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Found 64 results

  1. @mattshotcha Given that attributes such as Stealth, Strength, Fear, and Composure could use a bit of reworking/ touch-up, I felt that this idea may be easier to implement. Now, I know I am one of very few who would want certain things made harder for counselor play, but also know how much people rely on these damned afterthought perks. As stated back when Illfonic had their presentation on working on the game, when perks came up, they said it was an afterthought addition and their impact to gameplay would be minimal (and as time has told, they are the ONLY thing the players have focused on). The amount of work to change up how they work and what they do would take quite a while to put together properly, so instead I came up with two ideas (I fully expect to hear contrary criticism, especially with these just off the top of my head) : 1. Bring down the total +% on perks. Nothing exceeding a +10% or +15% on anything. This would help mitigate situations where, say, someone running TS could just tank a trap and run off with no negative impact (other than alerting Jason, but this is usually done by Chads/Vanessas who run off instantly anyway) and no need to heal. Make these situations an actual choice: Do I tank a trap and help the team, or leave it for someone else to tank/pk disable it? 2a. Make every tier of the perks REQUIRE a -% and make -1% the lowest possible (no more 0% impact on perks.) Go as high as the highest +% could go (with this still being determined by RNG). With only a handful of perks being used by a vast majority of players, these mandatory -%'s could help shake up playstyles and matches overall. 2b. (This one may be the least wanted by players and is harsher than 2a) Have each perks +% be met with an equal -% (say a +10% to TS also has a -10% to its negative side). Have these perks and their side effects actually mean/do something.
  2. What up slashers and slashettes, avid f13 game fan here, and I’m frustrated enough to take to the forums and start a thread. Is it just me or is the lag atrocious lately?! i have played a few rounds of this game darn near every day for the past eight months so I think I’ve got a good feel for how the game plays. And the lag lately is out of hand. I have defended the game play in the past, as well as the patch updates, the new Jason grab, etc etc etc. the lag currently is so frustrating that I can’t defend it/need to know what’s happening. It can’t be me right lol?? Last night as Tommy Jarvis I couldn’t sprint. I tried so many times to sprint and it just wasn’t happening. I got grabbed by a Jason (part 8) with no running ability. That doesn’t happen lol. My style of play is a sprinter - I play as Vanessa. I’ve never been great at brawling with Jason but I sure can drag his ass around any map in the game for 5-10 minutes and drive him insane going in and out of houses/windows/etc. i messaged the part 8 Jason I mentioned above and said wow I’m experiencing some crazy lag are you? I figured I’d get a snarky comment like “whatever you’re just mad I killed you”. His response was “yeah me too it’s been like that all night. That was my last round I’m done with it”. And that’s coming from a player playing as Jason. Any one else experiencing crazy lag/inability to sprint? I sure do love this game but it’s maddening when I can’t play the game the way I know it can be played. Come on dedicated servers! -Z
  3. This is something I've been wanting in the game since it released is a way to toggle the hud on/off giving sound cues when you get a power or it blinks on the screen then disapearing I would really love this for like more cinematic clips and screenshots I want this so bad
  4. I figured I'd just consolidate my ideas and feedback into a single thread. I'll just add to it if something pops in my head. Thanks for dropping in for a read. Revamping Counselor Statistics: Composure – stoicism and resolve; ability to resist fear and think clearly under pressure 1. Determines Fear accumulation/reduction rate. Higher score = slower Fear gain, faster Fear reduction. 2. Higher score equates to greater Fear pool. (Can absorb more before moving to next Fear level) 3. Inverse of score determines stumble/mumble chance. “10” = 3% +1% for each fear level gained. “9” = 5% +1% for each fear level gained. “8” = 8% +1% for each fear level gained. Et cetera. Inverse of the score also determines if the stumble actually becomes a fall to the ground. “10” score = 3% +1% for each fear level gained stumble chance and the same odds (second RNG event) that it becomes a fall down rather than a stumble. Stumble/mumble chance should be determined once every 20 seconds of jogging, sprinting, or remaining in a hiding spot. 4. Higher score speeds up the time make calls for Tommy and the Police. Increases call speed by +2% for each point of Composure (max 20% of course). 5. Passive Sense avoidance chance equal to the Composure score. Athleticism – raw athletic potential/capability; ties partially into overall physical strength 1. Higher score determines swim, jog, and run top speeds. +2% bonus for each point in the score. 2. Higher score determines dodge speed in combat stance. +2% bonus for each point in the score. 3. Higher score determines how fast a counselor recovers from the prone position (i.e. jumping through a window or getting up from a stumble fall). Recovery speed is boosted by 1% per point in Athleticism. 4. Higher score impacts melee weapon speed. +2% speed boost for each point in the score. 5. Higher scores boosts how fast a counselor climbs through a window or barricades a door. +1% speed boost for each point in the score. 6. **The combination of Athleticism and Conditioning determine the base melee damage dealt by the counselor and the % stun chance bonus for melee weapons. If a counselor, say Kenny, has a 5 in each score. He would have a combined value of 10/2 = 5 for determining melee damage. However damage is determined by the Devs???. Kenny would also have a default +5% stun chance using all melee weapons. If Bugz had values of 8 and 10, he would have a value of 18/2 = 9 for determining damage and a default bonus of +9% stun chance. Lastly, the counselor would have a % bonus to break-free from Jason’s grab equal to their combined Athleticism and Condition statistics, minus 2% for each fear level currently experienced. Using Kenny one more time as an example, he would have a 10% bonus to breaking free of Jason’s grab at 0 Fear, but would incur a -2% penalty to this passive bonus for each level of Fear he gains. Conditioning – endurance and recovery; ties partially into overall physical strength 1. Determines Stamina pool size. 2. Determines how fast Stamina is used and regenerates. 3. Determines how much damage is reduced by blocking in combat stance. +2% per point in the score. 4. Determines how much Stamina is recovered by stunning Jason, crawling through a window, breaking free of a grab, and resting in a hiding spot. 5. Inverse of score determines speed penalty. “10” = 2% speed penalty for crouching, jogging, sprinting, crawling through windows, etc. “9” = 4% penalty. “8” =6% penalty. Et cetera. Determines how fast a counselor can move when carrying the battery or gas can. 6.