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Found 6 results

  1. For true die hard F13 fans, there should be an additional extra gore option adding a much more grotesque look. (Ex. Organs spilling out onto the floor, eyeballs popping out of the skull and onto the floor and they explode into a small gush of blood when stepped on, bloody footprints, bloodier looking wounds). It would be completely optional free DLC that would keep the base game M rated, but AO rated for the DLC. Thus allowing the base game to be played in various countries and keeps the gore DLC out of the countries with stricter gaming boards. I'm sure many fans would appreciate this and think of it as an excellent idea.
  2. Here's a neat idea to add to the atmosphere of the game - blood decals. Able to appear on the ground / floor / on walls, they would only be left behind for 2 reasons: - Jason slashes you - Jason has slashed you to the point of near-death I imagine a bloody hand-print being left on doors if you open them while in this state, and occasional specks of blood on the ground left in your wake.
  3. Ever since i performed my first kill as Jason on that fateful May 26th, I noticed that only blood was spilling from the counselor i had just mutilated. So I ask, will more gore ever be added? For example, one of the new kills is splitting a counselor in half, yet they are in one piece, will making them actually split in 2 with visible organs be a thing? Or seeing the wound on a throat slit? I know, i know, i'm a twisted, sadistic fuck for asking this but a little bit of realism never hurts. I'm sure NetherRelam studios (Mortal Kombat, Injustice) could loan you a nerd or 2.
  4. After searching through previous topics on the gore in the game, my question seems to be more focused on more current builds of the game. With the recent improvements on the visuals (recent update and future rain implementation) and the change to the way clothing will be handled, will there be any new updates to how active gore/blood (such as an increase to particle sprays, slow pooling of blood from dead bodies, and more accurate splatters i.e. door head smash) and passive gore/blood (like varied and more accurate decals to where damage has been taken) is handled Vs where it currently is? Could @Gertz possibly give a little insight on this topic?
  5. So this is a topic dedicated to the first person shooter series known as Turok. Any one here who played the games and are fans of it or at least heard of it ? Share your toughts. Recently 'Night Dive Studios' released a remaster of Turok 2 Seeds of Evil on Steam with improvements over the original N64/PC version,they also released a remaster of Turok 1 about a year ago too. Here's are 2 review videos made by Gggmanlives on those remasters. Turok 1 remaster review : Turok 2 remaster review : If you guys are interested in buying those remasters,here's the steam pages of the games. Turok 1 Steam page : http://store.steampowered.com/app/405820/ Turok 2 Steam page : http://store.steampowered.com/app/405830/ So yeah,share your toughts on the series. Also i do hope that 'Night Dive Studios' eventually do a remaster of Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion,like that the original N64 trilogy will be all remastered.
  6. So, who else on here is into horror-filled comic books? My current favourite is Nailbiter from Image Comics, written by Joshua Williamson with art by Mike Henderson. Here's the original blurb: There are four trade paperback collections out so far, and it's a decent mixture of gore and disquiet. They also did a one-shot crossover with another favourite, Hack/Slash. Over the years, Cassie and Vlad hunted and killed many slashers, even crossing paths with Victor Crowley and Chucky. There's a lot of Hack/Slash to get through, either start with the first book, First Cut, or Cassie's origin, My First Maniac. I would be an idiot not mentioning my own stuff here, so here's the trailer art for The Dark of the Forest: (Image spoilered due to size) It's a seventies-set man-vs-nature/proto-slasher hybrid, filled with all the blood, gore, sex and foul language we love. My other horror comic is Deadly Burlesque: (Image spoilered due to size) This one's more a tribute to the early eighties slashers like Maniac and He Knows You're Alone. I have another project that's been hit quite heavily by delays, but should finally be out by the end of the year, Slashermania. I think a few people here will appreciate it. I'll let the trailer image speak for itself here, though it's very big. Huge. (Not a warning I'm used to giving...) (Image spoilered due to enormousness) So, that's a couple of recommendations and some blatant self-promotion. What about you? What horror comics are you reading, or have you read?
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