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Found 22 results

  1. People who play quick play, do you have any videos of you or friends getting revenge and taking down teamers? Share in the comments? Even though I don't do this to anyone else, I had to share this. this match was from last night, finding out two vanessas were teaming in a previous round, so I messaged the jason from this match and he had friends do the same to them. They left after the match ended. Tommy player finds out that Jason and his friends are teaming with me, suicides at 11:04 to avoid death.
  2. Ctfu, has anyone been in a match where a Jason player would grab you and just spin you around in circles? I find it funny and weird. What is their motivation to do that? For their own amusement or just to troll you?
  3. Note: It double posted twice in the forums for some reason idk why lol
  4. Hey guys! Me and my friend made a pretty funny compilation video of us both playing Friday the 13th on PS4! Thought it would be great to share to our fellow Friday fanboys and fangirls! thanks so much to anyone who checks it out, it would be greatly appreciated. We intend to make much more in the future
  5. This one has been around for a while on YouTube, but I thought it was kind of funny.
  6. Just saw this pop up in my recomended youtube videos,lol that is kinda funny. Made by AlphaGamer,its an intro wich he made for his streams.
  7. Every once in awhile you see a play made that is so bad it is astounding. That play that you just shake you head and stare dumbfounded at the screen... Last night I was playing some matches with friends. We were partied up and playing in QP (::cringe::), but one of our folks was the host so at least we knew there'd be no rage quitting. One player in particular outside our group played about 3 matches with us. This player was sub-level 15 and very new. Each match the player would spend the entire match hiding in various hiding spots ( blissfully unaware that Jason will see your location light up post-Rage). In one match, Jason found this person last because he had to wait until Rage to get a bead on the hider. Spectating the hider: 1. You hear Jason's music. 2. Hider comes out and runs in a couple circles trying to come up with a plan. 3. Jason starts smashing the door - hider hides in a wardrobe (the only hiding spot in the little cabin). 4. Jason is almost through the door and the hider exits - aiming the flare gun. 5. Jason breaks the door and is shot for a stun. 6. Hider goes back into the wardrobe (bot style). 7. Jason kills the hider after briefly using the Sense to verify nobody was running away outside. The bots are setting a bad example for our noobs methinks...
  8. Something rather funny happened when I was hunting some bots on Crystal Lake. A Chad Bot hid under a bed, but for some reason, instead of the "Oh please, don't come over here...", the sound balancing went out of wack, Chad shoved the mic into his mouth, and with the force of Jason's fist: I stood around like that because I was dying laughing.
  9. Just finished this match about half hour ago. Tiffany was last on the agenda. I had already crippled her and she accepted her end. Well sort of.. Hopefully it made you smile. Surprised she cheated death twice but inevitably she may rest knowing no one will have to look at her disfigured face.
  10. Heres one of the best gameplays we have had in friday the 13th game on ps4. Here, I give away Pamela tape, plus call the police plus get a Jason Kill. Hope you Enjoy.
  11. This was made October 18 2017,so it wasnt too long ago,what do you guys think ?
  12. sorry for the swearing but this glitch was way too funny and i wanted to share with you guys what i was able to do
  13. So I quickly made an edit of someone who team killed me. He was supposedly team killing multiple games beforehand in which I wasnt apart of as to why I dont have more clips of this bulls**t. I'm posting this out of hope that he gets banned because things like this is why I've stopped playing it. Hope you enjoy!
  14. Sup Dudes!! Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Don't let the PSN name scare ya I'm not as bad as it sounds lol the account is old af and was given to me. SO! Basically I started playing F13th I think a month after it was first released and I'm glad I kinda took a while to buy it considering all the glitching and exploiting that was going on, lots of idiots still making the good honest community feel a little more S*it. Well, I'm glad the new updates and fixes rolled out fixing most the major problems however many small probs are still effecting the game in a harsh way. Im Level: 70 almost now and I haven't been playing nearly as much as I used to. To many people are teamkilling and just simply being straight up dicks and it's making the game no longer fun it feels stupid and repetitive. I always keep the faith because I'll always be a fan who loves this game but seriously Rhonda, things need to change. LOL feel free to add me or or follow me or whatever the hell it is we do to keep a social bond within this forum lol I'm the new guy here and it's a pleasure to finally be in the forums and to meet all of you fans.
  15. This crazy bug happened after I grabbed a counselor. I was shot in the face with a flare gun and was subsequently launched of the map. https://t.co/WG4w8MBNZJ
  16. Come watch my friends and i run away from jason like a bunch of pansies. https://www.twitch.tv/itshaviik
  17. Hey guys i was playing the other day when a ridiculously funny glitch happened. i could fly around for awhile and Jason couldn't catch me!! There is a video on my Youtube Channel please check it out if you can It really is worth the watch!! Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AsjYRaBYuA I also make other Friday The 13th videos and would greatly appreciate if You could take a look at them. Thanks guys
  18. Recently, I was playing a match as Jason. There was a storm near my area, and the power shut off as I was shot with a flare gun. I was super mad. But that moment got me thinking, have other people have had worse? What's your worst F13 moment?
  19. This bug is kinda funny, though very frustrating for whoever is Jason. http://xboxclips.com/Convicted+Devil/6b73285a-c122-47b3-8b53-31559958808a ^^^This actually had 2 glitches involved. The first one is the notorious closet glitch where you can't seek and destroy them, then the second involves trying to execute a kill animation and somehow getting stuck in the grab. My guess is that the counselor is right at the moment of breaking free when the animation is beginning. http://xboxclips.com/Convicted+Devil/11674fb7-434e-4760-9d71-0580c3d96b32 ^^^Second occurrence, coming from the perspective of the counselor, this is how I got my hypothesis for the first video. (Video is 3 minutes long most of the time Jason is carrying me around, shows that he can't let me go)
  20. I dont know if its an intentional thing cause Ive never had it happen before and Ive played probably about 50 hours or so, but we had 4 people in the car on Camp Crystal, by the map spawn, and as we were backing away from jason he ported behind us and suddenly the car FLIPPED. Everyone got tossed out and the car was on its side. Now the camera acted like it was suppose to happen, but we couldnt knock it back over. Just wondered if anyone else has had this happen. If its not intentional I kind of think it should be. It was hilarious and scary all at the same time.
  21. So the whole match she was driving like that with her hatch open, casually she escaped though
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