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Found 129 results

  1. During finishing a round of Friday The 13th, and spectating other players. I have observed a new glitch. A player would have a melee weapon (the one they used specifically was a baseball bat). Each time the players would swing it would glitch them and transport them to another part of the map. I see this as un-fair and it drags the game out for a extended amount of time, after everyone’s dead and they are still glitching. The gamer tags of the players participating are listed below. Thank you. @WreckedDreams- @WreckedHeart-
  2. This weird glitch happened while playing a couple days ago on the Switch version. It seemed to have mashed a bunch of textures up, but it came out to make a pretty cool skin. I was able to play the entire game with it, but haven't got it since. I have no clue what triggered it, but it's pretty interesting nonetheless.
  3. Since the release of f13th on the switch, have you played multiple matches and had teamers on there? Me, playing 17 matches, only two matches, I only saw two people teaming. I've haven't seen frequent teaming on the switch version yet. I also saw that the Window Dive glitch came to the switch version, even though it got patched on ps4, x1, and PC version.
  4. Think about it, what does every level 11 Vanessa do? They glitch out because as new players they don’t realize how uncool it is... what do we do if this happens 0_0 also just to confirm, the trap glitch is definetly working on pc, even though before I stated it wasn’t. For the past few days I’ve been testing in private’s matches and with perfect ping I’ve started to get it to work. This isn’t good...
  5. Top of the Jarvis house map in Hollow Grove, I've seen counselors get on top of that house, looked around for a trap but no trap I could see. Anyone else seen this before?
  6. I'm not sure if this is a new one, but I'm going to post it here just in case, just to warn you lot. There's an out of map exploit at the bottom right of the map. On the right side of the entrance to Franklin Canyon, there lies a waterfall, some rocks, and a wooden fence. Counsellors can bypass an invisible wall there, and are untouchable. Not even knives work, they phase right through the counsellors. Right at the top of the waterfall, there seems to be some rocks that can be climbed upon, where lies a gap in an invisible wall that only counsellors can fit in. Once there, there's no way of getting them, they can stand at the top of this waterfall, on a large rock, or behind the fences beside it, and nothing can be done. Also, in the part of the waterfall which is accessible with no glitching, counsellors are completely immune to any grab kills. Despite there being nothing in the way to stop Jason, grab kills cannot be performed in the flowing water. If I can find a way to send pics and vids from my PS4 capture gallery, I'll show what's going on.
  7. I think I figured something out. While playing vs bots, I found that sometimes Tommy would die via beartrap/suicide or even escape, but would be listed as "alive". How was this happening? Well I think I figured it out. Every time Tommy died/escaped, it was DURING a moment where I was killing another counselor. If you listen, you hear a beartrap go off during this kill, but no kill bonus for me outside of the kill of the person in my hand. I go investigate the beartrap that was set off ans sure enough, Tommy is dead, but the game counts him as "alive", and at the end of the round, I scored 7/8. This might be a key as to how to fix it for the devs.
  8. Any chance once it’s fixed to leave it as an option for later? I think it’s kind of festive lolThe 4th of July on Friday the 13th?
  9. In private match a buddy was Roy as Jason, but when the game ended it was shown as Savini instead. He does not own Savini either to play as him
  10. this glitch has been here since launch and yet they still haven’t fixed it, even in the engine update they haven’t fixed it. Jason’s weapon and mask do not cast a shadow! This isn’t game breaking but it’s really annoying. In beta I could have sworn that the weapons and mask had shadows.
  11. So you can't play offline on pc, because each time I try playing against bots without internet connection the game gives me a fatal error, in any configuration, and, in any map... I tried restarting the game and playing it with Steam set to offline mode, same error, I tried unplugging my ethernet cable, same error. The only way I could play against bots truly OFFLINE was by starting an offline bot game mode with internet, and then unplugging the ethernet cable.
  12. Hi all, can't hear any player talking but when I talk they can hear me. I tried reinstalling, verifying cache, all my windows sound settings are fine and steam sound settings are fine. Tried it with 3 different audio outputs one at a time. Weird because I can hear game sound just not players voices. Google has nothing on it so hopefully someone here can help:) Had this issue since getting the game
  13. Anybody else having same issues? Being chased by Jason, run to a cabin, open a Window, mash A button (xb1) and nothing.. stand there to die? I know it used to happen couple months ago I thought it was fixed but I guess not. Mostly happens on Jarvis and Pinehurst maps for me. Any ideas of/when this will be fixed? Thank you in advance.
