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Found 25 results

  1. What Should Be Graphically Improved @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @wes @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben UPDATE: Added a New Intro Video for comparison. FUTURE UPDATE: Adding more Jason animation GIFS and adding Counselor animation GIFS. I am happy to say that Friday The 13th The Game will be getting upgraded to the latest version of the Unreal Engine. This means a lot for the game, such as... - Potential for physics improvements and fixes for vehicles, ragdolls, hair, and more - Better performance on all platforms - Required support for Dedicated Servers on Xbox One and Playstation 4 - Fixes for long standing issues that will automatically be resolved by moving to the new engine version (Keep in mind that they will have more specifics closer to release) When asked about "Will this update improve the game graphically" ShiftySamurai said, "We'll have more info on the update throughout the process." "We cannot give answers for specific questions right now." While he didn't say yes yet, I'm sure that the game will most definitely get a bit of a graphical improvement from the April Update. Here's a couple things that I would like graphically improved or things brought back from older builds. Note they haven't said anything on the graphics improving so this could be a complete waste of time. 1. Making the game look ATLEAST half as good as the Beta (Atleast on PC) Okay lets be real here, the game will never look as good as the Pre-Aplha . The Pre-Alpha would be way too hard on consoles AND most PC's. But I think since the engine is getting an upgrade we could get a similar if not an exact look from the Beta. Personally I thought the Beta was gorgeous. There were so many more trees, bushes, and grass was everywhere! The sky looked great and the clouds stood out SO MUCH! The lighting was absolutely phenomenal. Plus there were so many little details like when the car was driving there was dust coming from the wheels. Anyway... I hope we can get the game to look atleast as half as good as the Beta. If you can't make it happen on all platforms then atleast do it for the PC players. I don't even own a gaming PC. I play on Xbox One but I atleast want one platform to have a gorgeous version of the game that looks like the Beta. 2. Bring Back HD Character Models From The Original Virtual Cabin (Jason And Counselors) The character models in this game a very good. Every counselors looks and feels very unique so good job on that F13 Devs. However if the April Update is going to affect the game graphically I feel like we can get them to look closer to the original Virtual Cabin models. - Look At The Shirt, The Hair, The EVERYTHING! - Tommy Looks So Much More Badass And His Hair Didn't Glow! - Look At How Much Better Jenny's Outfit Is In The Original Virtual Cabin! - The White Collar Is Way Better! And The Stripes Look So Good! Those Eyes And Lips Too! Everyone looks so much better in the original Virtual Cabin! Their skin, their eyes and eyebrows, their lips, and ESPECIALLY their hair and clothes looked absolutely stunning! Please Devs, you gotta give us these HD counselors back. Yes I know, These images are in 4K. but if you look at videos of the original Virtual Cabin then you know that the models looked way better even without 4K. Even The Jason's looked way better. Especially Part 6 Jason. - The More Subtle / Lighter Colors On Part 2 Jason Looks Way Better! - I Like The Lighter Colors On This Jason. It would Separate Him More From Part 4 Jason. - This Is Straight Up Photo Realistic! Absolutely Amazing! Part 6 Jason has the biggest difference from the Virtual Cabin to the Final Release. He looks incredible! The mask shape looks just like the movie unlike the mask he has in the Final Release. He's also normal sized. His shoulders and traps look normal and he was leaner just like CJ Graham. I cant get over how good the shape of the mask looks. The Final Release Part 6 Mask looks like crap but the Virtual Cabin 1.0 Mask looks insane. The color and weathering is still off though, Please Devs, bring back the Virtual Cabin 1.0 Part 6 Jason Model. It looks so much better. We need these gorgeous HD models back in the game Devs. Please make it happen guys. 3. Bring Back The HD Hair From The Original Virtual Cabin You wanna know what most of the hair looks like to me in Friday The 13th The Game. You don't? Well I tell you anyway. It straight up looks like most counselors took the end of the mop, smeared it in dog shit, left it out in the sun for 5 days, and then used that as a wig... especially on Adam. (No Offense Devs) - Straight Up Looks Like A Mop But in the original Virtual Cabin the hair looked SO GOOD! - Just Look At How Good It Looks! Please Devs, Bring This Hair Back. - AJ Had Way More Highlights In Her Hair! - Jenny Had Much Darker Hair In The Original Virtual Cabin. It Looks So Good It's Crazy! It looked very natural and soft and... like hair. I really hate the way the hair looks in the game right now and I hope they'll go back to these. They said that the hair would be fixed in the April Update. I don't know if they mean that they're fixing it to look like the original Virtual Cabin hair or if they're