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Found 6 results

  1. The man himself makes a small appearance only to be eviscerated. And yes, for some reason he's wearing two gloves.
  2. A few people I've played with mentioned the idea that they should add some Freddy easter eggs or cameos. While NOES is my all time favorite horror series, I prefer the game to be strictly FT13th. I wouldn't want to see it(no pun intended) watered down. What do y'all think?
  3. Well the title says it all really , i would love to see a nightmare on elm street and Halloween mod / dlc / expansion pack added to f13 . I know they are all different movies but everyone seems to associate them together and in this day and age any endorsement can happen if we try hard enough. So come on devs , give us some badass expansion packs that allow us to play as some other iconic horror film killers !
  4. Last night I bought a 'Boiler Room Creation' glove from RazorGloves- anyone have experience with them? Anyone have a Freddy glove to show off? A late Christmas present to myself. Edit: I used to own that Freddy vs. Jason NECA display with the mask and glove but I didn't like it. I sold it and bought custom Jason masks. This sort of gets me back my glove I sold and I can actually wear this one.
  5. Ok so I know this would be a bit of a long shot and it would be its own discussion with whoever owns the rights to Nightmare on Elm Street, but wouldn't it be great to have a complely seperate game mode with another human controlling Freddy?! It could be a 1V1 deal with the last mass murderer standing wins, or it could be its own game mode variation of the current base game with more councilers, and an additional goal for Jason to kill Freddy and vise versa. Councilers would need to escape or kill both killers, and Freddy and Jason would have to try to kill more councilers than the other or survive the longest depending on the bravery and sucess of the councilers.
  6. How New Line Cinema Destroyed the Friday the 13th Franchise A pretty critical viewpoint on the the later sequels and how NLC handled the series after Part 8. I can agree with many points that this documentary brings up. What do you think?
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