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Found 11 results

  1. I would like to say that my forum is open for any and all who want to continue posting about the franchise since the forum is going to be Archived in November...... Friday the 13th Forum <- Click here for the forum! (Old/Unpaid Version) Friday the 13th Forum <- CLICK HERE FOR THE FORUM! (New/Paid Version) Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules < CLICK HERE FOR THE RULES! (New/Paid Version) Official F13 Forum Rules <- See the advance Rules of the forum here! (Old/Unpaid Version) Users can post their Friday the 13th related content, their Jason Voorhees Masks,Cosplays, and other Merchandises! from the TV Series! or other such things even discussions about the game is open! Note: This is a completely fan driven community! and this is with permission of and from @mattshotcha to advertise for the community! ALSO ITS COMPLETELY FREE TO JOIN AND TO POST THERE IS NO PAYMENT! New Domain Link until I forget to Pay for No Ads/Custom Domain/Storage:
  2. So I have just seen that after the last patch on May 4th, the forum will be archived no more than a week later! It is so sad that the game was affected by the lawsuit but I will forever love this game and cherish the times I had while playing. This is my goodbye to the forum before it is archived for good and I just want to say thank you to everybody I communicated with since I first joined, so until next time, goodbye everybody!
  3. Do you all think if we we're able to create our own counselors, it would create more immersion in the game? I think it is a great idea! Here's a post on Reddit with facts of how this could work:
  4. This came up elsewhere. Any chance we can get it so new users have to make a few posts, like 3-5?, before starting a new thread? I'm happy they're here but there's so many duplicate threads lately. I would've been completely against this but with the new bug reporting site it's not imperative a new user is able to make a thread for their first post. @JPops @DamonD7 @Kodiak @wes @GunMedia_Ben @Randygbk
  5. To improve the new player experience the forum should be improved the following ways: A guide/tips & tricks section so people have a space to post useful posts for both Jason and Councellors. About Friday the 13th: The Game --> rename into announcements Friday the 13th: The Game General Discussion --> rename into General Discussion Friday the 13th: The Game -- Suggestions/Feedback --> rename Suggestions & Feedback Friday The 13th: The Game Bug Reporting --> rename Bug & Technical Difficulties reporting Community events should be merged into the general section of the forum and rules and regulations/introductions & news removed. News are in announcements, rules a stickied post in general and introductions deleted and forgotten or put near the off-topic section. This will make it easier for new players to navigate straight into what they need. Some users might come in raging in defeat, others might look to improve or report a bug. A clear structure and short names help with that. The Moderation team should be proper support staff with an introduction into what they are supposed to do and I strongly advice to re-checking the forum rules. There are rules in there you can't possibly enforce (introduction is meme level) You only hurt yourself in the long run if you let these things be community run too much. It just never works out - fans can assist but should never make the final call on anything. You do. That means the forum/discord/twitter/facebook & devstreams are in your hand and only assisted by fans. Only reddit is acceptable outside of dev hands. Just watch how the countless other games do it and in this case they do it a lot better. Dont be lazy about this either it takes less than 30 minutes for one person to change this for the better.
  6. My name is Domo, I run a rust server [US WEST] RUSTY EMPIRE, Create youtube videos (very small channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCznUAL5kX1uxNC9YrgsvQHw, and I play a lot of video games. I will be posting my Ideas for the game and hopefully be a welcome part of the F13 group.
  7. Spanish and English. -Hola, mi nombre es Samuel, aunque me gusta que me llamen Sam. Nunca he visto las películas de Friday The 13th, pero el juego me llamó la atención. Me las veré en unos días. Soy jugador de PC (Steam samueltaco1) y PS4 (Nick R3aperEsp) Me gusta el juego limpio y divertirme con amigos. Espero seguir jugando a este juego como lo he hecho hasta ahora. Me está gustando mucho. =) -Hi, my name is Samuel, although I like to be called Sam. I have never seen the films of Friday The 13th, but the game caught my attention. I'll see you in a few days. I am a PC player (Steam samueltaco1) and PS4 (Nick R3aperEsp) I like fair play and have fun with friends. I hope to continue playing this game as I have done so far. I like it a lot. =)
  8. I figure it's best suited for them to be able to see a compiled list of everyone's suggestions, including my own and friends from 10 or so hours of play. So if you want to add your suggestion, and it's not already in the OP, just put it in this thread and I'll add it. Suggestions from the Community: 1. Private Game options/settings customization. Include adjustable stats for Jason and the players, abilities on or off, match time limits, victory conditions on or off, perks on or off, adjustable handicaps, so on and so forth. Let us create our own custom experience in Private matches. 2. Improve hiding/stealth, and enable more ways to avoid "Sense", such as crouching and stealth being overall more useful, therefor allowing the player to avoid continuous encounters with Jason if you manage to get away. 3. Camera work needs improving, too wonky/finicky, indoors especially. 4. Too easy for Jason to catch up to you using Teleport and Shift, perhaps increase cool down, and with the right hide mechanics could help balance it. 5. Jason's kill prompts come up too quickly/easily, perhaps a quicktime prompt battle between Jason and the Counselor trying to break free to decide if the Counselor gets free or if Jason kills them? 6. Visual indicator on who is talking. 7. Stamina is currently the most useful skill in the game by far, it's essentially your life meter, so perhaps a retooling of character speeds and making the other skills more prominent? 8. Avoid possible scenarios where a Counselor can simply circle a car to avoid Jason. 9. Calling the Police is arguably easier than getting the car parts, so perhaps some retooling and balancing on victory conditions and how they are obtained? Have the Police as NPCs at the exit, where Jason can take the time to kill them, thus making it a gamble of time spent for both sides? 10. Vote to kick feature(excluding Jason), to eliminate potential trolling and griefing. 11. Add Tutorials for different aspects of the game that aren't as obvious. 12. Remove or change the VHS static/distortion effect from Shift to something that doesn't hinder the Counselor's as much, when they are already greatly struggling. 13. Bots fill empty slots, at least in Private Games with friends. This will enable a more balanced play where you don't need 8 people to truly stand a chance. 14. Possible alternative win condition option for the last Counselor alive, a boat escape, taking down Jason, have this be where the Police come in, or something else entirely? 15. No friendly fire option, at least in Private Games. 16. Each Counselor can only be selected by 1 person (possible alternate mode). 17. Add text chat to the game, as not everyone has a mic, and a good chunk who do will likely use other programs to speak outside of the game with friends. 18. Allow the map to be opened while moving, or possibly implement a double tap of a button to enlarge the mini-map for better mobility and navigation while on the run.
  9. Hi, Just wondering if admin have considered giving registered users the ability of deleting a created thread before it's replied to or seen. Likely if you have, Is it the forum? Just curious is all as i would think it would help users, keep data down and potentially prevent unneeded moderation.
  10. I know this is close to off topic but I don't feel this was off topic enough to be moved there. But uhh what happened to the forum? Its completely changed and doesn't have the friday the 13th vibe at all anymore. Is this a glitch or is everyone else seeing a huge blue and white background too?
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