fixing all the hair glitches in the game. Hopefully both. 4. Bring Back Beta Animations (Jason And Counselors) I know, I know, I've said this a thousand different times... BUT C'MON! These are so sexy it's unreal! We gotta have these back. I know they're such a small detail but they make Jason and Counselors look and feel so much more real! I didn't include the counselor beta animations below because... I'm too lazy. We gotta have these back Devs. With this new engine I'm sure you can add these back into the game ATLEAST on PC. Make it happen guys. It you would like to see the Beta Animations in a actual match, then click the links below. The Part 3 Jason video is a MUST WATCH! Part 7 Jason Beta Gameplay: https://youtu.be/qpIhC4eqWZE Part 3 Jason Beta gameplay: https://youtu.be/EakKqy5ArPk (MUST WATCH) 5. Fix Neck Seams And Glitches On Character Models If you look closely when selecting a counselor you can see the following on some of them: - Neck Seams - White Dots around the chin / jaw area - Jenny's Neck has a line around it There are many more but I don't wanna go in depth into it because I'm positive these will be fixed in the April Update. 6. Bring Back And Add New HD Intros And Outros I don't know why or how the super amazing HD intros and outros that we had at the launch of the game are now gone. Like seriously, one of the only things that looked better than the Beta... is now gone. But If you're going to add back the old HD Intros and Outros you'll have to add new ones for the New Maps and Small Maps. If you haven't seen the original HD intros here's a video. Intros We Had Before: Intros We Have Now: 7. Bring Back Original Tommy Calling Animation And Original Tommy Cutscene The calling Tommy animation in the game right now is laughable. Counselor's hands aren't even in the right spot half the time. But the reveal trailer for Tommy showed a much more dramatic and realistic animation to call Tommy. And The Tommy Intro cutscene was way more badass. Here's the video. I'm sure everyone would love to see that calling Tommy animation back. 8. Bring Back Original Gun Holding Animation As you saw in the trailer, Tommy actually was holding the gun instead having it float on his back. This gun holding animation looks way better and makes more sense if the gun is on my back then I should be able to pick up other items. This detail is really cool but it's not much of a big deal. I'm sure a lot of us would love to see it back though F13 Devs. And F13 Devs, I'm not trying to be harsh. I love Friday the 13th The Game. It's one of the most fun online games I've ever played. I just wanna see a stunning Friday The 13th Game. We had that game in the Beta but due to consoles and many other reasons, the animations and graphics took a huge hit. But with this new engine I have hope that we can get that beautiful game again. Thank you guys for listening to feedback. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  2. How To Make Jason Scary In F13 The Game Friday The 13th The Game is one of the most fun yet least scary "Horror" games I've ever played. The main reason why it isn't scary is the way counselors treat Jason. The most recent update was a very good start to making Jason scary. Taking away a lot of pocket knives and removing a lot of weapons was a very smart choice. And the slight speed increase does make Jason more fearful. But this fear won't last long. Soon I'll start seeing players team up beat the crap out of Jason and tea bag him which really ruins the experience. I'm gonna go over many reason on how to make Jason scary. And I'm gonna go over one major idea that'll really make Jason so much scarier. Note that I'm gonna be giving a lot of buffs to Jason but I will be giving buffs to the counselors at the end to balance it out. Fixing Tea bagging: Okay so the first thing that you wanna do is get rid of tea bagging. Every time I see Jason get knocked out I don't wanna see a counselor go over his face and start tea bagging him. It's really not scary anymore after you see that. Grabbing counselors while on the ground would be great but pretty hard to animate IMO. The idea I came up with is make Crouching an ability for counselors. Similar to Jason, in one of the corners in the screen there will be a diamond shaped icon with a crouch logo in it. Every time you get up from a crouch you can't crouch again for 5 to 8 seconds. (I would choose 8 seconds). This will make it so that counselors won't be able to tea bag which will definitely improve the scariness of the game. Fixing Combat: To fix groups of people beating Jason's ass, I got you covered. Make it so that once your are in Fear Mode you can't attack anymore. This makes sense and would make counselors much more worried about fear because no one really cares about it. So when counselors are in groups attacking Jason most of the won't be able to because they'll probably be in Fear Mode. It would also make counselors like Jenny more useful since she doesn't get Fear easy. Buffing Rage: When Jason is in Rage Mode every counselor should shit their pants... but they don't. I've got a few ideas to make Rage much more fearful. Note that some of this stuff may sound OP but remember, I'm gonna give counselors a few buffs at the end of this. When Jason is in Rage mode he