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Found 18 results

  1. I've noticed that people are still able to glitch on top of the Packanack Lodge. I only play the PS4 version so I don't know about Xbox One or the Steam version. Anyways, I've been seeing people glitch on top of the roof of the lodge or glitching onto the balcony of the Jarvis residence. I was in a Jason match earlier and this Mitch was standing right next to the window that's in front of the balcony. I grabbed him, he had a pocket knife and glitched through the wall. I couldn't get him with very many throwing knives cause he would try to avoid him. He basically ruined the match and just wasted time, all because he didn't want to play the game like he should've by trying to escape and helping the other counselors. It was very annoying to say the least and it's completely unfair to Jason and even other counselors who don't want to deal with time wasters. I would've left sooner in that match but I wanted to see if I could get him. I was unsuccessful but these wall glitches really need to be fixed. I hope it was unintentional for the guy but it was still annoying nonetheless. Next time it happens, I'm just leaving right off the bat because I'm not dealing with people who think it's clever to break the game to avoid getting killed rather than use actual skill. On another note, I was playing with my friend last night on Packanack and he was Jason. We were in a public match and there were probably about 2 or 3 people trying to glitch themselves on top of the roof, so I had to help kill them even though I don't ever help Jason unless people are ruining the game for others. Like I get it, glitches are cool sometimes and even fun to experiment with, but shouldn't be used in public matches like this. This game needs more patching but that may take a while. I'm fine with waiting. So the next time sometime tries glitching through the wall in Jarvis Residence, I'll just slash them to death.
  2. Much of this game, I actually like. Glitches and all. Sometimes the glitches simply have me ROFLOL. However, I thought it would be cool to make a thread about what YOU would do if you created the game. What things would YOU do to make the game better? For me, I would NOT allow duplicate counselors. This would make Jason much harder to kill (gang-up kill) and for people to accomplish the objectives. Having 4 LaChappas to put cars, boats, fuses etc together is clearly problematic. Add a "Prestige Mode" - Some players are simply losers. They spend all their time in life getting to 150 rank then start team killing with the car or teaming with Jasons. This is a total dick move. It's not even trolling it's just you being an asshole. A Prestige Mode would reset all of your stats and unlocks and give you a badge for going through the process again. You would have to go through earning badges and everything all over again. As a reward, reach 150 again and get a different award to go prestige again. Maybe even award a Savini Jason for Going Prestige X amount of times. Only allow 1 Savini Jason in a Lobby - This should be a no-brainer. Truly randomize fuse house, Tommy's radio and other item placements. I think many of these things can be done without issues with the lawsuit too. They'd really be "tweaks" and not additions to the game. What kind of changes would you make to the game if YOU were the developer?
  3. I have been seeing a few of These and thought it would be cool to see if anyone else got some pics of Jason glitches. Welcome Tyrant Jason!!
  4. Ok folks, Lets hear what issues you find to be critical to improving the game. I'm allowing multiple votes per item. If I've left something off you really want to see happen, please add it into you comments and give details! ?
  5. So you can't play offline on pc, because each time I try playing against bots without internet connection the game gives me a fatal error, in any configuration, and, in any map... I tried restarting the game and playing it with Steam set to offline mode, same error, I tried unplugging my ethernet cable, same error. The only way I could play against bots truly OFFLINE was by starting an offline bot game mode with internet, and then unplugging the ethernet cable.
  6. This is currently the worst game out there. It is overrun by SO MANY gamebreaking bugs and glitches. I don't understand how difficult it is to polish up this stupid game despite there not being a single player campaign. This game was not ready to be released yet you greedy deveopers. FIX ALL OF THE BUGS AND GLITCHES or I will demand a refund! UPDATE: I regret writing this post. I said it entirely out of anger and rage (I think I was also high lol) This game is nowhere near being the worst game ever, in fact, few games have been as exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping as this one. I just really have such a strong love/hate relationship with this game. I'm rooting for it as much as you guys are, if not more. Also, I think I cried when I saw the Jason X Map reveal because of how excited I was.
  7. Currently there is a streamer broadcasting to 300+ people how to do the sliding exploit,car surfing exploit, and tking every single person who isn't in their party with the car. No wonder cheating is so wildly rampant when no steps are done to prevent the spread of it. Copyright striking datamined assets is much more important. >.>
  8. so i managed to get every achievement in the game.but now i cannot play with my game stalling then crashing during every single game .nothing fixes it..and i heard among the forums this was do to the fact i have all achievements and that this was the factor on why i cannot play.Please gun media fix this and include it in the next patch i do not wanna miss out on all the new stuff coming with new level cap.this happens during any type of animation like using health spray,breaking down doors,barricading doors,fixing boxes,basically anything related to achievements progression..i can only pray that this is fixed by next patch or is currently included in the patch(please let it be) - thank you for reading(hopefully by someone at gun media or illfonic
  9. Apart from every connection issue possible, the spawning mechanic has become egregious, and the amount of glitches has become insufferable. Counselors stuck underground, stuck in cars, stuck in the boat, stuck inside a window. Jason suddenly cant grab or attack, car parts won’t activate, weapons disappear. WTF is wrong with this game man??? I’ve submitted multiple reports and nothing happens. I can only guess that the amount of bugs being reported is astronomical. I’m trying to understand how it can deteriorate so lateafter a patch. This game finds a way. Match after match where new people enter the lobby and get to be Jason while others wait HOURS to be a Jason and when we finally do he glitches, the host quits, or the cops are somehow called within the first 30 seconds, REALLY??? How is a game possibly fun for anyone if the cops are called within moments of spawning? In no realm should the cops even be able to be called within the first 5 minutes. What gives? All this issues and this game is finally unplayable. Bottom line, it’s just not fun, and games are supposed to be fun, cut and dry. What is going to be done? Does anyone care?
