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Found 12 results

  1. @mattshotcha Given that attributes such as Stealth, Strength, Fear, and Composure could use a bit of reworking/ touch-up, I felt that this idea may be easier to implement. Now, I know I am one of very few who would want certain things made harder for counselor play, but also know how much people rely on these damned afterthought perks. As stated back when Illfonic had their presentation on working on the game, when perks came up, they said it was an afterthought addition and their impact to gameplay would be minimal (and as time has told, they are the ONLY thing the players have focused on). The amount of work to change up how they work and what they do would take quite a while to put together properly, so instead I came up with two ideas (I fully expect to hear contrary criticism, especially with these just off the top of my head) : 1. Bring down the total +% on perks. Nothing exceeding a +10% or +15% on anything. This would help mitigate situations where, say, someone running TS could just tank a trap and run off with no negative impact (other than alerting Jason, but this is usually done by Chads/Vanessas who run off instantly anyway) and no need to heal. Make these situations an actual choice: Do I tank a trap and help the team, or leave it for someone else to tank/pk disable it? 2a. Make every tier of the perks REQUIRE a -% and make -1% the lowest possible (no more 0% impact on perks.) Go as high as the highest +% could go (with this still being determined by RNG). With only a handful of perks being used by a vast majority of players, these mandatory -%'s could help shake up playstyles and matches overall. 2b. (This one may be the least wanted by players and is harsher than 2a) Have each perks +% be met with an equal -% (say a +10% to TS also has a -10% to its negative side). Have these perks and their side effects actually mean/do something.
  2. What up slashers and slashettes, avid f13 game fan here, and I’m frustrated enough to take to the forums and start a thread. Is it just me or is the lag atrocious lately?! i have played a few rounds of this game darn near every day for the past eight months so I think I’ve got a good feel for how the game plays. And the lag lately is out of hand. I have defended the game play in the past, as well as the patch updates, the new Jason grab, etc etc etc. the lag currently is so frustrating that I can’t defend it/need to know what’s happening. It can’t be me right lol?? Last night as Tommy Jarvis I couldn’t sprint. I tried so many times to sprint and it just wasn’t happening. I got grabbed by a Jason (part 8) with no running ability. That doesn’t happen lol. My style of play is a sprinter - I play as Vanessa. I’ve never been great at brawling with Jason but I sure can drag his ass around any map in the game for 5-10 minutes and drive him insane going in and out of houses/windows/etc. i messaged the part 8 Jason I mentioned above and said wow I’m experiencing some crazy lag are you? I figured I’d get a snarky comment like “whatever you’re just mad I killed you”. His response was “yeah me too it’s been like that all night. That was my last round I’m done with it”. And that’s coming from a player playing as Jason. Any one else experiencing crazy lag/inability to sprint? I sure do love this game but it’s maddening when I can’t play the game the way I know it can be played. Come on dedicated servers! -Z
  3. This is something I've been wanting in the game since it released is a way to toggle the hud on/off giving sound cues when you get a power or it blinks on the screen then disapearing I would really love this for like more cinematic clips and screenshots I want this so bad
  4. After completing the Virtual Cabin, i realized that the game would be much better if the counselours only see in first person. As Jason i think that third person is fine, even more to surprise counselors in corridors or corners. What would be the benefits? 1.The game seems to have a bigger suspense in the first person. 2.Physically speaking the game would look more beautiful and realistic, whoever played the Virtual Cabin knows what i talking abou it. 3.This would even work as a form of balancing the gameplay, one of the biggest problems from Stalk ability of Jason, is the reason that the counselours can see in third person! For example, in one of the challenges in Single-Player mode, you have to surprise a counselor while he is repairing the car battery and the goal is not to be seen, until u grab the individual. Why this kind of insane and cool gameplay wouldn't work in multiplayer games? Well, counselours can see everything that happens while they're fixing things! (like an onipresent god) Wouldn't we have a much greater suspense not knowing what's behind us? In my opinion, we should care less about ideias that will directly benefit us as a counselor or as Jason, and try to give ideas that would make the game more interesting and frightening, as is shown in the atmosphere of the Friday the 13th movies. Examples for people who didn't play the Virtual Cabin: Looking trough a window: Puting gas on the car: View of the docks: Get killed by jason: Fixing the boat: The woods: Killed by jason again:
