game. Additionally I need to state shift grab needs to be removed entirely. there is no counter play to a Jason who knows what he's doing. A lot of counsellors haven't got enough stamina or speed to waste zigzagging to evade a shift grab and for the most part some Jason players are entirely perfect at landing shift grabs. I've managed to do them on occasion and my brother has become fairly capable at performing them with ease and one of my friends even more so. The grab needs to change, and so do Jason's special executions. I am proposing a few alternatives without literally weakening Jason. 1. Grab is on a either a 3, 5 or 7 second cooldown, this way it can't be spammed. Its important to know that in the game characters who have any stats above 1 put into strength are essentially expected to have a sudden moment where they can fight back even if its not an incredible moment, but some self defence is required. This would mean counsellors have an opening to try and get back at Jason before he can pull of another grab. Most importantly the grab is literally destroying mechanics, there from current experience is no point in blocking or even entering combat stance. If that is going to be the case then remove it, because for the most part combat stance doesn't assist. Additionally a buff to compensate for this difference could be making it so that during stalk mode Jason is allowed to spam grab. This would reduce the amount of ridiculous moments that occur. 2.Make Combat stance immune to grabs till injured. 3.Combo attacks, following my 1. a good idea would be that if Jason strings two or three (probably two) consecutive hits that depending on the counsellors HP he can instantly string it into a special kill, a combo hit could lead to a stun assuming block is not used wisely by the counsellor. This is meant to be an attachment to point one. 4. Entirely block grabs to non injured targets 5. Turn grabs into button mash VS, atm there isn't counter play other than luck or hoping the current Jason wants to be fancy, a lot of Jason players don't want to be fancy. That an his kills charge up very quickly, in fact the reason some of then don't initiate from my experience is due to Jason's current area, by moving some kills disabled themselves while others enabled for me during the same grab. To be clear this idea is the one I'm most against, a Jason player who is weak behind the screen would then be unable to force themselves to perform well, point being that this could potentially be a little too hard for a Jason player. I stopped playing Jason because I love trying to live out the final girl trope (my main problem that I spent one night being forced to play Jason because people wanted to see savini Jason so I needed a break). Jason is very strong at the moment, I tend to land two hits on a counsellor before a grab, however one match I got forced to play Jason just last night and I decided to do an insta grab + shift grab round its far too easy. Its very easy to pull off a grab round in general and I say that as Savini Jason who has less grab strength (if I remember correctly). Also I am aware he does more melee damage put I didn't not hurt anyone these rounds, I focused on only grabs. Knifes are not common enough to save counsellors and the game will become stale if his grab goes on. I've barely seen any one play as Chad and I asked a few and people seem to value stamina/speed to highly. That being said the issue is that some characters are being undermined purely due to the grab from what I've witnessed. The game hasn't been out for a long time and the game is incredibly more balanced than it was in the beta, its came a long way and its not far off from being perfect. I know many people are going to probably disagree with me stating that Jason is meant to kill everyone but when I die I don't have fun watching people drop all tactics purely off avoiding a grab. I don't like Jason comically spamming grab in the distance without getting anyone simply because he will eventually if he keeps up. Jason never did something like attacking the wind in the movies... I agree Jason should be once again, the killer but notably a problem is this isn't the movies. Its the game. Its balance and it has to be fun for both Jason and survivors. I get lots of fun spectating but when its a spam grab I know what goes through everyone's head and they start acting erratic because of grabs, in game chat I also hear many players screaming and swearing at Jason players because of grabs. You can be a total horror geek, particularly of Jason and its entirely fine but you can't justify a function that even begins to make Jason look like a joke. I have played Jason and the match is left partly to chance even for Jason, you never know what player is going to be filled with pocket knives and for those that aren't they don't have a chance to escape so long as the Jason player knows what they're doing. Please try to be reasonable, don't justify Jason as needing spam grab, think around it because mechanics need to be fun and look cool, not look ridiculous and anti-fun. The movies or being a fan is not justifications. People even if they love it will come to a point where they dislike it. I like the movies and Jason destroys everything but it can't be perfect in the game. Just an opinion, I hope people are willing to understand where I'm coming from. Because I certainly want the unique kills to be present but the persistent grabs and grabbing is not entirely healthy which I why I was trying to think of some alternatives. Finally sorry if there is any mistakes in language or sentence structure.
