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Found 3 results

  1. Friday night I was helping a couple friends to unlock the kill Jason achievement and let them see what killing Jason looks like. My friend was playing Jason, I was Brandon to knock off Jason's mask. The other two players would call Tommy Jarvis and find the sweater. We started out knocking off Jason's mask, then Jason would kill the players not wearing the sweater so they would come back as Tommy Jarvis. Literally each time (at least five or six times) the player going for the achievement came back as Tommy, that player's game would crash. I do mean every time and just that player's game. I decided to wait to have the player come back as Tommy Jarvis then knock off the mask for the players. Each time I did this, it worked fine. I think I helped out four or five players get the achievement that night using this method, and it worked each time. The point, I think if Jason's mask is knocked off first, and another player has the sweater, coming back as Tommy Jarvis will crash your game. This was done on the Xbox One, so I don't know if it affects PS4 or PC players.
  2. my game crashes on me and game close and send me to the xbox dashboard during gameplay in game matches and times me out and sometime sends to main menu. is there connection issue on xbox one? and i am not runing into any bug ingame just random game crashes right to xbox dashboard like 3 times and sometime game menu connection issues i get kick out error or lost host drop outs during gameplay and sends me to the games main menu screen it happens when i be chosen to be jason or not. my twitter username ironzombie1965
  3. Awesome Concept but, on PS4 the Game is still Crashing and booting some players from the game (SINCE THE LAST PATCH on PS4). Some times this is occurring as they try and escape other times is is right in the middle of the game some 5-10 minutes into game play. In addition some players are NOT gaining any CP after completing missions. My Group (North America) & I are experiencing A LOT of Time out connections while "Connecting" in the lobby. Is there going to be a fix very soon? It's very sad but I have been booted from more games on my ps4 than I have completed. Why would I as a customer want to continue to put my self thought this hell of an experience? Will you be posing a customer service number so I and my frustrated friends can get a full refund? I look forward to your response. Thank you. P.S. The Patch for PS4 has done nothing to increase time to get in. I have seen it from 10 seconds to over 140 seconds. **** UPDATE 6/20/17 **** It took some serious responsibility to man up and say you made a mistake. That went very far in my book and I will give you credit for doing this to try and make it right. For the time being I will sit on my hands and not complain and will give you the time you need to work on these issues. Thanks again for being honest about this whole thing with your players. *** UPDATE 8/9/17 *** game is still broken no fix so far. lost all hope in this game every working correctly. Also lost a future customer I will never buy another one of your games. Did some research great track record.
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