  14. Last night I was going for a regular game in the Jarvis House Map. At the beginning of the game I spawned at an isolated cabin, next to another isolated cabin that someone was just entering inside of. After I looted my cabin, I decided to go to the other cabin where I saw someone enter. As I crawled through one of the windows in the cabin, I turned around and saw a very odd and strange Vanessa turn around a corner. She looked very unusual, I thought to myself, "Maybe I'm just hallucinating like aways..." Curious, I decided to investigate what I saw. I regret turning around that corner, because what I saw was horrifying. There was standing Vanessa, but with her clothing ripped up and her skin into a dark ebony color. I was shocked by what I saw. I tried to act normal and jog away from her, but then she turned around the corner and stared through me with her gazing eyes. I started making a run for it, I jumped out the nearest window and tried to run away, but she was too fast. She then caught up to me, then she.... She.... Oh my god... It was just so scary... Lol this was just something I made to entertain you guys a bit, maybe you guys can make a better story using those two pictures. Anyway, This was just showing that I saw a weird looking Vanessa yesterday, that's all I wanted to say. I showed my friends the pictures then they began laughing lmao. Make your own stories with the pictures down below!
  15. @GunMedia @GunMedia_Ben @Illfonic_Casey I think I may have helpful info on this issue. I was playing as Jason earlier and I grabbed a counselor. As I was lifting up said counselor, another player shot me with the flare gun. This triggered the Melee Glitch. The players seemed to know that I was glitched before I did, because they didn't run. Two different players; neither one ran afterwards. I morphed out to the lake to no avail. No prompts worked either, like no killing the power as an example. Perhaps if Jason is stunned in a particular way during a grab, it triggers this bug/glitch. I managed to find an AFK player and grabbed him. It was the only function to still work outside of movement and abilities. I couldn't initially perform a grab kill, so I spammed all of the buttons and I got a grab kill to work. All of Jason's functions were restored after the grab kill. I went back to the cabin, where they both still were. I believe that I shocked them when I raged into the cabin (no prompts worked earlier) because they were in such a panicked scramble that I made short work of them.
  16. Has this glitch/ bug ever happened to you? Plus have you ever wondered how the counselors look like when under a bed?
  17. Anyone else ever come across this? (Short-but-entertaining 2-minute video)
  18. Something rather funny happened when I was hunting some bots on Crystal Lake. A Chad Bot hid under a bed, but for some reason, instead of the "Oh please, don't come over here...", the sound balancing went out of wack, Chad shoved the mic into his mouth, and with the force of Jason's fist: I stood around like that because I was dying laughing.
  19. So I just accidentally came across a cloning glitch... I have no idea how it ended up happening, but thought I should post so the devs could fix it before it gets abused. (I couldn't find anything when I searched cloning, glitch, or hack, so I assume this is the first time it's being mentioned) I was playing as Deborah and I got the battery and repaired the car. I noticed that Deborah still looked as if she was carrying the battery, but it was invisible. So I grabbed a weapon and it spawned a new battery. I laughed and repaired the other car for fun 'cause I figured it'd be a one time thing. Anyways, I found the gas and the same thing happened. Not sure how or why this happened.
  20. When playing F13 I noticed my game lagged due to a terrible pc and internet, While lagging, I try to play and when I do that it runs behind so the camera is stuck in a position looking at the trees. I am still able to run around but not see where I am going, Please contact me with a fix IF you can.
  21. At this point I have lost hope for this game. I have been keeping track of how many times my game just ends all of sudden. Mind you that my internet is good, usually its around 100. Today that screen pop up 9 times in a span of 4 hours?! What's the problem? Is it the sservers? Glitch? Idk its just frustrating when you are literally about to escape with a car or by the cops and your game just crashes smh. Has this been happening to y'all? Is there any way to try to fix this or do something to minimize this crashes?
  22. @malloymk, @pioneer67fkd, @BoxingRouge, @Ste_Wolf, We took Jason home! Epic glitch! @GunMedia_Ben
  23. Heres one of the best gameplays we have had in friday the 13th game on ps4. Here, I give away Pamela tape, plus call the police plus get a Jason Kill. Hope you Enjoy.
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