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Found 12 results

  1. It can be any match that you can think of, either you survived or got killed in the match it doesn’t matter.
  2. If they were to add Pamela Voorhees as a killer what would her strengths and weaknesses be? What would her weapon be? It’s going to be sort of weird though because she’s not tall like Jason so she’ll probably look like a counselor, should she be fast? Or at least faster than Jason, or same running speed? Here’s what I think her stats should be. +Can Run -Grip Strength +Stalk -Water Speed +Sense -Stun Resistance The way she grabs has to be different than Jason of course, I’m thinking maybe instead of grabbing them, maybe she tackles them and gets them in a choke hold? And her weapon should most definitely be a butcher knife. What do you guys think. Now the way she dies is how I think Roy should die. By beating the shit out of them 😂. Once they get to a low enough HP, after rage mode, you can stun them and once they’re stunned Tommy Jarvis can come up and execute them but of course this can only happen once per game. Never made sense as to why Roy could be fooled by the sweater girl 😂
  3. For some of the strengths Jason has like +Morph +Sense +Grip Strength +Stalk Those are good abilities but, having them as a strength doesn’t really matter that much. I’d rather have those as a neutral strength than a strength. Would you agree that those strengths, if you have a Jason that has one of those strengths should get a slight buff. Here are some ideas I came up with. For one, I don’t think Jason should get sense in the beginning of the match. It makes much more sense for stalk to be the 2nd ability Jason gets. That would make stalk better by default whether your Jason has it as a strength or not. In the F13 movies, Jason was always stealthy in the beginning, then at the end, that’s when he started chasing. For +sense, you should be able to see highlights of the objectives no matter how far you are. For example, you’re on pack large, you turn on sense and you should see a yellow highlight of the car and when it is being repaired you see the highlight turn red. Also, you should be able to like place a sense marker for things you want. Like, I see gas on the ground, I should be able to place a marker for it so whenever I turn on sense I can see it and monitor it. For +Morph, simple the morph spots should be more accurate. For +Grip Strength, the longer you are in Jasons Grip the more damage you take and the less stamina you’ll have if you break free & for stalk, the time you burn when walking with stalk on should be less. I heard you can run only for 20 seconds before stalk is gone. Bump the ish up to 45.
  4. Just thought this would be a fun thing to do to break up the same old threads. Keep it civil guys. This is meant more for fun and not a platform to bash anyone. Ill start with @Alkavian. Id give him the title of "The Professor" due to his dedication to testing game mechanics and theories as well as his dedication. Just pick out people you recognize and give them a title that seems fitting. Be sure to leave a reason though. Kind of pointless to bestow a title upon someone without explaining why. Hopefully this will be a nice fun thing for everyone.
  5. Hi Gunmedia, I wanted to suggest if you can add team kill back as a server leader option from the original game, this will give players more options and makes it fun because I personally think is more realistic!!! for example when holding the shotgun there was more pressure placed on the shotgun user aim wisely to avoid killing your team. I know some people abused team kills but to remove all together takes away from the game. Thank you, Lupe
  6. Well we'll, for a start Jason can now grab people up hills and across rooms again, can catch up to normal jogging people now if he's a runner. These aren't to bad apart from the hill thing, I used to deal with that when Jason could grab even further. Most houses, draws and campsites are a big time waste/sync now as they are mostly empty 4 cabins 23 draws 1 radio 3 maps 1 first aid spray in a bathroom. Lots of nice views but just plain open spaces now there's no things spawning in camps hardly. You only reduced weapons to make it harder for Tommy to find an axe\machete for the kill now, clever without saying it. The new map is nice but as said with the lack of items its just boring and empty now. Finally all tonight there's been people helping Jason on ps4 a LOT 2 grabbed and wasted the sweater right away, some helping so Jason pops up on us now, which is no longer great because of the lack of defence items. If this is the new Meta your going to lose a lot of counselor players which is 7 people per round rather than 1 now meaning your going to have 7 people leaving rather than 1. You'll now only get hardcore veteran people left playing after awhile now meaning you'll get Jason's crying out again when they can't kill again you may as well totally remove all items at that point. Find a midway ground between what you had before and now else you'll lose more and I don't want this game to die
  7. Sometimes I find myself a bit whiny about the bugs and cheaters. BUT When this game is cooperating played with friends or friendly strangers using mics this game is so much fun. I have played it almost exclusive for many months now. And I have met new online friends. So all creds to the developers that have created such a fun game. Just wanted to write that
  8. I suggest to put sounds for some emotes as for example "cry" emote. I think sounds can make them funnier.
  9. Love this game. Thanks Gun for this! I can't wait to see how it evolves and gets better. Yeah it's got some issues but things can only get better. Thanks again Devs!
  10. Since we are all horror fans and are dorks in our own respective ways, here is a thread of fun to post horror clips. The clips should be something from a horror film you love. Does not matter if you love it for how awesome, stupid, weird, or generally awkward it is. If you love it, share it. Obviously nothing with nudity, this should stay alive with the joy of fictionalized murder and mayhem. Look at that stuff on your own time alone. If you hate something a person posts, do not go on a long rant about it. This is a safe space for horror fans of all kinds. To kick off the silliness, here is a clip that contains a song that has been named by Rolling Stone to be the best song in a film ever. (not going to embed to avoid a giant picture and retain surprise) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jkgWJgEFPIA
  11. I just wanted to say that it has been awesome meeting and playing with people from this forum. I know we all don't always agree with one another, and even start flame wars... but in-game it has been an absolute blast. I look forward to playing with more forum members! Feel free to friend me on PS4! iz_2sick
  12. I have been playing F13 since they fixed the servers on PS but 1 thing I would like to see to make the maps feel different every time would be to add random weather to each map like rain or a tunder storm to give the maps that horror feel and make the game more scary please make this happen ?
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