  20. I didn't find a topic for this. Window spamming.... It sucks. Would It be possible to make window kills a thing? In my opinion, I think if a counselor Is near death/wounded/crawls thru a window Instead of Jumping thru, If Jason Is right behind them, or VERY near a prompt for an Enviromental kill should pop up. Not only would this stop window spamming, It would add a new layer of fun to both Jason and the counselors. (Drowning)
  21. Jason's Grab and Hold: Jason's grab distance is very long. Nerf the distance of his grab. He's able to grab through walls in come cases. A lot of Jasons don't want to do environmental kills. They insta-kill you when they grab a hold of you. Make it so the XP is GREATLY given to people that use environmental kills. Jason Glitch: There was a glitch where Jason walked into a bear trap continually did his animation of him trying to get out of the trap. We all hit him with bats, machetes, flare guns, and a shotgun. It did not phase him, and he continued doing the animation. Please fix. XP Gain in Private Matches: When the game released for Xbox One, no one could play Quick Play, but that is not the case anymore. Even though Quick Play is a little buggy, it works now. Please remove the XP Gain from Private matches to prevent players from farming XP, and so they can play Quick Play also. Even consider putting a little message in the main menu noting that Quick Play works now. Quick Play Improvements: I push Quick Play, I wait 10 seconds, I find a match. However, I am the host, or I find one person in the game and continue to wait. Quick Play still needs a little improvement. When there are a least 5 players, the countdown starts. That's fine, however, once there are 8 players, the countdown should start right away from 10 seconds to make it so people must stay and start the game. The players are unable to leave the game unless the quit out of F13, but even then should be counted as an abandonment. In-game, the Host will play, but if they do not get Jason, they leave. Same thing goes for some random players that do not get to play as Jason. The Host will sometimes leave as well when they are the first to die. The message that warns them that the game will end if they leave does not work, for the people that leave do not care for other players. Please make it so the Host changes to someone else in-game. Once the game starts, please make it so they are unable to leave the game until the game starts. Then, they have to wait 10 minutes before they can leave. Otherwise, they will receive a punishment. The punishment should be temporary bans. The first leave is a warning. The second is a 5 minute ban. The third is a 10 minute ban. The fourth is a 15 minute ban, and so on. Counselors that play the game often don't go into game chat on Xbox, have a message that reminds them that they need to be in Game Chat for the best experience. Counselors that play the game also don't contribute to playing with the team. They usually run off and hide for the entire game in one area, usually in the corner of a house, or in a camp tent at the very edge of the map. I'm not quite sure if this will help, but you could make it so people get a message that lets them know they will be removed for idling to get them moving so they make a little noise for Jason to find them, especially if they camping in a tent or outhouse the entire game.