  5. Hardcore mode includes: no walkie talkies, less melee weapons available/weapons break often, crawling through broken widows automatically puts you on your final hit, jason hears (the car start, when you're on the phone with the police, the boat engine) or his mother helps him by saying "they're trying to escape jason. Stop them." (When repairs are made), jasons rage activates automatically when any counselor escapes. (Rage activation increases his walk/run speed, can sense all counselors even with sense avoidence perks, abilities cooldown time decreases to a 3 second wait), slim to none chance the radio to call tommy jarvas will be on the map, 7 min wait for police and jason already knows where they will show up before they get there, if jason is "killed" the counselors will have 2 mins to escape (in a boat, with police, or in a car) before he automatically revives, jason stun time lasts 5 seconds( 3 in rage mode), each hit jason takes increases rage meter more (after 5 hits rage mode activated), everyone is prone to fear and loses mini map automatically when jason is nearby or dead body is seen, if jason stops car 3 times all repairs to car has to be done again, police will only pick up the counselor who called and 2 others and will have to be called again to pick up more, if there are 3 vehicles there will only be 2 gas containers (2 vehicles 1 gas container), as added fun the boat will already have the bolder and chain in it so counselors will have the choice to "drown" jason or escape ( "drowning" jason will be the only way to "kill" him and will consist of a "button mash contest" for the counselor trying to put it on him and jason trying to flip the boat over), survivors will gain triple XP and double CP for surviving hardcore jason will receive normal if anyone escapes and triple XP and double CP for all counselors killed, tommy can only be called when 3 or more players have died, jason can grab counsors from a downed position for quick kill (stops counselors from ganging up on him and t-bagging him), if Jason's mask is removed counselors will stay in fear, and last but not least weather conditions will alter the game (strong winds will radomly open unlocked doors, thuderstorms will radomly destroy power boxes/generators, power is needed to call police, running in rain off road will incrase stumbling, running outside with rain and strong winds will decrease counselor speed from cold, weather does not affect jason).
  6. Hey guys! Me and my friend made a pretty funny compilation video of us both playing Friday the 13th on PS4! Thought it would be great to share to our fellow Friday fanboys and fangirls! thanks so much to anyone who checks it out, it would be greatly appreciated. We intend to make much more in the future
  7. So I am looking for people to play with. You must meet these requirements: 1) You must have a mic. 2) English only. 3) No blasting music If you meet these add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/james4565100/
  8. Originally Posted on Steam by me: http://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1700542332341268583/ Hello everyone! I just thought of two new Jason ideas that I thought would be pretty neat. One of them would add a gameplay change to him. So the first idea is pretty basic, in fact, it might have already been said on the forums, but I thought it would be cool if Jason had his own emotes, they'd have to be realistic towards his character and I have a couple ideas: Crack Neck - Cracks your own neck. Rainy Day - Takes your weapon and flicks it to get blood off. Kneel - Uses the same animation for when Tommy knocks him down. Does not kill Jason though and can stay in this state for as long as you want. Time Out - Does not work with Part 2 or Part 5 (Roy Burns), but Jason raises his hockey mask up to show his disfigured face (like the scene from Part 3 after he's hanged). My only son... - Part 5 (Roy Burns) only, Roy takes out his wallet with his sons picture and cries for his son. Hallucination - Only works in water, but Part 1 Kid Jason or Part 3 Undead Pamela rises up to the water for a few seconds and goes back down. Was also thinking about Jason to have the choice of using Regular Jason, Part 1 Kid Jason or Part 3 Undead Pamela for rocking the boat and drowning people. At least Part 1 Jason would be nice though because he actually has a model. Above Water - Only works in water, Rises up in the water for a few seconds only to go back down. List your own emote ideas if you want to too lol The other idea I have is a Gameplay Change... Basically, if you guys remember, Jason, Pamela, Roy, all of them liked to move bodies after they killed them. I was wondering what everyone would think if we could like, let's say, press E near