**The combination of Athleticism and Conditioning determine the base melee damage dealt by the counselor and the % stun chance bonus for melee weapons. If a counselor, say Kenny, has a 5 in each score. He would have a combined value of 10/2 = 5 for determining melee damage. However damage is determined by the Devs. Kenny would also have a default +5% stun chance using all melee weapons. If Bugz had values of 8 and 10, he would have a value of 18/2 = 9 for determining damage and a default bonus of +9% stun chance. Lastly, the counselor would have a % bonus to break-free from Jason’s grab equal to their combined Athleticism and Condition statistics, minus 2% for each fear level currently experienced. Using Kenny one more time as an example, he would have a 10% bonus to breaking free of Jason’s grab at 0 Fear, but would incur a -2% penalty to this passive bonus for each level of Fear he gains. Any half increments for determining strength/stun chance would be rounded up. Acumen – critical thinking (good judgement) and quick decision making 1. Determines the number of “pie slices” in the repair quick time event (QTE). 2. Determines the size of the “pie slices” in the repair QTE. 3. Determines the speed of the dial progress for a repair QTE. 4. Increases the speed to disarm Jason’s traps. Perhaps a 2% speed increase for every point in Acumen. 5. Increases the “break free” duration/difficulty of setting a counselor bear trap for Jason. +2% difficulty for each point of the Acumen score. 6. Increases the utility of melee weapons (knowing how to get more uses out of them). +3% bonus chance (per successful hit) the weapon does not break when out of durability for each point of Acumen. As an example, Deborah with Acumen 10 would have a 30% chance her melee weapon doesn’t break when its durability reaches 0. Stealth – the ability to reduce detection and go unnoticed 1. Determines the size and detectable range of sound pings. Detectable range of pings is reduced by 3% per point in the Stealth score. Size of the detectable pings is reduced by 2% per point of the Stealth score. 2. Reduces the in-game audio noise generated by the counselor (opening/closing drawers, doors, entering and exiting hidings spots, etc.) by 2% per point of Stealth. % chance equal to Stealth score certain actions will be completely silent (climbing through a window, opening/closing window or door, enter/exit a hiding spot, repair failures, stumbling/recovering from a jump-through-window.) 3. Each point in stealth improves crouching movement speed by 2%. A.J. with Stealth 10 would have her sound ping detection radius reduced by 30%, and the size of the pings reduced by 20%. Her in-game audio noise cues would have their volume reduced by 20% AND she would have a 10% chance (RNG) to make ZERO noise when completing certain actions. A.J. would also have her crouch speed increased by 20%. EXAMPLE:Grants a % chance equal to the Stealth score certain actions will be completely silent. A) Entering a window, Entering/Exiting a hiding spot, stepping in one of Jason’s traps, or failing a repair QTE. Counselors would have a total of 25 statistic points and counselor creation would follow a few simple rules. 1. No counselor (except heroes like Tommy) could have more than one stat with a value of 9-10. 2. No counselor could have more than one stat with a value of 7-8. 3. No counselor could have more than one stat with a value of 1. EXAMPLE Conversion of A.J. to new format: 6 Acumen: 2 Athleticism: 4 Composure: 3 Conditioning: 10 Stealth: So what does this mean for A.J. with her new stats based on the example? 1. 12% speed bonus to disarming Jason’s traps. 12% chance her weapon does not break when it reaches 0 durability, allowing her an additional usage of the weapon. 2. Sound ping detection radius is reduced by 30%. Size of the pings produced is reduced by 20%. In-game audio noise for actions will be reduced by 20% for proximity detection. Finally, there would be a 10% chance (per instance) that entering/exiting a window, entering/exiting a hiding spot, stepping in Jason’s traps, and failing a QTE repair check will be completely silent (non-detectable by sound or notification to Jason). 3. 6% of Jason’s melee attack damage would be blocked when using the block function. 16% speed penalty when carrying a gas can or battery. 4. Swim, crouch, and run top speeds gain a 4% bonus. 4% bonus to dodge speed while in combat stance. Climbs through windows, barricades doors, and recovers from the prone 2% faster. 5. 20% chance to stumble/mumble +1% per fear level gained past 0 fear. 20% chance that a stumble instead become as fall. 6. Speed for calling Tommy or Police is increased by 8%. 7. Passive Sense avoidance chances of 4% is always active. 8. A.J. would have a 5% stun chance bonus with all melee weapons and a 5% bonus to break-free attempts from Jason’s grab. Her effective strength score would be equal to her Athleticism and Conditioning (2+3) divided by 2 = 2.5(rounded up to 3). 3 would determine her base melee damage (Strength 3 as we know it currently). Counselors should also each have a specific unique trait that differentiates them from the playstyle and theme of other counselors. Here are a few ideas that might work: Unique Counselor Traits to go with re-vamped statistics: Adam Trait: Gearhead; if it has an engine, Adam can make it purr. · Vehicle start time is reduced by 20%. A.J. Trait: Wallflower; A.J. is an outsider and knows a lot about getting around un-noticed. · +10% movement speed when crouching. +10% stamina regeneration when alone (nobody with 30m) Brandon Trait: MVP; Brandon is a star player. Respect the Champ! · +10% melee damage. Can block Jason’s grab while in combat stance Chad Trait: Egotistical; Chad is special. You are not. That’s why Chad is rich. · +10% to all movement speeds when Jason is close AND other counselors are close (within 30m). Vehicles move 10% faster when Chad is a passenger. Deborah Trait: Quick Study; Deborah learns how things work quickly. · +10% speed boost to all non-movement actions Deborah has already done once before during the match. Eric Trait: Natural 20; Eric has faced the worst role-playing games have to offer. His lucky D20 will see him through. · Eric will automatically succeed at the first repair QTE each match. Jason will receive a sound notification (as applicable) 10 seconds after the repair has been completed. Fox Trait: Sassy; Fox isn’t afraid to get in anyone’s face. · Pocket Knife stun duration is increased by +20%. 10% chance to start match with a pocket knife. Jenny Trait: Final Girl; She is a natural survivor, even if she doesn’t realize it. · +10% sense avoidance chance when Jason has Rage. 30% chance that retrieving Pamela’s sweater from Jason’s shack does not notify Jason without his mask. Kenny Trait: Pragmatic; Kenny knows how to utilize what he has to maximum effect. · 5% chance to gain a second use out of a one-time use consumable item (shotgun, flare gun, firecrackers, med spray, etc.) Mitch Trait: Stoned; the drugs and music expand the mind dude… · +10% fear resistance. +10% chance to detect Jason in Stalk when within 10m. Tiffany Trait: Popular; Tiffany is popular for her good looks and outgoing personality. People want to be around her. · +20% fear resistance if Tiffany is not alone. This applies to her and all counselors within 10m. Vanessa Trait: Gym Rat; Vanessa takes working out seriously. It pays off. · Sprint speed increased by +10% when at maximum fear. Stamina depletion reduced by 30% when swimming. I guess then all we need is a revamped perk system, but I would recommend that no perk offers a bonus greater than 20% or has a penalty greater than 10%. Perks should make meaningful adjustments to the counselors and stack with their existing strengths. EDIT: A few unique one-use items for each counselor to start with. Unique Counselor Items – One time use/non-droppable A.J. Elastic Bracelet: The first time A.J. is grabbed by Jason, A.J. won’t drop her carried item. Adam Screwdriver: If Adam installs the car batter or boat