  22. This is the first time I encountered this, but still: Jason grabbed me (playing Brandon) while I started jumping through a window. This resulted in the camera following noone jumping. After being finished, it jumped back to me being held right in Jason's hand, but not having enough time to break free from his grab since I couldn't press E while Mr. I'm-not-actually-there was being watched flying through the window. It's fine that Jason can grab you when you start jumping, but it's definitely not correct to let the camera follow its jump pattern then. Steam Name: Gunthaa
  23. good day to all while the game is very fun in my eyes as it does capture most of what it intends to portray, i can't help but feel more time should have been taken into balancing and tweaking certain things. lets take a look at the rather annoying things in the game, beginning with JASONS CAPABILITIES 1.) TRAPS - jason being able to place traps was a great way to disable players trying to escape through windows, or trying to achieve an objective, but in the end.... there is one small problem, there is no way to counter the jason trap other than just stepping on it, now people might say that it adds difficutly to the game...yes it does, but it also makes the game too difficult EXAMPLE, there was once a game where i played against a jason who booby trapped the car, so i decided... ok, ill be smart, ill just go fix the phone box and call the police....and what do i see?.... another booby trap, so basically, 2 of 3 objectives to escape are now un-achievable due to the traps set in place EDIT 06/12/2017 figured out that you could disable traps with the knife, but being as rare as it is.... there needs to be more more options to disable the trap, because if you use your knife it, it will alert jason regardless, so now you're going to need that knife you just used... poor balancing tbh 2.) GRAB - grabs aren't fun at all....fact is its incredible easy to abuse, , and let me give you 2 completely separate scenarios that explain why SCENARIO 1 - i swing at jason with a weapon, but grabs me in the middle of my animation... dead SCENARIO 2 - jason grabs someone initiates the kill animation in front of me within less than a second.... im unable to save my team mate because jason is invulnerable, thats incredibly unfair so...to be fair, whats the point of even having a combat system on jason when the only thing youre going to do is grab someone for a free kill whether or not they have a weapon?, it defeats the purpose entirely, also i should be able to save players before jason runs them through with his blade 3.) STALK - unfortunately every jason, plays almost the same spawn in an area, and chase, kill, repeat, there aren't too many avenues of approach, why can't the slower jasons just have stalk from the beginning and just hunt players using stealth instead of chasing them down till they run out of stamina?, giving certain jasons (ones that can't run) stalk early on gives players new avenues of approach on how to hunt players 4.) THE 360 RUN when you trying to aim the gun at jason.... just run around till the counselor wastes his shot, or till your phase regenerates, its very silly to look at or when a counselor has a melee weapon, just do a 180 when he swings and then grab him, its pretty cheesy i was hoping for players both jason and counselors to receive a brief speed reduction when making sharp directional changes during their sprint for both the counselors and jason now with that being said, lets all move on to the COUNSELORS GAMEMECHANICS 1.) PLAYERS WITH PARTS THAT DIED - ok...so lets face it, playing as a counselor is a hit or miss.... it can be fun at times, or it can blow ass when you get caught out first, you start off with 7 players, but the game gets harder and harder when you lose players before getting any of the objectives achieved, even worse, what if the player that died off had one of the parts that you needed to escape?.... how on earth will you find that now?, there had been many games where a counselor died with the part, and we have no idea on where he/she died to get the part hoping to at least have death marks placed on the maps, so we could see have a chance to scavenge the parts that a player may have had, also it would be nice to see what item the player has on the score board 2.) CABINETS AND BEDS HIDING MECHANIC - the breathing mechanic and the "oh i hope he doesnt see me" voice line has got to go 3.) PERKS - lets face it, some of the perks i will never use, the only perks i will ever take are the ones that increases my chances of survival, perks like drive faster when alone are among many perks that are just down right useless the developer should add multiple perk boxes that have different categories, survival perk box, detection perk box, fear perk box, objective perk boxes, otherwise most of these perks will never be used by players now we come to an end, it took me a while to type all of these, i know im not the best at typing things out, but i'm trying to help the game out, because the game is something that was created out of love and determination, and together we could help make the game a whole lot better 4) CREATE A COUNSELOR - pls let use create our own counselors 5.) EDIT 6/12/2017 BREAKFREE MECHANIC - Im not entirely sure on how to balance this well, but the only thing i could think out there needs to be a delay in jasons execution, the current break free mechanic is utterly useless since jason can initiate a kill animation at any given time my suggestion is that, breakfree should weaken as the players health lowers, the lower the health, the lower the break free capability, but it also goes hand in hand with balancing jason's grab MISCELLANEOUS WEATHER SYSTEM - imagine trying to escape from jason in a dark rainy and stormy night, that would be a dynamic gameplay to see EDIT 6/09/17- when it rains in the map, when ever jason uses phase/and or teleport, replace the screen discoloration with a flash of lightning for dramatic effect P.S. add freddy kreuger DLC
