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Found 3 results

  1. So I've encountered a problem. I personally don't have a microphone, so I don't chat, though a few rumors on the wind have me worried. As anyone who has played any game online knows, you're bound to run into some unsupervised 12 year old who will only swear like a sailor regardless of their winning or losing status. But I am sadly catching wind of the fact that, while these underaged people are free to swear like sailors, if you swear back at them, especially if they are showing poor gameplay conduct (teaming up with jason to kill everyone, sabotaging things, so on) you can be banned for "sexually harassing a minor". If this is true, I'd find this to be an insanely unfair move; the kids are ALREADY playing a game they are underaged for playing, exposed to content they are not supposed to have access to and are exposed to a community who often expects profane banter. It would be like being banned here because you described a gruesome kill you'd like to see and you get banned because you have mentioned a "grotesque act of violence in front of a minor". It just makes no sense. Anyone got any proof on this happening or is it just dirt on the wind?
  2. I've been able to hear friends from time to time and they can hear me sometimes. It just started today. It's not my xbox settings. It just happened when I joined a lobby. I'm on xbox one
  3. I am an Xbox One player, and not once have I been able to speak in game chat. I can hear everyone else fine, but my mic symbol doesn't even light up when I speak. I have tried everything that I could possibly think of: I am definitely in game chat, and my voice does work in party chat and in all other games I only have one headset (Skullcandy), but I have tried two pairs of headphones with mics as well (also both Skullcandy, so if the problem is "on my end" then using Skullcandy mics is the only think I think it could be, although it still would a problem with the game). I have also tried a different controller I have tried setting the "Output Voice in World" option to both yes and no, neither work (although I heard that that option has nothing to do with speaking anyway) I have quit and restarted the game multiple times, as well as hard resetting my Xbox As a last resort, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and that didn't work either I was patient with it throughout the week because I saw a thread in which PS4 players were having the same problem and it seemed to be fixed by a patch. So my hope was that the Xbox patch would fix it, but unfortunately it did not. Thanks for any help!
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