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Found 13 results

  1. With the whole thing about Part 7 needing a buff,an idea came to my mind,how about a game mode that focus more on the water aspect of some of the Jasons. Here s the idea,let say the game mode is called - Aquatic Rumble - ,basically you have a map consisting of mostly water with a bunch of small islands with one in the middle and the others scathered around. There will be like 2 or 3 boats that need to be repaired,but the parts are scattered all over the small islands,so you will need to swim from one island to the other if you want to bring those back to the boats. Of course,any Jasons with faster water travel will go very well with this mode. This would be a tense but also fun game mode to play,what do you guys think ?
  2. Hardcore mode includes: no walkie talkies, less melee weapons available/weapons break often, crawling through broken widows automatically puts you on your final hit, jason hears (the car start, when you're on the phone with the police, the boat engine) or his mother helps him by saying "they're trying to escape jason. Stop them." (When repairs are made), jasons rage activates automatically when any counselor escapes. (Rage activation increases his walk/run speed, can sense all counselors even with sense avoidence perks, abilities cooldown time decreases to a 3 second wait), slim to none chance the radio to call tommy jarvas will be on the map, 7 min wait for police and jason already knows where they will show up before they get there, if jason is "killed" the counselors will have 2 mins to escape (in a boat, with police, or in a car) before he automatically revives, jason stun time lasts 5 seconds( 3 in rage mode), each hit jason takes increases rage meter more (after 5 hits rage mode activated), everyone is prone to fear and loses mini map automatically when jason is nearby or dead body is seen, if jason stops car 3 times all repairs to car has to be done again, police will only pick up the counselor who called and 2 others and will have to be called again to pick up more, if there are 3 vehicles there will only be 2 gas containers (2 vehicles 1 gas container), as added fun the boat will already have the bolder and chain in it so counselors will have the choice to "drown" jason or escape ( "drowning" jason will be the only way to "kill" him and will consist of a "button mash contest" for the counselor trying to put it on him and jason trying to flip the boat over), survivors will gain triple XP and double CP for surviving hardcore jason will receive normal if anyone escapes and triple XP and double CP for all counselors killed, tommy can only be called when 3 or more players have died, jason can grab counsors from a downed position for quick kill (stops counselors from ganging up on him and t-bagging him), if Jason's mask is removed counselors will stay in fear, and last but not least weather conditions will alter the game (strong winds will radomly open unlocked doors, thuderstorms will radomly destroy power boxes/generators, power is needed to call police, running in rain off road will incrase stumbling, running outside with rain and strong winds will decrease counselor speed from cold, weather does not affect jason).
  3. Hey all, I've been a player since day 1. Thoroughly enjoyed the game. However I'm now at the point where Jason doesn't scare me when he appears, there isn't that fear that something I've just done will mean he may see/hear me. Because I find myself constantly checking my map and I know theres a window on a house just on my right that I can run to.. etc I've seen similar ideas, as much respect as I have to Gun Media etc let's keep it basic, the guys are obviously working on some more content, so huge changes to game modes may be a bit much of an ask? And things do take a long time to release. These are simple and possibly easier to roll out? I basically find myself involuntarily map watching, so I keep my eye on the map knowing that if I 'head in this direction' I'll eventually reach that house, sometimes without looking at the game itself until I'm pretty much there. This forest may look creepy and dark, but I'm not even paying attention really "just follow that road on the map" These, to me, seem like all very basic HUD edits and disables etc, so surely should be pretty easy to implement? It's pretty much a 'hardcore' version. NO HUD MAP : What I envisioned is that what would it bring to the game if there was no HUD map enabled at all? Yes, you could say 'Chris just don't look at the fucking map then!' but as easy as that is to say, you just can't help but look, because it's there. I think it will bring back that excitement and fear that I first felt when I started playing the game, thinking is Jason near? Will he find me? Nope, because I can see on my map that hes on the complete opposite end smashing someone elses head in.. I thought what if you had to rely on wondering around in the dark not knowing where you were heading apart from using certain areas as a reference.. is that a house in the distance? Yes, head over there! (you get my point). Gotta get through these woods though, it's dark, he could be anywhere... It would also be pretty relieving to bump into another counsellor, it may give people much more of an incentive to stick together because we pretty much don't know where anyone else is. Will reduce Jason gang banging which is seriously annoying (but also fun?!) as it will be harder to find eachother. NO JASON VICINITY MUSIC / PERMANENT STALK I believe you can disable this for yourself in the menu, but it's just not the same if it's not happening for everyone. I think it would be awesome if you had no idea if he was close he was, and you're in a building and all of a sudden he appears at the window, then walks off and you have no idea what window he's gone to next! Maybe just the ki ki ki ma ma ma if he's quite close. That might be cool. NO HUD MAP FOR JASON It might be a bit too overkill if Jason has a map and counsellors don't. Not sure on this one? These are literally a couple of very simple changes but I think they could have a drastic effect on the game in a new mode, bringing back a bit more excitement to it. Shoot me down if you want, but I'm just a fan with some ideas. Just thought these would be pretty cool without the guys having to do 'too much work' on implementing it as its all already there..
  4. As a spin off of what I believe the Paranoia game mode will be (8 counselors PvE style where one is the designated killer), a "Jason Goes to Hell' angle would be a fun and challenging new way to play the game. One of the counselors is "possessed" by Jason, who's goal is to (A. Kill all counselors) and/or (B. possess an unknown designated female character, in doing so becoming full fledged Jason.) Sort of like a hybrid between paranoia mode and the main game. The counsellors must weed out the possessed counsellor before they become Jason. If a counsellor is killed, Jason can switch into and possess their body. Once the possessed counselor becomes jason they cannot be killed as easily as when they were a counsellor possibly only through a long Easter Egg to acquire the dagger that kills Jason at the end of 'Jason Goes to Hell' in which jason is pulled into the ground by demons. Tons of possibilities for this mode, and as a tweak of the Paranoia mode it shouldn't be too hard to flesh out.