must feel unstoppable. First, make it so that Jason ignores pocket knives while in Rage Mode. So when Jason grabs counselors while in Rage Mode they wont be able to use their pocket knives. Second, make it so that Jason is EVEN harder to stun while in Rage Mode. While in Rage Mode he should be 25% harder to knockout. Third, when the cops arrive make it so that Jason goes into Rage Mode instantly. This would fix the problem where counselors like to mess with Jason at the exit before escaping. If Jason ignores pocket knives and is 40% harder to knockout while in Rage Mode then counselors wont hesitate escaping. Adding Back Jason's Beta Animations: One of the MANY things that needs to be added back from the Beta is Jason's animations that were left out of the Final Release. (Counselors Beta animations need to be added back too). Right now in the game Jason looks like a robot. there's no startup animation to anything! You need to bring these back! These animations made Jason look and feel so much more real and menacing. Especially the running Jasons. I have some examples down below. Music: In my opinion, this is the biggest reason why people aren't afraid of Jason in your game. (This is the Major idea I was talking about earlier). When your playing as Jason you can't Jump Scare people because counselors constantly know if your around or not because Jason's music will play. The only way to Jump Scare people is to use Stalk... but Stalk straight up lasts 15 seconds m8. So... make it so that counselors CANNOT hear Jason's music even while he's around them unless you or some other counselor nearby sees him. (If you wan't to make it a little more fair, make it so that counselors can also hear Jason's music if he is within 10 feet near them). This is game changing I know but it would make the game SO much scarier. Counselors would constantly be watching their back and Jason could play much stealthier like he is in the movies. You would have to make Jason's footsteps much louder to make it so that counselors could react fast enough. And make it so that Stalk makes Jason music and footsteps not heard at all even when seen or within 10 feet of counselors. This is probably the biggest thing that will make Jason scary in Friday The 13th The Game. Balancing It All Out: Alright time to balance every thing out so Jason isn't insanely OP. I'm gonna go over Nerfs for Jason and Buffs for counselors. Make it so that every Jason has less Traps. With all these things I gave Jason in his favor he shouldn't have to rely on Traps to kill everyone. Normal Amount of Traps = 3 - Amount of Traps = 2 + Amount of of Traps = 4 Make it a bit easier for counselors to break out of Jason's grab. When Jason is stunned make it so that he is stunned for much longer. Make it so that Jason's Mask gets knocked off much easier so killing Jason becomes more of a Escape Option instead of a Rare Occurrence. (As a matter of fact, you should make Killing Jason show up in the Escape Menu showing you how to do it). Make Throwing Knives do a bit less damage. Make going through Broken Windows do a bit less damage. Make going through Windows a bit faster. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  3. Please modify the offline mode so you can be any Jason, besides the special ones that people paid for, with any unlockables. Especially since the new news came out saying content is stoping. Its sad to say but this will be the start of the player population decline. Without new content people will be moving on and not coming back as often. I want to be able to come back to this game and destroy with any Jason I want. The bots may not be that challenging but I love that they are there. This game will always be able to be played and I don’t want to lose my account one day and only be able to be part 3 Jason forever. Please please devs this is a simple change and makes sense. The online will be the same and you unlock them but there’s no reason people shouldn’t be able to have fun offline and expirement.
  4. Adding Back Beta Animations The beta of Friday The 13th The Game looked really good. Much more trees and bushes. Characters looked better. Houses and lighting were much better as well. I don't know the reason why the beta looked so good and the release looked pretty bad and I'm hoping one day the game will look as good as the beta. But the thing that makes me really mad is why some of the animations from the beta are gone. Especially the Jason ones. Here take a look down below: Look at how good these look! These look so amazing! I don't understand why these aren't in the final release. They said they are trying to make Jason Scarier. If they add these animations back from the beta Jason would look and feel so much scarier. They make Jason feel more alive and relentless. Especially that last clip of Part 3 Jason. Imagine you saw him running at you like that after trying to break down a door. Don't lie, that would be so much scarier. I know we can get this back in the game guys. If enough people ask for it back then we'll get it. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub BTW if you can't add these back because of consoles then just add them back to PC. I don't even play on PC but i still would like one version of the game to at least have it.