  24. *Reposting this here because I think other one was in wrong section First, allow me to say that I've been hearing this not only on this forum, but many message boards and it is most definitely the biggest elephant in the room regarding strict game-play concerns. Getting right into the topic; SHIFT-GRAB INTO INSTANT KILLS IS NOT OVERPOWERED. It may seem like an overpowered cheesy tactic at first, but over time in the context of the actual game through higher levels later down the road, it is actually needed to keep Jason "competitive". I cannot fathom with how many players come to the conclusion of "wow, this tactic is so unfair and should be removed" by playing random pub games online or a night with friends. Have any of you actually ever played against an entire team of COMPETITIVE counselors that know what they're doing and how to play the game at a very serious level? It is very difficult to stop a team from surviving in this game and over the course of getting to play against MANY competitive players together (some very good old school team-orientated survival competitive players over the years from LEFT 4 DEAD, DBD, etc.) Once you are put to the test against SEVEN OTHER competitive survivors constantly and grinding the games in and out, you realize some of the flaws and disadvantages that a team can pick apart and abuse on the Jason user. And NO, I am not talking about searching in public games randomly until you find a team of people using "mics", it's much deeper and more complicated than that. Let's quickly breakdown why shift-grab deaths are needed: 1.) It's Jason's best and only way to successfully kill a counselor more often than not (unless they have a pocket knife, which completely negates this option) wasting 2-3 minutes trying to kill a counselor juking, stalling, or receiving your full attention is VERY detrimental to the overall pace of the game and most often must be abandoned to multi-task other areas and ensure openings do not happen. Keep in mind you only have 20 minutes to kill each survivor, so you can't possibly spend close to three minutes trying to chase, attack, and kill each one. 2.) Counselors out run and maneuver Jason throughout most of the game which would make him almost completely useless if it were not for skills such as morphing, shifting, and throwing knives. Map morphing and throwing knives while they are indeed "options", are in no way reliable or comparable to the viability of shift. A counselor that knows what they're doing is going to be zig-zagging, feinting, cross-path juking, bluffing their movements, 180 quick turns, etc. which Jason it is not as simple as "just shift grab and kill", you must PREDICT the counselors movements ahead of time and make a BALLSY read which forces you to COMMIT. Yes, it is easy to grab predictable players in public search that don't have many hours put into the game and are just playing on their Friday night off for some fun. It is entirely different to successfully grab and read movements from a competitive player that knows the map and generated random layouts in and out. 3.) Against competitive groups playing together the tactical stalling and defense trying to make an open can be severely difficult and time consuming which is why banking for a shift-grab kill every time it's off cooldown is sometimes the ONLY offense opportunity you can get. If they have weapons, flare guns, shotgun, firecrackers, etc. this is all going to be very time consuming and force each of your attempts in a manner of "make it count". Let me ask you, how on Earth would you (as Jason) even attempt to kill a team of counselors together with melee items such as bats, machete, etc. without shift grab? You are most likely going to be eating a LOT of stuns and wasting a LOT of valuable time in which other counselors can heavily take advantage of the scenario. It is not fun and very demoralizing. Especially in the way that this scenario is quite common and easy to recreate at high levels. 4.) You must multi-task the map and always be aware of other counselors and their options, agendas, and what their plans may be. ALWAYS have to keep the house with the phone section trapped, and be knowledgeable as a few seconds off your focus shift could mean a VERY bad and early game with a call getting through. This means as Jason the most optimal way to play is with background noise boosted so you can hear if phone is tethered, picked up, car engine starting, etc. BY THE WAY (IMPORTANT) - The negative penalties of 'sound ques' of counselors messing up with gas, battery, etc. barely does not happen at a high and competitive level as counselors with high repair are almost ALWAYS in charge of performing these duties and have cover to back them. 5.) PERKS, MY GOD PERKS! If there's something you want to complain that is actually "OP", well here you go! Before you read this section KEEP IN MIND that everything prior to this and strictly based on if "Jason shift grab is OP" or not has been conducted and tested WITHOUT THE USE OF PERKS! We attempted to play some "high level competitive" F13 using some of the best perks... and well let's just say the games did not end up being very