  5. So I had a thought about some modes that could be cool to play. I thought of a 4 vs 4 mode that allows each side to have one Jason and they must try to kill the other teams Jason. In this mode each teams Jason can't kill the counselors but, can slow them down by throwing knives and placing traps. This is just a little idea and could be tweaked but I think some sort of 4 vs 4 could be cool with a good idea...?
  6. Ok, I was giving some thoughts to potential new game modes that might be interesting. An idea popped in my head for a checkpoint run that would take place on a map. Not sure what to call this idea for a mode. Maybe "Death Race"? 1. There would be 13 checkpoints scattered throughout the map. Each counselor could see the next checkpoint that they needed to reach by arrow indicator on their mini-map and as an icon on the mini-map when they were close enough to it. 2. When a counselor reaches a checkpoint they have to interact with it to get a token (checkpoints can be indoors or outdoors). When they get the token, the next checkpoint will be annotated on the mini-map. Each checkpoint they reach they will get an XP award in addition to the token. 3. When a counselor gains all 13 tokens they can exit the map at one of the points where the cops would normally arrive. 4. Jason's task of course is to kill all of the counselors before they collect the necessary tokens and escape. 5. The whole of the map would still be usable, so counselors can hide and move through cabins as normal, or use any means they can to reach the next checkpoint to get their token. 6. No other escape options would be present on the map. No phone. No cars. No boat. No Tommy. 7. Jason would know where all the checkpoints are, but not in which order counselors will have to reach them. The order of checkpoints randomizes every match. What do you think? @Gertz
  7. Rules: random counselor, random Jason, no perks, no music, large maps only, slower Jason ability cool downs, no preference percentages, no mini map, 4 door, cops, and boat always spawn, no throwing knives in shack, can not reset bear traps as a counselor, pamala will not warn Jason if a counselor enters his shack, no mess up sound ques for Jason to hear. i think this game mode would make it much more difficult as counselor and Jason. It would cause the players to use more skill.
  8. So I have an idea for an alternate game mode for F13. While people are suggesting for Roy to be included as another Jason, he wouldn't really be able to fit into Jason's role since he's just a normal guy. So what I was thinking was there could be a game mode that takes inspiration from the old ZX Spectrum Friday the 13th game. Where everyone is a counselor and one is chosen to be "Jason" and the objective for them is to kill everyone and it's everyone else's goal to find and kill the Jason player. So for this Friday the 13th game, it could be that everyone spawns as a counselor and one player is selected to be Roy. They aren't revealed to be Roy until they are caught killing someone, or are killed. Unlike regular F13 matches, this would have no escape options and the entire goal would be for Roy to either kill all counselors or be killed. So the player chosen to be Roy would start the match like they are a normal counselor, finding weapons etc. And they would try and single out counselors and kill them indiscreetly. The player being attacked would see they are Roy but not anyone else unless they witness them doing it. Roy could work either as a counselor simply wearing the Roy mask and coveralls, or a full-on unique model. The counselor just dressed as Roy seems like a better idea. The Roy player would have the same combat as Jason does with weapon swings and blocking, but much weaker in terms of fighting as unlike Jason he can't outright grab and kill execute someone, he would rely entirely on killing with hits. The most important thing with Roy is he can be killed outright unlike Jason who requires a series of steps to be killed. Counselors would have to work together to defeat Roy and hurt him enough to kill him. If the players succeed in killing Roy or if maybe time runs out, they win the match. If Roy kills every counselor, he wins. It would basically be an asymmetrical multiplayer mafia game.
  9. Hey , people what do you think about a mode that jason fight military forces like part 9 and Jason X.
  10. A post by @LawDog had me thinking of a new mode: Possession One player starts as Jason No one can see who picked which counselor at the beginning of the match, or the Jason player is assigned only when the match begins The Jason player has to kill or possess counselors The body of the counselor possessed by Jason deteriorates as the match goes on, causing the need to possess a new counselor or be easily identifiable/grow weaker XP bonuses for sabotage Escape or maybe the Jason player can only be stopped with that stupid Voorhees dagger Anyway, just an idea. Thoughts? Ideas? I'm pretty sure this isn't an original idea but I wouldn't want to see possession inside of the regular game mode.
  11. There should be a game mode where there is two teams of four and one jason. There would be little resources on the map so the teams would have to kill each other or bargain for items to escape. Another one is a mode where there is two jason players face off for most kills and can stun each other. Counselors numbers should be brought up to ten. Another silly one is death match with all characters being either just counselors or jasons. Fun fun! Sorry if this was already said. First post, just saying stuff. >_<
  12. It would be nice if we had a couple special game modes. like for example: The map will be a boat, where counselors will try to hide as long as possible from Jason, But Jason has no abilities, so he can only walk/run around or inside the boat and kill people, just like in Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan. Let me know what you think of this concept!
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong and ill-informed It seems from the gameplay I've seen that Jason will always be chosen randomly? I'm curious to know if that's not really the case if you so choose it not to be. Can you pick to always be the killer (Jason) when you play the game? It'd be kinda disappointing if its always random. I mean it in the way where someone says "let me be jason, Please let me be Jason" And Vice versa for people who really dont wannaa be Jason that Game. Its that frustrating moment that concerns me at this point. It kinda what drove me from evolve. I want to pre-order this game asap but I feel like those frustrating moments will eventually get annoying.
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