propeller, he gives the vehicle a quick tune-up. The vehicle’s start time is reduced 5% for all counselors. Brandon Championship Ring: The first time Brandon hits Jason and breaks a counselor free from his grab, Jason’s stun time is increased by 25%. Chad Money Clip: The first melee or knife attack that hits Chad ignores all damage. Deborah Chemistry Book: The first flare gun or firecracker used by Deborah will put all his abilities on cooldown for 10 seconds in addition to the normal stun effect. Fox Flask: The first time Fox runs out of Stamina, she will regain 25% of her maximum Stamina. Jenny Family Picture: The first time Jenny reaches maximum Fear, her Fear level will be reduced by 25%. Kenny Padlock: The first door that Kenny barricades or locks has its hit points tripled. Door cannot be unlocked again. Mitch Rolling Papers: Mitch will not cry out, regardless of Fear level, the first time he is in a cabin when the power is cut. Tiffany Hairspray: The first time Tiffany is pulled from a vehicle, she will automatically break free of Jason’s grab. Vanessa Granola Bar: The first time Vanessa is reduced to limping, will be healed 25% of her maximum health. Balancing Jason v. Counselors To balance Jason, we need to establish a couple key baselines related to speed. Let’s take a minute to look establish basic movement speeds. It appears the Devs are using metric units of measure so I will do likewise. Base Counselor Crouch Speed 1 meter per second (m/s) Base Counselor Speed (walking/limping) 1 m/s Base Counselor Jog 3 m/s Base Counselor Sprint 9 m/s Base Counselor Swim 2 m/s Base Counselor Fast Swim 3 m/s All of these basic speeds are unmodified bases assuming a stat score of “0”. Individual counselor stats would modify the baseline. EXAMPLE: AJ’s base speed would be 1.04 m/s after adjusting the baseline for her Athleticism statistic. Her Jog would be 3.12 m/s, and her sprint would be 9.36 m/s. Any penalties to her speed would be assessed AFTER calculating what her base stat bonus would be after being modified by her ability score. So simply put, if her Jog Speed were penalized (such as carrying a gas can), the 3.12 m/s value would be penalized; not the unmodified baseline shared by ALL counselors. In all instances, a penalty would always be applied AFTER bonuses, regardless of the source (stats, traits, perks). This is to ensure that penalties never become trivial by being outpaced by bonuses. Jason Jason’s Slow Walk would be the equivalent of a counselor with a “0” stat in Athletics (the unmodified baseline = 1 m/s). Jason would be slow enough that even a limping counselor would still put distance between him moving at his slowest movement value (assuming no movement penalties). This would be offset by Jason have 75% reduced movement noise (footsteps) while moving at his slowest movement value. Additionally, Jason would not have his marker icon show up on counselor maps if spotted while moving at his slowest movement value or while more than 5m from an artificial/natural light source (regardless of movement speed). This adds tactical value to using his slowest form of movement. Jason Fast Walk 1.75 m/s Jason Jog 2.75 m/s Jason Swim B – 2 m/s | B + 0.25 m/s | B + 2.25 m/s Boat (B) Baseline 9 m/s Car (C) Baseline 12 m/s Jason SHIFT C – 0.50 m/s | C + 1 m/s | C + 2.50 m/s Initial balancing of Jason vs. Counselors needs to happen at the movement interaction level between him and HOW fast they can move (at an unmodified level). Weapon and Environmental Damage for Jason: Jason, counselors, and environmental objects (barricaded doors and walls) would all default to “100” hit points. When Jason reaches 100 hit points received, he loses his mask. Allow me to explain. Jason Weapon Strength Trait 20 | 25 | 34 = damage per hit A Jason with neither Weapon Strength as a negative nor positive would kill an un-perked counselor in 4 hits (25 damage). He would break down a barricaded heavy door in 4 hits (1 hit for a light door/all Jason’s). It would take 3 hits for a +Weapon Strength Jason and 5 hits for a – Weapon Strength Jason. Un-barricaded heavy doors would have 50% less hit points (50). Counselor Weapon Baseline 3 | 6 | 9 |12 (The raw strength calculation between Athleticism and Conditioning would be added to the value for the damage of the weapon used. A.J. as an example would add “3” to base damage for any weapon used. Other Jason Traits/Abilities: ALL Jason’s would have 4 Strengths and 4 Weaknesses @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow has some pretty in-depth ideas regarding how Jason could have 4 Strengths and Weaknesses. Check out his ideas HERE! Morph (cooldown 30 seconds neutral): Jason’s should have a negative/neutral/positive attribute for almost every trait and ability. +Morph: Cooldown reduced 20% (24 seconds), precision increased (more grid points per map position). -Morph: Cooldown increased 20% (36 seconds), precision remains as neutral Shift (Cooldown 30 seconds neutral): Base speeds are determined relative to car movement speed unmodified. +Shift: Cooldown reduced 20% -Shift: Cooldown increase 20% Sense (Full recharge from 0 at 30 seconds): Sense radius is tied to Rage meter accumulation. Radius minimum starts at 100m and increases by percentage equivalent to the Rage meter being filled. 25% chance to detect in hiding spots Pre-Rage, 100% detection in hiding spots Post-Rage. This is mitigated by perks, traits, and base sense avoidance chance. There is no basic auto-detect radius. Jason has a base 50% chance to detect counselors at 0 Fear anywhere inside the detection range. For each Fear level gained, detection chance increases based on sense positive/neutral/negative attribute. +Sense: +10% detection chance per Fear level; Full recharge rate increased by +10% Neutral Sense: +5% detection chance per Fear level. -Sense: +1% detection chance per Fear level; Full recharge rated decreased by -10%. Stalk (cooldown 30 seconds neutral): +Stalk: Cooldown reduced by 20% -Stalk: Cooldown increased by 20% Rage: Increases all Jason ability cooldowns by 10%. Instant smash through doors and walls. Melee/grab/and thrown knife damage increased by 10%. Hit Points (Jason has a base of 100 hit points/masked knocked off at 0): + Hit Points: Hit points increased by 25% -Hit Points: Hit points reduced by 25% Defense: Jason default blocks 25% of all incoming damage when using the “block” function. Counselor Weapons incur a 25% degradation in durability. Block button response time .5 second. +Defense: Jason blocks 35% of all incoming damage using block; Counselor weapons incur a 35% degradation in durability. Block button responsiveness .25 sec. -Defense: Jason block 15% of all incoming damage when using block/ Counselor weapons incur a 15% degradation in durability. Block button responsiveness 1 sec. Stun Resistance: Jason’s default stun time is 6 seconds – unless he has room to fall back, in which case the duration increases to 10 seconds (this a "break free" stun which means he can get up faster, but he will auto-recover at 10 seconds). Jason will not get the option to “recover/break free” of a stun unless it is a bear trap, Pamela’s sweater, or unless he falls down. Default button taps needed to recover, for Jason, would be set at 30 taps. +Stun Resistance: Stun duration reduced by 33%; recovery difficulty, for Jason, by button taps reduced by 20%; Counselor weapon stun chance reduced by 5%. -Stun Resistance: Stun duration increased by 33%; recovery difficulty, for Jason, increased by 20% for button taps; Counselor weapon stun chance increased by 5%. Grip Strength: Jason’s default grip would deal 5 damage to a grabbed counselor; requiring 30 button presses to escape