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Found 6 results

  1. I wish all the counselors that were based on characters from the films entered the game like Tommy; basically, they only came into the game as 2nd chance playable characters that, with the right conditions, could defeat Jason. There should be up to seven released, and counselors only get to re-spawn as the film characters once during the game. The first player to die (or escape) comes back as Tommy. The second person to die (or escape) comes back as Fox. The third comes back as Sheriff Garris. The fourth comes back as Dr. Crews. The Fifth comes back as Ali... and so on with other characters. Everybody would get the chance to defeat Jason (or escape a second time), just as long as somebody had gotten to the ham radio.
  2. FrenchFriedPotaters

    Mitch and Fox

    There has probably been a thread on this before, but.. Why is Mitch and Fox hanging with the normal counselors? Like, Fox might be in her late 20's and Mitch is like a 35+yr old man, just by looking at his beard. I know, in this game anything can happen, but it was just a weird thought. Thanks for your time!
  3. I hardly play these counselors but will Fox and Mitch get more clothes in the next patch or later? It probably suck maining that counselor and you have hardly any choices.
  4. Fox should start out with a knife and a pistol because she is a biker, she should also have her own bike to repair because Jason destroys the bike after he kills a counselor in the intro and she can escape on the bike or any counselor can escape on the bike.