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Found 2 results

  1. Seriously, this can't be that difficult of a workaround. Why not release an update that changes out the copyrighted material? Change the name and create a new killer. Instead of "part 1, 2, 3 Jasons" make them different killers. Hell, the community could come up with some great characters for sure. You'd have to change the map names but the maps themselves wouldn't need to be changed. Rather than Tommy make him something else. Also, something that could be developed through the community. This could literally be changed with a downloaded update. I looked at the lawsuit filings and you'd have to do this all at one time. You couldn't update the characters or anything like that slowly, otherwise, Miller may be able to claim "derivative works". You've designed a fun game that I haven't seen beat yet. Not by DBD, or even the new ones coming out like, "Last Year". Have you guys given this direction a thought?
  2. It seems that we only really deal in black and white with this game in terms of some mechanics. Jason is either stunned or he isn't. The following things can "stun" Jason: 1. Melee Weapon hits 2. Firecrackers 3. Shotguns 4. Flare Guns 5. Bear Traps (more of a delay than an actual stun) 6. The Sweater 7. Pocket Knives With counselors, high damage taken leads to a limp. Counselors cannot be "stunned" except by Jason traps (more of a delay, but it deals damage). Essentially, counselors are either fine or they're not. I personally would like to see more varied interactions that could lead to different and interesting strategies. I've mentioned this before, quite awhile back, but I thought I'd get a pulse on what everyone else thinks in this regard. Do you think it would be nice to have varied effects for items and attacks? Here are a couple thoughts I have. Please share yours. I'm curious to see what more minds than one can come up with. 1. Stagger (Melee Weapons/Jason Knives): Melee weapons would have a stun chance and a stagger chance. Just going to throw out some random numbers here: The Branch 20% Stagger chance/20% Stun chance. The percentage roll for RNG would be a single roll. Jason could not be stunned and staggered by the same hit. Stagger would place Jason's kills and abilities (except Rage) on cooldown for X seconds. This would be a delaying effect against Jason. It could give a grabbed counselor time to break free without that instant kill polishing them off; but it would allow Jason to still grab and slash with melee (assuming he wasn't holding a counselor). Jason's throwing knives would have a modest chance to Stagger a counselor (maybe 15%). In this case, the counselor would have their Sprint put on cooldown for a short duration. While Jason would face a Stagger/Stun possibility, counselors would face a Stagger/Slow possibility. 2. Dazzle (fire crackers/flare guns): The crackers and flares could have a disorienting effect. Have the POV of Jason and counselors too close to the receiving end of firecrackers or a flare impact be washed out and skewed (double-vision). Flares could still do a modest amount of damage (for a direct hit) and mark Jason on the map. 3. Slow (Throwing Knives): Small chance (maybe 5%) that a throwing knife impact will Slow a counselor (reducing them to a limp) for a very short time (maybe 3 seconds). Do you all think that we should have different conditions to give more meaning to different items and how they are used?
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