a dead body to pick them up and then your abilities would be changed to 4 different pictures of what you can do with the bodies. It'll be like how you can choose kills too with what you do with the bodies. Also, you don't have to carry bodies to your intended place as I imagine it would take too long with slow-moving Jason, although to balance this, let's just say that once you move a body, there is no way for you to move it again. To move the body though, you press what you want to do with the body and the map pops up like how it would for morph and you get the red dot, well wherever you put the red dot is where it'll put the body (more or less, wherever the closest place you can put the body it'll place) So here's a couple ideas I have for what you can pick for moving the bodies. Crispy Hangings - Does the Crispin Glover Nail Hanging onto a door bit which can block the door, Survivors can remove the body though to get through, but they will have to do a skillcheck (higher composure allows you to get rid of it easier). If Jason is also blocked by the body, he can just rip the body off the door like in the movie. He cannot place it back on the door though. (Needs arms and legs still) Weekend At Bernie's - places the body in a nearby chair. Shelly's Pass - Places a body in a closet that when opened, the opener gets immediately spooked when the body flies out. Hanging Tree - A body is hanged by a tree. (Needs Head still) Upside-Down Hanging Tree - A body is up in a tree until someone goes closer in which it fall upside down and spooks them. (Like in Part 3 with Loco). Nailed - A body is nailed in the throat against a tree (Like in Part 5). (Needs Head still) Like Mother, Like Son - A body is nailed against a door with arrows (Like Bill's death in Part 1). Bedsheet Hanged - A body is against the wall with bedsheets holding them. (Like in Part 2). Stowaway - A body is placed in the boat which must be skillchecked in order to be removed. (Higher Composure and Higher Strength will come in handy). Those are all the ideas I have for what you can do with bodies, list your own too if you have any
  9. 1. I'd say, make the scared characters paranoid when the screen gets darker, the characters should start seeing shit. like shadows, on the walls.. of jason so the character can get scared. maybe make it where they have to press the x button quickly to calm down. (<- meh) imagine they open a door and Jason grabs them and then it turns out they are just choking themselves like in Evil Dead 2 Just in cooperate a bunch of the insanity effects from eternal darkness sanity's requiem. would be sick to have better jump scares.. also when the power is off it should be scary dark.. not dark to where i only use my flash light to keep calm. 2. Jason should be able to pick up bodies and place them to scare you like sense should go to be honest.. like it should be a mist, of the area of where a curtain counselor is instead of the sense we have now.. it's to easy to find counselors.. which will then need some new ways to fix cars and boat on top of what we already have.. 3. also getting gas, should work like this you must find the gas container, but its empty. so therefore you must go find the place to fill it up.. this would work best, because then you could give Jason a kill where he lights you on fire with the gas that way, the gas container can be refilled and it won't disappear. There should only be one container of gas, and two batteries.. 4. In order to add the car kill from single player, what they could add is another mechanic where you'd have to fix the lower part of the car.. this would be very risky as Jason could simply insta kill you, unless you are a pretty good fixer, which means.. this would make sure that good fixers are a must. After each kill, animation you can have Jason remove the body from underneath.. that way another person can go and fix the lower part.. that way the Jason player doesn't leave some under.. that would be fair for the counselors. 5. the front car kill can only work, if there is no battery placed in the car, which Jason happily smashes your head with the hood of the car.. 6. The phone should need more than just a fuse to fix, i'd say what if you need a phone specific piece or key, that will open the phone box.. then you can put the fuse in.. this allows for a Jason kill as well.. Jason could open up the fuse box, and either smash the fuse into your mouth killing the counselor, and removing the fuse, meaning youd have to put it back in again.. (if the cops weren't called.) or he can open the box and smash the panel into your skull (similar to the door kill) 7. The boat, the propeller would need, two pieces the propeller and a special wrench.. to fix it, then the gas.. a kill can also be done.. with this.. one Jason can use the kill, from part 6 used against him by the girl Tommy fell for.. but on the counselors.. when you knock them off the boat.. this would mean you would have to introduce, a water grab.. for the specific kill.