at 0 Fear. Each Fear level would increase escape difficulty by 10% of the base requirement (30/33/36/39) +Grip Strength: Button escape difficulty increased by 30%; Inflicts 10 damage on a successful grab. -Grip Strength: Button escape difficulty decreased by 10%; Inflicts no damage. Traps: All Jason’s would start with 5 traps by default. Traps would deal 50 damage when triggered. (Counselors would limp when they lose 50% of their hit points). Difficulty to escape traps is equal to difficulty to escape Jason’s grab (30 button presses base). +Traps: +2 traps over the default; difficulty to escape traps increases by 20%; Jason ALWAYS notified when the trap is triggered (pocket knife triggering is not silent), Stealth attribute of counselors can still offer a chance at non-detection. -Traps: -2 traps under the default; Difficulty to escape traps is reduced by 20%; Traps deal 30% MORE damage. Throwing Knives: Jason default starts with 2 throwing knifes. Base damage for a knife is 20 hit points. Base range for a knife is 25m. Each knife has a 5% chance to slow a counselor by 25% for 3 seconds. +Throwing Knives: Jason starts with 4 knives; base damage is increased by 20%; 10% chance to slow a counselor 25% for 3 seconds. -Throwing Knives: Jason does not start with throwing knives; based damage is reduced by 20%; No chance to slow a counselor. Menace *NEW*: All Jason’s scare their prey. Baseline Fear triggers related to Jason (as per how the Devs have it designed); baseline percentage to place a counselor at maximum fear after a grab = 10% +Menace: Counselors accumulate 20% more Fear when they see Jason, see Jason kill somebody, and when Jason breaks a window, door, or wall within 10m of them. 15% chance that being grabbed by Jason results in the counselor peaking to maximum fear. -Menace: Counselors accumulate Fear 20% less for certain Jason actions (see above); 5% chance being grabbed by Jason results in the counselor peaking to maximum fear. Awareness *NEW*: Jason’s can detect sound (by pings) at a default range of 200m. Rain reduces detection range by 10%. Noise pings of counselors will show on Jason's map if they are within 50m. +Awareness: Jason’s sound detection range increased by 25%; Sound pings show approximate position on Jason’s map out to the maximum detection range. Rain reduces detection range by 5%. -Awareness: Jason’s sound detection range decreased by 25%. Rain reduces detection range by 15%. Items: Pocket Knife: Limit of 3 per match (drawer randomized). Auto-break free from Jason’s grab. Can be used to disarm Jason’s trap; consumes the knife. 30% chance the disabled trap will not notify Jason, otherwise the notification is delayed by 10 seconds. Firecrackers: Limit (4-8) per match (drawer randomized). Affected radius 1.5m. Firecrackers will Stagger Jason (2 second recoil unless holding a counselor) and place his abilities (Morph, Stalk, Shift, Sense/not Rage) on cooldown for 5 seconds. While Staggered Jason cannot used grab-kill executions (gives counselors more chance to break free). Finally, Jason will be marked on counselors maps for 5 seconds. Flare Gun: Limit 3-5 per match (table and shelf randomized). Marks Jason on counselor’s maps for 10 seconds. Staggers Jason (2 second recoil/ will cause Jason to drop a counselor unlike Firecrackers) and will place his abilities on cooldown for 5 seconds. Deals 5 damage to Jason. Med Spray: Limit 4 per match (drawer, campsite, and bathroom randomized). Heals 50 hit points by default. Hammer and Nails *NEW*: Limit 3-5 per match (Campsite, table and shelf randomized). Can be used to fortify a locked/barricaded door. Increases hit points of a locked door by 75%. The door can no longer be opened (must be broken down). Fire Extinguisher *NEW*: Limit 3-5 per match (cabin wall mount). Hand carried. Trigger to create a dense white cloud with a 3m radius. Blocks line of sight and grants 100% sense avoidance in the area of effect. Dissipates after 10 seconds. Bear Trap: Limit 3-5 per match (dispersed in cabins). Locks Jason in place until he breaks free. Game Mode Idea from August 30th. Essentially a Check Point Run. Ok, I was giving some thoughts to potential new game modes that might be interesting. An idea popped in my head for a checkpoint run that would take place on a map. Not sure what to call this idea for a mode. Maybe "Death Race"? 1. There would be 13 checkpoints scattered throughout the map. Each counselor could see the next checkpoint that they needed to reach by arrow indicator on their mini-map and as an icon on the mini-map when they were close enough to it. 2. When a counselor reaches a checkpoint they have to interact with it to get a token (checkpoints can be indoors or outdoors). When they get the token, the next checkpoint will be annotated on the mini-map. Each checkpoint they reach they will get an XP award in addition to the token. 3. When a counselor gains all 13 tokens they can exit the map at one of the points where the cops would normally arrive. 4. Jason's task of course is to kill all of the counselors before they collect the necessary tokens and escape. 5. The whole of the map would still be usable, so counselors can hide and move through cabins as normal, or use any means they can to reach the next checkpoint to get their token. 6. No other escape options would be present on the map. No phone. No cars. No boat. No Tommy. 7. Jason would know where all the checkpoints are, but not in which order individual counselors will have to reach them. The order of checkpoints randomizes every match. What to do with bodies lying around> I was just thinking. The bodies pretty much lay around and act is fear landmines in-game. They cause the counselors to have a little jump and Fear spike, but that's about it right now. It might be pretty neat if after say ~3 minutes a body will get "moved" and strung up at a traverse-able window or in a doorway on the first floor of a nearby cabin. This could represent Jason "relocating" the counselor's corpse. Make it so the body blocks the window or door, but can be ripped down by a counselor using a simple QTE (based on Composure NOT Repair). Doing so would spike the counselor's Fear and clear the body. Make it so Jason can just approach a body in a doorway and tear it down with a button press (like breaking a window or generator). You'd have to have a few rules governing the mechanic. 1. Bodies will relocate only if no player is in line of sight to the body or the location it will randomize to. If this cannot happen, the body will not relocate and remain where it was originally. 2. Bodies will only appear on the first floor of structures. No need to have people complain how a body got nailed outside the 2nd story window at Higgin's Haven main house. 3. Bodies missing arms won't relocate. Need something to tack it up with. 4. Bodies killed outside will appear nailed up outside of cabins. External window and doorways only. Keep it randomized but bodies will not show up over shuttered windows. 5. Bodies killed inside will appear over windows and doors. The doors can be internal to the cabin or over exit doors. 6. Moved bodies will show up as a green marker on Jason's map. That way the Jason player is aware of new obstacles he has ostensibly set-up. Essentially, the bodies would become delay hazards for counselors that cause increased Fear accumulation in their radius (think radiating Fear landmine). They can be torn down but they also act it inhibit counselor's movement. Counselor's failing checks on the QTE won't notify Jason, but their Fear will spike drastically with each failure. It is a bit disconcerting tearing your buddy off of a door frame or window frame.