  5. Top 10 Counselors To Add In The Game @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @wes @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben UPDATE: Switched a couple counselors around. Gave more reasons on why these counselors should be added. Before you read the list I just want you to know these counselors are being added for 3 reasons: 1. Being Popular And Requested Often 2. Being Unique And Looking Unique And Looking Hot ;-) 3. Being Likely To Be Added Okay now that you understand the way I'm doing this, let's get started. Also I won't be including any Hero Characters.This is just a Counselor List. 10. Janessa - The Space Chick At the #10 spot I chose Janessa from Jason X. If were going to be getting Uber Jason and a Jason X Map then we need a Jason X Counselor. I don't think I've seen this character requested much so she fails on popularity but when it comes to uniqueness, she's pretty unique. She has a very snarky personality and well... Is a girl in space. Pretty unlikely to be added though because she's not requested much. Janessa would be the "Space Chick." EDIT: On The Ultimate Character Poll Janessa Is In The Top 5... So Maybe She Is Pretty Popular. Popularity - 1 Uniqueness - 10 Likely To Be Added - 3 Composure: 7 - Is Pretty Snarky Even When Jason Is Around Luck: 3 Repair: 9 - Is A Student In The Movie Speed: 5 Stamina: 2 Stealth: 7 Strength: 2 9. Jimmy - The Dead Fuck At the #9 spot I chose Jimmy from Friday The 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter. C'mon, You know you want this cringey bastard in the game. Everyone loves this guy as much as they love his dance moves. He's pretty popular but he's kinda just another counselor so he's not that unique. I'd say he has a okay chance of making it into the game. Jimmy would be the "Dead Fuck." Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 2 Likely To Be Added - 5 Composure: 6 Luck: 1 Repair: 5 Speed: 9 - He's Pretty Quick With Them Dance Moves Stamina: 8 - Gotta Have A Bit Of Stamina To Dance Like That Stealth: 4 Strength: 2 8. Ralph - The Crazy Bastard At the #8 spot I chose Crazy Ralph from Friday The 13th Part 1 And 2. How could you not add in Crazy Ralph? This is a fan favorite and is pretty popular. This man is a crazy so... that's unique enough for me. But one problem, It's kinda hard for me imagining this old crazy guy running around repairing cars and teaming up with other counselors to fight Jason so I don't know if he'll be added to the game. This one's obvious but Ralph would be the "Crazy Bastard." Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 7 Likely To Be Added - 3 Composure: 7 Luck: 3 Repair: 6 Speed: 2 Stamina: 6 - Has A Little Stamina Since He Rides A Bike Stealth: 10 - Sneaks Up On Counselors Quite A Bit... Strength: 1 7. Mark - The Wheel Chair Guy... Yeah, I Can't Think Of Creative Names At the #8 spot I chose Mark from Friday The 13th Part 2. This guy has been leaked multiple times and there is a 99.9% chance he's gonna make it into the game. There's even a leaked "Wheel Chair Kill" so if that doesn't convince you that he's coming to the game then... I don't know. This one's obvious too but Mark would be the "Wheel Chair Guy." Basically Confirmed Composure: 8 Luck: 2 Repair: 6 Speed: 1 - In A Wheel Chair So He Can't Be Fast Stamina: 7 - He Doesn't Lose Much Stamina Since He's In A Wheel Chair Stealth: 4 Strength: 7 6. Garris - The Sheriff At the #6 spot I chose Sheriff Garris from Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Lives. This one may be a little biased. Sheriff Garris is one of my favorite characters in the franchise. He's funny as hell and a pretty awesome Dad. I know a bunch of people love this guy too so he's pretty popular. He's a Sheriff so he's pretty unique too. But personally, as much as I love this guy and as much as I want him in the game I don't know if we'll ever see him in the game. I'd say it's a 50/50 chance. Garris would be the "Sheriff" Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 9 Likely To Be Added - 6 Composure: 10 - This Man 1 v 1's Jason To Protect His Daughter... Enough Said Luck: 1 Repair: 7 Speed: 2 Stamina: 2 Stealth: 6 Strength: 7 - He Tackles Jason To The Ground 5. Melissa - The Mean Girl At the #5 spot I chose Melissa from Friday The 13th Part 7 The New Blood. I see this one requested ALL THE TIME! Lucky for you guys that want her because her clothes were leaked so you're getting her... so stop asking for her. Personally I'm not a fan of Melissa but we do need a "Mean Girl" so I understand why people want her. Basically Confirmed Composure: 3 Luck: 8 - Gotta Be Pretty Lucky To Be A Massive B*tch And Survive That Long In The Movie Repair: 1 Speed: 10 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 8 - Basically Disappears For A Good Section Of The Movie Strength: 2 4. Megan - The Trouble Maker At the #4 spot I chose Megan from Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Lives. Megan is probably my 2nd favorite character in the franchise so this one may be a little biased too. However I do know a lot of other people love her too so she's pretty popular... and hot. At first glance you may think she's not very unique however she is (kinda) Tommy's GF and also does save Tommy. She's also the daughter of Sheriff Garris. So she's pretty unique. However I have no clue if she would be added to the game or not. Megan would be the "Trouble Maker" since she gets in trouble by her Dad a bunch in the movie. Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 8 Likely To Be Added - 5 Composure: 2 Luck: 5 Repair: 9 - Has A Pretty Nice Car And Seems To Know A Bit About Cars Speed: 6 Stamina: 8 - Able To Swim To Tommy And Bring Him Back To Shore Stealth: 2 Strength: 3 2. Tina - The Enhanced Girl At the #2 spot I chose Tina from Friday The 13th Part 7 A New Blood. Another hottie from the franchise. I know what your're thinking. You want Tina to be a new Hero character like Tommy. I REALLY don't want that. The reason why is Tina is my 3rd favorite character in the franchise and I would want to play as her all the time. I don't want her to be a Hero character because I would constantly be killing myself in the game just to play as her. So just make her a counselor. Plus adding telekinesis in the game would be stupid and OP. Tina as a counselor would be the best option because you can play as her all the time! Anyway... She's insanely popular. She has telekinesis in the movie so she's very unique. And she's requested all the time so she'll probably make it into the game. Tina would be the "Enhanced Girl." Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 10 Likely To Be Added - 7 Composure: 5 Luck: 9 - Takes Some Luck At The Start To Tap Into Her Abilities Repair: 6 Speed: 1 Stamina: 7 - Runs Through The Forest A Bunch In The Movie Stealth: 5 Strength: 2 2. Alice - The Original Final Girl At the #2 spot I chose Alice from Friday The 13th Part 1 And 2. This one I see brought up all the time alongside Melissa and Trish so her popularity is great. She's the original F13 Final girl so she's pretty unique. She's a fan favorite and requested all the time so she's almost certain to make it into the game. Alice would be the "Original Final Girl." Yes I know, we already have Jenny as the Final Girl. But It doesn't hurt to have more than 1 Final Girl in the game. Especially fan favorites like Alice. Popularity - 10 Uniqueness - 7 Likely To Be Added - 9 Composure: 4 Luck: 2 - Not Very Lucky To Have Jason Find Out Where You Live Repair: 6 Speed: 3 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 9 Strength: 7 - Has Enough Strength To Cut Off Pamela's Head 1. Trish - The Sibling At the #1 spot I chose Trish from Friday The 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter. Trish is a huge fan favorite! She is one of the most badass characters in all of Friday The 13th and is really damn hot. Watching her defend Tommy from Jason in the last 10 minutes of the film is so awesome. You can tell Tommy and Trish really care about each other which makes her one of the more developed characters too. She's incredibly popular and is requested all the time. She's also Tommy's sister and she beat the hell out of Jason, so she's very unique. I think this is a must have in the game! Trish would be the"The Sibling." You gotta make Trish a counselor in the game Devs! Popularity - 10 Uniqueness - 9 Likely To Be Added - 9 Composure: 6 Luck: 1 Repair: 3 - Has To Have Rob Repair Her Car Speed: 4 Stamina: 7 - Fights Jason For Over 10 Minutes Stealth: 7 Strength: 7 - Puts Up A Good Fight Against Jason Top 3 Counselors I Want To See In The Game: 3. Tina 2. Megan 1. Trish Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestion. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  6. Adding Character Interactions And More Dialogue This is probably in my Top 5 most wanted things added to the game. (Which I may make a post of later on). I don't know if anyone else has actually talked about this, although I am new to the forums. I know I'm not the only one that wants to get to know the counselors a lot better. They are all very unique with very cool designs and have really good voice actors. But I feel like none of them even know or care about each other. There's lots of things they can add to develop them more. But the coolest thing they can add IMO is Character Interactions and New Dialogue. Okay I'm just gonna get straight into it and show you how to put in Character Interactions and New Dialogue into Friday The 13th The Game in many different ways. BTW Some of this may sound cringey AF but... whatever. Note that I'm only applying Character Interactions to certain characters. Because giving every character Character Interactions with each other would take a while. And I won't be using any character that were added post launch. Also the Counselor Dialogue section applies to every counselor. So every counselor will say those lines just like how every counselor basically says the same lines in the game already. And finally I've added Counselor Responses. So when a counselor says something another counselor will respond back. Character Interactions - Jenny And Chad Interaction: Jenny: Chad! Thank god your're okay! Chad: Jenny?! Is that really you? Are you hurt? Jenny: Yes, it's me and I'm fine don't worry. Look we gotta find the others and get the hell out of here now! Chad: Right! Let's fix these vehicles up and get everyone outta here. Kenny And Tiffany Interaction: Kenny: Tiffany! Baby is that you! Tiffany: Kenny! Oh my god Kenny you're alive! Kenny: I'm