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Found 3 results

  1. This is an idea I've just thought about and I'm unsure if there's a topic discussing it so here goes. For adventurous types who want to kill Jason but aren't great at combat, there should be an alternative to dealing enough damage to remove his mask. Perhaps using a shotgun or even the flare gun to shoot and ignite a gas can for a high-damage dealing explosion? It should be nearly enough to remove Jason's mask, but can insta-kill counselors if they're too close to the blast radius. Damage will also fall off the further the distance to the explosion, so if Jason can move from the epicenter in time, his damage received will be reduced. Keep in mind this will eliminate that particular gas can, limiting escape options. What do you all think about this idea? Should it also be possible to shoot the gas tank and a repaired car for the same effect? Or would the limiting of escape options make the game far too unbalanced? I look forward to everyone's thoughts and suggestions!
  2. Hello forums, I've had a strange bug today. I had the shotgun, got behind Part 6 Jason (spear jason) and shot him in the back, but jason didn't get stunned ( I got the points for shooting him) Another time today, i had a flare gun and shot jason in the shoulders. I got the points for shooting him, however Part 8 jason didn't get stunned. Any idea if these errors are related? Jason was only running at the time of the shots, no grabs and/or shifts/morphs were used. Best regards, Sunny Solaire Note: This is on PC
  3. As a counselor when using the flare or shotgun, sometimes the weapon will not draw. All i see is a reticle where i am aiming but the gun/flare gun is still at my side. I cannot shoot either of these weapons. I am not sure how to recreate this issue. It randomly happens. If you drop and pick up the gun it still doesn't fix it. However if you pick up a new weapon and then pick up the ranged weapon again it will work. Definitely an odd one. But i can't tell you how many times this bug has gotten me killed. This is on Xbox one.
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