  5. After completing the Virtual Cabin, i realized that the game would be much better if the counselours only see in first person. As Jason i think that third person is fine, even more to surprise counselors in corridors or corners. What would be the benefits? 1.The game seems to have a bigger suspense in the first person. 2.Physically speaking the game would look more beautiful and realistic, whoever played the Virtual Cabin knows what i talking abou it. 3.This would even work as a form of balancing the gameplay, one of the biggest problems from Stalk ability of Jason, is the reason that the counselours can see in third person! For example, in one of the challenges in Single-Player mode, you have to surprise a counselor while he is repairing the car battery and the goal is not to be seen, until u grab the individual. Why this kind of insane and cool gameplay wouldn't work in multiplayer games? Well, counselours can see everything that happens while they're fixing things! (like an onipresent god) Wouldn't we have a much greater suspense not knowing what's behind us? In my opinion, we should care less about ideias that will directly benefit us as a counselor or as Jason, and try to give ideas that would make the game more interesting and frightening, as is shown in the atmosphere of the Friday the 13th movies. Examples for people who didn't play the Virtual Cabin: Looking trough a window: Puting gas on the car: View of the docks: Get killed by jason: Fixing the boat: The woods: Killed by jason again:
  6. Hardcore mode includes: no walkie talkies, less melee weapons available/weapons break often, crawling through broken widows automatically puts you on your final hit, jason hears (the car start, when you're on the phone with the police, the boat engine) or his mother helps him by saying "they're trying to escape jason. Stop them." (When repairs are made), jasons rage activates automatically when any counselor escapes. (Rage activation increases his walk/run speed, can sense all counselors even with sense avoidence perks, abilities cooldown time decreases to a 3 second wait), slim to none chance the radio to call tommy jarvas will be on the map, 7 min wait for police and jason already knows where they will show up before they get there, if jason is "killed" the counselors will have 2 mins to escape (in a boat, with police, or in a car) before he automatically revives, jason stun time lasts 5 seconds( 3 in rage mode), each hit jason takes increases rage meter more (after 5 hits rage mode activated), everyone is prone to fear and loses mini map automatically when jason is nearby or dead body is seen, if jason stops car 3 times all repairs to car has to be done again, police will only pick up the counselor who called and 2 others and will have to be called again to pick up more, if there are 3 vehicles there will only be 2 gas containers (2 vehicles 1 gas container), as added fun the boat will already have the bolder and chain in it so counselors will have the choice to "drown" jason or escape ( "drowning" jason will be the only way to "kill" him and will consist of a "button mash contest" for the counselor trying to put it on him and jason trying to flip the boat over), survivors will gain triple XP and double CP for surviving hardcore jason will receive normal if anyone escapes and triple XP and double CP for all counselors killed, tommy can only be called when 3 or more players have died, jason can grab counsors from a downed position for quick kill (stops counselors from ganging up on him and t-bagging him), if Jason's mask is removed counselors will stay in fear, and last but not least weather conditions will alter the game (strong winds will radomly open unlocked doors, thuderstorms will radomly destroy power boxes/generators, power is needed to call police, running in rain off road will incrase stumbling, running outside with rain and strong winds will decrease counselor speed from cold, weather does not affect jason).
  7. Hey guys! Me and my friend made a pretty funny compilation video of us both playing Friday the 13th on PS4! Thought it would be great to share to our fellow Friday fanboys and fangirls! thanks so much to anyone who checks it out, it would be greatly appreciated. We intend to make much more in the future
  8. So I am looking for people to play with. You must meet these requirements: 1) You must have a mic. 2) English only. 3) No blasting music If you meet these add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/james4565100/
  9. Originally Posted on Steam by me: http://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1700542332341268583/ Hello everyone! I just thought of two new Jason ideas that I thought would be pretty neat. One of them would add a gameplay change to him. So the first idea is pretty basic, in fact, it might have already been said on the forums, but I thought it would be cool if Jason had his own emotes, they'd have to be realistic towards his character and I have a couple ideas: Crack Neck - Cracks your own neck. Rainy Day - Takes your weapon and flicks it to get blood off. Kneel - Uses the same animation for when Tommy knocks him down. Does not kill Jason though and can stay in this state for as long as you want. Time Out - Does not work with Part 2 or Part 5 (Roy Burns), but Jason raises his hockey mask up to show his disfigured face (like the scene from Part 3 after he's hanged). My only son... - Part 5 (Roy Burns) only, Roy takes out his wallet with his sons picture and cries for his son. Hallucination - Only works in water, but Part 1 Kid Jason or Part 3 Undead Pamela rises up to the water for a few seconds and goes back down. Was also thinking about Jason to have the choice of using Regular Jason, Part 1 Kid Jason or Part 3 Undead Pamela for rocking the boat and drowning people. At least Part 1 Jason would be nice though because he actually has a model. Above Water - Only works in water, Rises up in the water for a few seconds only to go back down. List your own emote ideas if you want to too lol The other idea I have is a Gameplay Change... Basically, if you guys remember, Jason, Pamela, Roy, all of them liked to move bodies after they killed them. I was wondering what everyone would think if we could like, let's say, press E near a dead body to pick them up and then your abilities would be changed to 4 different pictures of what you can do with the bodies. It'll be like how you can choose kills too with what you do with the bodies. Also, you don't have to carry bodies to your intended place as I imagine it would take too long with slow-moving Jason, although to balance this, let's just say that once you move a body, there is no way for you to move it again. To move the body though, you press what you want to do with the body and the map pops up like how it would for morph and you get the red dot, well wherever you put the red dot is where it'll put the body (more or less, wherever the closest place you can put the body it'll place) So here's a couple ideas I have for what you can pick for moving the bodies. Crispy Hangings - Does the Crispin Glover Nail Hanging onto a door bit which can block the door, Survivors can remove the body though to get through, but they will have to do a skillcheck (higher composure allows you to get rid of it easier). If Jason is also blocked by the body, he can just rip the body off the door like in the movie. He cannot place it back on the door though. (Needs arms and legs still) Weekend At Bernie's - places the body in a nearby chair. Shelly's Pass - Places a body in a closet that when opened, the opener gets immediately spooked when the body flies out. Hanging Tree - A body is hanged by a tree. (Needs Head still) Upside-Down Hanging Tree - A body is up in a tree until someone goes closer in which it fall upside down and spooks them. (Like in Part 3 with Loco). Nailed - A body is nailed in the throat against a tree (Like in Part 5). (Needs Head still) Like Mother, Like Son - A body is nailed against a door with arrows (Like Bill's death in Part 1). Bedsheet Hanged - A body is against the wall with bedsheets holding them. (Like in Part 2). Stowaway - A body is placed in the boat which must be skillchecked in order to be removed. (Higher Composure and Higher Strength will come in handy). Those are all the ideas I have for what you can do with bodies, list your own too if you have any
  10. 1. I'd say, make the scared characters paranoid when the screen gets darker, the characters should start seeing shit. like shadows, on the walls.. of jason so the character can get scared. maybe make it where they have to press the x button quickly to calm down. (<- meh) imagine they open a door and Jason grabs them and then it turns out they are just choking themselves like in Evil Dead 2 Just in cooperate a bunch of the insanity effects from eternal darkness sanity's requiem. would be sick to have better jump scares.. also when the power is off it should be scary dark.. not dark to where i only use my flash light to keep calm. 2. Jason should be able to pick up bodies and place them to scare you like sense should go to be honest.. like it should be a mist, of the area of where a curtain counselor is instead of the sense we have now.. it's to easy to find counselors.. which will then need some new ways to fix cars and boat on top of what we already have.. 3. also getting gas, should work like this you must find the gas container, but its empty. so therefore you must go find the place to fill it up.. this would work best, because then you could give Jason a kill where he lights you on fire with the gas that way, the gas container can be refilled and it won't disappear. There should only be one container of gas, and two batteries.. 4. In order to add the car kill from single player, what they could add is another mechanic where you'd have to fix the lower part of the car.. this would be very risky as Jason could simply insta kill you, unless you are a pretty good fixer, which means.. this would make sure that good fixers are a must. After each kill, animation you can have Jason remove the body from underneath.. that way another person can go and fix the lower part.. that way the Jason player doesn't leave some under.. that would be fair for the counselors. 5. the front car kill can only work, if there is no battery placed in the car, which Jason happily smashes your head with the hood of the car.. 6. The phone should need more than just a fuse to fix, i'd say what if you need a phone specific piece or key, that will open the phone box.. then you can put the fuse in.. this allows for a Jason kill as well.. Jason could open up the fuse box, and either smash the fuse into your mouth killing the counselor, and removing the fuse, meaning youd have to put it back in again.. (if the cops weren't called.) or he can open the box and smash the panel into your skull (similar to the door kill) 7. The boat, the propeller would need, two pieces the propeller and a special wrench.. to fix it, then the gas.. a kill can also be done.. with this.. one Jason can use the kill, from part 6 used against him by the girl Tommy fell for.. but on the counselors.. when you knock them off the boat.. this would mean you would have to introduce, a water grab.. for the specific kill.