so happy to see your're ok. But we gotta be quiet. Jason is still around Tiffany: Got it. Let's find the others and get the hell outta here. Debra And Lachappa Interaction: Debra: Eric?! Eric is that you? Lachappa: Huh? Debra?! Your're ok?! Debra: Yes I'm fine. It's so good to see you! Lachappa: You too. But we gotta get out of here. Lets repair these vehicles and get everyone out of this place. Vanessa And Bugsy Interaction: Vanessa: Brandon?! Brandon is that you? Are you okay, are you hurt?! Bugsy: I'm fine don't worry, we gotta focus on getting outta here! Vanessa: I know. We gotta find the rest too. I hope they're okay. Bugsy: Let's get some weapons and supplies and start looking for them. Adam And AJ Interaction: Adam: Babe is that you?! AJ: Adam? Your're okay! Thank god! Adam: I told you we shouldn't of came here with these assholes. That Jason fucker is gonna kill us all. AJ: C'mon Adam! They're not just my friends they're your's too. Let's go find them and get the hell out of here. New Dialogue - Reminder: Counselor Dialogue Applies To Every Counselor Picking Up A Car Part While Another Player Is Nearby: Counselor Dialogue: Hey! I found the battery! / Hey! I found the gas! / Hey! I found the keys! Counselor Response: Really?! Nice! Lets hurry up and get that in the car. Picking Up The Phone Fuse While Another Player Is Nearby: Counselor Dialogue: Hey guys! I just found the phone-box fuse. Counselor Response: Thank god. Lets go repair the phone-box so we can call the cops. Picking Up A Boat Part While Another Counselor Is Nearby: Counselor Dialogue: Hey I found the propeller! Counselor Response: Really?! Nice! Lets hurry up and get that in the boat. Counselor Picking Up A Shotgun: Counselor Dialogue Option 1: Holy crap... a shotgun. Counselor Dialogue Option 2: This outta be useful. Counselor Dialogue Option 3: Wow a shotgun. I hope it has more than 1 round. If Jason Morphs Near The Counselors: Counselor Dialogue Option 1: Oh Fuck! Jason is here guys! Everyone hide! Counselor Dialogue Option 2: IT'S JASON! If Jason Is Inside A Cabin The Counselors Are In: Counselor Dialogue: EVERYONE RUN! Jason is inside the cabin! If Someone Is Getting Chased By Jason Outside: Counselor Dialogue: SOMEBODY HELP ME! HE'S CHASING ME! PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP! If Jason Is Slashing A Counselor: Counselor Dialogue: HE'S KILLING ME! If Jason Grabs A Counselor While Another Counselor Is Nearby: Counselor Dialogue Option 1: NO! Let them go Jason! Counselor Dialogue Option 2: Somebody! Please Help Them! Counselor Dialogue Option 3: PLEASE! Don't do this Jason! If Jason Is Killing Someone While Another Counselor Is Nearby: Counselor Dialogue Option 1: NO! STOP IT JASON! Counselor Dialogue Option 2: SOMEBODY HELP! HE'S KILLING EVERYONE! When The Cops Arrive: Counselor Dialogue Option 1: Holy Shit! They actually came! Counselor Dialogue Option 2: The cops are here! Everyone, lets go! Counselor Walking Towards Jason's Shack: Counselor Dialogue: Is this... Jason's Shack? Counselor Seeing Pamela's Head: Counselor Dialogue: Oh god! That's disgusting! Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  7. Adding Reboot Jason And FvJ Jason Before we get started, yes I understand that they don't have the rights to Reboot Jason or FvJ Jason. I'm making this purely and simply just to give ideas if they were going to add them to the game. And who knows, F13 The Game was alot more successful than they thought so they might be able to get the rights to these beasts now. Reboot Jason: Strengths: + Can Run + Traps + Throwing Knives Weaknesses: - Morph - Sense - Defense Okay let me just start off by saying, I love the look of this Jason! Reboot Jason is probably my 3rd favorite look for Jason. I'm going to go through why I chose these stats for him. By the way, If they ever add Reboot Jason I do not think they will give him a Sprinting Animation instead of running and I don't think they will replace Shift for a Sprinting Ability either. I chose Can Run for one of his strengths because... well, he runs in the movie. I chose Traps and Throwing Knives because he seems like a more hunter style Jason. He uses Traps and a Bow in the movie. He's a much more realistic Jason. I chose Morph and Sense for two of his weaknesses because like I said, he's a much more realistic Jason. And I chose Defense for his last weakness because since he's more realistic that means he's not gonna have as much defense as any of the other Jason. FvJ Jason: Strengths: + Morph + Stun Resistance + Defense Weaknesses: - Can't Run - Water Speed - Stalk I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the look for FvJ Jason. However I do know that a lot of people love his design and I do think every on screen Jason should make it into the game. Alright, time to go through why I gave him those stats. I chose Morph as a Strength because he does seem to get from one place to another pretty quickly in the movie. I chose Stun Resistance and Defense for his other two strengths because him and Freddy beat the living hell out of each other. neither of them give it up even after Jason get his fingers cut off and his eyes stabbed. He's pretty tough in the movie and can take a beating. I chose Can't Run because he doesn't run. I chose Water Speed as a weakness because in the movie Jason is afraid of water even though in like almost every movie prior he's been in water . I chose Stalk for his last weakness because he isn't very stealthy in the movie. I would love to get these guys in the game one day. I know it's not likely but hey, I can dream. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  8. Bringing Back Beta Animations (Update & Comparison) My topic on bringing back Jason's and counselor's Beta Animations back got a pretty good response. We might actually be able to get these back in the game. However a few people in the comments asked me to do a Comparison of the Animations from the Beta to the Final Release. Down below I'll show you a comparison and give more details on the topic. If you haven't read my First topic on bringing back the Beta Animations, here's a link: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16257-adding-back-beta-animations/?tab=comments#comment-217888 Comparison: Beta - Start Up Run Final Release - Start Up Run Beta - Turn Around Run Final Release - Turn Around Run Beta - Turn Around Walk Final Release - Turn Around Walk Note that these are only a few examples for Jason. As you can see, these animations were completely scrapped. This really pisses me off. You may think it's just some minor detail but I think it adds so much more to Jason and the counselors. Note that I didn't show the counselor beta animations as I'm sure some one else will focus on that in their topic. I'm pretty sure everyone wants these back in the game. I know we can get this in the game again guys, at least on PC. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  9. Does anyone know if a Playstation Plus subscription is required to be able to gain XP and CP while playing the Offline Bots mode? Or is an internet connection the only thing neccesary?
  10. Giveaway being held for the Friday the 13th Game digital PS4 code. Comment on the video and on Christmas Day, somebody will be randomly chosen and sent the game free of charge. Good luck!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm bothered with something in the game that should be added from the beginning, I mean not having the option to report players what makes the game a land without law, I also suggest that you put banishment to prevent players from going crazy during the match or when Jason is performing an execution, in addition to Jason losing points and number of deaths leaves the game boring and with few players, give m a time ban for example: dropped once (15 minutes), second time ( 30 minutes) third time (1 hour) and so on I further strongly suggest that when Jason picks up the monitor and presses the button to perform his death, the death already here for Jason's accountant is when he performs the execution, because you expect Jason to finish the execution so he gives him death! result: many weeping and idiot players get angry because they die and leave the game during jason's execution leaving Jason with no points so you should put the punctuation right when Jason presses the button to kill. Thank you for your attention and I hope the game improves.
  12. Am I the only one that thinks it's unfair how you require to have backed the game to acquire the Tom Savini designed Jason Voorhees? Seriously, I didn't even know about this game until about a month ago so that automatically blocks me from getting Savini Jason because I didn't know about the game at that time? It is punishment for lack of knowledge. Even if it costs 10x the price the backers had to pay for it I believe it shouldn't be locked to the majority of the community for not knowing this game was a Kickstarter project.
  13. I have been thinking, and I had an idea to see Pamela in the game. Instead of adding her as a killer in the multiplayer mode, they could add her in Single Player mode. Adding Pamela as a killer in multiplayer mode would be highly difficult, it would need a lot of work and money as the maps would need to be completely changed so that they worked for Pamela, but, the could add Single Player missions for her, perhaps missions based on the first film, I think that wouldn't be so difficult. What do you think? Could Pamela be added as a playable character in Single Player Missions?
  14. Firstly I love this game and understand when a new game comes out it will have it's problems. I have come across some glitches and cheating that has nearly put me off the game however. For example the hiding spot in the tents can glitch out and your councilor can be stuck inside unfairly meaning Jason will struggle greatly to catch you. Also councilor's can get on top the beams in Packanack Lodge and make it impossible for Jason to catch them again (other than the odd lucky shot with the throwing axe) I know it seems like I am complaining a lot but I wasn't sure if the devs are aware of the problems. I am also greatful for the free content coming with the next update it is awesome and I cannot wait to play as NES Jason. As a final point I fell Jason's morph into a straight grab is unfair and makes it impossible to get away from unless you have a pocket knife even though councilors have many abilities to use against Jason I find most of my experience is Jason morphing straight into a grab and this isn't fun.