  10. i have pictures of a player who used a glitch/exploit how do i upload the photos, or report it i mean the devs should see it, so they could fix the exploit, and get that guy banned
  11. Sometimes while hiding from Jason I get stuck inside the ground can't be killed or hit anyone. This bug happens mostly in tents and beds.What do I do?
  12. It may have been reported before, but this is a glitch that ruins the match. As I was playing as Jason, I may have either hit a door, opened it, or got stunned, but after this occurred, I could no longer use my melee weapon, I couldn't throw knives, and I couldn't execute. I could only grab, but only for them to escape. Also, my friends were hitting me through the wall while I was sitting there trying to hit windows or the door. I lost the match due to this of course. If I had a more detailed cause and effect for how this happened, I would let you guys know. This all happened on Xbox One.
  13. First of all, I have to admit I love the concept of this game! But c´mon it´s not just the servers or the lack of content here. To be honest, it´s the overall package which makes you feel you just bought an Ubi Soft title. But don´t forget, at least they do look good! Yes, I am disappointed (for now) and it is always pretty difficult to recover after you left such a first impression imho. Pressure to publish... Indie studio whatsoever... I have to get back to the point where I just wonder why is it even possible to release such unfinished business?! Seriously it´s only possible in the video gaming industry. If you are providing a game which is not exactly content rich (only 1 game mode, where worst case you just sit and wait for 15 to 20min / 3maps and the same start/ending cutscene all over) at least you gotta make sure that the product works flawlessly. Specially when you put on such a price tag to it. So whats the excuse right now? With that kind of price tag on it, you have to be aware that ppl judge you due to that approach and that's just fair. I hoped that the devs (in general) learned from the 'no mans lie' incident but here is no lesson learned. For me it comes all down to the film reference when you go to the movies and half the background is still green screen and they say, it will all be fine when the DVD comes out in a couple of months. It doesn´t work like this and I am just fed up with this behavior. So far, in these rare moments when I finally got connected to the servers I experienced after waiting an average of 10 minutes to join a game, frustrating disconnects (specially when you play as Jason), annoying glitches and game breaking bugs (PS4). For my taste it is too little and left the impression of 'not delivered'! I will keep on playing and hope for the best, cause the basic idea had the potential to be a masterpiece, but I felt that needed to be said. So now the companies got our money, obviously more than expected because that was the official reason why servers are down, so show us what you can do with it! I am not hatin' and I am not angry. I am just very disappointed (for now).
  14. Why can't I buy parks and every time I try the game freezes and when paying as a counsellor I sometimes get stuck on windows and can get out but when pressing a it brings me all the way back to the window
  15. I've successfully gotten about 5 perks so far, but now whenever I try to roll for a new one the game gets stuck. Instead of giving me a new perk, it instead tells me "An error has occurred during your purchase." Then the 'rolling' music keeps playing despite me being given no perk and I'm unable to even try to roll for a new one, since clicking on the roll button does nothing. If I try to go back to the main menu the game gets stuck (not frozen, but all menu prompts disappear and I can only look at the counselor I had selected) and I am forced to crash out via task manager. Small update: Restarted game twice, rolling works again. Noticeably, the first time I restarted and it didn't work, it had unequipped all my previously selected perks. The second time I restarted, all my usual perks were equipped as normal.
  16. aka Jason in the closet... I remember watching a stream where Jason got stuck in a closet by walking towards it as a counselor jumped out. In this instance he was able to morph out, but the ability is limited and takes time to regen so you could get stuck for a while. This got me think of scenarios that might interrupt gameplay. As far as I'm aware the morph isn't pin point accurate and Jason can't shift over objects. So if somebody took a car and parked it in the corner of a building on a diagonal any one in that area would be safe from Jason. Or if they made any sort of blockade on all sides using vehicles and environment. Am I right? Wouldn't this break gameplay? I had an idea about trapping Jason in a house by blocking both doors but he could morph out. So I don't think that's a problem and it's very time consuming. You could just escape easier. I've been trying to think of other scenarios that might break game but haven't thought of any others yet. Do you have any scenarios that could hinder play and what do you think of this one?
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