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Found 3 results

  1. This thread was created to have a fun discussion related to the game, what you like/dislike about it, and the ever changing of the landscape of these forums over the past couple of months. This is a thread not beholding to just one topic. So no need for anyone to pop in, not like the direction and lock it for whatever reason. This is just a place to air grievances agree/disagree etc. Just remain civil as best as possible and enjoy the conversation(s). Personally dislike the way things have been heading for a bit, but like many members of this community and love the franchise itself, hence why my ass is still lurking around. My biggest complaint about game is bugs/no dedicated servers. And only complaint here is, it seems that if you don't tow a certain line, or whatever, some folks will pop in, and just lock a topic they don't like in a general discussion forum, which is a pretty broad umbrella term. Just seems abused by some, definitely not all. Anyways end rant, let us joke, converse, agree/disagree just be as civil as possible.
  2. Upon seeing all the asian language I can't understand. I think it's time to address a topic I think is needed here. I searched and didn't see anything about this but I c ould have missed it. But I think our forum should be seperated by platform and further by language. I am all for a large comunity but let us be real for a moment. First it would be nice that if people are complaining about a glitch or anything really that those complaints and players post in a thread meant for that platform they play on. For instance I keep seeing ps4 problems that I don't get on PC. Second it would be nice to be able to discuss with people that are on the same platform for certain things. I wont go into detail here as I am sure you all have ideas. Third in here and on the game it is frustrating to see or have to hear a language I don't understand. Especially in game nothing against these players but they know we don't understand they came to a english server. But they keep yelling when no one understands and sorry it ruines the game and makes it so we can't comunicate. Of course not all foreign players are guilty but it happens a lot. Al least here on the forums seperate places to post by console and language would make navagating this forum much easier. and in my opinion it would make it easier on the player to know if a problem is just their platform or a problem accross all platforms which would help the devs in the long run.
  3. DeeCorona

    Heylo, new here!

    Hey everyone, I'm not new to the game but definitely on the forums. I have had this game for the Xbox One for months now and I love this game. I am actually looking to make videos on this game so please check them out when you have the time, I think you will find them entertaining >:) Thanks!