competitive and was more of a headache and disaster for the Jason player way too many times than not. Having seven competitive players start with Epic Perk Double healing and First Aid sprays is COMPLETELY BROKEN and made if you did not instant kill a counselor with shift-grab, you had virtually no chance to overall damage, cripple, and kill a counselor. Total imbalance with perks which I'm sure that is how the developers intended to be and not directly affect the core balance of the game. I'm sure it can get much worse with combination of perks amongst a team of seven counselors. Look, we understand F13 is not meant to be played with eight competitive players playing as if it were an actual tournament or the finals play offs to something similar to a superbowl. We know that F13 is mainly made for public game searching, having fun with strangers, and seeing hectic things go afloat that Jason takes advantage of. In public games as counselors you have to worry about team killers (friendly fire), people not knowing the map, players with not much experience / hours, terrible decision makers, lone wolves, language barriers etc. etc. These are all natural pub problems that do NOT EXIST in a competitive environment of a full team of players playing F13 together which is probably what makes it so excruciatingly hard for Jason. Here's the catch, we believe a team of counselors playing properly gives Jason a MUCH more difficult time with the ratio being they TOO OFTEN survive with a few being shift-grabbed killed (if it happens). We think F13 is a VERY FUN and enjoyable game we just wish it was a bit more balanced for the higher level players who like to play games very seriously and competitively. Would some smaller buffs to Jason and some fixes to things we think this game will be AMAZING at a competitive level. Jason could use some buffs or reworks and I hope if any developers read this they may think of possible ideas to implement or something they like here: JASON BUFFS FOR FUTURE: 1.) THROWING KNIVES - They're good for what they are but main downside is sometimes it can be too time consuming to pick one up unless you're just waiting for morph to appear back and there happens to be a knife next to your current location. They also do not have any headshot advantages and sometimes it takes three or more knife tosses to have a counselor enter "cripple" state. - Having a bit less of a collecting animation and recovery. (or add this as a possible perk for a new Jason) - Inflicting more damage. Two throwing knives to the chest area seems reasonable to always put a counselor in cripple state. (or add this as a possible perk for a new Jason) - Add headshot capabilities with throwing knives that will either instant kill a counselor or immediately put them in the cripple state if headshot. (or add this as a possible perk for a new Jason) 2.) TRAPS - Ability to recover or pick up traps (or add this as a possible perk for a new Jason) - Ability to place down a "fake" bait trap with just leaves. These could be set to expire after 30 seconds to a minute or so to prevent abuse. Max of two "fake" traps out at a time. (or add this as a possible perk for a new Jason) - Ability to place traps on the boat dock 3.) TIMER - Add lobby option or ability to increase timer from 20 minutes to 25 minutes or 30 minutes for players that want a bit of a challenge (or add this as a possible perk for a new Jason) 4.) "Ki, ki ki, ma, ma, ma" - Give Jason a new ability to create fog on the map that will make the counselors mini-map on screen freeze temporarily or for him to select an "area" on the map to engulf in fog and the "Ki, ki, ki, ma, ma, ma" sound queus. This would be used as a bait to alert or potential scare / play mindgames with a group of survivors at a part of the map to make them THINK you're there and maybe force them to play defensively WHILE you deal with the current group or have them flee their original plans. In the fog area Jason sounds alert music would be disabled so this would make it ambiguous. Right now, there is NO way to effectively deal with two groups of survivors on a mission, you have to pick and choose your poison and let one of them get away with doing something. This would be a great alternative to add an extra layer or mindgames that counselors would have to think about and buy the bluff or not. That is all for now. Thanks for reading. Back to playing more F13... If any of you are curious or believe "Jason shift-grab is OP and must go", I invite you to PLEASE COME PLAY with my group and we will guarantee after some games you will start to see it is very different when you're up against a group of competitive counselors and not random casuals in public search strictly playing to have some fun. None of us run any perks while playing, we all play the game with vanilla counselor stats and defaults to not skew balance and keep it on even and consistent playing fields. We all play on Steam (PC) and we have a serious group of over ten competitive players pouring hours and hours into this game each day grinding together.
  25. As it stands right now Jason's grab kills give the player no incentive to use environmental kills due to its short activation time. It can be triggered almost instantly after grabbing even before a counselor who is next to Jason and constantly swinging their weapon can even react before his killing animation begins. I think it would greatly balance the kill if it just added a short 3-5 second timer to it before it was allowed to be used in order to prevent the instant grab death.
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