  11. Hello Devs! @GunMedia_Ben@wes@Gertz@ShiftySamurai@[IllFonic]Courier First of all I want to say thank you for the new content and adjustments to Jason. The adjustments didn’t go overboard and it seems to have brought the game balance into a better state. Please continue to keep any tweaks small to ensure we don’t have some form of unforeseen catastrophic failure. The new map Pinehurst is certainly now my favorite map. It feels more like you are out in the backwoods more so than most other maps except Packanack. The vibe is solid. The new Jason “Roy” is well done and his kills are pretty sweet. The new rugby kill is also solid. Some things you may still want to look at: 1. Occasionally, the main Pinehurst house isn’t lighting up in Sense while a counselor is inside. You can see the counselor outline, but the building isn’t lighting up properly. It has been common in offline bots when counselors get up in Violet’s room in particular. The bots also love to get stuck in that room for some reason. 2. Jason’s hit detection for melee still needs work. 3. Sometimes when you go to Repair, the QTE starts up and ends. You try over and over again, but it won’t let you complete the objective. This happens a lot when the phone spawns at Higgins Main on the small version of the map, and on the car when it spawns in the bottom right on the same map. It occasionally happens on other maps, but Higgins small seems to have this bug more often. The same bug also happens when you try to call the cops on many maps. You’ll pick of the phone and put it back down…over and over. These are game breaking issues because they directly affect objective completion for counselors. 4. Item spawns: The balance is very nice right now. You nailed it pretty damn well with what we have based on the old list of items. You will start to hear complaints of an “empty drawer simulator” again. It think this would be an excellent time to put some effort in to introducing NEW ITEMS with NEW EFFECTS. You may also want to consider doing what someone suggested and putting counselor flashlights in drawers (making them find them just like the walkie-talkie). Simply adding in 3-4 new items would help the spawn spread on the map a bit more and give counselors some other tactical options. Here are a few items concepts/suggestions you probably could implement: - Counselor Whistle (inventory carried/effective range 5m): If used while Jason is within 5m, Jason’s sound ping detection disappears, he can no longer hear proximity chat for counselors (they can coordinate), counselors entering or exiting hiding spots/windows, and Repair failures. Give it about a 10 second duration. This would be a great teamwork/coordination item where one counselor can buy the others an opportunity to get objectives done quickly or flee beyond Sense range without ghosting their position with pings. - Hammer and Nails (inventory carried): Allows a counselor nail shut a locked/barricaded door to reinforce it. Gives the door +50% durability. The door can no longer be unlocked unless broken down. Defensive prep item. - Road Flare (inventory carried/effective range 3m): Allows a counselor to “blind” Jason. Jason will not be able to see and Sense will be on cooldown for 6 seconds. Defensive item. - Life Preserver (hand carried): Functions as a “pocket knife” for the water. Counselor will resurface after an attempted drowning kill. Jason will be immobile for 5 seconds and have his swim speed reduced for an additional 5 seconds. Gives the counselor a slim chance to either re-mount the boat or swim to safety. I’d suggest keeping them limited to 2. - ****There are a lot of other great ideas floating around here on the forums regarding improving the tactical gameplay and introduction of new items. Please consider you’ll continue to have people griping about barren drawers and whatnot if you don’t. Or, you’ll have to tweak the spawn rates of the current items (probably not optimal). 5. There are still a bunch of bugs in the game. Please keep working on polishing them out. 6. Window bubble is still there. I needs to not be there. Thanks for the transparency regarding the Paranoia mode and I appreciate that you continue to focus on getting those console dedicated servers up and running.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz6e-64mj2Q Provided the link above.. I believe that the game play should change a bit camera wise.. if you look at the alpha camera.. for both Jason and the counselor you can see that it's 10 times better than what we were given in the final product.. I would like to see this come back.. as I feel it would give Jason a more menacing look and feel as well as better feel to the game play itself.. I believe that the devs should release some sort of beta.. test with the game.. with these types of camera to see which game play feels far better..
  13. First of all I would like to say thank you for everyone who made Friday the 13th game happen. Also some constructive feedback I have is if there is a way for you guys to make the Savini Skin available again that would be awesome since I wasn't aware of the kickstarter campaign that went on and if you could make being a counselor an offline game play option along with some new levels that would be kick ass.
  14. Hope to use this for things that wouldn't be considered an overhaul of the game but more of an update on some features already in the game. While some will obviously be larger changes hoping most are realistic and achievable in terms of code/script loads and a production standpoint to improve on features already pretty solid without complaining too much. Would rather it be a more constructive suggestion/feedback list. First one: When getting perks we obviously have the Plus and Negatives displayed as a percentage but it would be a worth while idea to have another bar in each of the Counselor stats that actually show what the perk does to the corresponding stats they effect. So having something that E.g. has a stamina buff but speed nerf actually appearing on the respective bars would be an idea to have it when you equip that perk it's displayed as a blue notch and you get a better idea of what it is actually doing for/to your character. Terms of cost it would need a U.I. update, possibly some code .cpp changes then handled by metadata would be required for this. Then again it would maybe just need the U.I. and metadata to display the percentage that is already handled by the perk itself to show it. Not sure if this has been in yet. Apologies if Duplicate.
  15. It seems that we only really deal in black and white with this game in terms of some mechanics. Jason is either stunned or he isn't. The following things can "stun" Jason: 1. Melee Weapon hits 2. Firecrackers 3. Shotguns 4. Flare Guns 5. Bear Traps (more of a delay than an actual stun) 6. The Sweater 7. Pocket Knives With counselors, high damage taken leads to a limp. Counselors cannot be "stunned" except by Jason traps (more of a delay, but it deals damage). Essentially, counselors are either fine or they're not. I personally would like to see more varied interactions that could lead to different and interesting strategies. I've mentioned this before, quite awhile back, but I thought I'd get a pulse on what everyone else thinks in this regard. Do you think it would be nice to have varied effects for items and attacks? Here are a couple thoughts I have. Please share yours. I'm curious to see what more minds than one can come up with. 1. Stagger (Melee Weapons/Jason Knives): Melee weapons would have a stun chance and a stagger chance. Just going to throw out some random numbers here: The Branch 20% Stagger chance/20% Stun chance. The percentage roll for RNG would be a single roll. Jason could not be stunned and staggered by the same hit. Stagger would place Jason's kills and abilities (except Rage) on cooldown for X seconds. This would be a delaying effect against Jason. It could give a grabbed counselor time to break free without that instant kill polishing them off; but it would allow Jason to still grab and slash with melee (assuming he wasn't holding a counselor). Jason's throwing knives would have a modest chance to Stagger a counselor (maybe 15%). In this case, the counselor would have their Sprint put on cooldown for a short duration. While Jason would face a Stagger/Stun possibility, counselors would face a Stagger/Slow possibility. 2. Dazzle (fire crackers/flare guns): The crackers and flares could have a disorienting effect. Have the POV of Jason and counselors too close to the receiving end of firecrackers or a flare impact be washed out and skewed (double-vision). Flares could still do a modest amount of damage (for a direct hit) and mark Jason on the map. 3. Slow (Throwing Knives): Small chance (maybe 5%) that a throwing knife impact will Slow a counselor (reducing them to a limp) for a very short time (maybe 3 seconds). Do you all think that we should have different conditions to give more meaning to different items and how they are used?