  15. Database login failure ! Verify internet connectivity. Who now how i can fix this problem pleace halp me i want to play !
  16. Put together a little something for the wait by way of some of the more entertaining and comical F13 gameplay videos from the beta from a variety of YouTube personalities. Maybe it'll help pass the time. Enjoy.
  17. I've been kinda struggling with this one over the past few days, but I think I've finally made something worthy to show the general public (and the fans!). I'd love to know what everyone thinks, since we're still on pins and needles waiting for the game to come out. I guess this was my way of dealing with the wait!
  18. So far in the beta the weapons I have in my hand I try to use when I'm cornered and out of stamina. At least try to fight cause you get points if you do hit and you get stamina back for that too I believe. An this is of course me talking about the counselors side, I do get confused why people have a weapon if they don't use it in their final moments, even though they may get lucky. I also feel it's emotionally boosting to know at least you tried to hit him. I know the fighting mechanics aren't the best concerning how far of the distance you and Jason has to be to hit him and after one swing you instantly get grabbed by him cause it's like you almost miss every time even though you had a real face to face moment. Jason's attacking mechanics are quickly on par you can click a button and he will instantly do a quick slice attack while the counselors does this slow tiring swing animation. Feels not as fair if we wanna talk about balanced in a way, we should have both Jason and the counselors attack the same way just saying, I'm still confused. Also I feel most people grab weapons for comfort and still think of themselves not as strong, of course but feeling brave enough and calculating your stance towards Jason's should give you a upper hand. Jason players are going in so hard cause it's suppose to be a breeze while counselor players have to figure out the confusing system process and learn how to survive more every match. Also I get that internet connection making one or the other lag out could be the cause of missed hits but me having good connection matches not really. I'm just bringing this up cause I didn't find a thread for this topic and possibly everyones concern as well the only thing I see people use is mainly the shot-gun but then you gotta be really close and Jason is bobbing and weaving and the person playing him is taunting you on mic and he can grab you without his model touching your models body, I feel like they should be that close for Jason to pick a counselor up. Not from a far. ADDED EDIT : It's hard for me to say anything is wrong but seeing other peoples actions, there is something up I feel about the melee combat/battling scenarios that I don't see much of. Could be not on peoples minds of course but saying only if you are in a pinch to start fighting.
  19. The teleportation didn't bother me that much really during the E3 gameplay presentation, but I understand that it has been an issue to some. Of course Jason must be able to "teleport" in order to mimic Jason's ability from the movies to be at the right spot at the right time (he sure does know a lot of short-cuts around the Crystal Lake surroundings). Only thing that bothered me a little was the smoke animation that made Jason appear like some sort of magician. I am aware that it was an alpha version and that the devs are improving this area, but I am still curios to the rest of you have any good ideas for how the teleportation-ability should work including the possible animation that goes along with it...
  20. Here is an Official Fanart thread to post all your fanart of your desires. Even though I can't tell but please post your own original fanart. Just saying. This is my own particular work, I JUST got done with it. I wanted to incorporate my favorite survivor of the Friday the 13th series into a original artwork. An this is what I got, I really do love it. Her name is Tina from part 7 if any of you don't know. I added the Friday the 13th the game title just to add that I'm ready for the game and already love it while loving my favorite character from my favorite movie part of the franchise. That's really it, I wanted to take a easy, simple, and quick route with drawing whatever type of fanart I really wanted to do. Can't wait to see everyones work. (This also makes me think of a suggestion for the suggestion and feedback thread, it would be cool if the game had loading screens they could in-corporate Fanart pieces in the loading time screens. Lol. I remember a Korean mmo did it and I didn't know cause the artwork was that good at the time, lol.)
  21. Concerning the Slasher Backer campaign. Questions: For those who already pledged, can they add to the pledge or will they have to start over? Will there be any new stretch goals or pledges? Will any of the limited pledges be given a higher limit? Also if anyone has ideas for pledge rewards or stretch goals. I think people are more likely to pledge if they can get exclusive content for not too much (around $35-$45). Something similar to the clothing pack or unique weapon reward, but cheaper. How about an even cooler weapon like a chainsaw or the weed cutter from part 7 for pledging around $150. If pre-ordering is going to be an option, add the money from that to to campaign. Only problem I can see with pre-order is since it's a funded game, there are no guarantees. A stretch goal for having the original NES game added in (I'm being serious by the way). Similar to "Jason's Victims", a pledge that allows you to put a phrase of graffiti in the game.
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