  10. Hello Devs! @GunMedia_Ben@wes@Gertz@ShiftySamurai@[IllFonic]Courier First of all I want to say thank you for the new content and adjustments to Jason. The adjustments didn’t go overboard and it seems to have brought the game balance into a better state. Please continue to keep any tweaks small to ensure we don’t have some form of unforeseen catastrophic failure. The new map Pinehurst is certainly now my favorite map. It feels more like you are out in the backwoods more so than most other maps except Packanack. The vibe is solid. The new Jason “Roy” is well done and his kills are pretty sweet. The new rugby kill is also solid. Some things you may still want to look at: 1. Occasionally, the main Pinehurst house isn’t lighting up in Sense while a counselor is inside. You can see the counselor outline, but the building isn’t lighting up properly. It has been common in offline bots when counselors get up in Violet’s room in particular. The bots also love to get stuck in that room for some reason. 2. Jason’s hit detection for melee still needs work. 3. Sometimes when you go to Repair, the QTE starts up and ends. You try over and over again, but it won’t let you complete the objective. This happens a lot when the phone spawns at Higgins Main on the small version of the map, and on the car when it spawns in the bottom right on the same map. It occasionally happens on other maps, but Higgins small seems to have this bug more often. The same bug also happens when you try to call the cops on many maps. You’ll pick of the phone and put it back down…over and over. These are game breaking issues because they directly affect objective completion for counselors. 4. Item spawns: The balance is very nice right now. You nailed it pretty damn well with what we have based on the old list of items. You will start to hear complaints of an “empty drawer simulator” again. It think this would be an excellent time to put some effort in to introducing NEW ITEMS with NEW EFFECTS. You may also want to consider doing what someone suggested and putting counselor flashlights in drawers (making them find them just like the walkie-talkie). Simply adding in 3-4 new items would help the spawn spread on the map a bit more and give counselors some other tactical options. Here are a few items concepts/suggestions you probably could implement: - Counselor Whistle (inventory carried/effective range 5m): If used while Jason is within 5m, Jason’s sound ping detection disappears, he can no longer hear proximity chat for counselors (they can coordinate), counselors entering or exiting hiding spots/windows, and Repair failures. Give it about a 10 second duration. This would be a great teamwork/coordination item where one counselor can buy the others an opportunity to get objectives done quickly or flee beyond Sense range without ghosting their position with pings. - Hammer and Nails (inventory carried): Allows a counselor nail shut a locked/barricaded door to reinforce it. Gives the door +50% durability. The door can no longer be unlocked unless broken down. Defensive prep item. - Road Flare (inventory carried/effective range 3m): Allows a counselor to “blind” Jason. Jason will not be able to see and Sense will be on cooldown for 6 seconds. Defensive item. - Life Preserver (hand carried): Functions as a “pocket knife” for the water. Counselor will resurface after an attempted drowning kill. Jason will be immobile for 5 seconds and have his swim speed reduced for an additional 5 seconds. Gives the counselor a slim chance to either re-mount the boat or swim to safety. I’d suggest keeping them limited to 2. - ****There are a lot of other great ideas floating around here on the forums regarding improving the tactical gameplay and introduction of new items. Please consider you’ll continue to have people griping about barren drawers and whatnot if you don’t. Or, you’ll have to tweak the spawn rates of the current items (probably not optimal). 5. There are still a bunch of bugs in the game. Please keep working on polishing them out. 6. Window bubble is still there. I needs to not be there. Thanks for the transparency regarding the Paranoia mode and I appreciate that you continue to focus on getting those console dedicated servers up and running.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz6e-64mj2Q Provided the link above.. I believe that the game play should change a bit camera wise.. if you look at the alpha camera.. for both Jason and the counselor you can see that it's 10 times better than what we were given in the final product.. I would like to see this come back.. as I feel it would give Jason a more menacing look and feel as well as better feel to the game play itself.. I believe that the devs should release some sort of beta.. test with the game.. with these types of camera to see which game play feels far better..
  12. First of all I would like to say thank you for everyone who made Friday the 13th game happen. Also some constructive feedback I have is if there is a way for you guys to make the Savini Skin available again that would be awesome since I wasn't aware of the kickstarter campaign that went on and if you could make being a counselor an offline game play option along with some new levels that would be kick ass.
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