  16. Hey all! My name's Luke, or SickVeins on YouTube. I joined this community hoping to find some more PS4 gamers to collaborate with on Friday The 13th. I have 5K subs and livestream the game roughly 4-5 days a week. For anybody interested, my PS4 tag is Laidbackluke2011. See you there!
  17. So idk why this wasn't added in the first place, but why not add Jason grabbing people through windows, but the cost of being in stalk mode! Jason has grabbed people through windows before in the movies but why not in the game? Also what about another way of making peoples fear higher? like dragging a body and placing it somewhere? Good ideas? Let me know.
  18. So i've been asking for a video to compare the running speed of Part 2,3 and 4 Jason since quite awhile now,i even asked the guys at Slash n Cast during one of their youtube livestream if they could make one,but so far no one as made one yet. Is it really that difficult to take those 3 Jason models and make them run from one specific spot to another and count how much time it takes for all 3 of them,and if one of them reach that spot faster than the others ? It's just that it baffle me that no one even tough about making a comparaison video yet. So it would be nice if someone could make one and post it here,i would be very grateful,thank you.
  19. Hey! I'm kinda starting out on YouTube and I did a gameplay of Friday the 13th. Check it out if you have the time: Thank you!
  20. Should Jason's Grab be nerfed? If yes, please comment below why! If no, do it the same way! Edit: Better?
  21. I've saw sometimes people saying that playing as Jason is boring compared to playing as a counselor because they find him too easy. Can anyone explain me why?
  22. EDIT: This topic is outdated. For my current ideas for Jason overhauls, see this thread: Here I would like to offer my take on overhauling the Jason gameplay mechanics. After 140 hours of playing and doing some research on Jason and where each Jason is placed on player's tier lists, here are my thoughts on re-balancing the Jason gameplay. My goal is to level the playing field across all Jasons and make each of them a valid choice and address issues with underpowered abilities. Some say they are all well balanced but that is sadly not the case. I will reference these two pages for data on Jason: 1. Jason Tier List (data-driven analysis) 2. Jason Stats and Abilities: Knowledge Base w/ Lots of Hard Data First, let's start with the traits that are considered mostly irrelevant. This is absolutely true. The only time grip strength matters is when Jason is on uneven ground or in a tight space with no environmental kills available. I understand from a "lore" point of view that some Jasons would have more grip strength than others, but there are some weird choices for who gets stronger and weaker grip. Part 3, the "human" Jason gets more grip strength than Part 8, the "zombie" Jason that has enough strength to punch a man's head off. That... does not make sense. Just an odd choice really. Now as much as I understand the reasoning behind the inclusion of the grip strength stat, in actual gameplay it hardly matters because Jason can kill anyone before they escape. The solution: Grip Strength across all Jasons is set to the "average" value. In the place of the former "Grip Strength" stats, other strengths and weaknesses will be substituted. I will get into that towards the end. In my experience the boat does not spawn in even half of the matches that I played. Water Speed's irrelevance could be remedied somewhat by increasing the rate of the boat spawn, but I think more needs to be done for this power. Water Speed hardly matters because once Jason sees the boat moving, the best thing to do is to morph far ahead of the boat and play goalie at the exit. Because the exit is small compared to the size of the bodies of water, Jason need not worry too much about being juked by the boat if they are required to be funneled to the exit. My solution is the following: In addition to different water speeds, STALK is tied to this power. Jasons with a Water Speed weakness(Part 2 and Savini), CANNOT use Stalk while in water. Their proximity music will always be heard for as long as they are in water. Jasons with neutral Water Speed CAN use Stalk while in water, and Jasons with a strength in Water Speed are PERMANENTLY in Stalk mode while in water without using the Stalk power itself. This would make J7 and J8 quite the powerhouse if the boat spawns. It would also allow for these Jasons to play "sentry" and travel along the coast silently while looking out for what the counselors are doing. Because any Jason can avoid a long cooldown by toggling Sense on and off, that makes a shorter or longer sense duration, as said above, only marginally relevant. Jason's with increased Sense range are appreciated but that too becomes somewhat irrelevant towards the end of a match when any Jason has a large sense range. Jasons with sense strength merely start with a larger range. My Solution is: When Sense is toggled off, it does NOT recharge immediately. The Sense meter stops where it is. In order to recharge Sense, it must be allowed to drain to zero. These are most relevant towards killing Jason. To my knowledge, these weaknesses make removing Jason's mask easier in theory, but in practice it seems that they only marginally effect the ease with which the masks can be removed. Speaking of Defense specifically, it does really matter in combat because all Jasons are invulnerable to melee attacks so long as they are blocking. Solution: For Defense, re-vamp the combat slightly. While Jason is blocking, if Jason blocks a certain amount of damage within a given time frame, there is a chance to break his block and have the attack successfully connect. For Jasons with a weakness in Defense, they can absorb fewer hits before their block is broken. Just throwing out an example, if J2 or J6 block 5 hits in something like 8-10 secons, the chances of the next hit inflicting damage on Jason through his block become exponentially greater. For Less Hit Points, and Stun Resistance, because these don't really effect how easy it is to stun or demask Jason, I think they should be eschewed from the stat screen. I'm sure their values effect SOMETHING but I don't think they are meaningful enough in actual gameplay to list them on the stat screen. Instead I would replace them with something new. Perhaps a "Rage" variable that effects how soon rage becomes available. The stun resistance needs to be fixed so that Jasons with a strength or weakness in them are actually harder or easier to stun with a shorter and longer stun time. Now I would like to talk about the more "middle-ground" abilities and what I would do for them. Jason 2 and 3 are decent starter Jasons but overall they are considered low in the tier lists many people create. My solution is tied to their run speed: Increase J2 and J3's run speed to be up to 20% or so higher than fast walking. I feel like this would give them more "points" in the eyes of players for consideration even for veteran players. Stalk is great but I really feel like the penalty for moving while using it is a bit too great. Here's what I would change: Keep the Stalk values the same for RUNNING while using it. Across all Jasons the time to drain stalk while WALKING or fast-walking should be increased by up to or exceeding 50%. Often times the time it takes to get into position with Stalk active is time enough for the ability to nearly or fully drain. Stalk is often ignored or not used very effectively because it is drained so quickly in my opinion. Additionally, Jason's footsteps should be SILENT while Stalk is active. It ruins the purpose of stalk if Jason cannot sneak up on people with his heavy thudding footsteps giving him away. Now I would like to talk about throwing knives. In my opinion I think it is superfluous to place the two throwing knives inside Jason's shack just to have Jason grab them at the start of every match. I say just add 2 more into Jason's inventory and remove the two knives from the shack. Now this ties into what I was saying about Grip Strength earlier. I say have 2 or 3 throwing knives be the baseline for every "neutral" Jason, and Part 6 Jason would start with 6 now that he doesn't have to pick up 2 more in the shack. Since Grip Strength would be done away with as a variable stat in my overhaul, Jasons with a weakness in Grip Strength have that replaced with -Throwing Knives in that they start with ZERO. So it would be Strength=6, Neutral=2 or 3(undecided), -Weakness=0. Alright, now Jasons with a Strength in Grip Strength would get something else in substitution for that. I'm open to ideas, but for the time being I will proceed with my new list of Strengths and weaknesses based on my Jason Gameplay Overhaul. Overhauled Jason Stats Neutral Values: Throwing Knives: Jasons with no strength or weakness in this area start with 2 or 3(I'm undecided) because the 2 knives in the shack have been removed. Stalk: Jasons with no strength or weakness in this area have a buff to reduce the time to drain by up to or exceeding 50% while moving over the original value. The stationary value remains the same. Grip Strength: All Jasons now have average grip strength. Jason Part 2 Strengths: +Can Run (Now up to or exceeding 20% faster than Fast-Walk) +Traps +Morph Stalk (I truly feel that +Morph was misplaced on J2. I don't think it is appropriate to what we see in the film. He doesn't "teleport" in that movie, but rather you could argue he is sneaking around shortcuts through the woods that he knows so well. He did a lot of hiding and sneaking in the film as well. Additionally from a gameplay perspective being able to trap the objectives so much as well as being present across the map so much is very annoying and I don't think the J2's weaknesses make up for that.) Weaknsses: -Shift -Defense (Can now be "guard broken" sooner if he absorbs too much damage in a short time frame.) -Water Speed (Perhaps renamed to "Water Affinity," as I detailed above this Jason is slower in water and cannot use Stalk while in water, but he can use Stalk for longer while on land.) Jason Part 3 Strengths: +Can Run ((Now up to or exceeding 20% faster than Fast-Walk.) +Weapon Strength +Grip Strength +Defense (Can absorb more hits before his guard is broken through in combat. Think about when Chris Higgins attacked him with a knife and Jason backed up all the way down the hall before getting hit.) Weaknesses: -Stun Resistance (Can be stunned more easily outside of combat stance or while not blocking in combat stance and stays down for longer while stunned.) -Sense -Stalk (Same values as his original Stalk powers as I feel the Stalk weakness values are just fine) Jason Part 6 Strengths: +Thowing Knives (Now starts with 6 knives.) +Sense Duration +Shift Weaknesses: -Defense Stalk (In the film this Jason got up from multiple shotgun blasts very quickly, as well as tanked a strike with a shovel at the beginning of the film and a headshot from a revolver without pausing for too long. To me it seems like he was seen by his victims more so than other Jasons, so I feel that a weakness in Stalk is more appropriate to him. Gameplay wise I feel that Part 6's strength setup puts him more into the "relentless pursuit" style killer and I think that fits better with the film.) -Can't Run -Morph Jason Part 7 Strengths: +Sense Range/Cooldown +Water Speed/Water Affinity (Now with permanent Stalk while in water, this Jason is even more dangerous in water.) +Grip Strength Weapon Strength (I feel that this is more appropriate to this Jason thematically, and from a gameplay perspective I think more than one non-Savini Jason should have this strength. Alternatively, this could be changed to "Bleed Damage" that slowly drains HP up to a limit and increases fear over a certain time frame after a hit). Weaknesses: -Can't Run -Traps -Shift Defense (In the film this Jason was knocked down by a couch, a house plant, and a light fixture. I feel this weakness is more appropriate than a Shift weakness.) Jason Part 8 Strengths: +Water Speed/Water Affinity (Now with permanent Stalk while in water, this Jason is even more dangerous in water.) +Destruction +Stalk Morph (It is far more appropriate for J8 to have +Morph than for J2 to have it. I'm sure everyone agrees. The loss of increased Stalk duration on land is mitigated by perma-Stalk in water, so I think it is just fine this way) -Sense -Can't Run -Throwing Knives (Starts with ZERO throwing knives. With the 2 extra knives from the shack now removed, he will have to find knives in the map.) Jason Part 9 Strengths: +Shift +Stun Resistance (Harder to stun outside of combat stance and recovers from stuns more quickly) +Stalk Weaknesses -Can't Run -Less Hit Points (Update this to actually make it easier to de-mask this Jason upon successful hits.) -Traps Savini Jason Strengths: +Shift +Weapon Strength +Destruction Weaknesses -Water Speed/Water Affinity (This Jason is slower in water and cannot use Stalk while in water.) -Can't Run -Grip Strength Throwing Knives (Starts with ZERO throwing knives.) That's my overhaul of the Jason stats and gameplay. Let me know your thoughts and if you agree or disagree and why. Thanks for reading.
  23. Hi im new to this whole form thing but i wanna be apart of this Community because I love the game and I also want to know is there anybody else out there who plays as Jason and kills 6 to7 counselors game and can play the counselors and Escape almost every time?
  24. Thanks to @lHeartBreakerl for bringing this video up in another thread. Below I present the gameplay reveal for the game they showed about a year ago. I ask you this: why does the game in this video look much more polished than what we have? Animations seem smoother, Jason teleports in a puff of smoke rather than simply blinking with a jarring static effect. Sense isn't nearly as blinding. Shift took a little bit more skill because you had to aim it. They could've made it so you can't shift right in front of people with this method too. And the biggest part? NO PROXIMITY MUSIC. I feel this is something they needed to take from Dead by Daylight for whatever reason. Jason performed most of his kills in the movies without being seen, there was NOTHING to alert the Counselors of his presence. Isn't this supposed to be like the movies? Music in Rage Mode seems fair to me though. I feel like this would make the game much more horror esque, and bring that fear of Jason back to everyone. The game is slowly starting to devolve in terms of its gameplay, and Jason is just a stun locking joke to a group of Counselors that's halfway competent. Thoughts?
  25. The movement in Friday the 13th is a little clunky. I've played with gamers who use the movement flaws to their advantage and escape certain situations in unrealistic ways. This can become frustrating if you're Jason and you spend more than needed warping to a counselor and not being able to catch them because they're moving around radically. Maybe implementing better movement mechanics that cause counselors to change movement direction in a more realistic manner. For example if you are running away from Jason and decide to do a complete 180 turn, there should be a stop and slide animation or slowing down before you can change directions that quickly. Or maybe peanalizing players for changing direction so quickly by making them stumble. These suggestions should allow players to stray away from exploits and use smarter tatics to avoid Jason. Rather than just running around erratically. I think this will also add some depth into the gameplay and allow developers to create more chances for those cherished cinematic moments we all look forward to when playing.
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